Dragon Ball Super

Dabura transforms the Z sword in stone. The death of the old Kaioushin

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>>We Mystic Trunks soon.
did you not see the stone sword? That means old kai died



Clearly Towa is gonna show up!

holy fuck Do you have more scans to share??, he looks totally badass in that outfit

Why does Dabura seem to be so much stronger in that timeline?

>Black: [Kukuku ... This is wonderful. The biggest problem ...... A world where God Destroyer Seventh Universe does not exist]
Excellent...time to fill that role as the god of destruction of universe seven...

15 year difference

He's not. Remember SSJ2 Gohan fought Dabura and was lagging behind, while Vegeta and Goku just let it play out and Vegeta was getting tired of Gohan's weakness.

Trunks probably had just achieved SSJ2 around that time and was having a tough time, but later managed to learn USSJ2 and FPSSJ2 and now he's incredibly strong in comparison to how he was then.


wasn't this guy a total jobber in Z?

Dabura was always as strong as perfect Cell, he doesn't seem stronger to me

>Future Trunks attacks Future Dabura using Z-Sword, Dabura then spits and the Z-sword turns into stone, when Dabura attacks using his own sword, Trunks drops the Z-Sword and it breaks after hitting the ground, killing Old Kai in the process I assume (since it was turned into stone).

Good job Trunks.

He was as strong as Cell if I recall.

Thanks to Buu.

Why do people keep saying that Old Kai is dead? The sword broke, if anything it should release him whether its petrified or not.

That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks, guys. Perfect Cell-level Dabura with over a decade's worth of time to add to that power (relative to the standard timeline) puts these scenes in perspective for me.

>oops I dropped the cube

Why does this timeline have such bad luck?

>Trunks jobbing
Vegeta genes kicking into gear

I still dont' understand the Ressurection of F part.

If 18 is stronger than SSJ1, why didn't she fight Freeza's minions and let weaker characters like Krillian and Gohan fight?

>Trunks jobbing

Except Trunks kills Dabura.

It's not jobbing if he wins. He clearly won against Dabura, though not without casualties. As others have pointed out, Dabura was no slouch.

krillin told her to take care of maron

People forgot how the sword works.

They tell you in the fucking movie dumbass

it turned into stone before being broken

That's not what jobbing means.

jobbing is goku vs black rose

>Knowing Dragon Ball, where you can seal the actual body of rather large demons and gods in rice cookers or tiny stone jars, Elder Kaioshin's body is probably literally in the sword. I imagine he turned to stone and shattered along with it, the same way a gummy bear would shatter if you could put it inside of a Jolly Rancher and then smashed it after freezing it with liquid nitrogen.


God what kind of dumb word is that?? Do yo even know what it means? or do you use it just cause its koool

And? He's not the sword itself, he's just sealed inside the sword. The sword broke, it releases him.

Fuck off with this obnoxious buzzword

That would imply Gohan splitting it was lucky to not harm anything.

why did she take care of maron instead of krillian? 18 would be more valuable in the fight


Can someone link me to a torrent of this week and last weeks episodes?

>higher hair
>more spikes

Toei just has a weird new style for Future Trunks in general, he didn't look any different between SSJ1 and SSJ2 there either, its just their weird new shit for him.
They pissed off to fuck a bunch.

Yakon, Pui Pui, and Dabura Trunks is THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN

because if the goons went to maron, 18 would deal with them better than krillin

If that where the case then Gohan breaking the sword on katchin would have also broken Old Kai.


Reminder that the DBS manga is superior to the anime




Yakon & Pui Pui weren't much though.

Why the fuck are they doing page by page instead of just scanning the whole issue? Fuck man.

? The stone spit is magic itself, so it turned the whole thing. Which didn't allow the seal to be released

>Dabura transforms the Z sword in stone. The death of the old Kaioushin
I fucking knew it.

The Katchin used was also conjured with magic. There just isn't any indication that it would have killed Old Kai, because as far as we know, the sword breaks, Old Kai is released. So this is what we have to base things on as of right now unless stated otherwise.

I know that,but still amazing how he always gets the job done,

why doesn't vegeta breed more!?

Because his wife is a cunt

Trunksfags like to overblow shit

No child would make him more proud than FTrunks.

Trunks embodies what Whis wants in a fighter.

>Tense enough so he doesn't let his guard down
>Loose enough so that he doesn't slow himself down in a fight

He overcomes the two weaknesses that Whis points out that hinders Goku and Vegeta


magic overrides out the old one, that's why when vegito barriered in Buu, the fusion came off.

>Tense enough so he doesn't let his guard down
>Let Dabura spit on the Z-sword, thus killing Old Kai

>doesn't get himself spat on
I think it's a win for him

I'm sure he expected a stone sword to be of use

Leave the stronger one home to defend the children.
Also, based on what they knew before, krillin wouldn't be in serious danger. Remember he stuck it out a good while against frieza and that was before 3 more years of training for the androids.
Honestly, at this point 18 is modestly stronger than krillin, its more her infinite stamina that makes her able to take him easily.

Toyotable homages/rips off Toriyama's choreography a lot because Toriyama's choreography was pretty damn good and his is pretty weak otherwise.

why didn't he go to future trunks

Nothing TO understand, Roshi was participating. It was fanservice and nothing else.

>thus killing Old Kai
Hollow victory and he still let it happen meaning he let his guard down.

>18 has infinite stamina
How does Krillin's dick stay hard?!

We don't know what happened to Goku in the afterlife in Trunk's timeline.

Dead goku is a dick in the Trunks timeline
>Doesn't ask King Kai to help locate Neo Namek so the earth can have dragon balls again and bring back everyone.

senzu beans

We know he's absent from the story because Tori is a hack.

How would he fucking know old kai was in the sword?

Pretty sure Ki sensing isn't passive and we don't know how far Goku is from that place. Besides has Future Goku even met Trunks before?

Future Goku literally doesn't give a fuck.

Did he lift a finger to tell the crew where new namek was? No.

Did he tell Gohan and Trunks about the time chamber? No.

Future goku never met trunks

>Pretty sure Ki sensing isn't passive
It's passive.

is Future Trunks becoming the main protagonist?

it's passive because he wasn't even trying the panel before and gohan himself wasn't even powered up

>Sensing a monstrously strong saiyan Ki
>Doesn't go meet him
>GOKU doesn't go meet him

Yeah, horseshit

Eh, better than Super Retard Goku.

I wish

Goku may not have been granted a body in the afterlife a second time since he died of a heart beerus.
Maybe they were afraid he'd spread it or something. Or maybe it was some less stupid reason.


this is something toriyama does not et enough credit for, he was amazing at it

it sucks because most mangaka's toay are fucking terrible at it

it's the reason i give SnK a pas n overall are because he actually knows how choreography work and how to draw motion

i feel like i have to read old stuff or by older mangakas to trully see proper choreography.

Doesn't matter it was an important weapon entrusted to him by a God and he let it get destroyed.

in this arc.

I think Future Trunks is going to stay around and be in the Universal Tournament

>Goku may not have been granted a body in the afterlife a second time since he died of a heart beerus.
He was.

he got a body as the flashback showed (so did piccolo get a body)

They probably just don't want to expand on it and let trunks be the only hero for his timeline

Toyo's fights have no impact. Toriyama was excellent at showing how painful hits are, Toyo hasn't mastered that and he knows it

>We know he's absent from the story because Tori is a hack.

