You have ten seconds to list a redeeming quality of this pile of garbage

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It's better than YYH.

Didn't last as long as bleach, but at least ended ok. Wasn't as good story wise.


Great OPs and EDs.

It had Kikyou in it.

good starter for kids/casuals, decent sub-characters

Great art style. The demons were really well drawn and animated. The backgrounds were pretty. None of the characters sans Shippo were anything like moeblobs, and Shippo's appearance is excusable based on the fact he's a shapeshifter and the comic relief. Combat was pretty good. It also managed to appeal to pretty much every demographic. Girls liked it for the romance. Boys liked it for the action. Could get surprisingly gorey at times. Great OPs and EDs as said. The general plot is a little too anime for me, but the individual stories were fun.

Diverse and rich cast of villains and sidekicks.
God tier girls.
Actually had good and very sad story arcs with Sango/Brother and Kikyou.

have you even wached the show, OP? lmao


Proof that female mangaka are god-tier.

>When you see her tight tits bounce.

>Inuyasha (god-tier husbando)
>sympathetic villains (excepting the main villain of course.)
>cool battles
>cute romance stuff
>hot guys doing cool things
>cute girls doing important, cool things

How can anyone hate this series?

Shessomaru and friends.
No, really.
They were interesting charecters, whenever the shit with the main party got boring we'd see sessomaruiroth do some shit fuckery or jaken goof off or rin be KAWAWAWAIAIAEE-DEIHSUUUE.

Only reasonable answer. Shiki no uta is my favorite ending.

it's made by rumiko

Thank you to the user that posted this last thread.

Both Japanese and English ones are beautiful. Japanese one is more slower and English one is more upbeat.

And her mangas were pretty successful.

>tfw a female mangaka can draw TnA better than a male one

That was an anime original, like most of the good elements of the show. Rumiko is actually insanely overrated. Most of her "successes" are due to other (male) people adapting her mediocre work.

Sesshomaru sword(or lack of it) was a better story than the main plot.

They had like 6 babies

>badass demon
>sword can only help people avoid death

Always seemed weird. Then again Sesshoumaru was kind of strange. It was funny how he seemed to inherit his father's human fetish though.

>Anime original
You fucking wot m8. Literally the second enemy in both the manga and the anime. Check your head.

Fetish for children?

he is Japanese


Kikyou > Sango > Shippo > Literal Piece of Shit > Kagome

Shit you said it before me.

Sango deserved better

That's not actually canon you know. The part about him getting Rin a kimono was but the part where he asks her (basically) to marry him is neither in the anime Last Act or the manga. It's also never talked about by Romiko herself ever and I doubt a prude like her would ever allow something like that to be canon anyway.

Complet truth

I wish they had gone the Kohaku/Rin route. I suppose it could have a small chance of happening since he apparently visits the village Rin and everyone else live when he's taking a break from demon slaying.