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Show me your favorite masterpiece.

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its is subjectively the objectively best

Don't know if i think any show is perfect, but this is the closest I can think of besides OP.


Here's your (you) fampai now go back to pol

You have the shittiest of tastes.

>You can't like the best of the medium! Youhave to like my mediocre shows too!

why would ippo be listed in that

its like the most generic sports shounen in existence
shits been going for decades and ippo still doesnt know how to box


I'll never understand people who celebrate this as a masterpiece.

It might not be the greatest anime ever, but it certainly appeals to me on a personal level.

Everything besides ep 4 and the Yoko ep is pretty much perfect.

Excellent choice. OP is not a fag today

Why? Can you not appreciate it's beauty in fluidity and creativity?

Empty formalism can only be so engaging.

Not really, look how much interesting technique he picks up through out it, and all the new stuff he tries, especially towards it's conclusion.



>blatant rec thread

Fucking shit since that hiro mod help thread/a/ has been getting worse and worse. Just fucking nuke this shit board and start over.

But ping pong the animation was a really great series

That's it though. It's merely interesting. Good art says something, and I don't see anything here but a proof-of-concept, a challenge Mizue imposed on himself. It's technically impressive, but it's far from the only animated film to demonstrate animator virtuosity. Could you go into more depth on why you consider it a masterpiece? What separates it from the rest of his body of work? I don't see it as a particularly large step forward. Heck, I really don't see his other works mentioned at all.

But that chart actually contains the best of the medium

Perhaps if you're 16 with little more than a surface-level interest in animation and cinema in general.

the specials and ovas

He has motifs, and ideas he returns to, with the insemination, and such, and general just biology. But I just consider advancement of form to be much more important and interesting than half assed trying to develop themes that you cannot handle.
As compared to the rest of his oeuvre, it's drawn on ones of course, but I don't think any thing he has done before has brought me any powerful raw emotion like wonder evokes of whimsey, with his rough strokes being more and more prominent near the end. Works like Modern just try to do a single thing, and while they usually do it fairly well, it's repetitive, but wonder constantly changes, and innovates on itself.



Everything up to and including kamina's death was alright. After that it just became a melodramatic, manipulative show with shit characters that is way too over the top for anything to have any impact at all.
And the second half is the dullest disaster.

It's half shit half good

>And the second half is the dullest disaster.

Not him but is this some kind of meme or are you ignoring everything once they got off earth?

How is season 2?

OP, marvelous choice

Maybe taste is just subjective and expecting any chart to live up to your own personal standards particularly a chart with with a bunch of shows that are often experienced in a very personal way is completely retarded.

Then again, some are more bulletproof than others. I can't imagine someone dosloking Angel's Egg unless they're an ABSOLUTE pleb.

like season 1, it's just stories of his travels

it's really good though obviously


Cool, it's one of my favorite anime, alongside House of Five Leaves, but I never got around watching season 2.


The fucking best

None of that had any sort of emotional impact or anything.
Everything felt rushed, every characterization retarded and one dimensional.
The show is fucking shit.
Everybody hates the second half though, you're acting like I'm the first one.

Yeah fuck talking about anime we like, we should be talking about what some seasonal wafiu's feet smell like.

is House of Five Leaves good? i was checking it out before and it looked somewhat interesting

>killed his sister
i liked this show, but too many good girls died

God, can that theme be any cheesier? I was thinking on watching this but if it's gonna be like that then fuck it.

I don't entirely agree with your post but I will concur that the post timeskip stuff is a boring slog, the last four episodes in particular, with the exception of Kittan's death and the very last fight, are so painfully boring to sit through.

I thought the Spiral King fight was a great cap off and didn't feel like the post-Kamina stuff from episodes 8-15 was too melodramatic for the material presented before.

Maybe I think the hivemind is retarded

It was probably done better in the movie, I admit.

We get it, you're from Cred Forums

I guess I'll just chalk it up to different values then. Drawn on the ones, technical innovation, I could care less if it's applied in a context like this. It's memorable and interesting, but hardly a masterwork. I can't imagine it having any lasting impact.

Would you say it will have any less impact than any thing else in this thread besides maybe

>is House of Five Leaves good?
It's great

I was goong to explain why it's sounds the way it does but then I realized that anyone who would dismiss the show for that reason is a fucking pleb and probably wouldn't benefit from the explanation

Enjoy whatever shit anime you like, user

Like it or not, K-on nudged the rudder of the industry

Funnily enough K-On! was my pick. And no, likely not. I'm only picking on Wonder specifically, because the type of person interested in it is typically more interesting than the guy who calls Monster or Katanagatari a masterpiece generally isn't worth dealing with. Not trying to get you to stop liking it or anything, just trying to learn more about what people see in it.

