Rules, Regulations and Moderation of Cred Forums

Official New Rules (See & ):
1. Cred Forums won't split into Cred Forums and /ma/ nor will it merge with any other board.
2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
5. Generals be regulated.

Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.
Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one ongoing thread up about this.

Other urls found in this thread:

Requires login:

Requires no login:

People actually think he'll do something?


These digits say it's time to delete these threads, mods.

He's been more active than moot was for ages.


Fucking kill yourself already

>3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
This shit should be moderated by the community, not mods
>4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
Unnecessary. We need more freedom here, not less.
>5. Generals be regulated.
Terrible idea. Excessive moderation is what created the shitposting and generals epidemic in the first place. This will kill what's left of the board.

Please explain how excessive moderation creates signposting and general epidemic?
Cred Forums's demographics changed and we need to drive them out.

Merge Cred Forums with /an/

Can the mods please just ban this authoritarian fuck already?

Why was ConRevo so underrated?

For all these fags saying this thread is shit why does nobody use sage at least

>regulting generals
We youtube now?

If they start regulating stuff, I am getting the fuck out of here. As someone who lurks since 2008, i had enough tolerating NWO Cred Forums.

Selling Cred Forums to ths fucking eleven was moot mistake.

Dubs and I dump ponies on this thread.

This desu



What are some anime

They already "regulate" stuff. What did you think bans was?

>As someone who lurks since 2008
That only makes you not a horrendously new newfag, it doesn't make you an oldfag by any stretch of the term.

what happened to banning generals?

Kill yourself you faggot.


You really want this place to be just like reddit, huh? What's next, bans for saying 'faggot' and 'nigger'?

i'm a big fan of propylamine myself
what's your favorite strain of mango

Replying for relevance.
Sage for pathetic op.

Is this legit or just some dumb fanfic you guys are making?

>NWO Cred Forums

What generals?

>hiro wants board input to make changes
>Cred Forums can't even stay on topic
Don't come crying when he fucks it up.

You're posting hiro in the OP because you know god damn well that is the only way you can get away with forcing shitty meta threads on the board all day for days on end. You are hiding behind his one post to try to remake the entire fucking board in your image and pretend everyone is fine with that. The majority in fact don't want that shit. Browser vs poster is an insanely skewed ratio; a screaming loud minority boosted by dissembling, sophistry laden /qa/faggots don't mean jack shit.

Your transparent ploy to play armchair admin won't do jack shit. You are not the voice of the people, your polls mean nothing, you are wasting your breath thinking hiro will magically fix everything somehow. He won't. All these problems you complain about were maintained under his tenure; isn't out to purge shit or reforge the board.

Get the fuck out and kill yourself you worthless subhuman. I hope mods ignore your shitty polls and permanently ban you from this board.

There is nothing, nothing wrong with Cred Forums besides this general and cocksuckers like you. You /q/ faggots don't know when to stop.

Find the nearest bridge and take a dive, head first. By that, I mean kill yourself.

>ITT newfags discuss the future of the board
Today have been funny, but i'm too tired already, have fun.

>being an oldfag means something in this place in the year 2000+16
this meme needs to die

time changes, and so Cred Forums or anything in this earth. Get used to it or gtfo and create another imageboard were the nostalgiafags and the likes of you can de in peace.

Ban all traps, especially Astoflo or whatever.

Fuck off and die. Or just die.

The instant generals start having "editions" they need to be purged.

Report and move on.

Jojo is up 24/7 even though it is a monthly release. Explain that.

anime is pretty good i think

Ban everything.

Follow your own advice and create your own imageboard?


newfags should just shut the fck up sometimes.

I bet this motherfucker cant even triforce

So you're okay with perfectly off topic threads like "This is you X tonight" then? I personally think sad panda threads should be on /h/ since /h/ is a very slow board and could use the traffic. Granted it isn't a very important issue to me so it's not something I'd be bothered by to keep seeing.

Not the guy you're talking to, but get the fuck out.

Cred Forums doesn't need to change. moots laziness and hands-off approach and the resulting refusal to change is what it kept it alive.

If you want something other than what Cred Forums is right now, you should probably go elsewhere.

Didn't triforce stop working period a few years ago

>Please explain how excessive moderation creates signposting and general epidemic?
Not him, but it stifled creativity and good board culture by deleting posts and threads for being even the slightest bit off-topic.
Encouraged shitposting by removing the onus from the board to be self-moderating.


kana captcha

Other than getting rid of generals Cred Forums doesn't need to change. Meta threads like this sure as shit don't help.

