Re Zero Thread: S2?

Basically, is s2 confirmed already?

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No. You must be new to this whole anime thing. Wait for the sales numbers to come out

If it is, it will have to follow the web novel. The next arc is motherfucking huge, it's about 50% bigger than arc 3, so it'll take about 20+ episodes to adapt.

Do you think that Subaru fucks emilia while Rem watches?

Why can't WB writers learn to condense their shit?

They left out too many important things for a s2...

Rem being #1

no, it would have been at the end of the ep.

Yes. It's the next big thing.

Who's Rem? Lmao

>based Bettlejuice literally gets cucked in the end
When will this shit meme end in the isekai genre?

I think the question is Roswaal fuck the whole lot of them while Subaru watches? He basically owns the maids so thats a given, Emilia is the only tossup.

Rem a best. A BEST.

Emilia a shit. A SHIT.

They call me Rem because I got removed.

Roswaal hates Emilia in the light novel, it's kinda funny.
Ram is a fucking cum-dumpster btw
Rem is Rem.



More words = More novels = More money

Anime already did its work by getting people into it.

How are other Rem friends dealing with living in a post-Rem society? I haven't been sleeping since nor eaten in hours.

Pre-order her Nendriod, and learning moon so I can play her route in the Vita VN.

Can someone help me? Do i read the manga, the light novel or the webnovel now? Are they all finished?

In order
1.- Web Comic (1st shit)
2.- Light Novel (Weeb/Fanservice shit)
3.- Manga (Kinda normal)

Who is s2?

>post-Rem society
I think I know what my final paper for uni will be about


>web novel
>free content
>no, do it my way so I can be spoon-fed it easier

you twat

>web novel
>free content

I could link you the official site right now and you could read the whole story for free, as long as you can read kanji. Tappei Nagatsuki wasn't in it for the money. I imagine he's happy his story has blown up in popularity and he's made some fat stacks by now, tho.

Betelgeuse's love to the witch is so similar to Subaru's love to the elf

Trips of... shit

They better do a S2, otherwise they literally just put Rem on a bus and never brought her up again past episode 20 or something. Even getting deleted in a fight against 2 Bishops is better than that. Plus that's a hell of an opener for the next season.

[Stay Alive intensifies]

sorry, did you say something? it's hard to read that from across the field as I take my victory lap. Don't worry, I warmed up with radio calisthenics.


I thought LNfags said that Rem was supposed to end up in a coma at the end. Someone explain.

Cut short for happy end instead of SUFFERING

it comes after the end of ep 25 but WhiteFox bailed

>Emilia doesn't wrap her hand around Subaru's.


BD sales will actually show the "who's Rem" scene after credits for about 12 seconds. It would show MC-kun's despair face while camera closes in, then cut to black.

How are they gonna sell the Rem mercs if they put a bullet through the whole fanbase's brain.

ded thread

ded series

That's the epilogue, which they cut a lot of the buildup to.

at least Emilia-tan never killed Toyota in the middle of the night I'll take a missed hand hold over being murdered any day. Rem a shit.

>No qt onii children?


Rem figures will be accurate to her range of motions.

My only interest in that au is the curiosity I get when I wonder if one child calls the other child onii-oni-chan. So glad the directors had the good sense to cut that shit "content" and just make it a conversation instead.

>it will have to follow the web novel

I hope people understand that this isn't going to happen. Unless you convinced yourself that they author is going to fund the anime himself.

The publisher puts up the money for the anime to help sell their product.

A season 2 can get made when there are enough light novels out to support it.

Are you just trying to be retarded? Its not even 'cut' since the chapter that would include it comes after the last chapter of episode 25, same as the other epilogue/interlude stuff. As a side-story its doubtful they would animate it anyway.

It wasn't "cut short" like everyone says. The chapter of the source material that the episode is based on ended the same way. The "who's Rem?" bit didn't come until the next chapter, just like it won't come until the next season

I sure hope so. everyone who loves Rem would be Grade-A royally assblasted from the first episode after this. The shit storm would be amazing.

Yes, see Regulus.

So, can Re-Zero still be classified as harem? Emilia already wins anyway. No one else is interested to him except for Rem. What about the LN and WN though?

>So, can Saekano still be classified as harem? Eriri already wins anyway. No one else is interested to him except for Utaha.

This was never a harem.
What the fuck?

>never read the web novel or light novel
>is automatically retarded for not knowing the order of the web novel or light novel

kay. my point stands: it's not animated, and it probably won't be, because the director has good sense.

stay mad, remfags

How different exactly are the WN and the LN?

It's a DECONSTRUCTION of harem genre

I wouldn't know, I've never read either. I know the Web Novel is available for free reading, if you understand kanji, because it was put out that way by the original author, and that it's super long. I know that the LN came later once the WN got super popular, and it was adapted to be a lot shorter.

Where in the manga do i pick this up to continue from the anime left off?

Even if it got one it wouldn't conclude anything.

manga is behind buddy, you're better off with the LN/WN

You have to be stolidly retarded if you think that a great number of WNs would not be improved by cutting down on the chaff.

Not necessarily, some things get a green light for another season before sales. Look at berserk. It wasn't even finished in its run when it was guaranteed a season 2 and let's be honest new Berserk is EXTREMELY shit.

Notice how he desperately clings to her hand, but she refuses to embrace his hand. Her has is just being held, she does not hold his hand back. There are no feelings there. Only the barest tolerance. Only Rem truly loves him, but he will never be able to truly return Rem's love because Rem is too good for him.



someone learned a new word today

yeah, writers get carried away sometimes. but it was HIS writing, which he put out there, for free. it's not like he was even asking for money. as far as I'm concerned, it could've been his diary blog and he could've written "

Murder yourself

>episode 25 rang

Yeah? Mhm? Okay, I'll tell him.

They want you to cut out the faggotry.

Stay mad, remfags.

Can one really commit murder against one's self? This is technically a request that they commit suicide, isn't it? Perhaps if you used the proper wording they might actually be willing to acquiesce.

The plain girl won, and other girls still trying to cuck her?

Look at that. Look how she still refuses to hold his hand lovingly. It's more like an owner holding a dog's paw, you dun good boy, you dun good, now roll over. All he is to her is a loyal dog. She pats his head and gives him treats and smacks him on the nose with a newspaper when he's bad, leaving him with other people to take care of.

She's not even a good dog owner. Though she might be a perverted dog fucker, that's not love.

Rem is love.

Then when did Rem lovingly hold Subaru's hand?

basically confirms there WON'T be a s2

thank christ

Yeah I'm sure A Dance of Dragons is much better off with a graphic chapter long essay on how awful Daenerys' shits were than without.

see You're really grasping for straws.

I'm not surprised you like the beta cuck female, since you're such a beta cuck male.

Stay mad, remfags.

No, it was never really a Harem in the first place. Rem gradually accepted him, to the point of loving him. while Emelia tolerated him and eventually threw him to the gutter for other people to deal with. She only accepted him back when he made her look good again. Rem was with him no matter how he made her look.

So it's more a moral tale, you don't always love the people that are good for you, and I do believe he loves Emelia, but it's obvious that Emelia's love for him is more like that of a finicky dog owner.

At best the series provided a love triangle of sorts within a adventure anime with maybe puzzle solving or mystery elements.

>witch is the source of all ebil in this world
>never explain her origins or why she brought Toyota into this world in the first place
>never explain why she looks exactly like Emilia or want her as vessel
>never explain why she loves suzuki and yet makes him suffer with RBD

all I'm saying is you're looking a gift horse in the mouth, user. you're saying "when will people view the world exactly as I do?"

if you think you've got it all figured out with your perfect formula, then you go write a story and come back infinitely richer.

>everyone's a critic

Rem was defending her mistress before she properly knew him, there's nothing wrong with that. Technically she murdered him twice, not just once. He understood that Rem was doing it because she's a loyal person that wants to protect those she loves.