So, since someone really thinks these are shit, what's good?

i m serious i don t really watch much anime and i was interested in many of those ones. what's something really deep and complicated and nice?

I sorta combined a few sentences in there, but you'll figure it out.

Boku no Pico

Try forming your own opinion and search out.

Yeah, that's why I specified it as the most influential in the thread, and I do like K-On, it's second season and feature film at least.

The main reason I like animation is how individuals use it to form individual expressions inside of a piece, but while wonder is one piece it shows Mizue's sensibilities so well, this is also something I appreciate a lot of with Yamada's K-On, there are a lot of good unique animators on it, and Yamada herself is a great director.

That guy is just memeing

Reminder that there are no masterpieces, only things that may come near it in one or another aspect, butn ever fully

There's a good number of 9s I can list, but the only 10 I can name without bias is ping pong even though tatami is my favorite of all time.

Ping pong is well paced, concise, compelling, and enjoyable.

>Reminder that there are no masterpieces
Explain Yotsubato then.

a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.
"a great literary masterpiece"
an artist's or craftsman's best piece of work.
"the painting is arguably Picasso's masterpiece"
synonyms: pièce de résistance, chef-d'œuvre, masterwork, magnum opus, finest/best work, tour de force
"Vivaldi's masterpiece"
a piece of work by a craftsman accepted as qualification for membership of a guild as an acknowledged master.

Auteur theory doesn't really fit anime, so I can understand why you'd be drawn to independent projects. Perhaps that's a good lens with which to view it; I typically cut the author out of my interpretations of art.

That makes no sense you dingus.

Wait, how hard do you think it is to understand Mushishi?

The only confusing thing is really just what the Mushi are and how each one works and the show makes it clear they're really beyond "life" to explain the former, and generally gives a reasonable explanation for the latter.

You don't understand what a masterpiece is if you believe that.


This sort of comment is lokely to be met with some derision around here, but it's made all the more fascinating by the fact that the director was a woman. Gender, sexuality and identity are such inportant themes to Fujiko Mine that I don't think the same work could have been produced by a man.

Exactly, nothing even comes close to it

Nothing but good things to say about House of Five Leaves. Basically a very good jidaigeki in anime form.

Nothing comes close to a person's best work?


Masterpiece =/= perfect.

If you're going to call an anime perfect there better not be any flaws. But if you call it a masterpiece there will probably be at least some little flaw.

So you're saying there are no works in the medium that could be considered particularly outstanding? That just sounds needlessly pompous. It doesn't need to be perfect to be a masterpiece.

>the only 10 I can name without bias
You can't state your opinion without bias.

Until today I took a masterpiece as something perfect
Oh well

more like all opinions and value judgements have bias, but that doesn't matter.

Learn what words mean before using them.

Rossiu was pretty good

Viral too

It does matter when some buffoon is saying his favorite show is a 9/10 and some other show is a 10/10. That's not how anything works.

Sorry, re read your post, I thought you said can

I'm still in love with it.

Rossiu was the rational guy who always had to take a rational decission.
Simon was kamina 2 wich rendered kamina and his death entirely pointless.
Viral was another villain gone good.
Honestly, the show is not more than a decent battle shonen.

because the anime is really fucking good. s1 at least. rising and new champ were mediocre

didn't like season 2 ending so much, but suou was cute



Incoming shitposts, fuck the haters

Last dinosaur is best song
fight me

Sorry, I meant kinography.

I feel like everyone hates the second half because a lot of the surface elements that people love about the first half are stripped from the show intentionally to change the mood.

The second half deliberately tries to make the audience long for the first half. It was always my impression that a lot of people who watch the show misinterpret that as them thinking the second half is worse.

I can't really see how the events didn't have emotional impact, a lot of familiar things the audience is meant to find precious, like the lighter adventurous tone, are taken away from them. I thought it was pretty clever.

All of the shit involving Rossiu was great too, having a realist character in conflict with the optimistic rest of the cast was interesting. It was good that the show acknowledged the more realist philosophy of Rossiu.

While I wasn't emotionally invested in the DaiGurren members that died near the end as characters with the exception of Kittan, but seeing those background crew members die has impact because they were the last remnant of the happier past.

I cried with this series. It's my all-time favorite. Because I was just as full of shit as Watashi. Made me move on from being a whiny bitch.



Wow, so contrarian. It's like Cred Forums, the image.

I will shill this till I die or it gets animated

AKA "Slavoj Zizek directs an anime adaption"

This looks interesting and I'd love to pick it up, but it looks like only four chapters have been translated. I'm not at a point where I can read raws yet unfortunately.

I need to rewatch this, I wasn't paying enough attention the first time and didn't realize until I was almost done how allegorical it was.

Best romance imo





Do a better job, tell me why I should read it.