Hey Cred Forums, what exactly is a Yu Yu Hakusho?

Hey Cred Forums, what exactly is a Yu Yu Hakusho?

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lmgtfy.com/?q=What does Yu Yu Hakuso mean?

A shitty fucking battle shounen that gets far too much love from dumb nostalgiafags and Toonami kids. HxH and Level E from the same author are much better.

lmgtfy.com/?q=What does Yu Yu Hakuso mean?

It's Dragon Ball but all of the characters are asshole teenagers

basically a bleach rip off

You a shit

>tumblr reaction image

A double shit

Shitty like literally every other long running Shounen. Why do people older than 16 watch that crap?

>complains about Toonami
>praises HxH


You're probably a fujoshit who only likes HxH because there's a lot of faggotry in it. Shut up.


Bleach was actually rejected because it was too similar to Yu Yu Hakusho

>100% of 100%

what did he mean by that

was good until the Demon world arc. its like Togashi said, fuck it, I'll just copy DBZ and end it

about 85%

The Playful Ghost White Paper
Sasuga nippon.

Why Kurama is always so /fa/ as fuck?

Basically this.

Sounds like a nod to gegege kotaro

he's on foxy bastard

>character's death is a major plot catalyst
>they come back to life
sounds about right

>Looks like fucking Shredder with a huge axe
>Sounds like a bad motherfucker
>His fight comes around
>Takes off his armor almost instantly and reveals he's a lanky faggot with bright teal hair
>Proceeds to randomly have dbz powers out of nowhere
>He screams like a woman his whole fight and totally flips out when he's losing
>His fight is full of experimental meme animation
>Is the only member of team Toguro who's alive at the end of the manga
>Nothing was done with him beyond his initial arc

How to ruin what could have been a 10/10 character 101

his introduction was so good too, watching him sink into the tourney ring with every step and effortlessly swing that giant axe was top tier

Rip badass axenigger.

tournament arc was definitely the best arc. seeing Toguro fight and wreck shit was so satisfying since he literally curb stomps his enemies. hell the huge nigger team got their leader split in half at 30% lol

It's a You're suppose to be here...for me

If you don't think the Chimera Ant arc is some bomb ass shit then you can fuck right off to the seasonal dumpster fire waifushit thread you came from.


Who was more emotionally broken, Sensui or Toguro?

but chimera ant arc was stupid, the art was horrible and literally broke the Nen limitations which made HxH good you fucking faggot?

Sensui since in his 7personas he has a female in it. Toguro just wanted to fight for the bloodlust

>complaining about the best arc in the show

How about a few examples, huh? Tell me what they did so wrong with their bullshit combat magic system that lets someone summon familiars, manipulate objects, mind-control people, fire energy bursts, and virtually anything else they could possibly want to do, all because their pores leak some nebulous energy.

Seriously, what did they do so wrong with their system? It might as well have been named "I'll write whatever fucking power I want" instead of "Nen,"

This outta be good.

>A shitty fucking battle shounen that gets far too much love from dumb nostalgiafags and Toonami kids.

>tfw tried to rewatch it recently and couldn't fucking STAND all of the filler, the starring contents, the fact the show only had 5 musical themes, the fact that they basically recycled Toguro's entire character for another arc but made him schizo to 'mix' it up.


God that scene is heart wrenching

The build up for Team Toguro was so amazing, but all the fights were total disappointments except the last one.

Has HxH had the decency to end yet? How long can yaoibait keep something alive?

I still don't know what the fuck happened

>literally broke the Nen limitations which made HxH good you fucking faggot?

How? For me it seemed like stands. Unless you mean Gon's final fight or something?

>the art was horrible

It was fine in the anime

An overrated series

I want to stop,
and grow up again.

Nah, it's just a paycheck to him. If he wanted to end it, he would have done it when Gon meets his dad after the ant arc. Although now that he's ran out of YYH content to recycle, I wonder what he's going to do.

Forever Fornever

its a show with best girl

who /botan/ here

Her VA was half of what made the dub worthwhile, I am not sure how to describe it, almost like an Americanized British accent. Very dignified but also familiar .

A Japanese animation series

Not enough porn: the anime

of who? Kuwabara?

Bet this is the cancerous Killuafag who always triggers me with his mean words towards Gon.

How would you have written the 3 Kings Arc?

of anybody,user.
>you will never cuddle with kuwabara and rest your head on his pecs
why live

I was hyped as fuck when she returned, instantly redeemed the 4th season.

I wouldn't have.

I'm the green one.

I wouldn't. I'd have just left Toguro as the big villain and continued with the 'rules' abilities that the guys post Toguro had.

Shit about how some mundane powers win out over power and requiring finesse and intelligence to win was the best thing that Yu Yu Hakusho and HxH had. It was like Jojo's without the dumb undefined stand rules.

The battle tournament shit was fun but it really harmed the series in general. But with DBZ about at the time, Im not shocked Togashi went that way to garner more dick suckings. Now he just rests on his laurels.

Sayonara bai bai > *

That truly is good taste you have there, user.

Please do not bring Hunter ex Hunter into this thread, you can post cute Killuas here instead

What about this? Do you like this?

Best shonen of early 90s along with muh DBZ


>liking HxH over YYH

neo-Cred Forums everyone

so neo-Cred Forums has taste?

where do I sign up?


Why is she so best?

>TFW just literally finished it minutes ago
I really liked how the final arc doesn't go for a "Everything is fucked up, the world is about to end and is up to the heroes to stop it" storyline but more of a conclusion for everyone.

I dunno, make Yomi invade the human world or the Spirit Realm invade Demon world. Then again, Yu Yu Hakusho's villains are (at least what the writer tries to do is) sympathetic and you kind of feel sorry for them, at least for Younger-Toguro and Sensui.

But that's not Shizuru.

Doesn't look very grim to me.

The sensui ark sucked BALLS

>this bitch gets so good lewds
>Juri gets barely anything

I didn't watch past the Dark Tournament, so to me it's a decent shounen.


>pretends his opinion matters on a subject he has no experience on

Prototype Bleach + Dragon Ball.
Without Tit Kub of course.