It's a sign of how true a claim of love from her is, her loyalty is unwavering, is she claims love and loyalty, she will actually mean it, and stick by it.

Emelia on the other hand is wishy washy, she tolerates him, then doesn't, she likes him, then doesn't, she gives him a false name that if spoken aloud in the wrong place could get him in trouble - and doesn't care about the consequences to him. She tosses him tot he curb at the first sign of trouble, and only accepts him back when her dog makes her look good again.

What a terrible person Emilia is.


It's almost like things set up as mysteries are mysteries that are not meant to be solved until much later in the series.

>Nissan never actually got to talk with her before this season ended
I was so fucking sure after that explosion happened and he was seeing pure white he was going to see the witch and talk with her for a minute or two, giving us SOME fucking story on her beyond SHE'S A HALF ELF AND EVIL

Seriously, throw us a bone. I really like this anime, but it hasn't told us shit about the witch when she's meant to be a main thing

Trips confirm, Remcucks BTFO.

Why would it? Who that he has met would be able to provide him with that information? The closest he's gotten was picking upa Gospel, but he can't read it. I'm not even sure he picked it up again the next time around.

Dubs confirm that Emilia is a terrible person:

>has 25 episodes to at least do some world building
>nope just gonna go full waifufaggotry
>you have to be a world class chef to have a sense of taste

I am want Mimi's figure.

That's really not what they did. Why are you expecting the answers in the first season of a show based on LNs that are still ongoing?

Wait, Rem is still Alive in this "version" of the show right? She didn't didn't die to the whale and wasnt in the last couple episodes just bc she was injured right?


She's alive but she's already a vegetable. The letter was blank.

He's literally seen the witch the last two times he tried saying return by death. I'm not asking for her entire fucking backstory and plot to be revealed, just give us fucking something rather than "She's an ominous powerful character who for some reason brought Toyota here and gave him RBD and refuses to let him tell anyone about it. Oh also she wants or needs to possess Emilia and has a crazy cult that will help her do it"

I don't get the blank letter thing. Wouldn't it have been already filled out if she had sent it? Her getting injured doesn't change that. The only thing that could have is if the whale wiped her out of existence.

Shes gone the moment Subaru groups up with Julius. They were attacked then.

Her existence was wiped by the sin archbishop of Gluttony, not the whale. And that has the same effect.

Rem's weapon is literally a ball and chain. She's boring, pedantic, and had to have the shit beat out of her to even look at Toyota twice without harboring murderous intent, meanwhile best girl saves him in the very first episode out of the kindness of her heart.

>her loyalty is unwavering
yeah, like when she said she'd totally ditch her sister and master and mistress for Honda if he just said the word and meant it? lol

>she tolerates him, then doesn't, she likes him, then doesn't
you're talking about multiple different lives now, and about Suzuki's own changing character. He became a shit there for a while, Emilia had every reason to not put up with his crazy shit. Even he admits it at the end of episode 25.

>she gives him a false name that if spoken aloud in the wrong place could get him in trouble - and doesn't care about the consequences to him
someone missed a plot point. she did that to test him because she already had her suspicions he was not from around there. she wanted to see just how far, and since Satella is a name known across the world, and he didn't react to it, she found her answer.

>She tosses him tot he curb at the first sign of trouble, and only accepts him back when her dog makes her look good again.
she separated from him because she was convinced he was pulling all his crazy bullshit on her behalf, since he'd thrown himself into the fire for her several times already. he saved her time and time again, and the way Emelia weighs things makes that look insane. She doesn't understand a lot of social conventions. He betrayed her trust. The list goes on. It took a couple of episodes to cover everything he did to push her away.

>looking for anything to slander true canon beauty

stay mad, remfags. maybe in another life you could've won.

The whale isn't the only being capable of erasing people.

if you look carefully, you can see this image is shopped

She's coming back then. R-right?
>because I'm exhausted with everyone insisting their tastes are the best means you can ignore the rest of my argument
>still looking free content in the mouth
>still not writing your own story



Is this something from the Light novel or something? It never shows them getting attacked. I find it hard to believe Rem officially dies and stays dead...

My son, what do you think?

Will the BDs have extra content?

Would rewatch if this is the case.

That fallacy is your entire argument.

she's not dead, just in a coma and has been in that state for for the last 3 arcs of the WN

>if you got something for free, you have no right to criticize it in any way
boy you've taken me for a ruse cruise

So whats up with the blank letter thing? I'm really confused. As long as rem doesnt die im happy tho

Of course they won't show you that this season, gotta leave the juice for S2.

Nobody knows at this point of the story, because everybody already forgot about Rem. When Subaru founds out he commits suicide immediately and realise his reset point updated and sinks to despair again.

But rejoice, my Rem-fans, because this is the point where Subaru says fuck Emilia and devotes all his attention to saving Rem by systemically destroying the Witch Cult.

With saving Rem as the main focus point of all the arcs to follow so far, some would even call her the main heroine.

>calling someone a twat is even an argument to begin with

did emilia get pregnant

rem sent the letter, then got attacked by 2 archbishops (think beetlejuice, except 10 times more powerful), one of the archbishops possess the same ability as the whale. crusch was also affected but not as heavily as rem

With the defeat of the whale, Ley the Gluttony archbishop confronts Rem and Crusch's party shortly after Subaru's departure.

The archbishop obviously wins, and ate Rem's memories + her existance, this means she has no idea who she is, and the existence of the identity that is "Rem" is removed from this world. Nobody remembers her, except for Subaru, for being MC, and Beatrice, who was in the Library, which is in a different dimension.

And without her identity and memories, "Rem" falls into a coma. Some can argue that it's just a pile of meat at this point, but we have hopes that Subaru will save her. As that seems to be the focus of the story as a whole.

Crusch escaped with only her memories eaten.

>some would even consider her the main heroine
grasping at straws
>main heroine
>lying unconscious on a bed
all of my keks

I don't think we're getting a s2 lads

So shes just in a coma and Toyota realizes shes best girl next season? Nice.


He does realise he was taking her kindness(love) for granted so I guess that's kind of true.

Emilia actually has the same physical appearance as Satella. This is why the Witch Cult targeted her village 300 years ago and seek has as a vessel to revive Satella.

Did anyone ever save the posts from that one user compiling and researching the correlations with the character names and their constellation and mythology?

Same voice also

When I first saw Betelgeuse I thought he looked a lot like Honda. And that Honda's obsessiveness would consume him enough that he got save pointed back to a certain point in the past, one which he forgot. This theory also leads to the origin of Al, why he is so similar to Honda and knows of the half-elf, questioning why shes still alive.

He already won like 3 times
He deserves gothEMT love old is Emilia!?

I dont know but I guess she pulled a last air bender for that to happen

I like how best girl Emilia won since episode one, and won without even loving Subaru back.

>all this butthurt that the episode ended too early
Is Cred Forums seriously having a shitstorm over the fact that they didn't get to have a shitstorm?

This, honestly only cucks would watch this shit since we already know Subaru only loves Emilia.

We still had it didn't we?

Alright Im so confused. Does rem ever come back in the LN? Ive read shes in a coma and that shes been erased permanently. Which is true?

She froze the whole village when one of the Cult leaders killed her aunt, who was a mother figure to Emilia.
The Aunt's lover, also Emilia's father figure, Betelgeuse Romanee Vonti, descend into madness and joins the cult.

If I remember correctly it was the clown who released Emilia from the stasis.

The LN is ongoing, she's still in her coma.

The LN is roughly at the same point as the anime. In the WN she's still in a coma, but Subaru and company are working to fix her.

Spoiler and despair fags wanted a suffering end. Personally happy with the happy EMT end until the kick in the balls until the reveal till whenever S2 comes
or not.Nice to end in a high note I guess

ReZero is about suffering. I don't see anybody suffering.