Cred Forums is fine. The only thing it needs is more aggressive and public banning of people asking for recommendations.

This. No discussion at all.

>stay on topic
>Cred Forums - Anime & Manga
Go cry about your leddit-tier meta issues on /qa/ or some shitty blogging board you moronic newfuck.
If you don't like a thread just hide, filter and sage, like I'm doing with this shit.
Self-moderation have worked for years and will continue to do so in the future.

Don't forget to kill yourself.

>3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
This is the only thing I want. This better be real.

I vote we ban text and you can only communicate with anime screenshots, or manga panels/pages, without text in them. This will remove textspeak, niggerspeak, crossboard buzzwords, meta threads, LNshit, request threads, and most other concerns.

Those aren't even off topic. Megumin is your chuuni tonight, how is this offtopic? It's a goddamn Konosuba / Megumin thread.


Also, we don't need a fucking sticky. Stickies give people the impression that we're welcoming to people new to the board and that it was fine to be a newfag piece of shit rather than lurking the fuck more.

>Not posted as news
>Not a sticky
>Not a mod/admin OP
>Using a screenshot of a screenshot as evidence

Stop taking your trip off.

Those aren't off-topic, they're just templates to start a thread about whoever X is or their show. They are, however, cancerous and terrible.

has* Are you happy? I'm actually missing the grammar nazi days.

Yea, I fucking hate that chunni shit. She needs to get removed.

This guy's been spamming his general nonstop

>Cred Forums doesn't need to change. moots laziness and hands-off approach and the resulting refusal to change is what it kept it alive.
Too much moderation kills.

I wasn't kidding. Kill yourself you fuckstain.

still pretty terrible though

Rather than requiring mods to actively police it they should simply install an autoban word-filter.

It's a dumb fucking idea to ask the board what should happen.
A better idea is to ask the janitors. Even if they are all retarded newfags at least they can form a coherent vision of Cred Forums. Even if they fuck up Cred Forums hardcore with their dumb ideas they at least do it consistently.

The most important theme to keep in mind with changes is that they should be anti-reddit changes.
This site should be unlike reddit for self-preservation reasons. The more the moderators and administration make it like other popular messageboards, the more people will just go there instead. The people who like Cred Forums because of how it's NOT like those other places will leave, and the people who do like it because it's now like those other places will just leave to other places that do it better.

That would be interesting. Make a thread and give it a try.

Hey can you turn your trip on so I can filter your posts? Thanks!

lets fix this thread by posting Kumikos

Why so angry? If these threads were in violation of the rules, the mods would have taken action by now. They're not against the rules, and your screaming won't do anything to change that.

Yup, and when moot started to actually do things to try to raise the value of Cred Forums so he could sell it it went downhill faster than ever before.

I know. It's been spamming all day long. But I still find his commitment hilarious, given the poor quality of the bait.

No one said it wasn't shit. But it's not like you or anyone else is bothering to offer up anything better, you just complain.

You can't talk about the plot in hentai on /h/.

>Megumin is now offtopic on Cred Forums
Top lad

They're still on topic. It's literally just because OP didn't feel like outright saying "Konosuba thread", he could've made the OP "Was Megumin actually retarded for not investing more points into other shit" and the result would be the same
Those types of OPs literally don't affect the thread beyond the first ten or so posts because everyone knows it's just a goddamn konosuba thread.

What is my favorite anime?


>5. Generals be regulated.
>makes anti-general general
Fuck off

I have something better than Kumikos.


Worst girl.

>create another imageboard were the nostalgiafags and the likes of you can de in peace
Underage talk! Get banned, bitch.

This is an idea I can get behind

This, Cred Forums is an image board, remove all discussion, everyone happy.

Why not? I'm fine with sad panda being here either way, but to me it makes more sense to talk about porn on a porn board.


mobile suit gundam 0079

/h/ is basically an imagedump board.

I guess we can post worst girl too.

Janitor-kun, do your fucking work desu.

This thread doesn't deserve my rare Kumikos.

Fuck off, phoneposter.


I want to have anal sex with Saber.

Or the janitors could 404 this thread like they are supposed to

Kuro Gal o Kareshi ni Naisho de Chinpo Dorei ni Shite Yatta Hanashi

Every poster below me is a faggot

>Which means this is officially the last meta thread and there is no more need for more.



Forbid game discussion pretending to be anime/manga.

Like cancercolle.

Janitors can't delete threads right?
Also is this literally the worst thread on Cred Forums since accelspammer's shit? Is it actually worse, since he at least dumped loli?

Janitors can't delete threads, newfag.