Let's wait until the arc is over before we call him a hack.

actually I have some questions

It seems that they are doing a big emphasis on setting up Future Trunks being way stronger than anyone else

we have pages likes this that shows SSj2 Trunks = SSj3 Goku

we have confirmed Kaioshin training on the Kai planet with the strongest gravity

my one issue is this:
Do you think Future Trunks will achieve SSjB?

His hair is already blue.

Will they create a new SSj form just because he already has blue hair?

I'm honestly torn on this.

so... where's the next page?

>Do you think Future Trunks will achieve SSjB?

>Will they create a new SSj form just because he already has blue hair?

did this kill beerus? or is he tied to young kaioshin?

this isn't a problem in the manga since his hair there is violet kek

he will get SSB tbqh and probably one Kaio will ascend to kaioshin like zamasu or some new plant is done

He'll probably get a new SSJ form by the end of the arc. Everything is hinting him beating Black, and not Goku or Vegeta.

If anything, if Toriyama wants us to groan more, he'll give Future Trunks Broly's Maximum Transformation.

>it's passive
Yet Goku didn't sense him in that pic you just posted and had to ask Yemma. Also it doesn't look passive, how do characters get the drop and on one another?

Future trunks wasn't a monsterously strong ki.
Also, goku had been dead for like 25-30 years at that point.
He would have been way stronger than when he was fighting buu. He had probably been a ss3 for over a decade.
He might even be a ssg in that timeline.

it's 2 pronged

this didn't kill beerus, but when kaioshin died it did

they did it to fill the plot hole about old kaioshin being alive still

Young Kaioshin who died a few moments later.

The young kaioshin.
I think he said something along the lines of "stupid brat always sticking his nose into things even though he's not strong" which doesn't describe the old one at all.

YFW the Universe Tournament has Broly in it and Beerus confirms that Legendary SSj uses God Ki so Broly has actually been Super Saiyajin Green this entire time

I thought Dabura was all good and shit after the buu arc

Future Dabura that never dies. And I think that was filler anyway.

this is the next page ki has always been passive

Still not canon.

ahh okay

from kanzenshuu


>I think we have our confirmation (or we already had it?) that Goku Black killed all Kaioshins (and consequently all Hakaishins) in the future

can't be since the squad was able to sense Broly's power and increasing power

Godki is not senseable by plebs


Dabura is an ancient as fuck demon and doesn't train. He's probably been at that power level for aeons.

If Teen Gohan fought him it would have been an absolute stomp.
If Gohan after training with the Z sword has fought him it would have been a total fucking massacre.

Trunks losing so badly to him even with training with the Z sword and attaining SSJ2 is kind of..well...sad.

Trunks automagically becoming as strong as a SSJ3 with no way for him to train on his own AT ALL is absolute bullshit of the highest caliber.

He should be well beyond teen gohan level.

>Future trunks wasn't a monsterously strong ki.
He was getting trained by Kaioshin. He was stronger than Gohan during the Cell Saga. Goku at his time of death would be an insect compared to him.

Even if Goku was somehow SS3, which is honestly dobutful because he never had to face the androids or Cell, a SS2's ki would certainly be in his radar.

Also, he couldn't hold hands with six saiyans if dead.

He's tied to the main kaioshin, which millions of years ago was the fat kai, back when they had five kais
Now they have one, like all other universes, and young kai basically inherited the sole title of supreme kai, even though he was originally east.

A Super Saiyan God has Red hair.

SSj4 Gogeta has red hair.

SSj4 Gogeta is actually Super Saiyan God Gogeta

Not his fault the god was a retard who didn't know about stone spit and who got his ass killed by shitty ningen.

ask those fuckers to release full scans already i know one autist there that always shows off he gets scans first by putting one page only.

That page comes right after Goku asking why he couldn't sense Gohan, so how does that prove it's passive? Seems like he looked for Gohan's Ki after checking in with Yemma.

they could handwave this in a number of ways by saying super saiyajin green uses hateful ki instead of calm ki so its easily detectable and because of its ill intent is actually more easily detectable even by weaker people

The Cell Saga has been over for decades.

he couldn't sense gohan from EARTH, but he sensed him from the afterlife

>Doesn't matter it was an important weapon entrusted to him by a God and he let it get destroyed.

>he still let it happen meaning he let his guard down.

That page shows its active, though, goku was looking for gohan

whats the best dragonball doujin


More like Super ripped off GT in a bunch of ways.

His guard was up. That's why he blocked Dabra's spit. He was not told it was petrifying spit by the useless god. The fault lies with him.

it's passive my man

Reminder that Vegeta bullying is an ancient pastime.


that feel when Bra is now not canon

>but he sensed him from the afterlife
AFTER checking in with Yemma. Which he wouldn't have to do if it was passive.

>Gokufags have to cut scenes out to try show how he is better
Reminder Goku has never ever beaten Vegeta

post yfw Trunks does the fusion dance with Goku__

Why did Supreme Kai not tell anyone about Buu's absorption?

He only asked if Gohan had come by because he couldn't sense his ki on earth and the Kaioshin planet is very "far away. When Gohan started training though, he did feel it. Passively.

See this panel, he wasn't looking for gohan which is why he was surprsied >it that gohan? It's gohans ki!
he wouldn't be surprised if he was actively looking for it

Doesn't seem like it. Vegeta was probably just playing with his new toy.

How old is everyone?

Goku died a bunch of times so who knows
Vegeta has to be about 60
Gohan has to be about 30 by Super's timeline
Trunks and Goten are probably about 12

she just hasn't been born yet

did supreme kai even see them fight

Yakon required goku to briefly power up to SSJ2 to be defeated.

A) it was goku who realized there was a level beyond ss, and he got ss2 and 3 while dead for 7 years, so its pretty reasonable that future goku could get to full powered ss AND ss2 and 3 in 30.
B)even assuming vegeta didn't make it to the good side, theres bardock, gine, and gohan. I don't think it's impossible to think he found 2 more saiyans in all of the afterlife.
I guess its possible his parents didn't keep their bodies, but no saiyans?

>Enough children in the cast now we could have a new Dragonball following the cast of the kids
>It will never happen
Mixed feelings

>Dabura as lazy fuck demon that doesn't like to train
not sure but i think that was never mentioned in the manga, also how do you know dabura has the same power than present dabura we still dont know about that

king kais antennas isn't passive ki thing
you should also notice krillins expression and the "!!" (and vegetas)

It's passive to a degree but if you focus you can sense better.
It's like hearing, you can detect fainter sounds if you shut up and focus on it.

What about here?

It's passive. Your example is stupid, they have to actively look for shit with low ki / that is far away, but noticeably powerful kis are noticed passively.

>Kaioshin planet is very "far away
Then I guess that's why he didn't find Trunks

all saiyans participated in planet genociding, even gine so that discounted them

>more powerful than yamcha
That doesn't really narrow it down.

Infinite stamina doesn't mean she can't get worn out...if you get what I'm saying....
You probably don't get what I'm saying.
Krillian beats her pussy like a toy drum but even though she has infinite stamina it doesn't mean she can handle infinite dickings.

Should be a running gag that krillian built up unusually high stamina for some reason.

he would've found trunks as shown here since he would be in the afterlife which is closer to kaioshins world

Goku is 43, physically 40 because of the time he spent being dead (-7 years) and in the time chamber (+4 years)
Vegeta must be around 47, physically 52 because of the time chamber (2 years during Cell and 3 years in Super)
Gohan is 22
Trunks is 14
Goten is 13

Only to kill him by overfeeding.