Unless Spbro was lying he translated a part of Arc 4 where Subaru claimed he loves Rem as much as Emila.

Honestly the ending was way too happy for the overall theme of the story. Like it doesn't even fucking hint that maybe there's something wrong we should be focused on. If it weren't for people reading the LN we'd think everything is going great for Subaru

Threesome ending or we riot.
Emilia and Rem must bear Subaru's children.

what's the overall theme of the story?

Hey Remfags, try killing yourself, maybe you'll Return by Death and then Rem can win something

autism of the highest degree

No, Rem scene getting cut basically means they aren't gonna touch it and made a happy ending. No cliffhanger, no S2

They didn't cut it, it happens just after. It's more they gave it a happy ending in case they never get a S2, so they don't just leave it in a cliffhanger forever.


What if the authority of envy is to absorb all the other authorities?

>23rd September

Vol. 9 release, Emilia's birthday, AT-X boardcast ep25

Are they saving up the announcements for this day?

All we know for sure is that PV and Tappei wanting to have a chat at the same time that the anime airs.

>Emilia-Tan Happy Birthday!

>September 23 is Emilia's Birthday & The current world Rem's happiest in.


Rem a murderer and a shit. REMove REM

who will voice him in the dub?

So why did Satella summon Subaru to that world? In order to lure Emilia towards her? Are there any tl;dr spoilers for the rest of the arcs?

>Cred Forums seriously having a shitstorm over the fact that they didn't get to have a shitstorm?
This is quite something
RZ is so fucking progressive.


Holy shit, really?

Comeon Ep 26 announcement or extended BD episode please, I need my despair

Sum it for me, i stopped at ep 16 after just not being able to stand suburus actions but a part of me wants to finish it even though i have never disliked a anime MC more then i have him.

It would make sense.

Damn guy has some range

>Rem cucked
>White whale
>Witch cult fucked
>Emilia wins

So I did a thing

Where is the preview?

user pls

So season 2 confirmed but no date because of the ending?

I'm surprised of how little that screecap has been used to troll the unresonable remfags. It's freaking perfect.

So where? I thought they had promised to provide us after the episode ended.

Unlike you fuckers, I still have hope that the PV is the actual epilogue. I STILL HAVE HOPE.

After the episode has aired in all time slots, so next Saturday or something? I don't know, the whole situation is odd.

Honestly, everything past 19 was kind of garbage. The whale fight and the betelgeuse fight were very disappointing.

What a dissapointing show, avoided threads and spoilers in hopes it'll be good. Buf it just kept getting worse.

Having HOPE just gives a greater sense of DESPAIR user but i'm in the same boat as you, I just want it to end without teasing and just give me whatever they throw at me

got a source for that, nigger?

You know, that's a very good post. It's sad how Rem fans don't give a shit about the series itself.

alright I've had enough
Where is this "Rem doesn't exist" shit coming from?
I'm not planning on reading the LN so spoil away

Roswaal probably fucks Subaru too. He can't exactly defend himself.

What do you mean by " doesn't exist"?

She got erased by the white whale.
If you're passed that part. She becomes a vegetable

It seems that the bishop of gluttony deleted her. I don't understand why Puck called the whale "gluttony" if it wasn't the bishop, though.

>I'm not planning on reading the LN


You mean she didn't make a single appearance in the anime after the whale fight? I watched all the episodes, maybe my memory's fooling me?

>by the white whale.

It's unconfirmed, but got it straight from ass

Nah she was on her way back to the capital and they get ambushed by SAVAGE TRIBAL MEN and she ends up in some.sort of comatose state.
My bad


A new character.
Go to Arc 3 and read the last 2 segments

Oh God, glad that they cut it in the anime, it's not material for a short scene, it would have been a terrible cliffhanger.

>Ferris suggested to get rid of their alliance, pointing out that their continued association would cause the Witch Cult to direct attacks at them in addition to the Emilia Camp.

That one thing that this arc missed, the Crusch faction was too cooperative, they didn't bitch even when Subaru said that Betelgiuse could use him as new body.

But, again, why did Puck call the whale "gluttony" if it wasn't the bishop?

I don't quite understand what I am looking at here

Bishop of gluttony eating rem i think

Who is it?

>But, again, why did Puck call the whale "gluttony" if it wasn't the bishop?
Similar powers/traits, dunno man

Who's the leader won in the throne?

>that massive drop in animation quality that gets worse the further into the season it gets

Just like almost every anime ever.

They should've have made the ending silent with toyota moving only his lips. Upon hearing the anwser his face should've slowly darken and ending it with a black screen.

are remfags pretending that rem's still alive?

I don't believe there's that many animeonly fags

Author probably wanted to make the whale gluttony before he settled on bog standard bad humans.

The thing is also in the LN, which was edited.

>Giving a sappy ending so you can sell merch to remfags
If they had REMovered her at the last minute there would have been a flood of pre-order cancels.

ive heard they omitted a mindfuck cliffhanger, what is that?

I don't undestand how some people can be so fucking stupid. The ending felt absolutely natural, putting a shitty cliffhanger that had nothing to do with this arc would have been a terrible idea.

Read the thread.

This would have been perfect, but the ending we got with him about to ask it was good too

Emilia literally won holy shit. Remfags eternally banished to the fucking shadow realm.

>Emilia won
>Doesn't even return Subaru's feelings
>Doesn't even say she at least likes him
>Is just happy that someone loves her
Yeah Emilia definitely won by making Subaru her official orbiter that she may one day decide is worth having a relationship with

Arc 4 is the Emilia arc, she obviously won't instantly love him, like he said, he needs to earn her love

what are you trying to say

emilia is half of the witch. if you arent going to read the ln at least read the wiki jesus

I'm not saying she needs to love him. But she can at least say right off the bat if she even likes him in the slightest. Honestly the whole "I'm just so happy someone can love me" thing feels like watching someone get friendzoned hard.

>Honestly the whole "I'm just so happy someone can love me" thing feels like watching someone get friendzoned hard.

The point is that she doesn't even know how to react because she was that lonely before meeting Subaru, it even gets explicely said. It has nothing to do with friendzoning, she is just that confused and awkward.

The problem is that she's done absolutely nothing except exist.

I don't care how fucking thirsty a dude is, at some point he's going to think "this bitch isn't worth it" especially if he has a better choice basically saying LETS FUCK RIGHT NOW and has his back even when he says he doesn't love her and acts like a completely irredeemable ass.

They have done nothing to show that we as the audience should care about her over a side character so far.

They have done nothing at all to show at any point why he loves her. Not even a throw away scene where a girl who looks exactly like her and he was in love with in the real world DIED because of him and he became a full on NEET because o fit.

Nothing. The entire relationship rings hollow as fuck and the author fucked the pooch pretty damned good in trippling down on the escapist thing instead of nutting up and running with it.

the point of these types of adaptations is to create interest in the LNs, its already done its job.

>at least read the wiki
Fuck off. We don't need you wikifags trying to convert more people to your shitty group.

>The problem is that she's done absolutely nothing except exist.

Stopped reading there, that's not true at all. How biased can you be? I got that you just wanted to use a hyperbole, but try to sound reasonable.

She spent enough time with Subaru though to know if she likes him at all. I get that she's confused and awkward, but there's no way she doesn't know if she likes him even a tiny bit

But she saved him from those weak street thugs that one time, dozens of deaths ago...

i love maji tenshi

What happened to Betelgeuse exactly? How did he die? Did Subaru's writing really did something to him?

Did you guys ever think maybe the reason he likes Emilia is satella/plot related

The point of her crying is that she thought anything related to love was something precluded to her, and only thanks to Subaru she got she can start to think about love like a thing that can be part of her life. It's a severe case of inferiority complex and being absolutely awkward, I think that scene expressed it very well, both implicitly and explicitly.

did you even watch the episode?

