Kantai Collection Kancolle

I like Southern War Princess but theirs not many fan art of her

What do I do?

Make your own fan art.

I'm a really shitty drawer

Wish she was more popular

>small c

I'll give kagafag a rare kaga-san if he gives me a decent Taihou I haven't seen.

I really hope English is your second language.

English is my fourth language.

I'm actually really fucking tired

I think I'm gonna go to sleep

The southern bosses really need a buff. They look a lot more threatening than most event bosses

>small d

There's no d in user.

Search in pixiv or the boorus, I guess it's the best thing you can do.

I want to put one in him.

I like long and short hoppo

I want to pet this pup all night, if you catch my drift.

She's one of the earliest bosses so she's been out of the spotlight for quite some time. Shame since she's pretty attractive.
Sure, who doesn't want to pet that doggy.

I want to produce a litter of puppies with her.

I don't want that. I want to cum in her ass instead.

I want assert dominance over her and simulate knotting using a cock ring. Or get a Jacobs latter on my dick.

Too lewd.

No such thing.

Get better taste.


Tokitsukaze is for lewding.

Sexiest puppy incoming

I thought she was a cat.

Why does she go poi?

Why don't you?

Poi is for cheating on your wife with.

This is a boteslut thread. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK

She's not waifu or anything. I just like the way she looks


Not too long ago there was new official art with Anchorage Oni so maybe if you're very lucky there might be something new with her.

I want to bully that slit with my shaft.

Poi is for being your wife.

This thing wades out of the ocean's depths and walks towards you.

What do.

Daijoubu? Daijoubu!

The fuck were you smoking? She's a golden retriever.

Motorboat those tits.

Ask for a handjob

Bomb it.

>golden retriever
That's cute as fuck. She just went up on my list.

Expand the seaport.

Give her the five inch.

Fuck off Zeonic scum.

I'd wife her if she wore glasses more often.

Type 3 shell

Found the Feddie.

I like this post

Show her who's boss with the power of cuddling.

I want to make a little Haruna with big Haruna.

Feddies >>> Zeonic garbage.


>Picking her up

He must lift.

>Found the Feddie.

Does it matter? That's not a big error or something like that, just look at the J-List ads.


>J-List ads
They just propagate it.

Make love to her and her sister.
Green Poi is a yellow lab and Red Poi is a Golden retriever.

not even close with the best puppy


shiggy's nice, but he's nowhere near poi levels of perfection

Time to post cute boys.

Cute potato

I really hope Asanagi does another KanColle trap doujin.

I didn't know there were yellow labs.

Cutest Shibafu.

Fuck off trapshitter.

[bullying intensifies]

Not really a trapfag but his stuff is amazing but I also:
Hello retard whose always used that specific line for the last year. How is your anal tier autism doing you this fine evening?

Go back to Cred Forums with your shitty fetish.

>his stuff is amazing
Asanagi's artstyle is ugly.


No, you have shit taste and should fuck off with your cancerous fetish.

>Hello retard whose always used that specific line for the last year
>He thinks only one guy uses that insult.

You are the reason Harunafags get a bad rep.

(You) post the same thing, verbatim at the same period time every time. That is not a coincidence, nice dank meme rebuttal though.

Ugly potato.

Get your eyes checked.
Name a better artist.

That's Kongou.

Rude, she's just a bit awkward but she's still cute.

I'm tired

>Look mom I posted it again
(You) are just retarded.

>Only one guy can say Fuck off trapshitter.
Whatever helps you sleep at night faggot.


>one guy

Most other artists that have done KanColle doujins are more appealing to me. The last one I used was Takayama Chihiro so I'll go with them I guess.

Cream, yellow you get the idea.

Not saying you were the only one responding to me but your blatant with your samefagging and transparent as fuck. Tell me what your own fetishes are, you cuck because as I recall I even said its not even my main thing or favorite one.

>Getting this buttdevastated.
Sasuga trapshitter.

>Nothing but dank shitposts
Sasuga, (you)shitter.

Trapfags ruin everything. They're the new furries.


Sup long hoppou.


Say trapshitters instead to trigger him even further.

Dude just stop shitting up the thread, you are as bad as him.

Can we talk about the Weiss Schwarz sets here for a second? Does anyone have a guess when Bushiroad will release the Abyssal extra booster? Also will this be the first time Abyssals will be "playable?"

Who wants to gangbang Suzuya with me? I'm sure she will be up for it.

Isn't Weiss Schwarz for autists?

>Takayama Chihiro

NotKaga is a Kaga or a Yorktown?

MMF is gross though.

Ok, I'm stopping for now. Already have all the (You)s I wanted anyway.

Kinda, its a neat game to play in-between rounds of another tournament. Very luck based though.

I guess you could say that, Wo in casual clothing still makes my heart go doki doki to this day.

Wo has nothing to do with Kaga.

She's always up for that sort of thing.

The only tournaments I go to are fighting games ones. No card game fun for me.


Thank God for the new Destroyers.

Sup Wokyuu.
Sup elder hiptothehop.

>WoWo's bizarre adventure.

Fuck off, spammer

Flat is _______.


What I live in

perfect for lolis.

And for the old ones too.



Your turn

Takao has a crush on the Admiral.



Tokitsukaze a cute, my favourite dog

Sad, but inevitable.

Rape Chikuma in front of Tone.



Fubuki love!


I want to spoil Takao.