>A) it was goku who realized there was a level beyond ss
No, it wasn't. He perfected SS, and he knew Gohan had a lot of hidden power, he didn't expect a completely new transformation.

Bardock wasn't a good-hearted saiyan, and there's no way to know if the ritual even works on the dead. Not only that, but he wouldn't even know about it being a thing until Beerus visits the earth to ask about it, so he can ask the dragon about it.

Technically Goku didn't die from a heart virus.
He died because his heart was destroyed by his heavy kaioken use.

That's not true at all.

We don't know where Future Goku is in the after life and he didn't sense Gohan here with Yemma so it's still pretty far.

Goku didn't sacrifice himself the 2nd time he died, he probably wasn't able to get his body in the afterlife to train.

Garland's works, the Mai Adventures (Between the Lines), 18 Soap Girl, and Kamehamasutra (except for the questi onable art on the faces, mainly Goten, Trunks, and Teenaged Gohan. Seriously, that fucking chin).

He didn't immediately sense it because it was far away, but he did sense it automatically.

Goku is like 40 , vegetas only a couple years older.
He was 18 at end of dragon ball, and 34 in buu saga, but physically 27.
Then 44/37 at end of z, which super is before.
From dragon ball minus, vegeta appears to be 3-5 years older than goku. But due to lack of death, he's physically like 10-12 years older.

Those Trunks/Pan ones.

lf his SSJ2 form is close to SS3 goku then his SS3 form should be exponentially more powerful.

I would rather see that PLUS him using his ultra form so he can become a canon SSJ3 broli
Broli is based directly off of his USSJ form from the cell saga and how goku looked and fought during the saiyan saga with vegeta it's like pottery it rhymes.

I'm not a Gokufag actually. Out of all the Saiyans, Trunks is my favorite, and he's not even my favorite character.

as you can see in the panel, he was flying off when he just noticed it

which you see happen here as well

Pretty sure you get your body in the afterlife if you're a good person no matter what.


besides all that Goku would automatically go to King kais place and watch over earth

Toriyama simply didn't want to expand future trunk's world

>misses a date and/or gets mistaken for cheating again

I just realized. If Yamcha did cheat on Bulma a lot, why the hell are they still close friends, and get along better as such?


>Doesn't matter it was an important weapon entrusted to him by a God and he let it get destroyed.
It's been a plothole for 20 years now

It all comes together





>Goku would automatically go to King kais place and watch over earth
Wrong. Goku isn't the Earth's babysitter once he's dead.

lmao no


Yes please

Gohan was supposed to replace Goku after Cell saga, hence Goku's whole speech after Cell's defeat

But Toriyama got cockblocked by editor-san, fearing Gohan wouldn't be as popular/interesting as Goku, then Goku got asspulled from death during Buu's saga

No that's not true at all. Only if you're a spectacular hero, and Goku was for sacrificing his life

He's a king of a hell dimension where he's the biggest cock on the block.
He doesn't train he fight other demons and that's it.

He's not a great fighter and relies on demon tricks his overwhelming power and weapons to win.

Trunks is just unnaturally strong now for no reason what so ever.

so when pilaf mai and shu turned back into kids

did mais hymen get restored?

will trunks be the first person to fuck a re-virgin?

this is goku before cell, he was already watching them find the dragon balls and fail as they showed

if you get wished back to life with the dbs, does your hymen get rejuvenated?

>implying she ever lost her virginity in the first place

>implying mai fucks trunks in the future
I would think they would be to scared to fuck

Hymens don't necessarily break during sex.
It's turns out humans dont have a built in virgin detector.

Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

She never had sex. NEVER!

Yes it is.
Every single muscle in his body was hit with the effects of the kaioken. Including his heart.

That's why only gods or mutant beings who have unusually hearty or invincible bodies should use that technique.

And it's why goku never taught it to anyone.

>Finds out they're going to the tournament almost the instant they decide they're going
>Implying Goku doesn't watch over earth in death

>yfw as Goku, Vegeta and Trunks are about to lose, F. Gohan and the others use their day on Earth to help them.

Dabura powered up with a few minutes of meditation to the point he matched SSJ2 Gohan (even if he was weaker than the time he fought cell) so him giving trouble to a marginally stronger SSJ2 with some exrtra 17 years before making his first appearance isn't unconcievable.

Mai doesnt' even look like Mai

> Yes, Goku is dead. In fact, the author is starting a new series with Gohan as the lead character.

>Oh my god.... A super-saiya-jin Gohan fighting bank robbers? ... I guess it is still too early to put down the new series .... But Gohan fighting bank robbers?????Ahhhhhhhhh .... This is starting to look like Gundam ZZ .

>This is really getting grotesque. Analogy time: I've started to consider Dragonball ZZ being to DBZ what BGCrash! was to BGCrisis -- a bad idea. A REAL bad idea. Sorry to be so negative, but everything from Goku's death onwards just sounds like drek. Sigh.

>It's interesting: these three seem to stay in the same positions, poll after poll, most of the time. Although Gohan seems to have taken a beating recently. "Super Saiya Man" my ass, the boy needs a wardrobe.

>In the MOST RECENT episodes, Goku is DEAD and the attention has shifted over to Gohan, who is now entering High School. I refuse to watch this.
Goku is and always will be :) the protagonist, although lately ...

>Shounen manga timing
Then why didn't he know about Gohan?

I'm sorry user. But Bra is no longer canon.
Toriyama made sure of that.

>that copypasted face

Okay, but your head canon isn't canon.
The manga is.
They specifically say it's a virus and goku even comments "sensus don't work on a disease" or something along those lines.
A sensu would probably fix heart damage, they're pretty powerful.

>Only if you're a spectacular hero
That's never said. You only reincarnate if you were bad, good people get to hang around in paradise.


So why does Vegeta's brother look like he's 10?

If you mean Goten, he hadn't SEEN him, but he did know about him. Kaio's telepathy doesn't give video feed, it seems.

>no new women fighters

Do you think the Universe tournament will have at least one girl fighter?

I wish I knew user

>but he did know about him.
No he didn't.

It's said twice. Both by Piccolo and by Goku

Stop making shit up, keeping your body is only for special cases.

Girls are gay.
More effeminate men.

Yes he did. He's surprised because Goten looks identical to him.


If North-Kaio got the keep his body and rank while being dead after being killed by Cell, why does future Kaioshin doesn't keep his body in dead?

>he was flying off when he just noticed it
Distance seems to still be a factor in all of those examples. Perhaps it's only passive if you're relatively close in proximity depending on the power of the Ki.

Like that user said, it's like sound. Softer noises are harder to notice, big blaring sounds are instantly picked up. And like sounds, they diminish in intensity with distance.

Strangely, "sounds" from earth can be head from the afterlife and vice versa.

the afterlife in dbz just seems to be another world, since regular humans can go there (but dead people can't go to regular world) like goku with instant transmission and baba

then there is kaioshin world which is connected to afterlife since goku and old dead kai was still there

full chapter when? fucking gooks man i swear...

Probably not.
Remember when Videl got her shit slapped and everyone shat their pants in rage?
You know how no one cares that there are no female fighters?

So no, probably not.