Just leaving this here in case anyone didn't see this yet.

Yes and I still didn't get it. It can't merely be from the fire, right?

i did and its shit
the faster we forget about it the better

Okay, what has she actually done?

And the lap in head thing, which the anime abused AGAIN as if it was this all important thing.

>No Felt after like episode 12

>abused AGAIN
>Using it only two times is" abusing AGAIN".

Oh, wow.
But, yeah, it's not the first time it was a great scene and the second time it was simply meant to be read as "their thing". Truly a real abuse.
Sorry man, you are unresonable and biased to the bone, glad that I didn't read all your previous post, I'm afraid of how stupid it could be.

Manlets, they never learn.

Why no S2:
1. No LNs to adapt
2. Revealing Rem's coma will kill sales and make angry otaku burn their BDs. Also merch sales. Kadokawa isn't going to fund something that makes them lose money.
3. Arc 4/6 are bad video game trial shit and aren't worth adapting

Gluttony knows Rem is the best tasting girl.

Manlets when will they learn.

>1. No LNs to adapt

Who cares, the WN material could easily cover other 2 seasons.

Manlets do they learn?


God I hope not.
This shit bought a fuckton of easily amused newfags here.
I'll be salty forever.

who's rem?

Already posted this in the other thread but it seems there are even more idiots here.

>all these people thinking there won't be a 2nd season because no "who is Rem?" scene

How narrowminded are you guys? The ending of the anime was already planned from the very beginning. They wanted to end it on a happy note since they were not sure about a 2nd season back then.

Also even if they would've ended it on this cliffhanger it would take several years for the LN to gain some space and this would be horrible for animeonly fags as well.

It would be way better to start off season2 with "Who is Rem" than putting a nasty cliffhanger into the last episode of season1 while still being uncertain about another season.

>no replies
Remfags on Return by Deathwatch

>holding a grudge over a girl because she kicked your ass
Wow you're pathetic.

>2. Revealing Rem's coma will kill sales and make angry otaku burn their BDs. Also merch sales.

You are talking like most of the jap fans don't already know it. It would affect the sales but not that much for sure, the series was selling well even before ep. 15.

This, seriously, every single word. It was a really sensible choice.

Dude, I started this anime absolutely wanting to love it, even felt what subaru felt when he talked with emelia in his first rebirth.
I really really wanted to like her and their new world but we were stuck in the mansion for so long and she was such a boring non entity for so much time that I just stopped giving a fuck and wanted subaru to just pull a bill murray.

But he never did. He just turned into a giant hateful cunt and I just said damn dude and tuned in to how he'd fuck it up, get fucked up, or fuck someone up every week.

But then Rem came along and stuff started happening and I started to want to see them happy, BUT the author is a pussy and tried to force the bog standard loser wants to bang untouchable princess thing.

And from everything, litterally everything she's not special at all. We aren't shown what would make her special or why he feels the way he does. She's just his insane obsession.
And replace abuse with use. I used the word abuse because the anime really went out of it's way in the last ep to try and build up their less then thread bare relationship up. To infer that she felt love towards him without having to actually say it. She litteraly says something to the effect IS IT OKAY FOR YOU TO LOVE ME or something which is kind of lame if you think about it.
No expressions of love or even true gratitude, no care for him, no nothing.
He just says ILL MAKE YA LUB ME BABY!!!

Would have loved to have her call Subaru her hero then after the credits we get a "who's rem" line then a flash back to a few scenes of her calling him her hero or something. Then ultimate despair.

They're just buttmad there wasn't a storm of Remfag salt they could troll.

>kicked your ass

I doubt that can count just as kicked your ass, beta-kun.

You are very confused.

Daily reminder that it never happened

>they cut him off

Tappei is just a massive Emiliafag and thinks betafags whiteknighting is the key to romance. Literally the entire plot is a series of asspulls and saving muh Emilia. Even in the finale, look at that shit with the exploding rocks that came out of nowhere, just more forced muh Emilia white knighting. It's just frustrating to watch sometimes and drags down the moments of brilliance the story does actually display.

Yeah for 3 minutes of credits. BDs will have the credits removed and maybe the scene continues to Who's rem

>ReZero is about suffering.

In the last arcs only Betelgeuse and the whale suffered. You are overestimating the suffering factor, it's present but it's not anywhere.

>exploding rocks that came out of nowhere

did you ever payed attention at all ? that was before the loop with the allahu akbar guy

but it's not *everywhere.

Don't worry literal 30 seconds after the ending of season 1 it's back full force.

Why did Toyota only checked Emilia's cart for the exploding rocks? What if those were planted in the other carts too?

It was a retcon, earlier in the narrative it was the cultists themselves who exploded. Tappei talks about it on Twitter.

Rabid Emila haters are usually the part of the fanbase who doesn't pay attention at all. Taking them seriously is almost impossible.

>tfw season2 will immediatly start off with delicious Subaru suffering

He saw only one explosion in the first run, not a series of michael bay explosions.

t. reddit

now you're trying too hard

If it's a retcon, It's a recon that makes sense, I actually thought the finger suddenly having the power to exploding didn't make sense when it happened. It's much better how it got explaned later, retcon or not.



I'm a Remfag and I would have loved a cliffhanger ending.

It's a lie, the author didn't said anything, he is just making shit up for shitposting sakes.

At least Konosuba knew how to end a season with a cliffhanger

Oh, well, I should have expected that from that rabid Emila hater.

Maybe, but just maybe, because the second season got announced one nanosecond after the ending, while it's unlikely that we will get a re:0 S2? Just a guess.

so does Emilia ever find out who Betelgeuse is

Been feeling a bit sad really...havent eaten much the past few days either.
How in the fucking hell can a fucking anime make me have these feels damn it.

>was promised a shitstorm
>still remember that mushroom pic being posted from time to time
>nothing happened

Don't blame me for you retards hyping up shitposting only to get cucked by the studio.

I love 3000 things about EMT!

Can someone post it that fan art of the rem scene at the end of arc 3 please.

I need to save it.

I too wish more had been explicitly stated about the witch and what her connection to Subaru actually is, but it's fairly easy to infer that the reason Subaru has the power that he does is because he's going to be the principal actor in the witch's rebirth.

Since his power forces him to redo events over and over again until they end with specific outcomes achieved, it's safe to assume that the aforementioned specific outcomes that arbitrarily seem to update his save state are necessary events for Emilia to become an appropriate vessel for Satella.

I want a paradise with 3000 EMT.

Does anyone have the return by death sound effect
I wanna use it as a phone notification

How could Re zero have a waifu war when there are no more than 2 girls that can get in with the MC?

Just search for OST on YT. It's called "The witch call" or something like that.

My final grade for this anime stays at 9/10 I suppose. Overall it was great. A shitty ending would have dropped it down to 8 and a great ending could have probably persuaded me into a 10. Instead it just kind of a meh okay happy middle of the road type ending not shit and not great so I'll just stick with the 9. There were many episodes much better than the finale.

Because it still has all the harem elements from your generic harem.
Like Monogatari, the MC gets a girlfriend in the first arc but flirts and stuff with others.

>I wanna use it that creepy sound as a phone notification.


>Because it still has all the harem elements from your generic harem.
>it has ALL harem elements
>2 girls turns it into a harem.

You are a special kind of retard.

>nothing happens
>the anime

Should have ended at 15. Thanks spoiler-fags.

I said harem elements, not haremettes. Learn to read.

Because I love Satella

>Talking shit about stuff he's never read nor knows anything about
>Ha, how dare you think I know anything about what I'm talking shit about, don't you know I'm an Emiliafag, we never know what we're talking about!
Stay dumb as fuck Emiliafags.