The janitors don't 404 anything, you stupid newfag. And they aren't "supposed" to do anything; this thread doesn't violate the rules.

Guise he said faggot pls baaaan

I don't know but the last time I checked that was a real rule. If it still is the new Hiroshima boss may change it and then they could talk about hentai over there.


Post smug.


Why couldn't that change? /h/ is super slow and threads last for weeks at a time. If you were on /h/ talking about doujinshi and such you'd be able to post pages instead of just links.
Help me into your mindset that /h/ would not work at all to discuses porn as there's no functional difference between Cred Forums and /h/.


Thanks for the (you)'s. I really needed that

My wife Chino is so cute.

Perhaps Janitor-sama is OP and is doing this to satisfy his (you) fetish.


What anime is pic related from?

>i was just pretending to be retarded

A new Monday is upon us.

I was pretty sure janitors could delete threads in the past. Are you sure?

The word faggot is part of Cred Forums's culture.



>generals be regulated
what does that actually mean on a board-wide level?

I mean, the faggotry in certain generals is very different to others, and what I consider as shitposting (e.g. x is best girl in other words, all monster girls threads unfortunately) others would consider part of the board culture.

The best solution is just to let the board self regulate. Report, hide, ignore if you have a problem.

>this thread doesn't violate the rules.
GR6, GR10
Cred Forums - 1.

Look if you want me to be honest it's because /h/ was only made so Cred Forums would be blue.


Any recommendations on how to kill myself?

There's nothing wrong with admitting that you're new, newfag-kun.

Start visibly redirecting the fujo/homo posters to /cm/ where they belong.

Nagisa dies.
Also, sage.

Fuck off already

GR6 and GR10

Watch Glasslip until you realize the true meaning and your soul escapes your body.


C'mon, can you be any less obvious?? If you shitters were actually trying to make Cred Forums better Kana or even Kanji captcha would be the first choice.

>no doujins

I wonder where people go after Cred Forums.


Take a bunch of Advil

GR6 and GR10 famalam

To the graveyard

1. That's good.
2. Given how utterly entrenched in the process of creating anime and manga and that entire industry light novels are, there's nothing wrong with them be Cred Forums content. Cred Forums and /aco/ are for all Western content, so I suppose I can begrudgingly accept that Cred Forums and /h/ can be for all Eastern content (Korean and Chinese stuff is just heavily derivative from what's made in Japan, anyway).
3. Who the fuck gets to decide what exactly is "underage bait"? How long does a joke go until it's a meme, and how long until that meme is "underage bait"? What the fuck are the criteria at all? THIS IS BULLSHIT. WE HAVE WORD FILTERS. USE THEM.
4. User moderation via sages, ignoring threads, and other such functionalities have always been better than separate moderation. More mods has never, ever been a better thing for any board.
5. No. Either ban them outright or do nothing to them. This half-assed approach to fixing problems never actually fixes anything. It just makes everyone upset.

I don't fucking come to Cred Forums to have a vocal minority using authority systems to control content. This fucking website has always been about zeitgeist and cultural evolution at hyperspeed. There is nothing wrong with this site. It doesn't need more or better moderation. It doesn't need more stringent rules. Get your bullshit bureaucracy out of here.

Cred Forums can't read moon for shit.

They go to donate to Reimu's donation box only to realize they're even more broke than she is

I'd say hell but we're already there.


I activate Monster Reborn


come on mods, it's just spam at this point.

report this cancerous general

The real world to become productive members of society(i.e Normalfriends)

There are too many EOPs on Cred Forums, but you're right.

I don't speak sushi hostess


You can easily learn basics.

Hell is far deeper than you give it credit for my friend

Kana is literally a week's worth of memorization fuck you can keep the chart open if you need to for actual EOPs

>was absolutely sure that despite fujoshit Shinoa would get multiple doujins and would get the smug fucked out of her
>still nothing
>Shinoa remains smug
Well I take my hat off to her, she actually defeated the penis.

>Expecting me to read moon during Real Nigga Hours

BAN trap threads, fuck faggots and their homoposting, traps are not even that cute or sexy anyway.


ban this guy

Contrary to what people assume, Global Rule 6 is not a weapon that you can invoke to get rid of any pleb discussion that you personally disapprove of. Global Rule 10 is not in violation, as these threads only ever appear one at a time. Creating a thread one after the other does not count as spam or flooding; at worst, this thread is general status, but those aren't against the rules.

In any case, none of these threads have been deleted, and the mods have already deleted several off-topic threads in the last few hours, so it clearly isn't seen as a violation of the rules.