>since regular humans can go there
Yes, but only with strange transmission techniques. You can't travel there in a spaceship.

The kaioshin planet IS in the same "dimension" of the afterlife. Not that they're dead, it's just the god realm so to speak.

>>no new women fighters
well we have vados but that's pretty much it.

Her name should be Babeos

oh yes.

Good good
>Unzips pants

Murata is Toriyama tier


Yeah, this is kind of why One Punch Man has taken the place of DB as the it martial art anime of normies.


Wait a second early naruto, bleach and sword art online had good choreography too.
I think you might be onto something.

Post yfw Trunks unlocks SSJB2 for the first time ever

>Super Saiyan Green uses God Ki in conjunction with mortal Ki, the combination drastically enhancing both



somebody link this to hermz

Pretty sweet

>Kibito finally gets to fight
Sweet. He's not too bad either.



You were saying?

Holy fuck what the fuck is going on?

Why does Toryiama loves Trunks so much but doesn't care about Goten at all?

Trunks has always been a much better character. He's basically bulma but with power

I stand by it. He's vastly inferior to toriyama and this is better than his usual fare.

future trunks not the present version and goten was a mistake form day one.

>That cat is Brief's cat

Aw, cute.
How fucking long lived is that cat

why is the manga so much better?

Fucking finally. Based France.

i just twitted herms he is asleep now but he should be translating the chapter by monday.

Because they get to see what people think of the new episodes and quickly fix plot holes. It also has better art.

future trunks is the only good character thats actually a saiyan(relevant)


>38 pages
Based Toyo

Toyotaro actually cares unlike Toei who are just in it for the money.


What if Kid Trunks is Black gone evil after Future Trunks cucked him?

Trunks was created by Toriyama, while Goten was creater by his editor, who wanted a kid-Goku clone.

>Retarded SSG/SSB mix at Hit fight
>awkard fight against magetta
>pikoro being even more useless in forst fight
>trunks jobbing agains dabura, the prince of hell jobbers
Yeah, better if you are a mongoloid


>being this retarded
Sasuga Toeifag

Trunks flashback:
How the Buu incident was handled, Why Old Kai is dead and how Trunks got SSJ2. Black is watching the entire thing unfold and is overjoyed because now the 7th universe god of destruction is dead.


I didn't know that, do you have a sauce user?


>Dabura incinerating Old Kai


The kai died at the end? I'm surprised black was watching the entire time.

Black must be goku that never hit his head with a rock.

Damn. The chapter looks really interesting, but it's just falling further and further behind the anime.


Tank top Trunks is the best Trunks.

Who cares? It's not a race. The manga is better anyway.

>The kai died at the end?
>Black must be goku that never hit his head with a rock.
Doubt it.

you guys ruined Gowasu for me. I even laughed when he screamed at Zamasu

This is even funnier in the manga.

The problem is that the further behind it falls, the more likely they are to either skip an arc again or cancel it.
This arc will have to play out quite a bit differently than the anime version in order to not fall too behind.

Well just from this chapter, Zamasu is learning about Goku and the other evil ningens from Kaioshin. So we can scratch Goku's visit off the event list.

>Herms wrote:
Beerus and Whis speculate that Black "selected" Trunks' alternate timeline specifically because there were no Kaioshins/Gods of Destruction there to get in his way, which to them implies he must be capable of travelling between parallel dimensions. Also, only high-ranking gods are supposed to know about the life connection between Kaioshins/Gods of Destruction, so how did Black find that out? This puts them on the lookout for any gods at risk of turning evil.

Based Toyo even answering why Black and Zamasu targeted Trunks' world

My guess is that Toyotaro will skip the first two Black fights.

>the further behind it falls, the more likely they are to either skip an arc again or cancel it.

Nah I doubt Toriyama will let that happen.


I’m really grateful to you. I never thought an artist like you would come along to draw the continuation of my story!

I really don't like Super at all, but good for Toyo. Livin' his dream.

>letting your wife fight a bunch of aliens
wew this cuck


I think younger Trunks may have gotten the worse Mai.

How many times have they fucked this up now?

He wants to be a Godtuber, it's not like he doesn't deserve the memes.

This chapter heavily hints that Black is a God of Destruction

That was pretty obvious user.

Who is Black?

How Toei can be complete?


Black is Zamasu and Zamasu is Goten.


A being created by the Super Dragonballs.


Dabura did nothing wrong. He just wanted to protect Babidisama.

>How Toei can be complete?

You mean the child he didn't raise? Or the child that worships him and would train with him if he asks, but he ignores him?
Piccolo should be Gohan, Trunks and Goten's father.


>face at the end


Because if they are defeat, I am pretty sure 18 would be able to protect Marron if Frieza decided to blow up the planet or kill everyone.

I-its like my doujins!

Fuck you, DBS manga sucks!
Praise Toei!

Vegeta trains trunks. It's shown in the opening. And vegeta trained with future trunks recently. Vegeta is much different than he was during the android saga


I love that Babidi's future death was a call back to Piccolo crushing Piano.

I need to facepalm.
Cyan Super Saiyan is only for Goku and Vegeta, Toyotaro is just throwing FTrunks a bone.

Why in the fuck does he have a fucking gi though? It makes no sense.

He should have some kind of casual capsule fighting suit or have a saiyan prince suit.

Eh whatever.

You looking for trouble, buddy? I'm gonna cut your face, bitch

>It's shown in the opening.
And the ED shows Goku training with Goten, but in the show already confirmed Goku gives zero fucks about Goten, much less training him. He prefers to spend his time with a purple cat nd a blue man, same with Vegeta.

He didn't say zamasu though.
From what i can tell from the furigana he said "Shoubuari Sokomade!!!"

Kek at kibito dying like he did in the norma timeline


>a black guy by the name of Black is actually Black


Toei and Toriyama's materialized boner for Goku.


you can just see black's happiness from the shins death no beerus to foil his plans.

I hate Super, but I accept Toyble is doing his best to make to do better from Toei and Toriyama's shit, just because he likes DB.

Why was there no anime this week?

Fuji TV Special.

The manga pretty much says Black is just hopping from timeline to timeline looking for a universe with no God of Destruction. I guess he stopped when he found Trunks

I killed Mr. Toei.

Looks like it

She is a slut, an ugly one.

Why do people get so excited for the manga when it's far behind the anime. Like, you already know everything that's gonna happen, where is the excitement coming from?

>anime just mention sonething
>manga gives you full details

this is why

I haven't been "excited" about dragon ball since i was 12.
I do however prefer a slow manga to an ugly anime.

Me and my friends arent watching the anime. We're only reading the manga, and we have a vague understanding of the anime spoilers each week.

It feels really good. It makes DBS actually good instead of suffering through Toei.


>black was already there

why didn't he just killed them by himself?

She's starting puberty and her hormones are on fire, I don't blame her for falling for F Trunks.

why did he died?

I'm current with the anime but I'm loving everything about this chapter. It's has it's own separate continuity but it's contextualizing the events of the anime for me as well.

Because faggots are wet for him. This arc is Bandai's fault, evil Goku, Ftrunks and Vegeta's praising the son he didn't raise, while ignoring kid Trunks.

If only I could travel back in time and tell me 12 year old self about Dragon Ball Super.

to be fair she's been saddled with the lesser Trunks.

Dabura blasted him, Babidi tortured him.