Who here /DidNotGetBaitedByRem/ ?

My dad works at japan and he told me S2 soon

When she and Ram were comforting him in his sleep.
When he was leading her around town
Loving embrace during episode 18
Loving embrace after the whale fight

>Saying even with the the final anime episode the story continues in the LNs with Rem blue text.
Those teasing mother fuckers.

>a love triangle is harem now

It's literally Haruhi Suzumiya again, where the main heroine isn't actually the main heroine, and so the series is doomed to fall off after you get rid of her

Everyone likes Rem because she had development and screentime. Like Yuki she won the audience's heart first. Like Yuki the so-called "main girl" won't be able to hold a candle to her.

It's actually quite a problem. And trying to write Rem out of the show just makes people yearn for her more

At this point the ONLY way you can save this series is by revealing that Satella is some fusion of Rem and Emilia. There just isn't the pathos for Emilia alone

>yeah, like when she said she'd totally ditch her sister and master and mistress for Honda if he just said the word and meant it? lol
Except she doesn't. He gave her a chance to and she turns him down. The AU spin-off is wish fulfillment, but never happens. She keeps him on track even at the cost of what she would want. And even within the AU she never gets over the guilt of doing so.

I don't really like this show, I actually wish Subaru wasn't in it because the five women competing to be queen is a lot cooler than the notion of Salaryman trying to fuck European Pussy, but the author really fucked himself with Rem.

Side girls having a fanbase isn't a problem it worked fine for oreimo it just makes victory all the sweeter and a subset of delusional idiots mad

Doesn't really look like him though I don't think, he's supposed to be covered in bandages.

I honestly think this is what happened

1. The Author was writing his LN, his editor says "Gee you can't have Emilia be this into Subaru so soon, she's the hook to keep people reading."

2. The Author agrees, and so puts his heart and soul into Rem, thinking she'll make for a good arc or two.

3. Rem becomes outrageously popular and loved so he tries literally retconning her existence.

4. This just makes the readers like her more.

5. The anime studio learns from the author's mistake and tries to pretend Rem doesn't even exist

6. Merch and BD sales and polls make the Producer say OY VEY WHERE'S REM WE NEED REM FOR SEASON 2 WE GOTTA MOVE THESE BD BOXES, GOY!

I'm not the biggest Re:Zero fan, but if it doesn't get a S2 I'll eat my hat. I think it's a very safe assumption to make. How long it will be, however, is impossible to say.

He didn't have an editor for the WN, and was past all the Rem stuff before the LN started, this was basically the plan the whole time.

This is just sad, so many of us have become delusional.

>that Satella is some fusion of Rem and Emilia.
ReZero confirmed for the Steven Jewniverse of anime.

I wouldn't be surprised when we will see something like
"Crazy fan kills Tappei and himself"



I will.

Put her in a coma
Shift Subaru's focus to realizing he fucked up and trying to fix it while learning about other characters in the mean time.
Finally fix her and then let the suffering begin anew.

She's coming back, but its still probably not going to end well for anyone.

Whats the chance of special OVA epilogue for nico nico / youtube?

Please make your images related to Re:Zero or its franchise and take your OC Donut Steel to where it belongs

I'm not sure they'd do the epilogue without 100% chance of Season 2, so I'd put the odds at pretty low.

An OVA covering some of the other interludes or side chapters seems more likely.

You mean a special OVA cliffhanger that will work as a prologue for a S2 that probably will never see.
That has nothing to do with the term "epilogue".

With kadokawa going all in into it, i'm surprised if they didnt plan the s2 release right now. I'm pretty sure they will release OVA near end BD release to set the groundwork for S2, hence the epilogue

Is this true?

Remfag who is also a Haruhifag here, lick my ass.

t. falseflagging Emiliafag

Nah m8, it's the honest to God truth.

>1. No LNs to adapt

Are you retarded?


Yes you are.

replying to what the fuck man

The problem is it would be an adaptation from the WN in any case. Has it ever happened?

Uh? He's right about point 1.

Don't worry i bet
Ships >Naruto x Sakura

A special kind of retard.
>Mom, I found someone more special then me.

>An OVA covering some of the other interludes or side chapters seems more likely.
>OVA about mayonnaise.

Hell yes.

There is nothing to save, the series works pefectly with those roles. You just basically said that the author should try to ruin it to pander the waifutards.


End of bd is next year

Also, if they actually want to capitalize on re zero franchise, theu shouldve
>announce re zero EX for summer 2017
>6 episode for felix, 6 episode for willhelm
>last episode is just titled "epilogue" which is the epilogue for arc 3 and preparation for s2
>announce re zero S2 for spring 2018

Easy money

Holy shit you are retarded, user. I am just passing by and you look fucking retarded.

Like that user said, if you whine so much, prove everyone wrong and how you are right by writing a book yourself and show them how it is done.

Judging by your usage of words, your grammar and your structure, you are pretty shit. None of your works will ever appear anywhere in Amazon top 100.

>Make Rem the main focus for 90% of the story
>Side-characters have more screen-time and development than Emilia
>Emilia still wins

Emilia's reaction at the end of the episode makes no sense whatsoever

>Even worse, Emilia fags can't even fathom why people would prefer Rem when she has 90% more screen time and character development

They need the LN so they have something to sell. The anime is I believe doing reasonably well for itself, but probably not enough to justify running ahead of their main item.

I really want the mayonnaise stuff as an OVA. Subaru almost dying in Mayo sounds hilarious and would probably make for some great out of context screenshots.

Was'nt a game coming out for ps4 on this?
I need this.

March 2017, moon only so far.

how about this ?

>All these waifu wars
Feels good to be a Subarufag.

EX chapters might also work, although I don't know if they would make a series about them. Are the EX chapters even printed in anything? If they are that might be viable.


Is his save point too late to save Rem then?

he already passed the blank letter so it's already late by then

if they actually want to go all in on the franchise, the EX chapters would set the ground for the characters which makes people love the character further. IIRC EX do have printed version and it's already done so the entire season is just to sold the characters to audience in preparation for S2 [since Felix and Willhelm have huge(?) part in arc 4/S2]

Ohhh, that's why the letter was blank! All makes sense now.
Man, I wish the anime had left it on that cliffhanger now.

Yes. His save point updated again, but even resetting to the meeting before heading off to fight Betel would probably be too late.

And why Ram hasn't been concerned about her sister not being with Subaru at all.

Yeah, that and the total lack of mentions of Rem in general was bothering me but I figured either I just missed something small or it was poor writing.
Good to know it was very intentional.


Yes, if I had to guess the audience is supposed to find Rem's sudden total lack of presence unnerving.

thats why people are furious with the ending

not even ram fags but the fact that i know something crucial will happen and whitefox choked out in fear of waifu wars is making me mad

they probably gonna release it later after they secured the season 1 BD sales though

I think what they did makes sense if S2 isn't a shoe-in. It would just be a huge kick in the balls with no continuation if they can't secure a sequel. Even if they have plans for it, it will probably be 2018 before they've got enough LNs stocked up to really want to do S2 anyway, and that's a long time to let people stew on such a huge bomb.

They also really didn't have enough time to give justice to the reveal, even if they only covered just what happened to Rem, because what happened to Crusch is also pretty impactful.

I heard there were some other small scenes/details in the build up to that they missed out
What were they?

I'm sorry, being so dumb must be tough. But at least read the thread before posting.

thats why i think is actually feasible

subaru takes bettleguese power, megaman style

If Rem got rekt. did also Crush and all the others got btfo?

Also if she is dead the checkpoint of Subaru will allow him to make something?

Whatever happened to based Elsa?

Do you even bother reading before posting?

Read the thread.

>Shaking around in a short dress, liberated from the knight’s garments, a pair of catlike ears twitched. Ferris walked over to them and gently picked up Crusch’s hands.

