Is it normal for a loli and her dad to sleep in the same bed?

Is it normal for a loli and her dad to sleep in the same bed?

Is this your first daughteru anime/manga? Jesus.

Yes. Cosleeping is common in Japan


Why are you on Cred Forums without reading Yotsuba?

which anime

Boku no Pico. It's really good.

Boku no Hero Academia

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Another example.

I wish Umaru and her onii-chan slept in the same bed. It would be cute.

They were still sleeping together by the time she turned 20

Silly user, the timeskip never happened. The story ended at the anime.

Didn't you sleep with your parents sometimes as a really small child?

Is it normal for a loli and her dad to fuck?

are there no fansubs of this? i see nothing on nyaa. the only place i see that has this is crunchyroll but that requires me to run non-free javascript code

But she doesn't seem to have her own bed.

>by the time she turned 20
What are you talking about, user? She never turned 20, she's still a little girl. Get your shitty headcannon out of here.

>spot the normalfag

The ending only makes it better.

It doesn't even matter if the ending was right or wrong, everything building up to the ending was still awful.

Just this. How her childhood friend was just ignored didn't make any sense. Especially after all of the buildup beforehand.

Why does Japan hate childhood friends so much?

Is it normal for a loli and her two moms to sleep in the same bed?

Where else would loli sleep?

Keep your yurifag shit in your shitty franchise.

Ow the edge.

They did in that one chapter/episode where she wanted to bait him with her Umaru face but she fell asleep and missed her animes

Goddamnit Cred Forums.
You and your boner/clit boner for being the little girl and wanting a daddy.


Have you ever had parents when you were a child?

Hating your yurifag shit is not edgy, /u/.

That sounds like a meme, but I don't remember that from 2007.

Hating what other people like is the very definition of being an edgelord.

I'm not falling for your shit, /u/. There is a thread for that series right now. you should fuck off to it.

Now this is good fanart

They represent childhood. They get rejected/forced into the background in order to show how much a character has "matured." Japs love that bittersweet melancholy stuff.

My favorite part in particular is how they drew the eyes in line with the manga. Very nice.

You were the one that started shitposting dude, you go shitpost that thread if you hate yuri so much.

If sensei has any sense, he'll start tapping that sweet purple haired ass soon

He has enough sense to know that that is NOT acceptable behavior for a teacher.

Why is yuri hated so much again? Is it the shipping?

Yuri's fine, but /u/ is fucking canceraids. Go on there and start a Love Lab thread and you will be doxxed and murdered

Yuri, loli, incest and traps are generally liked by most of Cred Forums, but there is always a handful of people dedicated to be vocal about their hate for those genres.

it's a forced meme

is it normal for a loli and her husband to sleep in the same bed?

I guarantee you that if this poll was redone today Straight Shota would be at the top.

It would be top 7 probably, someone needs to make a new poll, last one was 2014.

Is in my house.

Why do you fags even like lolis? The are flat as fuck. All they have going is they don't know what a penis is and that's fucked up.

They are cute.

is it normal for a loli to sleep in the bathtub?

did she died

>cute anime pic 1518.png

Even the most degenerate of pedos felt it was a step too far.
Only hambeasts with Electra Complexes approved.

>Hating your yurifag shit is not edgy
Maybe not, but it's faggy as fuck.
There's not a heterosexual man alive that doesn't get a boner for girl on girl.

Sweetness and Lightning. Starring god-tier waifu Kotori Iida that show bombed and you are hoping to get some attention for your lez thing in this thread or what?

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Fuck off

I'm not trolling, Yuri is disgusting and boring.


It didn't come close to the first five. It's one hundred votes below #5

Up to a point.
But the yuri peddlers and lezzies just try to take advantage of that shit and go completely into embarrassing gross garbage that only hardcore lesbians and closet trannies would dig then try to call the sexual identity of men who are understandably bored/skeeved out/ or confused and disgusted by it into question as a defense mechanism.
Which only makes it look worse.

nice blog homo

>I'm not trolling, Yuri is disgusting and boring
No you're fagging out.
With all your fujo pandering and yaoi this season, I don't know why you're begrudging us our fetish.

What? This looks like something straight from tumblr.

Take it to /y/, queenie.

That and a lot of it were women who had major electra complexes simply going along with the crowd in hating it but shlicking furiously to the ending.

Yes, it's normal for parents to sleep in the same bed as their children in Japan for a longer period of time than what would be normal in the US. The US is pretty unique in that parents tend to immediately throw their kids into a crib, in another room, as soon as they possibly can.

welcome to the wonderful world of fujospam

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lurk two years before posting

That's Nanoha StrikerS.

Why is Rhode Island so based?

I just don't get it.

Chill out lezbro. I'm not hating on your snatch nommery. Just enlightening you.

The only thing worth going to tumblr for are Thick Asian girls and to posting my cock pics on big dick tumblrs.

Is this the YOURE GAY IF YOU DON"T LIKE LESBIANS thing? Cause no self assured straight guy will fall for that.

Skinnimax bisexuals making out before a guy joins in or for male viewers? Yup.

The stuff that's passed around on Cred Forums in a good chunk of manga and doujins and on /u/? Nope.

By the way, those pornhub searches mean less then fuck all when you consider they honestly have no way of accurately tracking them and porn hub is not even close to the most popular streaming site.


To make more money off of parents. The more they can wedge themselves into the homes and lives of people the more they can sell to them

>By the way, those pornhub searches mean less then fuck all when you consider they honestly have no way of accurately tracking them
What? Are you new to computers?
Also, fuck off already.

>this thread
I finally understand the hate for /u/.

trolled hard

Oh no, now there are two of them.

Seems like I derailed the thread, my bad.

How often should little girls shave?

You call them out and they get really upset.

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Ironic coming from someone from /u/.

They actually don't.
Can you explain why I'm wrong.

If anyone besides her is still replying, stop