He doesn't want to make any big moves yet and just let things go naturally to it's course since Beerus was still alive would notice.

have any source to the rest?


Who in the world eats ice cream like that?

Kaioken. Not even once.

Yeah, the future version of the characters are usually better anyway. And Kid Trunks will certainly pitch a tent too if he sees F Mai.

Just like he noticed kid Buu killing the Kais, or Buu and Goku almost killing the only living Kai?

beerus was fucking sleeping all that time

>that torture scene



I don't watch anime because I strongly dislike them so I just read the manga, it's bad but fun.

Because it's much better than the anime.


Looks like Trunks won't be visiting Gohan.

Beerus had just died due to Kaioshin dying.

He more than held his own against Gohan

Dabura was fighting SSJ1 Trunks. As soon as Trunks went SSJ2 Dabura got curbstomped.

>still weaker than Perfect Cell

>It makes DBS actually good

Do you guys think manga Black already has Rose and we won't go through thee whole beat him up makes him stronger?

The interaction between both Trunks is way better in the manga. In the anime, F Trunks barely acknowledges Kid Trunks.

why is Kibito fighting Zamasu ?

Just a sparring match.

Because violence is okay if it's not practiced by FILTHY NINGEN

Well he did smile at him during the Cell saga

What chapter does the Black arc start in the manga? I want to read it now after checking out this thread.

If you don't wanna spoonfeed me i understand.

2 chapters ago I think.

Chapter 14.

I don't know off the bat but really, the manga is very short so you could just read the whole thing in like half an hour.

Sweet thanks

Alright awesome, will do.




>Because they get to see what people think of the new episodes and quickly fix plot holes.
>implying the plotholes aren't created by the retards at Toei.

>Toriyama dindu nuffin
>He a good boy

The fucker can't remember half his own shit.


Not an argument.

Yes it is because clearly the plot holes are created by Toei not Toriyama.
If the plotholes were existent in the Plot-Outlines themselves then Toyotaro can't write himself out of them.

Why this cant be a weekly manga



If the manga was a weekly it would SEVERELY increase the quality of the anime. Toei can't be trusted with making their own shit, they should stick to replicating the source material.

Sure he can, because the manga is behind the anime, and because he works closer with Tori to fix them stupidity.

not an argument, you still haven't proved that the plot holes are from Toriyama himself and not Toei.

>look the same poses us DB fans amirite

Here's the real question, how does the dragon exist when piccolo/kami are dead? I'm sure that Dende wasn't brought to their planet since Goku was dead too.

No, but I did show you why your evidence on the contrary is bogus.

You Tori apologists act like he didn't retcon or forget a ton of shit in DB proper. Maybe nothing as bad as Super, but he's way more senile now.

Whatever happened to the artists that drew the muscles for DBZ in the late cell and buu sagas?
Did they go extinct after 20 years of moe and ineffectual gay boy Shinji Ikari clone protagonists?

Toriyama got over his beefcake phase, he's into skinny twinks now.

>going to derail the debate because I don't have an argument
okay retard.

You're the one who claimed everything was Toei's fault with no evidence out of nowhere, don't get snappy because you were called out on it.

Well clearly if the anime's plotholes are not present in the source plot outlines by Toriyama himself then Toei is going to get the blame ya dumbass.

Have you SEEN said plot outlines?

You're comparing 2 adaptations with big differences and baselessly claiming one is more faithful than the other.

But even the kids back then were buffer than most of the adults now.

Also it's pretty funny you're so defensive about Toriyama that you sperged out to blame Toei when the post you responded to didn't even blame him in the first place.

Indeed, i think it would be better for the anime to stop for a bit, and let Toyotaro be the main media.

His tastes went from stocky, to ripped, to skinny.

His women were hit pretty hard by the no ass stick.

it's not about being faithful or not, it's whether the plotholes exist or not.
There's no way you can jump to the fucking dumb conclusion of pinning the blame of Toriyama's hazy memory. If the anime has plotholes fucking deal with it Toeishill.

You don't know which adaptation is more faithful than the other.
You don't know whether the plot holes exist in the outlines or not.
Yet you're claiming that Toriyama is blameless despite being a known fuckup and that the manga is more faithful just because you like it better.

His women were hit hardest by the irrelevance stick.

You mean his side characters in general.


>You don't know which adaptation is more faithful than the other
Considering Toriyama himself works on the script and oversees every single panel, it's confirmed that it's more faithful than the anime
>You don't know whether the plot holes exist in the outlines or not.
No no one knows the plot outlines but it's not like Toyotaro is going around retconning stuff on his whim.
>Yet you're claiming that Toriyama is blameless
you're the one claiming and blaming Toriyama as if he's responsible for Toei's fabricated bullshit.
You have no evidence that Toriyama is to blame for any kind of plothole in the anime and yet here you are blaming him as if you're speaking the truth.

Now when I think about it, there is one thing that makes absolutely no sense in Trunks' timeline.
They didn't use namekian dragon balls.

1. get to Kaiou, ask him to contact Namekians
2. ask them to use dragon balls
3a. bring back Piccolo and Vegeta, have them train in RoSaT
3b. bring back Piccolo, have him fuse with Kami, if he's still not strong enough, into RoSaT he goes, with Gohan
3c. bring back Piccolo and Vegeta, teleport them (and Gohan, and Trunks, and Bulma...) to New Namek so they can train as long they need to without being bothered
4. remove androids
5. if Piccolo fused with Kami, use namekian dragon balls to bring Dende to Earth or have Goku use his 24h pass to do the job
6. use Earth's dragon balls to fix shit

You are right, Dragon Balls can bypass most plot devices, but that's no fun.

Best cat trying to help Mai

>Anno Domini 2016
>this shit's still not fixed

>Considering Toriyama himself works on the script and oversees every single panel
Claims of toriyama's level of involvement on everything since the new movies began vary wildly. Regardless, even if you're right, that doesn't discount the possibility of toriyama fixing the problems with the outline he gave Toei. It wouldn't be the first time he backpedaled on shit (see: SSGSS to SSB).

>but it's not like Toyotaro is going around retconning stuff on his whim.
Based on what, exactly? Toei doesn't change a lot from the source material during adaptations outside special filler bits, why would they start writing a ton of new shit that deviates from the source this time?

>you're the one claiming and blaming Toriyama as if he's responsible for Toei's fabricated bullshit.
Wrong. I only said the manga was fixing the anime's plotholes, you're the one who sperged out about how IT'S TOTALLY TOEI AND TOEI ALONE'S FAULT. See: , All I'm saying is pretending he's definitely blameless with no evidence despite his being a known fuckup is pretty massive fanboyism.

the cat facilitating the shift in timelines was awesome.

1)he didn't backpedal at all about naming SSBlue, he simply added an abbreviation later on, how is that backpedalling?
2)Toei has fabricated things outside the plot outline obviously in the past such as SSBxKK10 which was definitely not present in the plot outline.
3)You have no evidence of him fucking up so your side of the argument is null. You can't just keep him being a "fuck up" as an excuse for everything, that's your only crutch in your argument to validate Toriyama's inconsistencies.

It was a nice transition except for the whole "holy shit that cat is over 17 years old".

Modern faggot anime preferences

Everything has to be "cute"

>Page 109
>Black: “It won’t end like this. Never underestimate a Saiyan’s stubbornness…I know that better than anyone. Guess I’d better check around a bit.”?

