Why is she such a irredeemable bitch 24/7?

Why is she such a irredeemable bitch 24/7?

She needs the dick


she is a child.

Actual character loli.

Barasui wrote Miu that way to remind all lolicons that just because it's loli it doesn't mean it is good.

I just finished the 12 main episodes + 1 OVA and all she seems to do is cause problems and made Nobue lose 2 jobs.

She literally ruined every episode.

but in ep one or two, she's the one who remembered nobue's birthday

Jesus christ. Shadman really knows how to draw the worst things.

She is just a normal adolescent girl

I'll redeem her with my dick.

By Peeing in her Butt?




what the hell is up with those screen shots? It looks like someone ran them through a instagram filter or some shit.

>withered evil crone as a loli
Will he make a loli Trump next?


i would watch a show where she travels the world fucking with people. she's basically the Weeb bitch pudding.

>russian fleet is doing military drills with US
>a transmission comes over their airwaves
>they obey, blow up an aircraft carrier, start WW3
>pan to Russian embassy--she's dicking around with the radio

Ready for the dick.

death penalty


Yeah, it's both hilarious and horrifying.


>irredeemable bitch 24/7
That's a funny way to spell best girl

Lies and slander.

I lke her. She already has the right attitude because she states in one of the OVAs she intends to become a nudie model for Gravure.

But the fact hillary was drawn as a loli is the sole reason its so good.

Jesus christ. This is one loli I don't want. That secret service agent is right.

>Why is she such a fuckable slut 24/7?

That's what happens when low res anime gets a bluray re-relase

So you don't feel bad about wanting to shatter her shitter