JoJolion Chapter 58:


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FemGioGio makes me...

"Kakyoin.... do you want to be friends?"

Third for Thiccie Bastet


Re reading that chapter now

re asking the question here. Instead of censoring gold experience to golden wind couldt they turn it into goldEN experience? Like with made in heaven to maiden heaven?

I should just draw every stand as a curvy girl

Rockman is here now

Anyone got the manga edit of the Giorno and the bread scene?

Gappy makes me happy

Do you think we will see more fights with these two as partners again?

I keep forgetting that Gappy has those weird double eyes.
Most of his shots they barely make that distinction

Please do it, but first, where's my Manhattan Transfer thiccie?


Rockman is dead now

who makes these?

Tripfag known as Doc made one with gap and it's been a community thing ever since

He did make that gif though

>some guys with Valentine looking hair show up
In the beginning of part 7 there where other dudes with his same hairstyle though? Maybe they are paying tribute to him?
>91 approval rating

These losers

I really gotta know how to combine gifs like that

>In the beginning of part 7 there where other dudes with his same hairstyle though?
I think he's talking about whoever this guy's supposed to be

>X above Y
>I'm shocked at how the more popular character is beating the less popular one

Shh, Gyro is sleeping.

>He walks up to the crew
>MENACING all around
>This plays

It was never stated that if those guys were either
Valentines family members, AU Valentines that look drastically different, or just different employees he had during his presidency with similar hair
Or just an early concept of D4C

>Giorno beneath Jonathan
I forgot this entire board has such shit taste

How do his lips work in this picture?


Fuck you araki. Nothing makes me madder than this single panel right here. Damo would have been such a cool and interesting main villain. He's intimidating as fuck, smart, has an awesome design, and his stand is probably on the best stands araki's ever created. It's so bullshit that he just dies after all that fucking buildup. Araki spends eight chapters (eight months!!) establishing his backstory and building him up to a huge presence and yet his actual fight against Gappy ends in only one chapter through some dumb convenient bullshit. Araki is a fucking hack, Damo deserved better.

>Thinking Giorno is better than Jonathan

Leave this thread, user.

Im talking about these guys

I'll explain with CS2 because I used it to make this.

1) Make sure both gifs are around the same amount of frames
2) Open both gifs
3) Make another project that can fit both gifs
4) On the first gif you opened, select all the frames in the animation window and copy them via the arrow in the top right of the window.
5) Paste that in the new project and overlap.
6) Do the same thing with the other gif, but this time don't overlap them.
7) Both gifs will now be on top of eachother, you need to select all the frames, and all the layers and shift them to the right.
8) You should be done.

i alone vote 30-40 times in these polls. these mean nothing.

>8 chapters and 8 months
It was 9 chapters and 10 months, and he's probably got something even better planned for the main villain.

Now that you're asleep I feel like I need to tell you something.
I've been buying the shitty ointment you tell me not to buy because it attracts bugs so that way when you fall asleep I can undress you and jack off to your bug bites.
Good night Gyro.

Part 5 has shit translations still.

>wanting fat villains
He'd have to get swole like Valentine did if he wanted to stick around

Piss off Damo fag
Its the Joshu/Kaato era now

Someone please make a cheap trick pepe

So how autistic would wearing this make someone out to be?

I think they are just modeling their hairs after Funny like these dudes.

Who the fuck is that dude? When you guys talk about flashback man you guys referring to him?

I would but everyone told me to stop after the speedwagon one.

>wearing any sort of anime related clothing in public

extremely, user

Truly Menacing....

People will think you have a Power Ranger hoodie

He didn't need to be skinny. His personality and his abilities are what him so intimidating. Jojo is so good because a person doesn't need to be swole as fuck to win a stand battle, a stand user can be anything from an old man, to a dog, to even a fucking radio tower. Damo is a perfect example of how looks don't mean shit in this universe

>but everyone told me to stop after the speedwagon one.
hey doc


Would you still read it /jojo/?

He has to prep his stand to get it working. Ariki did a good job I dont know what deal is.

There are more and zip all the way up

>this plays during the fight

What the fuck is this doing in spongebob?

Les Feuilles killed Johnny?




He most certainly does not need to prep his stand. Sure, it's more powerful if he does but he is more than capable of holding his own in a punch-rush. He beats killer queen with no effort at all

It was a rockman killed Johnny.

His stand is called, ROCK YOUR WORLD.

Why didn't the anime have 7up?

fuck what people say more pepes
a pepe for every jojo character and stand

This is my stand, STOR PLOOTINAM

Provide the image and I'll try my best to make it

Holy what the hell? Listening to this OST without ever seeing the show must be mind boggling

Also this sounds like a character theme for a character in ASB/EOH

Holy shit.
this shit is from spongebob?


You know the rules. You have to fit a certain aesthetic to be the main villain
Damo was 2nd banana

I fucking love the Spongebob soundtrack

Yes, yes it did.

wtf i hate leaves now


Cuz David and 7up are hacks
>No Pepsi sing in BtD



Not the best template.

It got myself banned for 3 days too.

Killer Queen always gets its ass kicked at close range unless it's fighting a literal midget

What's your favorite laugh panel in Jojo? This is mine.

idk what I'm doing
Is this better

you mind posting that again by the way? i need it for research

The anime decided to skip the entire 7up arc.

Hey, Crazy Diamond even broke Star Platinum's guard

That's not a very fair statement to make based on that

So, the higashikatas all have "King" in their stand name except gappy, but gappy might have some vestige of killer Queen

What does it mean?

Not being a spaghetti-headed fatass Hulk Hogan impersonator for starters


Nevermind, I found the highquality base template I used.

It's on my imgur.

It means Joubin is the real villain of part 5 and his true stand is King Crimson

Gappy is homosexual

>Speed King
>His stand is heat af
>Speed King gain a crimson color
>Speed King is now King Crimson

What a fucking stupid stand design, I used to think King Crimson looks goofy, but he looks godlike in comparison to that.

