Cat, Crab or Monkey, Cred Forums?

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Which choice will end these abysmal threads and save Cred Forums from general waifufaggotry?

>short hair options only
absolute fucking shittaste



underage spotted



>worst girls or best girl

You can do better, OP. The choice's obvious. 2/10 thread, best I can do.

Yeah. Who wants the shitty lesbian tag-team.


A perfect waifu, a bitch and an awesome bro.
Cat all day every day until the end of the world

Out of those 3, Monkey


I pick 4th option.

Fat cat tats

whoever has the tightest pussy

so I guess monkey it is

Crab > Monkey > Cat

I love them all though

Snake, obviously.

Shit taste

there is no such choice

youre at liberty to leave and ignore such threads though
that's what i do

Look at that fucking cat. Just look at her. Practically screaming to be impregnated.

>not loli version

I don't believe you.

Always Crab

The only time you'll ever want crabs

man, the fall season looks really boring

Crab for love
Monkey for lust
Cat for...both?

it should be obvious.

probably Cat the other two are on the "A-Rag" (in different ways).

The answer is always Monkey.

Always Hitagi.

Bat, if not then Cat.

Always cat forever.

>cat is shaved


Friendly reminder that Araragi is only allowed to make love with Hanekawa

Crab, then Cat, then Monkey. But given more choices, then I'd rather Snail, Math or Bee.



the lesbian one

>the lesbian one
well, they're all kind of gay for each other

wait which one was this


I haven't watched this since the season snake was exposed for writing manga or whatever. I'm probably missing out.

Crab. And Bat. Nisio's masterpieces.

I pick Ononoki-chan.

Order is as follows:


My nigger

I am destined to love Crab.

Loli Shinobu is best Shinobu

All Shinobus are best Shinobu.

an hero
The eternal peace will be after this.

She's incredible Math

Crab is obviously the best choice because you will end up with all 3.

Should I start watching this? The girls look noice.

I choose bee.

Monkey, easy.

I wonder what she'll done when she wakes up?



Sweaty monkey butt, cat tats and crab legs in that order.

Monkey for life.

Snail is best girl.

Gee, I guess I'll go with the one who's perfect.

Marry, kill, fuck

Girl on the left.
She has the biggest tits and that look that says what now?

The middle one looks like a fun fuck but nothing too great and the right one is a dyke so...yeah.

Monkey end honestly seems like the objective best end.

Hanekawa forces you to travel around the world and force you to help people while dealing with oddities which Hanekawa actually only solves with dumb luck see: Tsubasa Sleeping.

Senjougahara Hitagi wants to a live a quiet life. Which is better but you can guarantee it would be boring and you'd end up becoming a salaryman.

Suruga hits the sweet middle ground where the only oddities you'll have to deal with are Rainy Devils but otherwise she's going to be a sports star with a rich family so you can do what you want.

I never got this. Doesn't Marry already imply that you'd fuck them?

When you get married you make love. Fucking is for premarital sex and adultery.

Yeah but you also get to fuck one without marrying them.

Muh nigger. Monkey is the only real choice.

I chose the one that gave us the best episode of the franchise

But...she's gay as fuck.
Unless you're a girl then go for it. I hear gays can get married now.


She just got the hots for Hitagi, but she's gonna get over that eventually. Unrequited (outright rejected) love doesn't last forever -- reality's not Harry Potter.

What's your point? We're all little girls here and Kanbaru loves little girls.

Kanbaru is just a pervert. Which has its advantages.

No, user, in reality women can dig the twat and dig the twat only. She gay as fuck.

Then why didn't the op say it was a /u/ roleplaying thing.

No, she is in love with vagina. I mean, why put a canon gay chick up there.

Let my post number decide my destiny
>Odds number I get Crab
>Even number I get Cat
>Dubs I get both Crab & Cat
>Trips I get all of them

>no monkey
Why would you do this to yourself?

She's arguably bi since she's down to fuck Araragi.

