Can Saitama wield Mjollnir?

Can Saitama wield Mjollnir?

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Can I report this for capeshit?

Yes, but it would be extremely painful.

He is a big boy.

He can wield the guy who wields the shit hammer though

why would saitama want that stupid hammer in the first place

No, because Mjollnir isn't real

I assume Saitama could destroy or have the strength to move a white dwarf star, so maybe.

Why would he want that crutch.

Only if OP is a faggot.

Probably would for either 'pure heart' or cause he's just so stupidly strong.

Saitama isn't worthy

This stuff always makes me cringe.

considering saitama can blow the universe in half, odins runes or not he can carry it and fuck peoples faces with it.
Saitama doesn't even need to be worthy, hes just that damn strong he can carry it at full weight no problem.
hell he might actually think its just the right weight at full weight unworthy shit so he can wield it properly and not be too light.

I'd actually argue he would be a pretty good candidate.

Someone who is as powerful as him yet hasn't been corrupted or tempted to just take over the planet or something. Doesn't even want to be famous, and is willing to throw his public image under the bus for the benefit of others

Not quite sure the qualifications for picking up mjolnir though

I don't understand

If Thor is so broken, why doesn't he single handely takes care of everything? What is a literal God doing with people like Tony Stark or lame Legolas?

I also don't get his power levels compared to hulk. I hear fans that say that Thor would completely eradicate hulk, and hear fans that say hulk just gets angrier and stronger forever.

I also saw a hulk vs thor animated movie where hulk did kill thor, but whatever

He would not be lifting the hammer so much as pushing the world away with his feet.

Were that the case, I want to know how the hammer interacts with the orbits of planets it is on.

Also I'd want to know how it's meant to behave inside a vessel traveling through space.

Thor and Hulk are usually pretty even as long as Thor doesn't additional powers.

But when Thor has access to stuff like Odinforce, there's not fucking chance in hell.


For you

I genuinely forget, how well did the Thorbuster armor work for Tony? He's managed to match the Hulk blow-for-blow before.

Ironman is like a less-bullshit prep time Batman. It's the only reason he can stand with Hulk and Thor.

could an elevator lift the hammer?
what if thor put it down inside a plane? Would the plane crash?

If Thor was unconscious but still had the hammer in his hand (maybe tie it on) and someone with super strength grabbed him, could they swing him by the leg like that pic related and hit people with the Mjolnir in Thor's hand as they swing his upper body?

It'd be like a fleshy flail.

I don't understand why he's not practically immune to being moved while holding it. The main established limitation tells me nobody lifts the hammer so much as is with and guides it.

How angry was the hulk though? The easiest way to beat the hulk should be through psychological methods.

captain America can lift it

>could an elevator lift the hammer?

The Vision is artificial, so a prosthetic limb works

So basically the limitation is whether something sentient is trying to cause movement

So basically if The Vision was an elevator it could move it but if Tony's suit was just a body-shaped hole attached to a box in an elevator shaft he couldn't.

That's my take.

If anyone does have a source on Thor just "stopping" while a passenger of a moving vehicle of some sort that would be appreciated.

Well it's generally
>Powerful but humble (check)
>Honorable and fair (not sure how well he fits here)
>Thinking about yourself second (check)
>Willing to put down truly bad bad guys for good (check, see Boros)

Generally speaking, someone powerful but humble who cares about others first. I think Saitama qualifies.

Generally just try to think of the kind of guy the norse would think was a top notch bloke. The general idea is pretty intuitive, I think the only thing that really trips people up is that a pacifist/someone unwilling to kill wouldn't be able to use it.

The hammer is sort of intelligent, it interacts with the rest of the world as you would expect a hammer of similar size, it just doesn't let anyone that isn't worthy move it deliberately.

That's not really the criteria since Thor could use it before he learned humility and was a cunt.

I love that video

In the movies at least that was before worthiness was a consideration, Odin only put the spell for that on it after Thor fucked up.

No, but he could break it in one punch.

He wouldn't be worthy but he'd wield it anyway because he is complete and utter bullshit. That's the point of the story. "Oh woe is me I'm a physical god and life is sooo boring!"

Shouldn't Thor's interaction with the hammer passively give him some awareness of who's worthy, since for eg. I guess he'd be aware if someone were trying to kidnap him?

a better question would be:

Can Saitama ride the Flying Nimbus?

Wouldn't he be weakening himself?

>truly bad
literally what

The only actual bad guys Saitama faced was the furfags and the Sea King

>destroys planets just because he's bored and no one can take him on

Boros was pretty much Frieza with a saiyan personality.

He'd probably like the challenge.


The number one rule of Tony's buster armors is that they don't work.

Thor backhanded the Thorbuster and sent it flying, ripped out the Asgardian artifact powering it and told Tony "Get out of Asgard and take your SHIELD flunkies with you or I'll vaporize you"

>meme drawing
>with a fuckhuge watermark shit that takes 1/4 of the space on top
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>another fucking sign on opposite corner
Holy shit the desperation, only lacks patreon link and sample text all over the place.