Assuming you aren't immediately eaten, do they have shitposting machines?

>fuck faggots
t. faggot

No reason to implement this in an english speaking board.

>Kana is literally a week's worth of memorization fuck you can keep the chart open if you need to for actual EOPs
That's why kanji captcha is the way to go.

>fuck you
Please use commas, I thought you were being unnecessarily rude at first.

No u!

As long as I can discuss Netorare freely as much as needed, we are good.

These mods better not turn into faggy powertrippers who view their own board as their little fiefdom.

And they better not be newfaggt redditors like most mods.

At least Krul got some attention.

>Kana is literally a week's worth of memorization fuck you can keep the chart open if you need to for actual EOPs
Only if you're smart. I've had this as my background and it didn't work,

Mods are faggots that enjoy and protect generals.
Such a big surprise.

Back to watch anime and read manga actually.

Non-humans should go away.

Here's the thread the morons are posting from.


Unless its a Panda thread thats dedicated to Traps

>t. faggot
t. crossboarder

>week's worth
Not even. It took me one day to drill hiragana into my head back when I was only about 14 or 15.

>as these threads only ever appear one at a time
The other one was up when this one was created and is still up now.

>That's why kanji captcha is the way to go.
Meanwhile chinks like myself don't even need to know a lick of Japanese to pass that one (even if I know some rudimentary nip), is that what you want to be flooded by chinks? Or do kanji captchas ask you to type out their pronunciation or something?

Just pay attention to them
Copy the table a hundred times while reading them aloud
Then copy it backwards a hundred times
Do this every other day for a week, we're done.

Yes well I've never seen anyone take longer than a week. Also some people might forget if they "learn" it then don't use it.

>mods actually deleting kys posts
>mods actually listening to this shit
>mods obeying fucking polls done over the course of 6 hours during Aussie hours
I'm done.

Fuck this shit

"lol" is not an underage piece of bait. It's a fucking acronym that's older than this board and most of the people on this board.

Where can I upvote to show my support for your anal pain, redditor?

What do you expect from newshit mods?

We are witnessing the end of days

Literally almost all of these suggestions are the LURK MORE suggestions.

/ai/ is not a general.

fucking this

No, BAN ALL TRAPS, I shouldn't get boners looking at pics and then layer found out that they're actually male, I'm not a fucking faggot, and I hate homo shit.

>>mods actually deleting kys posts
Thank God.

>mfw user is a monster


New posting requirements

1. Cannot create semen-slurping meta gens. Punishable by death.

2. Must lurk 2.7 years before posting.

3. Minimum requirement of 200 shows and 300 manga under your belt

4. Not poor

Mods have always deleted kys on Cred Forums you idiot, go fuck yourself back to YouTube.

Mate you literally don't need to look at the middle part and the diacritic'd ones can be memorized one for each row.

>this is a good thing
I'm censored from telling you what to do, but I think your family and acquaintances have already told you

I'm usually for community moderation but I'm fine with banning frogposters.

>mods actually deleting kys posts

>4. Not poor
You sound like a woman.

>Cred Forums: a more inclusive place


Fuck off redditor

Kys and chat speak have always been bannable you dumbfuck. Kill yourself.

This thread needs more repeating digits.

how the fuck can we check the time they lurk here user?
its impossible


Kill yourself.
Irony. Take your shit bait with you on the way out faggot.

We're all little girls here user, but that was in 2003. Some of us have grown into beautiful women, some of us into oneechans, some of us into sluts, and some of us into cakes. Some of us got lost on our way and became landwhales though.

If you were forced to use it for your daily shitposting, you would be a master of the moonrunes already.

You sound like a poorfag spic.

Oh look Cred Forums is having it's daily meltdown again. Carry on then

In a world of tradition sometimes newcomers must be driven out.


It bothers you, doesn't it?

5. Phoneposting punishable by ban

6. Don't obey rules because this is Cred Forums

7. No one with any form of social media account or experience posting on anime forums or reddit is to be tolerated

8. Hiro is a newfag don't listen to him

9. Every day is repost day

Read the rules newfag.

How about a 5?

Little girls don't grow up.

Hey, mods.
If you're going to let this pathetic, sad and idiotic meta general continue for God knows how many more threads, could you at least stop with the auto-sage on loli threads?
I mean, have some consistency.

And yet was purged from this board after general consensus decided it was stupid and only used by retards. If you're in an IMAGEboard, you use an IMAGE to describe your feelings, not a acronym.
You understand now, newfriend?

This is an inclusive thread, user. I'll have to report you for wishing someone else's death



how about a 8.