If you're still looking for it, it's near the bottom.


I'm genuinely surprised Jotaro is that low.

Speed King honestly looks like shit
It looks like a bunch of scrap junk mashed together

Speed king looks nothing like king crimson, and his power isn't remotely similar

meanwhile Gappy can already "remove" intangible things, like friction and the click of a light switch. all he needs is to remove 5-second portions of time and soft and wet would be identical

Kinda like part 8

Damo had a better main villian stand design, Joubin has a better character design. A match made in hell.

I love the shit out of Damo and he's probably my favorite minor villain but I'll be the first to say he's better off as not a main villain.
I don't believe all main villains need to be /fit/ blonde dudes and Damo certainly could work as the main villain in something like a movie but he does not have the kind of baggage as a character necessary to be the main villain of JJL.

Damo exists as a throwback to the early days of JoJo when Araki was throwing off despicable dog-killers left and right and all of them were trying to top the other. Nowadays the villains are more complex and human, they get backstories, they get sympathy moments that either humanize them or make them more despicable. Before Damo existed, we had Aishou, a very sympathetic character.

Then Damo comes in and he has no backstory, no sympathetic qualities, no human traits whatsoever, and he drops in the narrative to traumatize the Higashikatas and explain what evil led to the tragedy of Josefumi and Kira's fusion. He's not just a main villain, he's the big shift that JJL has. Having him be the main villain would require Araki to give him a backstory and additional screentime so he has the complexity the other main villains had, and to answer the mysteries of Damo, when these mysteries were never meant to be answered.

For a minor villain, Damo already has had the kind of presence no other minor villain in this series has ever had before. He came in, he did his thing, and he left, and now he stands as one of the greatest minor villains because of that. Adding the stuff necessary to upgrade him to main villain would ultimately take away the stuff that makes Damo such a great minor villain. Plus, having such a great minor villain builds up the hype for the eventual main villain

Damo is perfectly fine the way he is. Don't be mad at Araki for not doing what you wanted him to do and instead remember what is one of the greatest minor villains we have ever had.

>Somehow spin in part 8 again
>Gappy using the 100% steal the rotation of the entire planet
>He reach the ultimate spin form

is DIO jjba's Frieza

Do we know what month it is in part 8 right now? Will we get a Higashikata family Christmas chapter?

Speed King design is gonna be changed like S&W design.
shit S&W have like 6 different designs.

Pretty much yeah.
Kars is Cell.

I hope Speed Kings absence means he's getting redesigned because it looks like complete shit


Who is Buu then?

Kars is more like Buu
Diavolo is cell

I agree it looks like garbage. That's the only thing suggesting he might not be the final villain. His stand is too ugly. But that face bears a striking resemblance to pic related, does it not?

>His necklace is in the exact shape and place DIO's scar was when he put himself in Jonathan's body
Dio is back confirmed. Araki can't help himself.

It's a shame Araki doesn't know anything about particle physics, because it would really tie Ripple and Spin together

According to quantum physics, every particle is actually a ripple in some sort of field, and how big the ripples are and the direction the ripples face in tell you how likely you are to find a particle spinning in that location

Incidentally. particles spinning at a certain speed (called bosons) can actually occupy the same space as well as be created or destroyed and create some kind of force just by existing

Do you think there are a bunch of alternate Valentine's running around that still remained after his death?

>and his power isn't remotely similar
It has another stand ability you dingus

Ok my dudes. Is it any good?

But Kars' whole objective was becoming perfect and the ultimate being.
How is Diavolo like Cell? First form Cell maybe but Cell only wanted to hide then because he was still weak. I can't think of JJBA's counterpart to Buu.

I like Speed King's design actually.
The porous holes in its face remind me of Robert the doll, a haunted doll. You can read more about it on wikipedia or something, it's pretty crazy.

The only thing I see similar is the open mouths with the big teeth

What the hell's up with that button of his?

If alt Diego was still alive the alt valentines can be still alive too.

when did he say that?

JoJolion's version of King Crimson when

>mfw I realize the only reason this exists is that there's a market for it

Higashikata crest IIRC

nobody knows, but every higashikata has the word "king" in their stand name except for Gappy, who happens to be two people


Just how far could Phantom Blood Dio go if he had been able to kill Jonathan at the castle ?
I mean, in the span of just a few days, he had already developed a lot more abilities than the usual vampires have.

He could use hypnosis, literally shoot his evil at people to stun them and all sorts of early Araki stuff. He figured out the freezing touch that made him invulnerable to the Ripple on the spot. He learned on the fly eye beams that even killed Jonathan. He learned that you could fuse two beings together. He created an army of zombies in the span of a few days and was happy to let them rampage across the world, and even in Part 3, in his weakened and less agressive state he figured out that he could create brainwashing parasites using his hair. He learned all of this by himself through experimenting.

Just what kinds of things could Dio do if Jonathan didn't slow him down for a 100 years ? Could he even find ways to beat the Pillar Men ?

What's the Hierophant one look like zipped up?

Josefumi's stand was named Soft & Wet in the manga?

Probably Hato's stand or evolved Speed King is Jobin is the villain

Like a Hierophant.

Santana was pretty much Buu except relegated to a minor antagonist.

I think normal kars would be like cell but perfect kars would be more like buu, he always seemed unbeatable

There's also a silver chariot one

Hato's stand extends her heels, Speed King is an entirely different stand, only able to produce heat as far as we know

There's no The World one? It's the most popular stand.

All three of the Pillar Men seemed smarter than Dio, and more powerful to boot. I doubt Dio could realistically defeat them.

>Hato's stand extends her heels
Hopefully it can extend objects in general, otherwise holy shit that's a shitty stand.

I think there would've been a limit.
I mean he could try as much as he liked but I don't think he'd survive Wham's Sandstorm.

I dunno. DIO seems cunning to at least defeat Wham by being a cheating prick. Kars would probably kick his ass though



According to the legend. The old guy told Josuke it was just one version of a 100 year old story so some elements are probably wrong. The rock might have been a metaphor for a Rock Human that was lost to history over time or something.