>[Crusch: Ferris-san…]

>[Ferris: I’m just Ferris! Ferris and Crusch-sama have known each other for a very long time nyan. If you still add a -san to my name I’m going to die of loneliness and despair nyan]

>Holding up Crusch’ hands in one hand, Ferris used the other to nudge Crusch in the shoulder. At such affectionate interaction, Crusch looked like she wasn’t sure what to do with herself, but essentially accepted it as it is, and with a [Sorry], she lowered her head.

>[Crusch: To become just like before… Even though it’s not easy, I will try my best, Ferris… Yes. Just Ferris]

>[Ferris: It’s alright nyan, because Ferris is alway Crusch-sama’s companion, and will always stay by your side. And to be together with such a cute version of Crusch-sama, Ferris will find even more reasons to fall for Crusch-sama nyan, just the thought of that makes Ferris happy nyan!]



>subaru takes bettleguese power, megaman style
I don't think he knows about that yet, although I'm pretty sure they skipped a conversation where Petel explained the theory behind it.

There are hints here and there that would probably be relevant in far later arcs. More immediately since he'll be more relevant in Arc 4, they skipped some stuff with how Roswaal considers Subaru. When Rem let him run off to the castle it was because Roswaal had ordered her to not stop anything Subaru does, though she feels disappointed that he didn't bring her along. Roswaal basically knows Subaru is magically more capable than he has any business being and has schemes set up around that, which is also why he doesn't seem to like protecting his domain.

Rem has literally reached peak suffering at that point. She couldn't appreciate any more suffering due to being a veggie. Also rude, since Rem saved Crusch from being roadkill.

>Rem saved Crusch from being roadkill.

Okay, she has done something good I admit it

So wats Clown ultimate goal?
Kill the dragon? why?
Bring back Satella when Emil get the throne?
Fuck Ram to death?

In Season 2 I am going to wake up in their world and totally sweep Rem off her feet. It's only right.

What are Subaru's powers, save from Return by Death exactly?

sperging out

>Fuck Ram to death?
That would completely defeat his plans for her.

And something about getting his waifu back.

Hope an english version comes out before I can learn moon.
Hope it ain't shit.

he's got that fire finger thing he stole from URAMESHI

What exactly was the point of Emilia in the second cour anyways?

All she did was stand their and be cute.

>Emilia finally gets development.
>clearly will gets other develpement and screentime
>still bitching.

Yeah, no. And Subaru is boring when he's with Rem, he's much better when he interacts with Emilia. I'm really glad that the ending was with her.

He can cast Shamac badly, he has middling fighting strength, he can take embarrassing pictures of people, and he can draw monster aggro.

His moveset is terrible.

Doesn't he get any better in arcs 4-6?

She's a McGuffin. Everyone has plots revolving around her and she has little agency. You can tell this was bothering her, so hopefully this leads into development for more self-sufficiency, because that's clearly what she's lacking and she knows it.

>His moveset is terrible.

Yet it works perfectly when he has the right support. It's one of the strongest point of the series. Aside from Shamac, it makes me sad that they forgot about it, I loved the idea.

How long till all the people who won't read the WN leave and we have a comfy group of people here discussing the translated WN chapters?

1 month

Give it a week

He does, but he still mostly relies on people. He gets like, 1 shitty hand from Petegeuse and its probably not good for him to use it too much.

I fell for emilia in that last episode

I wanna marry that lonely hafu erufu

Does Felt ever appear again in the WN? She was the only girl I liked.

Yes she will and she actually does things

>Does one of the 5 major candidates for the throne appear again?
Nope. I don't know why you think she would.

Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me? Why must it occur at a place like this?

The healing was beyond strong in it.

Those are fucking GG, aren't they?

Based gg.


I don't get the whole sins thing.
Is Subaru actually Pride?

What group did this?

I expected the other 4 not-Emilia candidates to basically do nothing and, or maybe have one arc like Khrushchev

So what's the difference between the LN & WN?

yes you autist read between the lines

WN came first, is like 3 arcs ahead

Crusch isn't going away. She's got lots of healing to do.

Many theories abound, but no solid answers.

Yes! its Based GG

Btw, just curious, is Aldebaran a sin archbishop?

> to basically do nothing

You are dumb.

TranslationChicken is the only one doing it right? Does anyone know if they're doing a good job or not? I'm not saying I'm going to be picky about it or anything, but I'm curious.

He is doing pretty good job. Some spelling mistakes here and there but nothing too major. The release is somewhat slow, but he is doing it alone so it's understandable.

Many theories abound, but no solid answers.

A lot of minor differences. The LN is cut down from the WN and changes some scenes, while following the same general plot so far. Think of the WN as a rough draft. Its also 3 arcs ahead of the LN.

mfw no season 2 for 2-3 yours or never

Cool, glad to hear it. Thanks, user.

Julius lookin' pretty cool there.

> Based

Yeah, epically super epic ggro.

There is this guy

>is Aldebaran a sin archbishop?
He seems to have an Authority and Rem immediately distrusts him after smelling at something in his presence. One of the common theories is that he's the real Pride. One thing we do know is that Al knows Satella and he knows that he knows her.

>MFW I'll probably stop caring about this series in a few days, if not hours

What a fucking rollercoaster of disappointment this was. Probably would have dropped this shit after episode 18 had the spoiler fags not promised us a bassdrop on the final episode. Thanks for nothing whitefox.

But if you won't care, why the wojak pic.

>There is this guy
Anyone know why he slowed down so much? The odd thing is that it seems like he slowed down right after getting the second translator.

What's Subaru's connection with the witch?

She wants that boipucci. You saw it in the episode, he told her he loved her.

>the ride is finally over
>no more of the sound of that sweet TV Tokyo intro every sunday evening

I feel like pure shit Cred Forums, I just want re:zero back.


>Crusch isn't going away

So that means we can play Twister with the figures?

Anime ended, but the Arc 3 manga continues (Arc 4 manga when?) and the WN is being translated.

I'm happy I didn't have to leave this series.

>So, can Nisekoi still be classified as harem? Chitoge already wins anyway.

I seriously can't cope with this depression. My sunday is gonna feel extremely empty without a new re:zero ep, all the hype and discussions.

Wait, so Rem and Al had already met? Nice, thank you, I dropped the manga after it butchered the introduction of Betelgeuse.


Also, Al is Subaru

Exactly how I felt. I had high hopes for this series after the first 4 or 5 episodes but felt consistently let down after that.

Elsa is still best girl

Man arc 4 is the biggest clusterfuck I have seen

Get over it. It was just a show.

That makes it even more sad that Rem lost, and Emilia won.

I want them to animate Arc 4 now.

Don't worry, they can save a lot of budget now by including Rem scenes.

Well, hey. There are always the countless fucking Rem doujins that will never get scanned. We've even got another one from the same people who did the "It was all a dream" ending.


No one woman should have all that power.




Seriously though, how sad do you think she's going to be when she wakes up this time?

We'll see if she still has a functioning brain after waking up first. Then we'll move on to her reaction to all the developments that happened. Then we'll move on to all the foreshadowing of doom surrounding her waking up.

Someone translate

>Top right: Natsuki Subaru...

I was referring to the ending of the last doujin by the same artist.

She's going to kill herself. Then Subaru will kill himself and realize she needs the D or will die again.

Before or after he catches her fucking the table?

So is this gonna be the last Re:Zero thread in a while? Its been fun while it lasted
I'm gonna miss you faggots

Probably not, since there's ongoing translation efforts, and people are keeping a lookout for news. Any LNs that get brought over and the manga will go over scenes that got cut from the anime and some of them are quite interesting.

The upside is that Rem's comatose body would make a good cumdumpster as no-one will remember who she is.