Ok now I'm even more confused. Who the fuck is Black?

>how is that backpedalling?
Everyone called the movie out on how fucking stupid a name that was. Quickly changed in the manga/Super's anime. He also did stuff like making Goku lose SSB before getting beamed, and either he or Toei changed the teleport handholding scene after people made fun of it for being too gay.
2)SSBxKK10 which was definitely not present in the plot outline.
Prove it. Again, not knowing the source material you're claiming TOEI must be unfaithful just because you like the manga better. They don't deviate much from the source in their manga adaptations, why would they go nuts now?
3)>You have no evidence of him fucking up so your side of the argument is null.
But I didn't claim he definitely fucked up this time. YOU claimed he was blameless, I pointed out the posts where you did. So as it turns out, it's your argument that requires proof. All I'm saying is it's stupid to say he's definitely blameless with no evidence despite his past history.

Dr. Briefs probably gave it the same drugs he's giving Bulma and his Wife



Page 108
>Narration: “The Future”
>Black: “…He really has completely vanished from this world. The Kaioshins from outside this universe have all already been eliminated as well, and the Gods of Destruction no longer exist either. And now Trunks is gone from this world too. Does this mean there’s no longer anyone to oppose me? No…That’s not right…”

>Page 112
>Whis: “Lord Beerus, have you tried the soup? It’s astonishingly good.”
>Beerus: “Really?...It looks like Planet Gaspa dragon vomit, so I just left it alone.”
>Goku: “So Trunks, you don’t have any allies in your future?”
>Trunks: “That’s right…Black said he had defeated all the gods and so now there was nobody in his way. I imagine I’m the only warrior left…”
>Whis: “…So the other universes’ Kaioshins have been killed as well.”
>Beerus: “Wow! Delicious! …Geez, I guess that explains how I dumb jerk like that can go throwing his weight around over there. But then, this doesn’t just concern that world…Presumably this ‘Black’ will eventually show up in our world too and do the same thing…”
>Whis: “Shall we ask Kaioshin if he has any clues?”
>Beerus: “You mean ask about any gods who might turn evil?”

>you're claiming TOEI must be unfaithful
no I said the plotholes of the anime must stem from Toei not the plot outline themself.
Until we actually get a look at the outlines themselves no side of the argument is will be proven.
If you're going to assume any change in the recent manga compared to the anime must be a retcon or "backpedalling" will surely make your argument look correct but there's no way you can even tell if Toriyama even made the plot outlines detailed with these inconsistencies to begin with.
You think I think Toriyama is blameless but it's quite the contrary, I think he fucked up by having the initial plot outline be very vague which led to the mess of having these inconsistencies to begin with.

spoilers leeks - French site

Vegeta was still planning to kill Goku in the Android saga.

Good thing he's a pathetic bitch

>the plotholes of the anime must stem from Toei not the plot outline themself.
With no evidence to support this.
You made the claim, and you can't remotely prove it. I sure as fuck don't have to DISprove it, since all I'm saying is you can't know what you're claiming and you're blindly and baselessly defending Toriyama.

And you're still arguing regardless, you stubborn retard.

>how do characters get the drop and on one another?
Ki suppression is a thing, you know.


>With no evidence to support this.
Considering the manga doesn't have alot of the Anime's plotholes yes I'm assuming they're anime only plotholes and not Toriyama's plot outlines that are inconsistent.
Like how I don't have access to the source outlines, neither do you so you can't even prove that the manga is a retcon because you simply don't know shit.

>Considering the adaptation that was released after doesn't have the plotholes of the former I'm assuming
Yes, you're assuming. You're pulling this out of your ass. You're looking at 2 different adaptations, one which came out a fair bit after the other, and making claims about the source material.

>b-but you can't prove it either
I don't have to, stupid. I didn't claim the plotholes were Toriyama's fault, YOU got mad at a post that didn't even mention Toei or Toriyama and started arguing the blame totally was on Toei. Well, at least you finally admit you have no fucking idea, so I'm gonna drop this here.

I have a HUGE problem with Super right now.
Recent episodes stated that Kaioshin and God Of Destruction are tied.
Meaning the death of one becomes into the death of the other.
It makes sense that Beerus sealed the old Kaioshin into the sword, because this would mean he could not be killed, at least for a long period of time.
Then he got replaced by the current Kaioshin which I think it's fine, if Beerus was sleeping or whatever there was no need to replace him, just the Kaio.

Buu Saga stated that there were 4 fucking Kaioshins. Even the plot revolves around them, the only alive Kaioshin (which was incidentally the local one, seems like same as with Kaio-sama, they are in charge of a cardinal point of the universe) helps the protags and the forms Buu takes are related to the past Kaioshin he had absorbed, the huge one and the fat one.

Anyway, my problem is, we had 4 Kaioshins in the past. Did this mean that a single universe also had the respective 4 Gods Of Destruction at some point?
Because the way Whis had explained it so far made it sound like every universe had their respective GOD, but just one.
Did "our" universe had four at some point?
Are they ignoring the existence of the other Kaioshins?

All kaioshins are connected to beerus.
Kaioshin death alone wouldnt be enough to kill beerus for exemple if the old kai were to be alive. This chapter explains that the old kai died and the kaioshin.

as long as the manga is based on the same plot outlines and the inconsistencies are anime only Toei is going to get the blame, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.
Whether it be Toriyama retconning his own plot outlines behind the scenes or not is what needs to be proven to be true or not for your argument to hold weight.
Let's also not forget the manga was ahead of the anime initially so they must have both worked off the same plot outline at the same time.

Why is the manga so much superior.
Its like toei only picked up dragon ball again to fill a timeslot and they know they can get away with shit because of the franchise past success.

>Why is the manga so much superior.
because Toei was overloaded with work working on the One Piece movie and other franchises.
That and the fact they're no longer replicating the source manga material but have to actually whip up panels and overall framework means that it's a tougher job than recreating the manga.

>no hansamu masku


I can't even bring myself to not like this. The art is great and the story is really cool. Its biggest flaw is that it's completely unoriginal.

>Dabura struggled with SSJ1 Gohan
>yet he smacks around SSJ1 Future Trunks like paper
>only when Trunks goes SSJ2 is he able to kill Dabura

if Trunks was so weak in these states then how the fuck can his SSJ2 state ever reach the heights of SSJ3

It's weird how the anime looks so fucking weird compared to Z, but the manga just looks like Toriyama slightly improved/revised his signature style when the action really gets going.

If it makes you feel any better Gohan was probably stronger than SSJ1 in that fight.

Gohan was Super Saiyan 2, and he was the one struggling.


Why would the old Kai die from that? Didn't the sword have to break to release him?

Retarded plot.

Accept it and move on.
Everyone else accepts that super's power levels are all fucked up and none of the plot makes much sense. It will help if you just don't think too much about it.

Funny enough Vegeta mentions he may have been stronger as a kid, making it even more ambiguous as to really what form he's in here.

Future Dabura stronger than Present Dabura due to the in the future, when Z-fighter is ded, their need to fight new source, so their fight the strong one to take their source power

Gohan's hair is different when he's a regular Super Saiyan.

Compared to this. His hair is definitely his Super Saiyan 2 hair when he fights Dabura.

Future dabra seems stronger than his present counterpart.

Oh ok that helps confirm that he was indeed SS2 then.
Without being angry or slacking on training he supposedly isn't as strong as he once was but this is still nice that it depicts Daabura as more of a threat in comparison to fighting ssj1 Gohan.