I always thought it would be cool if another mangaka did an alternate universe story where Dio Kill Jonathan and then had to fight the pillar men

Dio pulled Joseph-tier asspulls in Part 1 and, even as a vampire, he used even more powers than the Pillar Men, who were stronger and had millenniums to develop their abilities.
I don't doubt Dio could beat the Pillar Men if he knew about them beforehand and was careful in dealing with them.

No. There's this one dumb looking creme stand

Dio had moments of genre savviness, but other than that, he overlooked quite a lot. He MIGHT be able to trick Wamuu, but I feel like Esidisi and Kars would be more than he could handle. The whole eating vampires with their bodies probably wouldn't hurt either.

>someone has to clean up Damo's corpse
>'why does this statue have a phone?'
>opens it up and finds a video of the local millionaire fruit salesman putting small animals inside himself
>gets him arrested on bestiality charges
>Kaato comes home only to realise she JUST missed Norisuke being taken away

>The whole eating vampires with their bodies probably wouldn't hurt either
Could he freeze Kars and Wham if he touched them, thus shutting down their freaky body horror shit long enough to cave their heads in? Esidisi would kick his ass though since his ability counters Dio's.


I want to marry Hato

The only time we see any of the Pillar Men fight someone without Hamon is Kars fighting Stroheim, and that's a vastly different fight than what Dio would put up, so it's hard to say how the freezing would go. They might be strong enough to just shrug it off or absorb Dio before he freezes them.

If anything, I feel like Dio would have a harder time keeping his cool than the Pillar Men.

It started in September and it's been a few weeks so it could be October by this point. Maybe we'll get an epilogue chapter set at Christmas or something.

from what I can guess user, the hairstyle is supposed to be a parallel to the powdered white wigs worn by the aristocracy and such. that's my best guess but I'll do some more research on the style but I'm fairly certain it has to do with that hair style.

Frost worked on Kars even when he was an Ultimate Lifeform. And Kars got his blade cut off his body by a single Hamon hit from Joseph in a weakened state, where Dio took a full punch from Jonathan (powered by Zeppeli's Hamon) in the face and came out perfectly okay.
ACDC would probably hard counter Dio though.

Hato's Stand is Walking Heart.

>Citation needed

Damo pls

Norisuke is my #1 favourite character now.
Fruit dad best dad.

Don't fucking make more Pepe trash, come on.

It's a shame Tsurugi is such a gremlin in the manga otherwise we could have had our first trap of the series

It's speculation but practically confirmed at this point, in volume 13 the chapter her Stand first appears in is called Walking Heart and most of the arcs in JoJolion so far have been named after the main Stand appearing in them when volumised. So it's a pretty safe bet at this point.

Then why doesn't it have the word King in its name?

Wall King Heart

WalKING Heart


WalKING Heart. I don't know, it just doesn't for some reason.

Animeonly here, about to start reading part 1. What music should I listen to while I read?

I still don't get the significance of Damo pretending to be Josefumi and stealing his passport

well sheeeeeeeit

Just base it off of whatever music reference you see at the time.

Castlevania soundtrack? I dunno. leave before some asshole spoils you for not already doing what you're about to.

Jonathan's mom die

I'm hoping episode 39 ends up with Koichi arriving at Italy, then the camera focuses on Giorno's back and ....

Rock Humans steal identities remember? Yagiyama stole some kid without parents identity. Killing Josefumi meant they had to cover it up since people would investigate but Damo lucked out since Josefumi's family don't care about him so he could just use the identity for tax and driver's licenses and shit without his family caring or knowing he's dead or the authorities or his school wondering what happened when he disappeared completely since his identity is still being used for things.

Crack open some DIO, motherfucker. If you're not listening to Evil Eyes by the time Brando uses his space ripper, go knock your dongleberries out from under your dingus and shit in your own fridge.

Nah. They'll pull the same shit they did at the end of part 3 and make us wait another year before confirming part 5

Then again, part 5 is the most popular one in Japan, so maybe they'll make good on their promise

>Golden hearts
>Part 4: The end
>Koichi in the airport
>Shadow Giorno walking a few meters behind him
>Are you ready for the Golden Experience?

Second most popular, 3 is the most popular over there.

your grammar die

I want karera to suck my dick with those lips

>Episdoe 39
>Joseph and Jotaro leave Morioh on the boat
>Jotaro opens his wallet and smiles
>Its a picture of him with baby Jolyne
>Closes wallet
>Someone opens his wallet
>Its a picture of Dio

Considering he was immune to literally everything except sunlight and ancient tibetan magic, I think he would have been able to take complete control of Britain within 30 days, and given the era he probably would have been able to spread his influence to the rest of the commonwealth
At that point you start getting into alternate history, I mean it's possible that Dio changes the course of history in such a way that the Pillar Men never get dug out

what the fuck happened with Gappy's eye in this panel?

Mi negro!

He saw the Bossu

He saw Diavolo?


he saw the sign

it opened up his eyes he saw the sign

The main villain's ability needs to be more overpowered and/or complicated.

Extreme emphasis on the fact that the eyes are two different colours, one being dark and the other being very light.


What character has your favorite design, user?
I'll have to go with Part 4 Jotaro.

Wrong and half wrong.
Part 3 is by far the most popular, followed by part 4. Part 5 has a huge fujo following but they are almost an entirely separate fanbase (kinda how there are moms who love the minions but don't actually know Despicable Me) and even then it doesn't come close to the other two parts I mentioned. The most popular and parodied scene in Japan is Polnareff explaining what The World does on the stairs, even for people that have no idea of the context it's very easily recognizable. It's Araki's "to be or not to be".

neat trinket but there's literally no occasion for you to wear that unless you're going to a convention/costume party
if you're in a scenario where you need to wear a tie, you're probably better off wearing a normal one instead of one based off of a serial killer from an anime

>originally the world was planned to have the powers of every stand

This shit isn't true, is it?

