I have a mystery to solve

I have a mystery to solve.

I have no idea what it is. I would normally take this to /r/, but I feel someone here might have some more expertise.

It is an anime (obviously). It aired in 2008. It may or may not be on netflix. It's on youtube somewhere. It has 1 or 2 seasons.

At some point in the show, these things pop up: vectors (but not Accelerator from Railgun) and a piece of non-mechanical farming equipment.

Also, the numbers: 19 15 21 12

I can't give any hints, because I don't know what it is. I'm seriously thinking Black Butler, but I might be wrong. Please help Cred Forums, I'm going mad thinking what the hell it is.

Steins;Gate? Elfen Lied?

Boku no pico

Vivid Red Operation.

I want Kaguya to sit on me.

I'm want to know your reasoning behind this. I'm pretty sure it's none of those though.

Oh except BNP, that is an obvious

It's 6 am, I like Touhou, ignored most of your descriptions and just dropped two random shows I dislike to spite you.

Touhou is great, I appreciate the attention at least.

Thank you, too.

I just figure there's gotta be some kind of sleuth around here. Supposedly I am "really" close to reaching the show and was not given anymore hints because anything more would give it away. This is when I reached the numbers. I can't figure out what the fuck they mean. I've reversed them, slammed them together, no avail.

Just one thing. Did it air FROM 2008 or just continued from previous years and throughout 2008 too? I know you gave all the hints you knew, but it's fairly vague so even for us f/a/ggots, or at least for sleepy me, it's hard to figure it out.

Soul Eater

It started airing on 2008, yes.

I'm also thinking this as well, but what does it have to do with vectors, as physics terminology and the nunbers?


The numbers are related to the letters of the alphabet.

What about the numbers?

The fucking numbers spell out SOUL.

Whoever gave you this little mystery is a fucking idiot and you only manage to make yourself look like an even worse bumbling moron.

Oh shit. This might be it.

Why the fuck did that not occur to me, I bave no idea.

Probably because you're retarded. Get rid of this thread and kill yourself.

The numbers spell out SOUL

The tutorial puzzles from Layton games have more difficulty than this.

You're right. The numbers threw me off the most because I was really expecting it to be something more complicated. The numbers given to me was described as complicated, so I approached them with more math. Thanks.

Stop posting anytime.