>Then why didn't the op say it was a /u/ roleplaying thing.
>thinking Cred Forums being little girls is roleplay

She's my third favorite. And only Ods & Even number exists.

Fuck, adopt, marry/date

The only logical choice.
Tomboys are made for tender loving and nasty fucking.
fuck off newfag

All lesbians have that one guy who they'll let fuck the dust off of their pussy. If you aren't him then you aren't getting in that snatch.
She gay user.
She gay.

everyone is the little girl

Crab > Monkey > Cat

>Cat, Crab or Monkey, Cred Forums?


Cats are always best girl

No exceptions


Monkey because she has the best butt

Do you know what pegging is? Why relying on a vulgar piece of meat when you can have your lover fill you with something hard, vibrating and never tired?

These gentlemen of excellent taste speak the truth



I want to pour water between Tsubasa's breasts and suck on whatever trickles down from it.

I want it to be the only way I drink water.


Fuck your rules, man


>Karen will never be your sister
It fucking hurts.


You know for someone who's so jelly about her boyfriend being around other girls she sure as hell doesn't hold back

Cat is nice with short hair
But i want Crab with long hair

Women are gigantic hypocrites. More at 11.

It doesn't matter if it's with another girl. This should be obvious.

So if her boy-toy was getting some yaoi action on the side she'd be cool with it?



Senjougahara with cat bakemono possessing her instead of crab & Monkey's voice


Cat now and forever always Cat.

What would marriage and life with Hanekawa be like? I pick her.

I like Hanekawa but her know it all personality would probably get really annoying after a while.

I think it would be cute would she be willing to probably let me become a househusband? I imagine being Hanekawa's househusband would be the most comfiest out of all the Gataris.

Monkey. How is that even a question?

A good husband provides for his wife.

I choose mai waifu

based girl says hi

The only thing based about her is her taste in girls.

>know it all
She doesn't know everything, she only knows what she knows



Cat > All

Though I wish they would stop raping her in doujinshis. Cat is only for pure loving vanilla, with hand holding and kisses. Cat only wants the loving embrace of one person, that doesn't mean she wants to get raped.

Monkey is the biggest slut, where are all her rape doujinshi? Rape her, leave Cat alone!

She would hate you and probably kill you cause she already lived one life time's worth of neglect. She doesn't need more baggage.

She needs an alpha to show her the world and give her the large family she wants. You missed the entire point of her character by miles, user.

Anything but snake is shit
>people unironically liking snale

kizumonofloptari bombed
proof that vampire was never best girl

what's wrong with monkey's boobs isn that pic . why are they small ?i thought she has the same size with crab

Monkey > Cat >>>> Crab

Best girl is Doll

i hate snick but i can't deny she makes me diamond

She's also a tomboy with hips, and a cute smile. What more could you want?

snail is best girl

Crab or Cat

For her to be real

and my wife

How the fuck can you dislike Snail my man?

Don't do this to me
Don't be that guy

I choose doll.

I fell in love with her and she's really cute.

Her inspiration with muscles inspired me to get /fit/ so I ordered some stuff at home to be a NEET/fit/

>people actually choosing cat




c-can i please just switch lives/bodies with this guy? just for a day?




Fuck implies once, marry implies forever.

Even though Crab is my favourite, she wants a boring life.

Cat wants to travel the world which is awesome. Probably the smartest.

In the end Monkey though will stay fit as fuck, is a giant perv, possibly allow for threesomes and will make a decent living in sports.

Of the three? Monkey by far.

I would the create a 4th option which would essentially be:
Doll + Snake.

> she wants a boring life.
Do you actually think life with her would be boring?

And best anal doujins.

Makes skin look soft.

From would bang, to would bang if no better options are available:
Araragi > Kanbaru > ougi > karen > snake > shinobu > snail > doll > Hanekawa > bird > math > senjougahara

If Crab wants "boring" live i wonder how "interesting" live looks like to you

Snake of course.

I choose Kanbaru's Surugas every time

This show is shit

True, but the girls are good.



is this even a question



How soft is Monkey?

Outside or inside?