If you work in one of those office with gimmick days it might be useful, but other than that I can't think of any other ocsasion to use it

it's because animes are airing and VA manga came out 15-16 year ago.
VA anime will start and natural order will be established.

Part 4 Jotaro but either the one with the anchors on the hat or the one from the start of part 5 just after the end of Part 4

>they never go out

every tarot card stand*

and yes, araki realized that was stupid so he didn't do it

>Secchan will never fill Karera's womb with his seed
why live?
or he will use karera's pussy as his personal cumdumpster?

I never go out with my katana and fedora to catch pokemons in the park with my nakamas if thats what you mean.


>Dio suddenly had the power to transform into a car that's on fire that can invade your dreams

Wasn't that the HC equivalent exchange?

>he goes out wearing a meme tie

>be walking towards DIO after he kills joseph
>get run over by a flaming car in the reflection of a cup of water that shoots 900 bullets it has complete control over

Looks inconspicuous enough to wear in the office.

How will the ladies know about my 'QUIET LIFE' if I dont?

Why'd you pick his shitty part 4 outfit then?


Man part 5 has been great. Why does it get so much hate?

I must be retarded because it's the first time I notice the dolphin is supposed to be a J

It was kinda a mistake from my part. I still love that one outfit hat though, it fits him.

Do you REALLY hold part 1 to the same standards of the rest of the series? When people rank all of the parts, do they legit think that part 1 stands with the rest, or just kind of give it a pass?

I mean, it's not bad, but it's clear araki is still trying to find his own style, with that part. Whenever I try to rank the parts though, I feel guilty saying that part 1 is the worst, but I just have a hard time seeing any other way to put it

Isnt there an official image done in the anime art style where they fix Jotaros legs?

Shit translation. Also, Trish is best girl.

What about havint the same abilities as the Joestars? I mean, he also healed Pucci's foot almost like implying it could use Crazy Diamond's healing ability.

Tell me about Koichi. Why does he steal? Is it cause he's short?
No dignity.

Shitty translations, speedreaders, etc etc

>that page
i had a moment like that in high school with a friend that played out exactly the same way, made me laugh

Up until the train it was the most boredom I've had with the series, I dropped it for a year and a half at the man in the mirror fight, and almost gave up on the series altogether.

Fortunately there was a significant quality boost after that, but the beginning just really didn't do it for me (and a good amount of other people I talked to)

And I guess translation incompetence blah blah blah

There's a vampire in Purple Haze Feedback, right? What if Diavolo had got his hands on the Stone Mask?

does anyone have the panel where johnny says "im still at negative" or at least know the chapter he says it?


Old translations

Its in my top 3 for sure


>Dio uses Strength while crushing Jotaro with the steam roller
>When Dio dies the steam roller turns back into toy steam roller

I personally give it a pass in terms of recognizing that it's almost objectively the worst part, but still recommend people watch/read it even though it's the weakest

shit scanlations for a long time
not that great until Grateful Dead & Beach Boy
no real connection to any other parts after Giorno finishes the initiation test

What if Trish get the Aya evolution and they make her boobs bigger?

No, but I have this.

>that slightest hing of a nipple

Is this nutshack shit a new meme? All I know is its from some shitty cartoon about Pinoys

youtube comments sure are cancer

Trish is pretty packed for a 15 year old

What is King Crimson's problem

I would be beyond okay with this. Hopefully Jolyne gets the same treatment as well. Lucy too.

What is gappy's deal with Karreara why the hate?


People dont understand him

Can Pucci realistically beat Valentine with D4C -Love Train-?

Holy shit I never realized how stupid Bruno's hat was

I dont think they cant make them any bigger

Yeah, it's a fresh youtube meme where people will edit the theme song so that every time they say "nutshack" the song will change or replace that word with something else.

Sometimes the thing they replace nutshack with is the entire read script of Bee Movie

Goddamn Shadow Diavolo had such a perfect design. Why'd Araki ruin it with sherbet-headed Italian drag queen?

Nah Jolyne and Lucy are fine the way they are


At least we got Doppio out of it.

thats Mista's

I have no idea. Love Train is effectively invincible unless he steps out of it. Pucci with MiH would be faster than any attack Valentine could muster, but if he so much as nicked him, he'd die as the wound would relocate to a vital organ. And unless Pucci kills Valentine instantly, he could always slip away to obtain a new body.

Fucking around as your younger self will do that to you
Hopefully will get to see a better look of Shadow Diavolo in the anime without showing too much

Just take your (you) and get out

Mista, whatever. I can't be assed to memorize a bunch of gay Italian names

Speaking of randomly recovering all wounds, how the fuck did Johnny go from the brink of death to walking and unscathed right after he killed Valentine?

please respond

Valentine had Hot Pants meat spray
And he gave it to Johnny

I never understood how Enigma could encapsulate entire cabs and acid and guns being fired and all that shit if it relies on knowing the 'tell' of something

spaghetti or ramen or whatever the fuck he's ripping in this scene does not feel fear

What happened to smuganon?

KQ touched his p e e n

Hot Pants was dead, how the fuck would her stand work? She ain't Carne.

Why an oil tanker?

He healed it with vampire juices. Besides, Crazy Diamond couldn't fix Pucci's foot because it was twisted from birth, so it was never in a state it could be returned to by CD. And DIO had Hermit Purple because it was a Tarot Card Stand, though after Araki dropped that plotline the explanation he gave was that it was Jonathan's Stand. The only Joestar power he had was Hermit Purple, time stop was completely his own and the one thing he didn't steal from someone else, and Jotaro getting the same ability was meant to symbolise that he was taking back everything DIO took from his family plus interest for being a cunt, in the end the one thing that was actually his ended up becoming someone else's becUse he spent his whole life taking everything from others until he had something taken from him. It's like very poorly explained POTTERY

>Had her spray
>Meat spray is her stand


Cuz big explosions ARE COOL!!!

I think of it as he can shove anything into his enigma, but if it has a soul there's certain requirements, else they would resist his stand or something.

