ITT: Series that peaked before the final episode

ITT: Series that peaked before the final episode

Can't believe we have to wait till December for the OST that played in the final moment of this episode :(

Why am I not surprised that the Re:tard fanbase are the same newfags who go around using emoticons.

Fucking Kaiba holy shit.
I like it but god damn the ending felt so underwhelming.

Ive been on Cred Forums for a long time. I used not to use emoticons but I've started to like them again.
What's bad about emoticons?

Since last summer is not a long time.

What's bad about them though?


That episode was shit, it had no weight since he can return from death

I didnt get the 'cinematic' appeal of that episode, i did however, think the ending was sweet

lol, you made him green and angry, is he the hulk or something XD

So you're just throwing an irrational tantrum.

I'd rather have newfags than shit posters like you.

maybe I like tragedy too much but I was seriously disappointed that subaru wasn't fried to a crisp after the explosion and listening to emilia's crying voice as he slowly died and was wisked away back to being a useless hikki in japan

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kys faggot

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kys faggot

You know how much of a faggot you look like when you say that, Fuck off.


I hate that acronym

From what I've gathered it's rooted in some faggot youtube eceleb and came from Cred Forums. You can tell where they're from if they use it.

You're talking about episode 1, right?

Traditionally a story peaks before the ending.