No Trunks was just weaker than Gohan. He was only SSJ1

No, trunks is relatively weak.

They were looking for an easy explanation for his death. Just assume he got petrified along with the Z sword and died.

what is happening here

Well in future timeline the androids were weaker than the current timeline's androids. Maybe the case was different with Dabura. This could also explain why Black was so early in future timeline aswell I guess. I mean does anyone have any better theory why Black was so early in future timeline? Or is it just the DBS inconsistency?

I bet most of Cred Forums doesn't even remember this fight, but I don't feel like storytiming the whole chapter one page at a time. So here:

If someone wants to edit all those pages into one image that'd be great.

It would be pretty badass if they make SSB sxclusive to the full blooded saiyans while the halfbloods get their own, Mystic Future Trunks would be kickass.

It's explained that he was jumping around dimensions looking for a realm with no gods.
Him witnessing the death of them may explain how he knows they're gone for sure

come to think of it, if Black is as strong as he is in the future and everyone is weaker in future how retardedly strong is he gonna be in the main timeline?

His women were hit the hardest by __MY__ stick

If you assume Trunks got insanely more powerful than he was at the Cell Games for no reason, then it might seem that way, sure.

SS2 Trunks>Dabura=Weak Bitch SS2 Gohan

>Weak Bitch SS2 Gohan

Do you think that's how it works?
They have implied that just by killing the Kaioshin, Beerus would die, but nothing regarding an scenario where there were more than one of them.
Anyway, we need the translations.
I have my doubts, but you may be right.

Since there's 1 God of D per Universe it's assume so. It is really unfortunate that it's ambiguous though not knowing how many Kais exist in the other universes such as U10

It just bothers me because it seems like they are tying up the knots of this saga really good.
That would be somewhat of a plothole, and yeah I know, we should not be surprised that DB has plotholes, but... it just bothers me.

Is Toyotaro retarded? Why is he spending half a chapter on Dabura Future shit when he's like 3 chapters behind the anime?

There's probably a board already set up for the anime and he's working around that with some Filler on what Future Trunks has been up to.


The way Japanese works, "Kaioshin" could be plural or singular. So, from their point of view, there's no problem. It's only an issue for translators.

>yfw future whis looks like a hobo since all kaioshins and GoDs' have been taken away from him so there is no one left to attend to for him

Interesting, interesting.
Then maybe the whole thing would be a plot hole only for non-japs who do not know that.
I hope they clarify it though.

No. Trunks only just finished up his training with Kaioshin. Gohan managed to pull up and swing the Z sword as a SSJ.

That means that Trunks using the Z sword as his training method to reach SSJ2 means he's probably on par with Gohan when he fought Dabura at SSJ2 and Dabura was handily beating his shit in at the time.

Dabura is probably on par with Majin Vegeta/SSJ2 Goku in terms of actual abilities with all his gimmicks involved. After all, he only needs one attack to beat even the strongest guys.

Trunks not keeping up just makes sense to me because Trunks was never Gohan's level of potential. He just had the better training mentality.

That's always been the difference between them. Gohan has the potential to be the strongest non-god without exception and Future Trunks was always the try hard who failed horrifically because he was too desperate.

Manga Trunks having SSJ2.5 is a nice touch because it's implying he couldn't touch the SSJ3 threshold without a master and he lives in a dystopian shithole where he probably didn't have the gravity room.

Could have still used the Time Chamber there I guess.

Who cares if he is behind at this point, this shit was juicy as fuck and explained important events and had amazing nostalgia and fan service.

To be Continued...

Incas he received punishment from other Kaioshins from different universes.

Or worse, from Beerus brother.

Dat handsome Champa

Anyone have the scan of Dragon ball super with the official Viz translation? Maybe an archive or something like that

This lie will never get old.

Seems like Trunks turned SS2 for the first time after seeing Kibito getting killed, that's why he was struggling to defeat Dabura. After he turned SS2, he kicked his ass easily.

Meanwhile, Buu saga Gohan could already turn SS2 and still struggled to defeat Dabura.

>Black: “Kukuku…Wonderful. The most troublesome one of all…Universe 7’s God of Destruction…How fortunate that there’s a world without him…”

Does this mean that Beerus is the strongest GoD?

Also sine only "high ranking gods" are supposed to know about the GoD/Kaioshin link, someone beside Zamasu could be involved in this Black fuckery.

>bet most of Cred Forums doesn't even remember this fight




>thick muscle shotas


DB is all about proving this is a meaningless concept.

> Toei just has a weird new style for Future Trunks in general, he didn't look any different between SSJ1 and SSJ2 there either

Same with Vegeta and Adult Gohan.

Only Kid Gohan, and to a lesser extent Goku look different as SS2

wow so he did kill all the kaios of the multiverse

fuck, this guy is ridic

> Made Piccolo seem weaker making the Piccolo vs Frost fight boring
> Vegeta vs Magetta over too quick
> Goku vs Hit wasn't as intense like the anime
> Changed how SSG works
> No Pan filler

I mean yea for the most part, the Manga is better. But the anime does beat it in some aspects

it did back when the only people stronger than Yamcha were Goku, Krillin, Tien, and Piccolo.

Please don't let black be some shape-shifter faggot.

In b4 he's future monaka.

I agree with the Hit vs Goku battle, Hit seemed weaker in the manga, while in the anime Goku was forced to use a dangerous power up.

>Vegeta vs Magetta over too quick
>Goku vs Hit wasn't as intense like the anime
Both these fights were better than the anime versions.

>Changed how SSG works
Not he didn't.

>No Pan filler.
Not a Pedofag so I don't care.

I'm sure something of this significance would be explained in the anime

Maybe the manga is going in a different order, to make up for the fact that it's behind?

Zamasu most likely wished for immortality, not Black.

That was just speculation on Whis' part

> Considering Toriyama himself works on the script and oversees every single panel, it's confirmed that it's more faithful than the anime

The scripts that Toriyama works on is given to Toei as well.

Toriyama giving Toyataro the ok before the chapter is published doesn't make the manga more canon.

In fact, he pushes Toyataro to be creative in his own way

> Backpedaling on SSGSS > SSB

What do you think SS Grade 1 - 5 were? Goku retconned that in the Buu Saga.

Also SSGSS as a term was never used in RoF. It was only used in merchandising.

>Toriyama giving Toyataro the ok before the chapter is published doesn't make the manga more canon.
It's more than he does for the anime.

>In fact, he pushes Toyataro to be creative in his own way
Toei also changes things


>I write an outline of the entire plot, then the script writers break it up into episodes, expanding on things, changing things around, or adding in new bits as need be.

>Even I haven’t checked the final script yet.

One thing I noticed. It seems Kaioshin is a title only passed to core people, but God of Destruction can be anyone chosen by Whis. So could Trunks become one to fight Black?

Although maybe I'm overthinking it - Whis asking Goku to be GoD is probably a reference to Kami asking Goku to be Kami in his place (back in Dragon Ball).

We don't know when that happened. Shit, it may even happen before Trunks killed the Cell of his world. There is no guarantee that Trunks was so strong at that time (even look his haircut, is the original DB manga design, not DBS')

Trunks killed Imperfect Cell, and I think that was just a few months after he killed #17 and #18.