>Cred Forums

Or he got it from the same place he got that gun

He can steal people's souls through fear, but its other ability is to store things in paper, which is useful as fuck.

On a kind of related note, D4C has an A in destructive power and speed. Does this mean it has some near Star Platinum level of punching power, or did the stats just get nerfed in part 7?

I don't recall D4C doing any ora ora oras

The spray remained after her death. Why it was even her Stand if anyone could steal and use it is beyond me. Like I know it spawned from her soul but anyone can take and use it as they please, rendering HP herself redundant.

Because they wanted to pick something that exploded so they had to change the Road Roller to something else, I assume.
When doing their game Capcom just said "fuck it" though.

It probably makes more sense than a road roller considering they were on a bridge

I guess there could have been some kind of construction nearby though

It would've been genious.

It karate chopped Johnny's hand off in a single second

But the destructive power most likely involves the spongification aspect of it

The stats never really meant anything, I think Araki said somewhere they're entirely arbitrary and have no bearing on the story and were just to help powerlevel fags visualise the concept better back when Stands were this revolutionary new thing. So I don't think D4C having all A stats meant anything other than to make you think 'oh boy Johnny and Gyro are in for it now' when you turn the page and see a bunch of A's.

What were Gyro's Lessons?

>11 days till JJCA is over with Colored SBR
>They probably are gonna move into Colored Vento Aureo now

What a time to be alive

Lesson 1: Read the manga

Stats don't really mean much, especially later on. But if D4C had SP-tier stats, then Valentine sure didn't use it to its full potential.

Oh well. It's still my favorite stand, up there with King Crimson

Lesson 2: Read the novels

>they've picked up the pace on BW VA as well and are doing like 5 chapters every 2-3 days now
Truly a great time to exist.

I'll have you know that D4C has a C in range and a C in development after Love Train

Lesson 3: read the anime.

>They probably are gonna move into Colored Vento Aureo now
>the VA anime will be starting by the time its over
There has never been a better time to be a JoJo fan

Lesson 3: EoH and Jorge Joestar arent cannon

Shit I forgot, all I remembered was there were a lot of A's.

>Kars-senpai isn't canon
What a time to be sad.

>Travel into alt worlds
>Range: C

I need my new JJL colored raws

>D4C (pre love train) A/A/C/A/A
What does it mean?

Jorge is canon shut your mouth.
36% canon at least.

Manifestation and attack range, you goober. It's a close-range power type.

His design can be majorly improved if
>His hair was pulled back into a ponytail. It'd make him loko much more streamline
>No weird black spots

>Kiss had an A range for some reason
The fucking stats are meaningless.

I just realized that I was pronuncing and writing the name of Jolyne wrong, I wrote it and pronounced Joyline

So the Rock Men were just drug pushers and that was it?

Diavolo is a great design for some heavy metal rock star, not a mafia boss.

Literally how?

lesson 4: mock animefags

IIRC the stickers had no definite range limit

>Diavolo is a great design for some heavy metal rock star

I am so happy that this exists

I have the horrible problem of mispronouncing character names, realized my problem today when I was watching All star battle videos

But the stand itself does.

Lesson 5: shitpost

Exactly something like this. When I first saw him in ASB I thought he was some really metal punk. Then I found out he was a mob boss.

As far as we're aware. They'll be tied deeper into the mystery as it goes along since there's so much focus on stone and rock in JJL but killing them off before that stuff is revealed was an odd choice, though I'm sure there's a reason for it. Unless there's more Rock Humans sleeping in Morioh who'll wake up and find all their buddies and their boss dead.

They said they will be working on colored JJL after SBR is over
in 11 days aparently B&W VA will reach Green Day and Oasis

>we'll soon have a full collection of every part colored with proper translations, even caught up in part 8

So what do you guys think of the Rokakaka Fruits?

Do you agree with the characters in the story that the benefits are worth the risk or with the overall narrative's view of it as a Zero Sum "Cure."

Because take it or not, you're still as screwed as you were at the start of the day.

>To Boot the DiU anime will have a great end and give a teaser for the Vento Oreo anime next year
What a wonderful age to be alive

I think it's generally a bad idea to eat anything that comes from a tree resembling a spiky alien dick

>Saint corpse
>Rokakaka tree
>Bow & Arrow
>Stone Mask
>Pillar Men

How is it all related Cred Forums?

>aye b0ss you got cancer you can either die or eat this fruit that will either take your eyes or teeth

I would eat that shit in a heartbeat.


They are all poorly explained macguffins

It's in Jojo dummy

Also technically those things have all been inside some one/thing

>eat fruit
>lose teeth
>get dentures
>problem solved
Losing your eyes would suck though, but it'd be preferable to cancer

>rokakaka can't truly fix holly
>josuke exchanges his life for hers

My head canon tells me stands were much more common in ancient times and the resurfacing of these old artifacts is why everyone has a stand now.

>golden oreo
>not vento oreo

I'm calling this. Araki seems to be heavy on the equivalent exchange. Also, Josuke, being a freakish amalgam of two dead people, can't be suffered to live past the end of the manga.

you need about 30 more words to complete the prayer

Mikitaka's species brought the stand arrows with them to raise a human army to fight the Pillar Men and their zombie army from their stone mask.

In the alternate timeline, Jesus raised an army to fight the Rock men who got their powers from the Rokakaka fruit.


But hes Neo-Jotaro

>all those recordings of magic and demons and angels and monsters
>turns out it was all the work of ancient enemy stands


Remainder that Angelo was the first rock human and the plot of part 8 it's all Jo4uke fault

And look how Jotaro ended up

I noticed Shigechi refers to himself with "ora". Is this a childish way of saying "ore"?

HOLY FUCK I FIGURED IT ALL OUT. The next story arc in JJL is gonna be a battle to get the Milagro Man. Josuke and Kyo need the dosh for Holly's medical expenses and Kaato wants her compensation. Joshu has to choose between his newfound mother or doing the right thing even if it involves helping a guy you hate.