People can make new memories of her. Ram and Emilia accept Subaru's story about who she is and help move her around and stuff. I assume they'd take a little offense if you randomly just used her as a fuckdoll.

Doujins should still make it happen though, and if there isn't a single Shinji edit I'll be dissapointed.

So has a character becoming so popular they changed the ending ever happened in an anime before? Or is this unique to Re:Zero?

The hell are you talking about.

Re:Zero hasn't changed anything important yet.

Code Geass gave the maid ninja powers based on fan input, but I guess that's not quite the same.

The sad part is that while other characters would probably find that grotesque and immoral, Rem herself would be happy she could at least still be of use to Subaru.

And Orange came back for similar reasons.

They didn't change the ending. They just left it at the point when you're still tricked into believing everything is fine. As strange as it may sound, Rem's role and development was actually significantly reduced.
>Wakes up
>Already pregnant

Season 2 by KyoAni when?

>ending was lame, but remfags are still salty
this is fine

Season 2 will be a shaft-kyoani collaboration, so Cred Forums will shitpost even more.

>Hachikuji pic
>ending was lame,

Yes, I was talking about that, thank you.

just like with the phantom pain we were promised suffering and NUCLEAR but in the end they weren't delivered

>Code Geass gave the maid ninja powers based on fan input, but I guess that's not quite the same.

Actually, that was a staff in-joke. During the first season they joked about the maid being the strongest character. So they said why not, and made her into a Mai Otome reference for S2 (a certain person who worked on that was also on this show).

They delivered a huge dose of healing, just relax and enjoy. Also, technically there was suffering, Betel's suffering.

What did they mean by this ?

>no S2
>Emilia will stay background character without any dialogues forever
>Salty EOP Emiliafags will post their epic edgy memes about Rem forever

Epi 25 ended with Subaru about to ask Emilia something, probably how's Rem, then Emilia would say "Rem who?". This is going to be the beginning of S2, literally a kick on the groin by Roberto Carlos on his apex, so yeah, S2 is coming.

>they weren't delivered
For you.

Subaru was about to start talking about how he loves Rem too. Then Emilia asks who is Rem.

No he wasn't. He was going to wait a bit before bringing Rem up.

>Emilia will stay background character without any dialogues forever
>still saying this after the second half of this episode.

The truth is that you Emilia haters / Remfags will always shitpost, no matter what.

Natsuki Subaru, what's with that face you're making ? Also, your hand movements are also really fucking weird.
Nah, this is.. well.. Beetlejuice is possessing me. (What a fucking liar)

>Subaru was about to start talking about how he loves Rem too

This should have been the ending desu senpai. Imagine if season one of code geass had ended before Lelouch was revealed to Suzaku. Whitefox had one job and they blew it.

I will never understand how some people can be so stupid. CGS2 was green lighted in the middle of S1. Now image if season one of code geass had ended with Lelouch revealed to Suzaku and no S2 planned. Is it really that hard?

>the country stills without a queen
>subaru stills trapped in that world
>satella stills a mystery
>the Emilia x Pack relationship and contract stills obscure


>subaru stills trapped in that world

Why would he want to leave?


No, that means "go to read the novels".

>still saying this after the second half of this episode.
And what? 24 episodes. She has zero time screen and dialogues. She's background character who supposed to become main girl after her rival will disappear. Do you really want me to screenshot every dialogue with Emilia from all Re:zero episodes in one picture just to show you? And I'm not even Remfag or Emilia hater, retard. It's just logical conclusion. Even Ram has more dialogues than Emilia

>no S2 planned
>he honestly, unironically believes S2 of this shit isn't planned

I don't know what to say except wew lad.

Has this show been successful? Is it popular in Japan? Has it been selling well? I honestly haven't kept with anything surrounding it at all.

It would be a pretty big shame if this never got a continuation. It's very obviously screaming for it with all the loose ends it has.

Wasn't the anime supposed to be 3 cour and not 2?

Yeah it's doing really well, S2 when enough LNs are out

>Has this show been successful? Is it popular in Japan? Has it been selling well?

Yes, yes and yes.

Season2 in a couple years.

That's the joke of it all. According to the interviews, the author planned for Emilia to be the only heroine. The romantic development for Rem came because he realized he liked suffering. It turns out the people who stick with Re:Zero tend to prefer the suffering over the happiness.

Not him but
>No LN content to base off of
WN doesn't count. There was a reason it didn't end in a cliffhange

3 cour would cut arc 4 in half

Bad Subaru.

>There was a reason it didn't end in a cliffhange
Rem's fate isn't a cliffhanger. Calling it a cliffhanger would imply it created a sense of suspense for what was about to come. However, it doesn't directly lead into any of that. Ley and Regulus don't reappear until Arc 5, after a significant timeskip, and fixing Rem's coma only becomes a major focus in Arc 6.

God damn it, I'm now in the classic dilemma of whether I should catch up with the source material or wait an indefinite amount of time so that the possible second season that comes out of it is a better viewing experience.
Fuck me.

Assuming that season2 will happen in a couple years, where would be the ending point?

I'd figure it'll end with Regulus' death right?

Goodbye Reee zero thread. I'll see you again in 2 years or something if I'll survive that long.

Only couple of WN chapters have been translated

First fanart of the WN's arc 4.

End of Arc 4

Be a shitter and read wiki summaries if you don't have the time

>Emilia haters and remfags are the same

wish they ended the episode with the "who's Rem" part while playing theater D.

Same. It would have made a good anime into a great anime


Are those the trials? Guess Beatrice is there because the new contract.

25 episodes just for arc 4?

I know it's quite long but isn't that a bit too much?


What did he mean by this?

Arc 4 is as long or longer than The first 3 Arcs combined

>Put her in a coma
With no survivors?

Next arc is about Emilia and Subaru, where they kiss and Emilia says she wants Subaru's babies.

Looks like the ruins of this same place.

The weird thing is how boring the show is when everything's going fine for Subaru. I'm not even sure why, but the lack of a protagonist who can actually participate in a fight seems to suck the tension out of things.

Like, the show is at it's best when there are horrible deaths and torment. When everything's working out, it's not quite as good. This is the epic final battle, and I'm like 'meh, whatever.'

Doesn't Subaru get the ability to use Invisible Hand now or something?

I'm working on my moon and planning on reading the LNs from the begining. It'll probably take long enough to get good that S2 will come out.

It's because the epic final battle had bad animation

>And what?

Calling her a "background character" after that doesn't work even as a joke. Not that hard. The only other character who got such important scenes and development is Rem. Everyone else beside Rem is a background character, I guess.

> She has zero time screen and dialogues.

She had a lot of short scenes during the second arcs. Every time Subaru needed a rest from the suffering there was a scene with her. And there is obviously the first arc, and the begin of the third arc that sets everything in motion. The only problem was that she hadn't got a real major scene and real develpment. Now she got it. Yet you fags are still bitching instead of simply saying "finally". The truth is that you don't care. And you are clearly talking like how if the series is over and that's all. The anime is over, not the series.

>She's background character who supposed to become main girl after her rival will disappear.

No, she's the main girl in the first place because all the important contexts were linked to her. There is no rival, there has never been. There is another character who had a totally different role called Rem.

>Do you really want me to screenshot every dialogue with Emilia from all Re:zero episodes in one picture just to show you?

No, because then I should waste energy for proving how wrong you are by making much more screencaps.

> And I'm not even Remfag


>or Emilia hater,

You clearly are, you are just dumb and oblivious.

> It's just logical conclusion.

It's not logic, you seems to think that the roles only works by simple screentime and not by what kind of screentime and by how she influence the mc (which is actually the most important thing for a main girl).

>it created a sense of suspense

And that's exactly what it would have done. No matter if " Ley and Regulus don't reappear until Arc 5", and that's how people would have reacted, epecially Remfags. It should be more than obvious.