>Gohan SS/SS2 vs Dabura
Original manga uses specific auras for each different SS, so definitely Gohan was SS, not SS2

> "No he didn't"
> That webm again

Goku forcibly squeezing out the rest of the god ki he obtained from the ritual mere moments ago doesn't mean he can go SSG at will.

SSG was supposed to be his new base form. That's why we'll never see Goku use SSG again in the anime.

> Will Goku be able to transform into [Super Saiyan] God in the future?

> I think you’ll understand if you watch [the movie], but Goku has already absorbed [Super Saiyan] God’s power and made it his own, so there is no need for him to transform into [Super Saiyan] God. Goku basically only thinks of fighting as a sporting match, so borrowing the power of five people isn’t fair, and he resisted doing that; however, it seems his curiosity towards the realm that lay even further beyond him won out.

Source: kanzenshuu.com/translations/battle-gods-animanga-akira-toriyama/

your dad. It's also the reason why you wouldn't know


If you could bring back one character from the dead and give them a powerup to SSB or equal levels, who would it be?

Raditz for me. Cool design wasted

Not canon.

Nope, 3 years

it's already translated

> It's more than he does for the anime.

He just gives the "ok" before the chapter is released. I imagine he'd be fine with Toei's additions as well.

It's Toriyama afterall.

...Okay maybe with the exception of the Planet Potaufeu mini-arc.

>doesn't mean he can go SSG at will.
Except he just did.

He also said this
>Super Saiyan 2 and 3 are nothing more than powered-up variations of Super Saiyan. After the fight with Beerus, Goku realized that mastering his normal state and Super Saiyan would raise his level more and sap less strength, so I think he probably won’t become Super Saiyan 2 or 3 any more.


Yet Goku goes SS2 against Black and Zamasu not counting the sparring with Trunks. So Toriyama just changed his mind, he over looks the manga so if he didn't want it to return he would have stopped it.

>posting misinfo

go to bed

>He just gives the "ok" before the chapter is released.
You don't know that.

>Dragon Ball Super
>Not Dragon Ball Zamasu

I wish Toei would remember Goku's differences

I really like using the manga and anime to piece the overall story together, they both add a lot to each other

I remember making those shitty images back in 2011. And funny, those aren't even the numbers I used, they changed them.

Do people think those are real? I was bored

Those are Kanzenshuu images retard

>Do people think those are real?
Yes, powerlevel fags are pretty retarded.


Lick my dragon balls

Changing your mind on whether Goku will use SS2/SS3 again and how SSG works is not the same.

Also technically Toriyama said "probably"

Toriyama mentioned Goku absorbed SSG. It's his new base. That's why Toei isn't having Goku use a ritual-less SSG, like Toyataro does.

>Gods across all universes being killed
>Omni-King doesn't do shit
>Beerus and Champa having a tournament
>Omni-King goes to see what's up

the fuck

I don't think the staff of Kanzenshuu is retarded enough to think my made up numbers are real

kek, just to humor this

I don't see how those power levels can be that large for the humans

Did Yamcha even train with King Kai in the manga? If not, he's probably around 2-3 thousand, if he did, maybe 10 times that at most.

Krilling might be 50-60 thousand at most by EoZ, and Tenshinhan I can believe went over 100,000+ since he trains constantly.

> Speaking of the manga, I want to ask you two about how you put the manga together. I hear Toriyama-sensei checks the storyboards for each chapter.

> Toriyama: That’s right.

> Toyotarō: Since Chapter 1 I’ve used Toriyama-sensei‘s plot as a basis, but have been allowed to expand on it.

> Toriyama: It’s better that way.

The interview says Toriyama CHECKS it. He doesn't co-author it.

He gives Toyataro the script, then checks his storyboard afterwards and gives his approval.

>Changing your mind on whether Goku will use SS2/SS3 again and how SSG works is not the same.
It is the same and regardless he clearly did change his mind on both.

>Toriyama mentioned Goku absorbed SSG. It's his new base.
The same was said by Beerus after Goku lost the SSG transformation, yet Goku still needed to transform again when trying to stop Beerus planet buster attack.

>The interview says Toriyama CHECKS it.
Yeah I know.

>He doesn't co-author it.
Toriyama writes the outlines of the plot so technically he does.

Yeah it makes a mention of how Toyotaro "expands on it", he wouldn't be doing that if he wrote the story from scratch himself.

> It is the same and regardless he clearly did change his mind on both.

How so something works, and whether something will be used are significantly different

> The same was said by Beerus after Goku lost the SSG transformation, yet Goku still needed to transform again when trying to stop Beerus planet buster attack.

And Beerus was right. How else was SS1 Goku keeping up with him towards the end?

Goku "transforming" for 2 seconds was just a desperate power-boost from the extra remaining ki he received from the ritual.

These official power levels always makes Superfags salty, kek


Well yea Toriyama writes a script that he gives to both Toyataro/Toei, and allows them to expand on it.

Toriyama only checks Toyataro's storyboard. But giving the "ok" hardly amounts to huge difference compared to Toei, especially when Toriyama WANTS Toyataro to be creative and write in his own content.

That's what I was saying

korean leaks 16

That's weird considering I made those and I'm a 'superfag'

they do, the goku vs zamasu fight fixed it.

They are not officials. Anything past Namek is made up.

>But giving the "ok" hardly amounts to huge difference compared to Toei
Again you don't know that. Why bother checking at all if it makes little difference?

No you didn't.

These images were literally made by some random guy on Kanzenshuu.

Powerlevels stop being a thing after Namek.


>How so something works, and whether something will be used are significantly different

>but Goku has already absorbed [Super Saiyan] God’s power and made it his own, so there is no need for him to transform into [Super Saiyan] God.

>Super Saiyan 2 and 3 are nothing more than powered-up variations of Super Saiyan. After the fight with Beerus, Goku realized that mastering his normal state and Super Saiyan would raise his level more and sap less strength, so I think he probably won’t become Super Saiyan 2 or 3 any more.

All transformations Toriyama said Goku wouldn't use again because they were unnecessary. Yet both appeared again.

>Goku "transforming" for 2 seconds was just a desperate power-boost from the extra remaining ki he received from the ritual.
So he did transform on his own after absorbing SSG into his base mode.

Of course those aren't even the real ones, you can see the numbers are made on mspaint kek

In case Toyataro does something stupid like give SSG a cape, or deviates from the script in a bad way

Toriyama seems very chill though

Why do I feel like he traces so many random panels from the original Dragon Ball manga?

> All transformations Toriyama said Goku wouldn't use again because they were unnecessary. Yet both appeared again.

He said "probably" in regards to SS2/SS3. But I doubt he'd ever use SS3 again in a serious battle.

> So he did transform on his own after absorbing SSG into his base mode.

Yea. Again, only because of the ritual that happened only moments before. He couldn't even hold on to it.

It was just a desperate power-boost from the extra remaining ki he received from the ritual.

I think they'll give him SSJ3 possibly. He's already incredibly strong as SSJ2, so the power up from SSJ3 would still be big for him.

A: He does
B: He's good at following Toriyama's style

>them delts

frost is a swole nigga

> A. He does
It's A

Many panels from his DB AF doujin were blatant copies from the original DB manga

Doesn't make sense. Why doesn't just Black kill Old Kai?

Why doesn't Black kill the Kai in any universe? Clearly the God of Destruction doesn't care since Dabura killed one so easily. No God of Destruction stopped him

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