>God was a stand



>God was a stand user whose stand allowed him to reshape the universe in his image
>God was DIO

That makes sense.

Finished reading last part 8 chapter what is up with all the Jesus imagery/references in SBR verse?

Also calling it NOW at one point, Gappy will steal the corpse part





>Made in HEAVEN
>All the souls like Avdol/Iggy
>Bruno's fancy death scene with all the angels and shit

I'm finally all caught up fuckers, can't spoil me.

You mad? How mad are you?

Araki really needs to stop smoking weed. Isn't that shit super illegal in Japan? Fucking madman

happy me makes Gappy

I want to make Yasuhoe's gappy happy

user from the future here, Joshuu dies

Araki here. You stole idea, now I don't know what to write. I cancel Jojolion. I go live in mountains and climb trees now. Fuck you, fuck you for stealing.

Also flashback man is Yasuho with haircut

Makes me gappy happy

>SBRverse is the "root" universe meaning the original JoJoverse is just a branch universe
>there is a DIO from this universe we haven't met yet that isn't Diego
>we haven't met them because they're God himself
>"You thought it was God, but it was me, DIO!"

Can you at least pass off your hard work ethic to Togashi or Miura before you become a hermit?

Duh. It's literally God in Italian.

>Flashback man
Who the fuck is this? Everyone keeps referencing him. The one time I got a response for at least what chapter he was in I couldn't find the panel.



That didn't even work when he tried to bring back Kira. Instead, Josefumi came back to life with a bunch of Kira's DNA and one of his Stand powers.


Probably just something Araki abandoned or changed along the way, but he looks important.

>I was an asshole with you Josuke
>I hate you...
>After all the damage i was trying to make you
>You were my single and true friend after all this time
>I'll exchange my life for yours
>Make yasuho happy for me, Josuke
>Arigato, Josuke

>Gappy does it anyway and becomes a 1/2 Kira 1/2 Josefumi and 1/2 Holly hermaphrodite

Would that even work? When that baseball guy took it to fix his broken arm, it just broke his jaw in exchange.

If anything, the cancer would just be moved to a different part of your body.

He's gonna overhear Josuke saying he needs money then offer to 'help' him out by getting him the Milagro Man, but it's a ploy to finally get Josuke out of his life and out of his future wife, and we get Josuke somehow overcoming the Milagro Man and conquering it rather than passing it on.

Besides Star Platinum, Red Hot Chili Pepper and Kiss, are there any other stands with A stats in nearly every category?



What were all the plot holes in Part 1?





Oh yeah. Though doesn't it's developmental potential drop later?




How did all those Hamon monks get to Dio's castle so quickly via 19th Century travel means?

Why didn't they thoroughly search the groundsf for straggling vampires?

Why didn't Jonathan DODGE?!

You're thinking of SP

The "Developmental potential" drops when a stand reach his full or gain a new ability
Like SP: The World
Love Train
Tusk Act4

So as of the new chapter we're 14 volumes into JJL. How many more do you expect there to be? 17 like SC, VA and SO? 19 like DiU? 24 like SBR? Break patterns and it'll end when it ends?

There suddenly being two coffins- one for Dio to remain in and one for Erina and the baby to escape.

>Jonathan fucking died because Erina came into the room at the worst possible moment

Jojolion will be 22 volumes long caption this

My animeonly friend who browses Reddit just sent me a link to the BizarreCade document.

Jesus fuck.


This image triggers my soul

So just over 90 chapters? Sounds cool.

>caption this
"I like 21 Pilots"

They know?

Some shitposter posted the project on Reddit. He was the same guy who posted it on r/LeafyIsHere.

Just checked and arcadefag made a account to respond.

Here's a nugget of classic Reddit humor for you all.

>43 points
le classic upvote xD

I just died a little inside.

Joubin and Kaato will kill Norisuke to take back leadership of the family. Joubin will ascend to patriarch status and his stand will evolve

arcadefag needs to stop promoting on Reddit

>arcadefag gives a serious response for these people asking about his game
>pun lmao
I don't get it.

He didn't post it there in the first place though. Arcadefag just stepped in to answer questions when some other schmuck handed it to them.

>people don't realize that a lot of the current stands are hints to parts of Joubin's ability

>tfw "heat" is merely the base from where he'll develop techniques similar to past villains.

Why did Jotaro call out the name of DIO's stand when stopping time? Why is "ZA WARUDO" the command to stop time now?

When DIO was stopping time, he would say "ZA WARUDO, TOKI YO TOMARE", but the "TOKI YO TOMARE" part was the important one, "ZA WARUDO" was just who he was addressing? Like if you went to a bar and you said "Bartender, give me a hot chocolate", "bartender" is who you're addressing and "give me a hot chocolate" is your actual order. You wouldn't just say "bartender" and expect him to know what you're ordering. Unless you're a regular there, I guess. So DIO could just tell his stand "ZA WARUDO" and his stand would know what to do, but it doesn't explain why Jotaro would use the phrase "ZA WARUDO".

Cuz it sounds cool


>the jojo subreddit is called stardust crusaders

I know that, but as far as I know, he's not accepting help aside from movesets, so why bother creating an account and increasing the possibility of bringing in ledditors?

Stone Free: Made In Heaven!

Because Stand users call out the names of their Stands when they want it do do shit.
The World's shit was to stop time. And since Jotaro cucked DIO out of his world of stopped time, he'll cuck his Stand name as well. Jotaro is the NTR king.

the world is the tarot card for perfection/ completion. It's just implying that Star Platinum's potential was fully realized. Star Platinum was originally hope after all

DIO took his grandpa's body, so he took DIO's iconic stando power war cry. Just think of it like a trophy.

>The joestar stands didn't evolve in Eyes Of Heaven
>Crazy Diamond: Healer Heaven
>Gold Experience: Golden Paradise
>Stone Free: Celestial Release
>Star Platinum: Over Heaven

Not his grandpa, his... fuck, I can't be bothered remembering all the in-between Joestars.

