Re Zero episode 25

Re Zero ending, did anyone catch the translation for what Subaru wrote? My translating skills are horrible but the right page looks like 'misfortune'.

It's not nihongo

I don't know what the bottom right one is. Top right looks like さ

It's Chinese right?

its not japanese, learn more before talking
they even said it on their twitter

It's supposed to be the language used in that world, which I imagine is just some deformation of actual Japanese.

The author of the novel does live tweets as the episode airs and says that reads "The End." in the fantasy language.

It's the language of their world. Why would Subaru write something in Japanese when Betelgeuse doesn't know it?

And to anyone who is not a complete retard it's obvious eh wrote the word he emphasized. O WA RI DA


Ah thank you! Never followed the live tweets


>learn more before talking

Well it's clear you don't from the way you put that sentence together. desu



so this is how he gets the unseen hands right?

Big Hands > Unseen Hands

How to figure it out yourself.

Step 1: Go to Google Translate
Step 2: Switch it to Japanese to English
Step 3: Click on the little pencil icon below where you type in the Japanese
Step 4: Draw Kanji as best you can
Step 5: Select correct kanji that appear below.
Step 6: profit

It was pretty obvious he wrote "The End" just with the context.


Well, what is it?


Yeah, a little less obvious is the effect, writing on it was what physically destroyed Betelgeuse, right?