I miss Etotama

I miss Etotama.

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Well, there's going to be yet another reairing soon so you won't be missing it for long.

It was very bland and generic but had very good 3DCG.

Hope that they sell good this time so we get a S2

But that Etotama Kids tho

>Etotama Kids
Huh? I must have missed that.

Yeah, didn't saved that image

It was on the previous Etotama thread like a week ago

You and me buddy.

I have no idea where did this come from.

Rabbit? More like RabBest.

Also, I almost want the Nya-tan Nendo but seeing as it's on clearance at a lot of places my hope of Mo-tan getting one is zilch.

Buy her user, she's super smug.

I want a kids show for Etotama that's just pretty mode SoL. Sounds like a blast.


I saw the Nendo at Japan Town in SF a few days ago.
Was about to get it because I love etotama but that shitty Cat is the absolute worst girl and I just couldn't be fucked to buy her because of that.

Post your zodiac sign.

Others will guess your age.

Why do I have to be stuck with the only character I didn't like

Same as you!

>got best zodiac
The gods have blessed me.

Bet you're born in 1996.

Excuse you I'll have you know I was born in 1921

I got found out

>footfag bait
>best anything

Do it

That pig sol/lull knows what's about to happen.



You mean 1912? 1921 wasn't year of the rat.

Sexy birb

Apparently I can't read

I didn't expect to love horse as much as I do




yeah that seems mostly accurate


good shit right there right there

It was a shit show and I'm glad it's over

Have a (You)



Some doujin would be great.

I wonder if we'll get anything from Cock for next year.

RabBest actually I prefer Cock

Shima-tan is also really great.

>dragon's tits
Silly artist, breasts start at the clavicle.

Not if you're a saggy dragon granny.


Like more doujin to satisfy our cocks.

Maybe even TWO doujin.

My guess is that it's from the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair (Kyo-Maf).




it was simple, yet fun. no everthing has to be deep, dramatic for drama sake and full of twists.

But that cliffhanger, S2 when?

She is also my favorite

>hacka doll

I dont know why but I fucking enjoy that one.



Would you like to commit a crime?
[ ]Y
[ ]N

I wish someone else would commit the crime of piracy and put it on sadpanda already holy fucking shit

Is Pig/Boar best girl? She is my Chinese sign.

Des Des

I see, thanks.