>Star Platinum staring right into The World's face
>The World is looking sideways
At least pretend to be interested, god damn.

Does anyone have that picture of gappy and yasuho having sex I cant find it anywhere

Wich one?

I have this if you want.

post it

its the one where gappys looks like his mind was blown away
ive seen it posted here before but I cant find it
im actually not using it for porn

thanks but thats not it

>When the GER hits just right.gif

Stars and stripes forever

All these names are terrible, at least link them to the song names:
>Crazy Diamond: Shining On
>Gold Experience: Glittering Soul
>Stone Free: Ocean Breeze
>Star Platinum: Over Heaven

I have no inspiration for things like Stand Names

>Tusk act 4 can move his arm into stopped time
Act4 can develop the Time Stop with time or training?

Act 4 just doesnt give a shit about your stopped time
It was something about gravity 'n shit

Does DIO and Giorno have an special dialogue in Eyes of Heaven? I mean, just like Jonathan has one with his descendants.

nevermind I found it, I was just curious how the balls were drawn because I never saw the full picture before


3 halves make 1 1/2.

So now I'm imagining a person with 4 legs instead of 2 and 2 asses instead of 1. Between one pair of legs is a dick and 4 balls. The other pair has a fully functional vagina between it.

Thank you for putting that thought in my head. I really didn't want that sitting in there.


Where did you found it ? I can't find it

Please don't.

We all know that tryhard redditors are worse than the worst shitposters here. You're only encouraging crossposting.

>>"You thought it was God, but it was me, God!"



I want to have cute calls over the phone with Doppio

I don't know

So did "Stone Free" the song exist when Jolyne chose the name for her Stand?

I was just curious about the balls, and I was disappointed honestly

Can you repeat the question?

I think that was intentional so we wouldn't perv on him.

Who knows?

Its arm didn't move fowars or back when time is stopped. Its still affected by time stop, it will just keep spinning though is the thing. If Diego actually touched it stopped time wouldn't help, but he can safely stop time before it reaches him and move far enough away it can't give chase after the 5 seconds.

How the fuck did Jotaro learn how to fly in Part 3?

Better question, why doesnt he fly anymore?

If you mean the year Stone Ocean takes place in universe, yeah

Its all in the legs

part of me wants to imagine them flying is similar to how shigechi conveyor-belted himself with his stand. imagine star platinum just tossing jotaro around in small increments so fast we can't see him

The flying is clearly a thing that magically only happens in Dio's World arc.

What I'm more interested is the "lol you didn't burn me" momment against Wheel of Fortune.

>Jotaro we just so a silhoute of you, audibly screaming bloody murder
>nah man, I took the jacket off the second it ignited and digged a human shaped hole and covered it up in that time. That screaming shadow clone was just my jacket.
>where the fuck was all the dirt getting launched in the sky then?
>lol i dunno

Since they make Erina a qt, Lisa Lisa the pinacle of beauty and increase Aya's tits...
They will make Tsurugi a qt trap?
like pic related

>Star Platinum was eating the dirt not punching it

I hope so, for porn's sake

Ohhh, so Joshuu can go on ahead and solicit his mom to nibble on dem tiddays right in front of everyone just fine, but when some weirdos on the internet want to sexualize a punny little hobgoblin, everything is suddenly swept off the table.

Makes me wonder what are they going to do with trish and the girls in 6

Thanks, user. Me too don't worry

Talking about Tsurugi...
is Paper Moon King one of the most powerful stand abilities?
Only Tsurugi can shut down the power or you will be fucking rekt with a bus in your face

>Miu Miu's [D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S] Ass

>tfw he can make everything look like Daiya to you
>you can fondle around with her but it's okay since it could be an inanimate object

Alright I need part 6 to happen today. Like, right now.

Slutty M E X I C A N

Who wins?

The meme antagonist

Can I get some more well-made fan content that isn't memes?

New OP this friday or next week?

All in its respective time

Hermes is my #1 Jojo girl so I hope they make something VERY NICE with her

This is like the 8th billion time this trailer gets posted here

I only come to this thread like once a week

I want more doujins.

Mista and Trish seem pretty cute together, yes?

trish is a lesbian, so no

>Citation or doujin needed

Yes indeed

2 months ago you would have complained about subtle shirts, fuck off

But user... [/spoiler]They are both memes.[/spoiler]

>I really didn't want that sitting in there.

Mista is a 10/10
Como diriamos en mi pais, una maquina
sorry for the argentinian reply.

Imagine the kids, yes, I did say kids. They're probably gonna have 4 of them, much to Mistas horror.

What does Mista look like with his hair down?

>After that mista furiously fuck Trish to have another kid

eso es mas bien paraguayo


>He ends up with four more.

First pregnancy's quadruplets.

Exactly like Kosaku

See I was trying to remember how the fuck little Emporio got right back up after a bullet.
>Araki playing the delusion card

Well I guess that works, after all, by this point we had a villain fucking transofrm his body and become taller just because he switched personalities. And then there's heavy weather.

en argentina se usa el termino "Maquina" aunque es usado por personas de entre 30 años para arriba
Mista es "un capo" "una masa" "una maquina"
Truly, one of the best and more likeable characters in jojo.


More jolyne/hermes doujins when?

>you now realize Part 5 may very well be animated as early as 2017
>you now realize Part 7 may get a 2 season adaption by 2019
>if part 9 in the finale as theorized, you may see JoJo in manga and anime form completed by 2022

"Como diriamos" eso no sono argentino
es "como decimos"
pd: aguante el pincha desde la cuna hasta el cajon

Araki's my grandfather. He said so.

I just want a Hermes/FF Doujin where FF uses a Planktonpeen to get Hermes pregnant.


That makes me sad...
I'm a late entrant to JoJo, but it never really feels like I am late to the party. Instead... I dunno. It feels like I've joined in on something great. Like something that's been around for ages. Something that's constantly bringing more into the fold. And something with no end in sight. Like a big happy family tradition with ever more members.