This guy is the only one that could pull it off

When does the OVA get announced?

to be fair rem confession episode was much better than ep25.

God I'm glad this has finished airing. This has been cancerous and you, yes you, you fucking know it.

>Doesn't Subaru get the ability to use Invisible Hand now or something?

He does but he only uses one hand. Using more would drive him mad.

They didn't though
WN = Rough Draft
LN = Final Product
Manga = Children's version

Is there a point to the OVAs and so on? Like, the main gimmick of the story is the hero's ability to die and return. The rest is pretty generic fantasy.

Also, I'm surprised by how quickly Subaru's lack of use wears thin. Like, having to rely on everyone else to do everything really isn't compelling.

Manga Felix is manly

Doesn't that like break the fucking setting over his knee? At-range telekinesis with a hand that can punch through anything and is invisible?

Technically speaking, he could kill most people with one hit from that. Just point and force choke them, rip their limbs off, or so on.

You realize that's just Excalibur placed there to avoid Youtube content filters, right?
I know exactly what you mean. And yes, he figures out he can use the hand in Arc 4.
>And that's exactly what it would have done
Yes, it would create some sense of tension, but there's no hanging there. That's Subaru crashing against the rocks at the bottom of the cliff.

And what's the Anime?

>Edgefags butthurt they didn't have a suffering ending they only know about through spoilers and summaries.
>They're too retarded to realize the anime is following the LN and the latest volume that covers this episode and beyond hasn't come out yet

I don't know, I just want the EX novel to be animated to get my Ferrifix.

No. He basically has a more shitty version of sloths power. Any fighter worth his salt is gonna be able to fuck him up still. He is finally stronger than a grunt now though

>not Ferries leading Subaru into a trap doujin

fanservice/advertisement version obviously

It was better because Subaru's context was more interesting, not because of Rem herself. It wasn't just a confession, it was almost a conflict to heal Subaru's soul. Not considering this is a mistake that remfans always do (not saying that you are a remfan).
As a simple confession/romance scene ep25. was great.

Why is the anime following the LN and not the WN? I'm assuming the LN is just adapting the WN anyways.

Promo for the LN

Master Sword confirms Subaru is Link. So the witch is FemGanondorf.

Emilia is cute and girlie. Take her home to momma. Rem is too, except one day she'll get pissed at you user and you'll die a gruesome death by flail.

So when you add it all up,
>Emiia is best

>Like, having to rely on everyone else to do everything really isn't compelling.
Far more compelling than edgy OP hero#345 Overlordfag.

Diplomacy > Hurr look at me stomp some nubs

The WN is basically a rough draft. Major events aren't likely to change, but some stuff is changed. Its adapting the LNs because they actually sell those, while the WN is free.

New thread:

>Takahashi Rie (Emilia)
In half a year, to be able to run with her. To be able to participate and work at full power as a member of a team challenging the production. To the people who have taken in re:zero and to the people who loved and cherished it. I'm not able to put my thoughts into words well, but i'd like to at least say this. Thank you so much!!!!!

>Minase Inori (Rem)
Re:zero the last episode. Thank you so much. I'm sure there will be people who will start watching so i will not write any spoilers. Please watch and feel everybody's feelings we've tried to convey. Everyone of the staff, thank you so much for your hard work. I'm so glad i was a part of re:zero. I will love Rem forever! Forever!

>Akasaki Chinatsu (Felt)
I'm so happy to be a part of re:zero. (; ; )

>Eguchi Takuya (Julius)
Thank you so much for all the hard work. (/ _ ; )

>Uchiyama Yumi (Puck)
To everyone who tuned in to the last episode of re:zero, thank you so much. To be able to have the role as puck made me really happy. To me, Re:zero is an irreplaceable asset. Really really thank you so much!!!

>Kobayashi Yūsuke (Subaru)
There might still be some who have not watched it yet, but thank you so much for tuning in to the last episode of re:zero. I'm happy to have ran all the way to the end. There is nothing but thanks to the staff, the cast and the viewers. I'm so glad to be a part of such an amazing production. Really, thank you so much.

Disappointed no elf pantsu

WN is a rough draft. The dialogue and character interactions are polished in the LN. Some scenes are cut, others improved, and some are added.

I'm saying that it's boring to watch, however.

I mean, him not being able to do anything feel just thematically weird. Like, when the solution to all problems are "Man, I really wish Wilheim or Julius were here right now", that doesn't make for a very exciting final confrontation.

It also leads to the problem of "What do the women see in him?".

>>They're too retarded to realize the anime is following the LN and the latest volume that covers this episode and beyond hasn't come out yet
No, but we do have the chapter list leaked somewhere.

Reminder that bunker-busters have the worst fallout due to fission products being clumping together with ejected dirt and returning to earth immediately instead of decaying in the atmosphere

They did cut a fair bit of it.

I thought Rem was pretty explicit about what she sees in him.

Subaru liked her because he was a chuuni that thought she was meant to be his heroine, that's why he acted like a dick, because he was the hero and Emilia and the world needed to do as he says because he was the only one that could saved them. When Subaru realized he was a pile of shit pretending to play hero to feed his ego, he realized he liked Emilia for her personality and his desire to help her was real.

Ferri made a mistake

>It also leads to the problem of "What do the women see in him?".
Being a strategist, emilia and crushe were impressed that he led an army and whatnot

Japan isn;t cool like that.

>It also leads to the problem of "What do the women see in him?".
They're shut-ins who no other man has ever shown interest in.

There IS a shitstorm.

>They did cut a fair bit of it.
The Al scene was understandably cut since nothing relevant to it happens even up to the latest arc.

As for the Satella scene I think it's better this way too. It leaves more room for speculation other than "oh hey Subaru loves the witch and wants to save her, mystery solved"

That bottle is filled with mayo

>whiteknighting is the key to romance
Give the girl reason to fall for you is actually romance. You faggot, but maybe this triggers your autism.

It would be amazing if Emilia had a fiancee, by the way. Please please PLEASE.

an ironic one from shitposters who are now crying as they delete the 100 shopped images of "who Rem" they made while bitching about how the studio ruined everything cause they couldn't shitpost and watch others suffer.


>The anime is over, not the series
Thanks captain EOP. I didn't know about WN! Wait a sec, no one can read them even you.
>No, she's the main girl in the first place because all the important contexts were linked to her.
Thanks captain EOP again. This is my first anime. I didn't know first girl = main girl of series!

Emilia is "main girl" because of LN rule. But she's background character for 24 anime episodes. Don't even play arc 4 card.


>Ball and chain
Flails are fucking amazing. Bash the enemy's head in, choke them with the chain, pulverize their ribcage around their shield. Certainly more interesting than generic ice magic.


The advertisement literally says "if you want the rest of the story go read the LNs".

Eventually, probably, yes. Emilia has a vision that her waking up spells impending disaster

Al also seems not too pleased with the Oni sisters.

Ballpark of 120 years, most of which was spent in self-inflicted cryogenic stasis.

Technically it was Pack, who is a creation of Echidna, the Witch of Greed, who Roswaal is cucking Ram with

>Arc 6
>Subaru Tower
>Filled with Pride's books

>ad encouraging fans to buy the LNs

And? That doesn't mean season2 will never happen.

Takes immense skill to use one properly and not harm yourself.
Course sexy maid demons need not concern themselves.

Why are nips so shitto?

>i don't know subaru natsuki?
>emilia only called him subaru

>Implying it isn't a red herring and Rem ends up being Pride instead

Of course it takes immense skill. Doesn't make it any less brutal when someone pulls it off.

What an edgy translation

The problem is the anime is a fucking glorified commercial that doesn't stand on its own.

Are you retarded?

Do you not understand that this has been a problem for a long time?

>that doesn't stand on its own.
Are that stupid? The story stands on his own.

>doesn't stand on its own.