What can I get you, user?

What can I get you, user?

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Water. Alcohol is disgusting.

Bretty gud show that no one liked

I should rewatch this show. I remember it being really relaxing.


I'll take water please.

All the money in the till, or your life.

I still haven't really gotten into alcohol. I like the idea of having a casual drink but I don't have any real tastes yet.

Get a loife!

Why are you nerds even in a bar?

Designated driver or friends were like OMG user YOU HAVE TO COME

Man I watched this last holiday season and it really sets the mood for comfy nights in the house on cold days. It's probably one of my top 5 with just how happy and relaxed it made me feel.

I have the perfect cocktail for that.

>having friends

A glass of bleach please

Rum and coke

A soda and a good story.

Corpse Reviver #2


I'm feeling disappointed in myself and anxious about how my choices will play out in the days to come. Recommend me a whiskey to chase the feelings away.

bleach on the rocks

Shirley Temple

What a fun game to play

Mountain Dew

>starts bretty gud with some classy piano
>j-pop tier singing
>immediately close the tab

I want a fucking piña colada

Who else am I going to watch anime with, user?

My cat just gives me a look then walks out of the room.

Oolong tea

gun, one bullet

Iced milk hahi

I'll have a Brandtini please.

And I'll have you leave.

Bartender isn't a show. It's barely a motion comic. You could just show a camcorder panning across Manga pages open on someone's desk and it's be more animated. I'm pretty sure they spent 80% of their budget on that one shot of him shaking the tumbler.

Do you have Barq's?

A motion comic would still be a show if it was aired at regular times, your insult makes no sense.

Fine, give me one Bad Touch.

Some detergent.

One Fat Tire, please.

Overrated shit
Hot Milk from the same artist(Kenji Nagatomo) was much better

>never finished Bartender since I always read it one volume a year
>check scans
>completed series but not completely scanlated
but why

It's hardly talked about outside of some dedicated fans on Cred Forums. Give it a rest.

It's overrated as fuck in here
It's basically a meme at this point

I want you to reevaluate your use of that word.

Some milk please.

I ordered the fish

Why was this show so good?

Brandy Manhattan, easy on the vermouth.

One Heineken®

Here is your Heineken®


something heavy. I need to forget.

Rail whiskey, rocks. And I'll need an ashtray over here.

>that shitty pour
Enjoy your glass of foam.


Give me Global 94%

Mojito, my good man!

Cuba Libre.

What's gets me as a bartender is that some people ask for mojitos without the mint and sugar. What they are basically asking for is just rum and soda water, and that's fucking awful.

Looks delicious, if overdone and surely expensive as fuck.
Is that a blunt? It sure fucking looks like it.

Fucking. Why.

>I have never seen a blunt before

Vodka martini, shaken not stirred.

>Is that a blunt? It sure fucking looks like it.
its a cigarillo

i don't even drink or smoke and I know this, step it up.

I have taught myself in the end that people just don't know what they want.
I've had a guy ask for a Singapore sling insisting it has so cool and amaretto. It's not, he wants something else entirely.

Something non-alcoholic tonight. A Long Island Iced Tea? Yeah, I'll take one of those

Ha, I'll keep that in mind for the future.

Summer Whiskey!
Oh, and I'll take an order over everything on your appetizers menu here. Keep 'em coming.

A Mudslide, please. It's been a rough week, and it doesn't look like it's gonna smooth out anytime soon.

Southern comfort*

I figured that was corrected from soco

One Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.
It's Monday.

You roll blunts with gutted cigarillos dingus, when they're well done they look exactly like that.
You're right, you clearly don't smoke.

Could I get a slow comfortable screw please :^)?

A Negroni

One orange juice please

get me one bartender pkease

Bleach, on the rocks.