to fuck up literally every adaptation

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And to flop.

>mfw koe no katachi wins an academy award for best animated feature

That's not how you spell golden raspberry award. May also get one for worst soundtrack.

Best picture is going to your name.

Best tracing, you mean, amirite?

The academy will have a hard time deciding which of the 30 studios to award for kimi no shit.

>tfw KyoAnus fags gets btfo by Keit Ai winning every animated award

Best picture is going to Zootopia or, if we're lucky, Kubo. Your Name is gonna be popular for a long time but forgotten when the next flavour of the month pops up. Koe no Katachi will have a small but rabid cult fanbase until it's critically reevaluated as a masterpiece many years down the line.

How can it be salvaged from garbage status when the source material is already shit.

So like heaven's gate or Xanadu then?

Less abrasive a launch, I don't think Koe no Katachi will be panned or considered a flop. I just think that down the line people will see how it fits into the larger context of contemporary anime and it'll see more praise.

It would have been better if it was adapted as a silent movie.

Shaft is actually one of them.

Too risky, but I'd love to see something like that. Have you read the manga? There's a segment written from Shouko's perspective where all the dialogue is partially erased to simulate her condition. It's rather striking, I hope it made it into the film.

Or maybe one with just a musical soundtrack, no dialog or even sound effects.

Now that would be artsy.

And you have to pay 50 dollars for headphones that let you hear the audio, but you have to pay 50 dollars for a new one every time the girl loses her hearing aid.

Koe no Katachi should have a good legacy if they are indeed showing it in schools. Hell I wish we could have watched something like this when I was in school, the best films I remember watching in class were Romeo + Juliet and Of Mice and Men.

God, that song in the trailer is fucking horrid.

We saw some good movies in school, but nothing contemporary like this one. Prince of Egypt, Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Life is Beautiful. Good shit.

>second only to mega-hit Keit-ai

Nice joke, but I mean something like those "instrumental" cartoons from the 30s and 40s, like some of the silly symphonies.

KyoAni, uh, finds a way to fail.

They spent so much time figuring out whether or not they could, they never stopped to think whether or not they should.

>Your Name is gonna be popular for a long time but forgotten when the next flavour of the month pops up.

You are now aware that Kimi no na wa is #17 of the Top 20 highest grossing films of all time.

And if you take away the Miyazaki, how many of those films are well regarded today?

What an earth shattering accomplishment.

ok, what did I miss? why are you guys saying that the movie flopped? what is your source?

They, uh, stood on the shoulders of, uh, less-than-geniuses to, uh, accomplish something as, uh, fast as they could.

All I've heard is people shitting on it all weekend. Was it really that bad of an adaption compared to the manga? What exactly went wrong?

this. Please explain

It's constant shitposts by the same people. The movie is doing well, it sold around 150k tickets during its opening weekend which is probably 200m+ yen gross.

Critically it's gotten favorable reviews from most that have seen it. Some have had issues with it not adapting everything from the manga, or odd pacing etc. But overall people seem to like it. If you're interested, watch it yourself when you can and form your own opinion.

People forgot that second half of the manga was literally trash. KyoAni cut out that stuff and now people is complaining they didn't included the most shitty parts of the manga.

Shaft finds a way.

-best tracing


Same way shitkaifags saw through that godawful dialog and plot which he's used multiple times.