Houseki No Kuni 40

New chapter translated. Not much happened but still im making a thread because i love this series.

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i liked this page

Tourmanon reporting in.

Might as well dump it to keep things moving.

The current translator has their website up so if you want to DL the chapters she handled head over there.


I always thought Kitten was a he.

I could be mistaken

>We get to see more Tourmaline


Also, i thought most gems were unable to keep themselves awaken during Winter, and Antarc and Phos were exceptions -Phos because of the Agate legs-. But now it seems is just a matter of putting effort or something.


The reduced sunlight makes them lethargic but it's not as though there's no sun.

I wonder if it's healthy for any of the gems to harbor deep obsessions like this. They are effectively immortal so she could hypothetically stew on this for centuries.

I wonder if Lapis was like this as well


They should all be like this honestly. Just ask Sensei, Phos, you fuck.

Melon is cute. But every panel with Alex sets my heart alight.


Maybe that's how Sensei is

Next page is


Whoops missed a page, this comes after but before


It feels weird for Rutile to be praising Cairngorm because I know that Phos isn't actually better, just hiding it better.


Something this chapter makes me think based on what russianon has posted here
Could the returned fragments have anything to do with the duplicate gems that appear post timeskip?


oh snap

actually i reread everything and got some fresh theories

Because in no way shape of form will this trigger Phos.

And that is it for this chapter.

Also as a little aside; Cairngorm is a variant of Smoky Quartz that can be found in the Cairngorm mountains located in Caingorm, Scotland. With a hardness of 7 it comes in either brown or black and can be either translucent or transparent.


>fresh theories
Might as well dump them here, it's just us.

Forgot my pic, this is a large crystal of Cairngorm called the Ivercauld Cairngorm.

She really does her research on gems.

Okay so is not a theory theory, its more like things i noticed and concluded.

1. Gems became alive thanks to inclusions.
2. Inclusions seem to make pretty much anything alive. We have ice floats talking to Phos and telling her to chop off her arms, and then later we have some shogi pieces coming to life and attacking everyone.
3. Admirabilis might be alive thanks to inclusions too, since Sensei explained they come from shells and shells arent that different to gems.
4. Sensei called inclusions: "Little sinful ones." Im assuming he refered to those because icefloats arent small at all. This apparently felt weird enough for Antarc and the author makes a point in noticing it.
5. Moon people seem to be made of clouds. My first theory is that once the gems degrade, their inclusions evaporate and travel to the sky, where they become Moon People. That would explain why moonies feel so attached to Sensei, why are they so sad around him and why do they keep trying to gather gems, in a sense they are trying to recover what they were.

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Pretty sure the connection between them and sensei is on a more personal level than that.

So if Moon People are inclusions on clouds, by raining they would fall to the sea and eventually either become Admirabilis or gems. That would explain why Sensei looks so sad when facing the rain and also this one dream on which the Moon People surrounding him become a sea.

My other theory is related but its more like something i dont know. Shiro was a literal dog -i noticed when rereading it, he evaporates and turns into a dog before dissapearing- and Adamant stated he was gone since he was "satisfied." Maybe the Moon People want to be "Satisfied" too, but Adamant Sensei wants nothing to do with them. He stated that ice floats where the dregs of an ancient species and there are stories about Moon People being the spirit of humanity, so it might be true in a literal sense, with inclusions or something being the spiritual remnants of humanity seeking for liberation, something that Adamant might not be able to give them.

Aaaand yes this is all a rant and the theory is full of holes.

As an extra, Yellow Diamond knows his shit and he said he "didnt know why he was fighting anymore." Padsparadcha also implied the truth was at least awkward.

>Aaaand yes this is all a rant and the theory is full of holes.
I get the impression from the whole shiro incident that the Moon people retained some memory of humanity. Shiro is definitely a dog and later there is the memory of a board game of some sort

My take on the moon people is that they are akin to the lingering souls of humans, retaining their identity but either through time or their nature, they tend to pervert and distort those memories. Their attempt to retrieve the gems might be in an effort to utilize the Gem's capacity to retain memories perfectly. In essence they might be using the gems as vessels. However, the fact that they used Sapphire as arrowheads seems to indicate otherwise.

We also sensei's relationship to all this. His lack of gender ambiguity, lack of hair, and ability to regenerate his own body clearly sets him apart from the others. And his connection to Shiro and how the Moon people bowed to him all make a clear connection between him and the moon people. Maybe he is the success story of a moon person assimilating a gem body?

>Maybe he is the success story of a moon person assimilating a gem body?

Could be. But its kinda dickish of him to not help his kind then.

That depends. Maybe there is a danger to bringing all the three races together again. The flesh know what is up and just stick to their own part of the ocean. But they also have the means of communicating with the moon people. All dealing and communications between the gems and moon people are exclusively through sensei.

Perhaps his reason for not wanting the gems to interact with either of the two races is related to why he gets weirded out when Phos brings up humans. There could be a past trauma or stigma that is causing him to want to keep the status quo.

As much as I like a good mystery, one thing I don't like about HnK is that we get no information at all and the questions just keep piling up.

i feel like some of the new questions are answers in one way or another

what we need is a HUGE TRAGEDY so can Phos grows a figurative set of balls and asks Adamant about every fucking thing and then just jumps into the moon to mess things up. Now he is just scared of knowing.

The gems defintely subscribe to some non-human logic. Why none of them ask Adamantine what is up has only been explained as part of their love for him. Everyone knows something is up but only a few seem to act on that realization.

Yeah. I guess knowing you are completely inmortal does wonders to your ability to wait for things.

Something bad is gonna happen to Phos again isnt it?

Has it been any other way?
Lets just say he its about to lose his head