ITT characters that are canonically non-virgins

ITT characters that are canonically non-virgins

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Just finished that, real good stuff despite it having a dime budget


there are at most 3 people on this board that have actually watched this

Anyone in a story by Ai Yazawa, including everyone in pic related

Funny coincidence, I actually just finished it last week. It was good for the most part, though I feel like it kinda lost itself in the last episode.
Could we just have a Kare Kano thread?

I thought this anime was shit and that worst girl won?

>Hideaki Anno

Ya I'm sure it really flew under the radar

I'm disappointed at Anno for not adapting the rest of it. The whole section where the mom shows up would have been the most rage inducing piece of anime of all time.

I remember liking this when I saw it well over a decade ago. That last episode was too much, though. Wish we'd gotten any kind of ending instead of that. Fucking Anno and his tricks.

Surprised how mature a story it turned into after being cliche as hell at the start

What happens user-kun?


>Worst girl won
There's only one girl
Two, tops

Meme NTR, or one of the mains gets legimately cukholded?

Y'all should look up the rather famous history of the mangaka and Anno having a falling out.


Girl falls in love with the girl the mom introduces to her.


sounds hot

lmao, this is such a funny picture. dunno who it is, but do you mind if I save it for future use?

Shit, I meant boy, obviously. Sorry for the fake yuri bait. I feel like kyoani now








His male friend also had sex with a female friend, and the unlucky girl who liked him had sex with a male teacher. Show also joked with how his other male friend thought they were virgin bros.






You can't be serious.

ITT characters who are SLUTS

That girl sounds like a huge slut.


She dresses provocatively and is forward in her advances but he loved alien teach. So she found herself falling for one of the male teachers and he actually plowed her.


Yep that's a slut alright.


>literally miles of dick

She was so not a virgin that she triggered otaku.



Fuck off

Anime when?


That's perfect word for it, along with your post.

Just a normal, healthy teenage girl.





They were also like 17 years apart too.

What's the context for this?

Is this applicable? Or did he just look really intensely at her asshole

No dude she was just feeling a little butthurt after the eye stare.

All of these maidens.

all that crying and he wasn't even fucking her?

She was just shy. Of course he fucked her. He fucked her so hard.


Character mentioned she had a boyfriend before
I think the author pussied out and turned out she was joking or something

you know it dawg!

Was rei fucked? Gendo had a strange relationship with her. Or should I say with the idea of rei as he could make as many as he wanted.

I'm stIll waiting for it.

she got fucked pretty hard in episode 23

Not you.

Wasn't he?


He fucks prostitutes regularly before going into space.


You are the sickest person in this thread, by far.

Kohaku did nothing wrong

She likes to talk about marrying, so uno.


almost forgot the most infamous case




What exactly happened?


Of course, who the hell would watch the anime when the source is superior


I wonder if she gets PTSD upon seeing a dick.

Kare Kano is one of the rare cases where the anime is much better

The entire reason Anno had a falling out with the mangaka that resulted in the show being cancelled was because his approach was much better

it's a show directed by hideaki fucking anno

it's one of the most critically acclaimed shoujo romance manga/anime

it's very popular


KareKano has that old cel-drawn LQ charm


WTF I love His and Her Circumstances!

No, its not ... its shit, the best part of the manga is when it goes about the rest of the cast own stories.

I only watched the anime, does something actually happen in the LN?



Not him, but I have to agree with the other user.

The male MC became way way too edgy in the manga and it completely ruined the story.

Sure, other characters got good backstories, but its not enough to make up for the male MC going completely off the rails.

Yeah, sure those three volumes about the side cast are okay, but are you forgetting the ten volumes of pure shit that follows them with the now completely unlikable protagonist moping over THE DARKNESS IN HIS HEART

Insufferable emo trash

>it's a show directed by hideaki fucking anno
Oh, you mean the shitty hack who rehashesh his worthless otaku pandering series every few years? Great endorsement, user.

>it was all part of her elaborate plan to eventually get impregnated by him

I wish Cred Forums would collectivly shitstorm like this again.

If the character is voiced by Kikio Inouie a good probability she is one too.

I'm guessing this killed the series.

Is this actually stated or seen in the anime or is it just implied?

What is Kare Kano? (jeopardy edition)


This show gets talked about all the time. I doubt it.

I've seen it. The ending is garbage.

If only girl is worst girl, I guess so. The show is about a romantic relationship. Not what leads up to it, but actually being in one. So the girl is already kinda decided from the get go.

Oh look, a whole bunch of people it's good to hate.


Had sex with Hilda in the second episode.

They did it eventually even if they didn't go all the way on christmas night.


Never happened in the LN, but apparently you're supposed to "read between the lines" and accept that the supplemental material that came afterward reveals all.

In the original LN and the anime, though? Nope. All virgins until they died, probably.

She raped pillow-kun in her sleep!


looks like the selection of street fighter characters

why is there so much shoujo on this list?
why does the demographic need this?

Yui imagined herself as a grandmother.



Fuck you, they did it cause they couldn't out right show it.

Kira "Jesus" Yamato

Too bad his first was such a bitch.

doesn't matter had sex


Flay was the only decent character in the show.

Flay was a literal sociopath.

And she used that disgusting test tube baby as her personal revenge tool, what a gal. Pity about the end.




She practically admitted it when her friend alluded to it.


I remember how fucking mad this made me. She's disgusting.

If you go 1000+ years without getting a dick, you're either a lesbian who never got raped or very ugly and autistic


>Teasing NTR like that
I was legitimately mad until the ruse was revealed.

She's better than brain problems.