JoJo doesn't end, just the parts do. There's always going to be a new JoJo to carry on the torch for the new generation. Right guys? R-right...?

I always feel like I'm late to the party.

I wish I was in the jojo crowd during the ending of part 6, or during part 7.

I really hope part 8 has some wild ride I can be a part of.

one of my favorites

We are a family.
I love you all guys.

>new jojo every year
There will be at least one anime to look forward to every year. God bless

[It's alright] user.

We'll always be with you. Even when you think you're alone.

I joined up in Part 8 as well, but I feel the ride coming. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Even Damo was pretty crazy, so I'm glad I was here for that and the flashbacks, but something bigger is coming.

But think about it. Every part has a wild ride. 1. The final boat ride. 2. Wammu and Kars. 3. DIO's World. 4. SHA, Highway Star, Bites the Dust. 5. Everything King Crimson. 6. FUCK. 7. Two year long boss battle and High Voltage.

JoJolion just doesn't have its villain yet. That's when things go batshit. Not yet, but soon....

Nonto ni, honto ni...

Arigato... Anonamusu...




Someone will take the torch.
Araki just was the first.
Jojo will live forever
The fabulousness don't die, it transforms.

post aida mitsuo quotes.

What kind of fetishes does DIO have?
Come on, there's no way he's over 100 years old and still some basic bitch.

"Open your ass and your heart and mind will follow."

>Read all of JoJo, caught up on the anime, no access to the vidya
How do I get my JoJo fix? I'm insanely in love with this series and I just want more.

Cred Forums

god damn it Joshuu

Develop a [ S T A N D ]

"I'm not telling you it's going be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it"

"Farting but ending up letting a bit out."

I wish
>tfw you'll never go on bizarre Stand adventures with your friends
>or not even with the fellow shitposters on Cred Forums

How many Stands have you come up with? Do you consider them to be of quality?

That's Art Williams. Close but no cigar.


>we'll never hunt down HIRO who usurped the body of moot together

But you have access to Heritage for the future

"two zikky zikky one, yep, three, es-en. double-oh-pee, dee-oh double-gee"

>tfw i see my friends and imagine what type of Stands they would have
Arigato Araki...

I'm making a jojo-clone manga for my own amusement; I have 7 ish stands so far, average OC quality.

The only Stand I ever thought to come up with was a polar opposite of Survivor named [Armistice].
For creative Jojo shit I mostly write down notes for Jojo's Bizarre Kart Racer

>we'll never hunt down HIRO who usurped the body of moot together
>We will never exchange our lives to save our comrades
>We will never pose manly in a giant group picture

re-read the manga in color via JJCA scans
watch new episodes of the anime
wait for new JJL chapters like heroin

we're all doing the same

>tfw having loads of fun making stands on /tg/
>will never have any of them

It's a shame a pathetic wankstain tripshitter has ruined the /SSS/ threads. Oh and there's also Gibus Edgless who is only slightly less cancerous.


Wait, really? Darn, that sounds shitty

t. I Wonder and Rhinestone Cowboy

christ Stardust Crusaders had the most boring stands

>dude shoot fire lmao
>dude i'm a boat lmao
>dude i'm tiny and dangerous lmao
>dude i can shoot water lmao

I came up with quite few for the project revolving around them on Cred Forums, but I have come up with some for threads on /tg/, before things got proper cancerous.

EoH is cannon in its own self contained pocket, or atleast that version of stardust is
Where Jotaro just revives everyone at the end of it and with more stand users and knowledge of the future does not ruin jolynes childhood

>dude gun lmao
>dude swordguy lmao
>dude talking possession sword lmao
>dude illusions lmao
>dude zombies lmao
>dude disguise lmao

>tfw I've come up with like 40 so far of varying quality and want to write JoJo bullshit of my own

Eh, all "I haz a trip XD" does it try to bend reality around himself, and carp on about how tripfags are better than anyone else.

Something tells me he's actually only about 12-ish.

I live to see this animated

>dude weather lmao
>dude string lmao
>dude repair things lmao
>dude unscrew things lmao
>dude zippers lmao
>dude rewind lmao
>dude erase space lmao
>dude electricity lmao
>dude I'm actually a bunch of tiny dudes lmao
>dude shrink people lmao
>dude age people lmao
>dude skip time/stop time/rewind time/speed up time/next universe lmao
>dude gravity lmao
>dude discs lmao
>dude MY BACK lmao
>dude hair lmao
>dude deck of cards lmao
>dude guilt trip lmao

>>dude gun lmao
>>dude talking possession sword lmao
So...could the projection of Anubis we see actually hold The Emperor? If it could this would mean we'd get bullets that phase through things and get faster the more attacks they evade.

>dude zippers lmao
>dude i can literally write commandments lmao
>dudej~ooohn lmao
>dude string lmao
>dude same type of stand stand without the same stand part in this part lmao
>dude nuts lmao

See, anything can sound boring if you Rogen it hard enough.

but those sound cooler than shooting fire, water, and being a gun


Hah, you're interested in Joshuu's nuts...

>Haha... you don't even know that you've been banned Kekyoin!m1lfNghdd1

It might be simple, but it's an excellent battle stand. It's got the longest range punch barrage ever.

Why have you forsaken me,grando faza~~~~~~

Is araki losing the sameface?

who /drunk/ here

It comes and goes

he's developing a new same face but i like it, seems more natural

Here's one that's an actual translation.

You're a few years late.

>Literally a faceless shadow with no defining features

Which Jojo had the hardest life?

Stupid sexy Kira. s'gonna make this shit weird as fuck.

Jonathan. Any other answer is bullshit.

Johnny is a solid runner up.

>Johnny is a solid runner up.
It's funny because he's an alternate Johnathan who can't walk.

Yeah but he managed to have a wife and kid.

Where the dong at?

He's asian

new thread

I want to be molested by horny women who just got out of prison

I forgot about that
Even if hes a discount David Bowie hes still asian