This anime exists, and it should be seen!

D-Frag deserves more care, it is an really good anime actually

It was a fun anime.

No season 2, no watch.

they need to make an season 2

but is already 2016 and they are not planning to do nothing... so sad... should we hack to make they do it :P? JK

The manga deserve better translators, too bad i can't into moonrunes

i never read the manga but i got good laughs watching the anime.

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but I have an SSD


Water best element.

boob element is the best element!

Roka used her darkness ability on the anime and it worked!

A little off-topic but a friend obligated me to watch K-Pop ;-;, so turturing... now back to topic, best elements: darkness and boob

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thread is ded?

Darkness is the strongest and best.

Translation never.

>[-Cute-Rokaness Intensifies]

How old are you, OP?

This is the D I would Frag.

13 years old why? but anyways, D-Frag deserves more attention. I joke when i need to but i'm not fag like the other OPs.

fak... forget what i said... anyways, i'm mature enough to be in this site.

also, we aren't in Cred Forums, so i'm prepared to anything that happens here.

fucking underage crossboarders

... lol? anyways, this is an D-Frag thread, i'm here to talk about D-Frag, if you don't then fuck off

This thread is nonsense, but bless the thread where we caught up on raws.

Boob-chan was dick-splittingly cute. I don't think I've wanted to cuddle and smooch someone so hard in a long while.

Boob-chan and Roka-chan FTW

>When you base an OC after Roka Shibasaki

What character archetype is this?

That's a new one.

"Character who loses scenes when the manga is animated" archetype.

And strap-juh to you too.

R O K A B E S T D - F R A G G R I L L

mods fak why you ban me... i have to use vpn now... it was only joke, i turn 18 tomorrow

Good taste.

I have a colorful vocabulary

>old enough that you have to call tama-chan-sempai tama-san-kohai

Why live.

>director makes a point of giving her card in the OP the least stars
FUUUUCK that guy.

No S2 but at least let's wait a decade or two so we get a reboot from another good studio
>I have a dream
Long time i haven't seen a public banYou're 17 lil nigga

What the fuck is this thread even.

Silver a best btw.

there was a thread like that?

Patrician taste

The manga needs more translations.

Are they trying to make roka a romantic interest again? Too bad, she loses to President in Every Category

The English releases are catching up at a decent rate, it's nice.

You mean this is being translated officially and at a good rate? Sorry, not much of a buyfag. Would love to buy these if I'm correct.

yeah, had all the raws past the latest translated chapter, and had the extras from the latest tankoubon.

I would say so since the Nips are at volume 10 and we got 9 English releases now.

Will start looking into these. Thanks for confirming.


that is correct

Also Oppai best element

> Banned for this post

Tongue kissing with Pukey!


Water is still best


She's ok, I've never been a huge fan of the "secretly amazing but acts dumb" archetype.

Someone put that .gif out of its misery holy shit.

Have a good version.

im not a huge fan of it either, just the drawing there was good i thought



I want to D all the Frags

I've just been re-reading the manga. Anime was not too good of an adaptation, but I want a second season all the same for Kusshi.

Director was a filthy Rokafag, fuck that guy indeed

They invent travel size tooth brushes for a reason, friend

For me, I'll just have mints on standby

Whats with that filter


I want to rape her.

D-frag was really good!


Takao will make a good wife

Didn't expect to see this

really? ha that was entertaining

can you stop posting shitty gifs?

first one ive posted and the only d frag i happen to have. not gonna look up a better quality one just for one post. get over it dbag


>I will remain a plebian because I am lazy.

Pretty much.

My sides.

Where is this guy's public ban?

It was horrible as an anime, something that should've been left alone. The humor just didn't translate at all.

speak for yourself

It doesn't translate well in english either. This is really something like Gintama where it should be left to translators who know what they're doing and for people who get japanese references and comedy styling


Is D-Frag Hanazawa Kana's best role? I feel like it's the only one of hers where I actually really liked the voice acting


The anime was good, but where is the manga scanlation.

Too good

shekel up for the licensed copies, priatel

Piracy is a thing

>:P? JK
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