I'm white.

KoK, return to us and save Cred Forums.

i think the mods and the users should switch places

Where's gorespammer and accelspammer when we need them?

It was never purged you poser.

>Armless loli draws better than you


>during Aussie hours

>3. Minimum requirement of 200 shows and 300 manga under your belt
You have to be a virgin NEET to post here?
Get the fuck out

Check 'em

All of us must grow up eventually user. All things that begin must also end. Girls grow up. Boys become faggots. Toy Story gets boring



>shitposting meta thread turned into a dubs thread

>it's still fucking up

might as well name this thread the "shitposting containment general"

Can fun threads be back? Serious question here not a shitpost.


Id permaban this faggot

>little girls grow up
What the fuck are you talking about user? Little girls don't age or grow up, they are little girls forever.

Yes now fuck off you casual cocksucker.

Let's bust Kimmo out of jail so he can save Cred Forums.

You seem to have a fundamental misconception of what this board is. This isn't a normalfag board. Get the fuck out. This isn't for you.

I miss da Moot.

This was a good doujin.

>implementing headcanon rules
>this fuckhead isn't banned yet
>mods give 0 shits about doing their job




Look at it this way: he asked for these threads to be made in order to get some form of board suggestions. They can either be made and potentially ignored or not made and have absolutely no potential to be read.
It would be kind of foolish to waste this opportunity, no matter how little the chance, as it's still better than zero.

Moot cowered as the doors to his panic room were being punched down. Every powerful Australian fist banging against them shook the rooms walls, and sent Moots framed images of Woody Allen and Shimon Peres falling to the floor. He backed into the corner but realistically he knew he had nowhere to go, as the door collapsed open under the Australian assault

What Moot saw in the doorway stunned him
A large, well tanned man, with an outback hat on his head and a Zyzz tattoo on his shoulder.
"G'day mate". bellowed the man, as he walked towards Moot. ''Get them poofter fucking skinny jeans off mate".

Moot knew he had to do as he was told. The last time he tried to fight an Australian, his website was destroyed.

"D-d-d-on't hurt me please", stuttered Moot, "I'll expose my anus like you exposed my janitors"

The Australian man smiled as Moot began to undress in front of him
"Corr, fair dinkum mate, thats a pretty nice dick". Moot tried to smile at the compliment, but he couldn't smile knowing what was about to happen. "Listen mate" continued the Aussie; "You'll have to do a sexy dance, at the moment an erection is like a Cred Forums pass, I'm not getting one because Moot isn't doing anything for me"

Moot stood up and began to sway his body from one way to the next. He could see the Aussie begin to smile, and he could see his penis begin to stand. Moot was, at this point, in tears, and completely humiliated. "Thats right mate, keep crying you soft bloody wanker" laughed the Aussie. "The floods of tears right now could drown Queensland", he bantered.

Moot looked at the Aussie and got down on all fours. He turned round and said "P-please, just fuck me and leave"
The Aussie laughed once more and looked at Moot
"What do you think I am, some sort of poofter?".
The Aussie left the room, with moot by himself, in a puddle of tears, his anus exposed to the open air.


Also lolispammer and spookasa.
I miss those guys.

Nice general

>Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.

Can we add "fuck off" to that? It's becoming Cred Forums's new downvote now that sage is invisible.




Fuck off faggot


Check them


fuck off

Can you dubsfaggots actually go to [s4s] and drag someone competent here this is just fucking embarassing






Didn't manage to quote yourself but to (you) someone in the future is impressive in its own way.

check my digits

You're shit at this.

Dammit, now I have -2 karma!

[s4s] is property of Cred Forums, as such, we are [s4s].

how is this thread still up

Offbyone Kenobi


You too.


Has anyone in this thread managed to call a DIGITs yet even
This is a piss-poor display for one of the oldest boards on the site.

Since this thread is already a mess, can we summon Diaz?
Being a while since I last shitted on him.

Hiro said we're allowed to have meta threads for a while.


I hope he do something with this shit

mmm checked



shut the fuck up,

this thread has zero discussion and it's just a stealth shitposting thread at this point

No he didn't, he said you can have 'one' thread. This is like the tenth thread.


BAN traps, it's gay and it's RUINING this board.



He said that at first but yesterday he revised it to say we can have an ongoing discussion.



Weird how I'm the only one getting any digits while shitting on dubsposters.




no he fucking didn't you liar,

you're using this as an excuse to shitpost

Nice 5.

I've watched well over 400 series and own over 250 of DVD/BD and I'm a normalfag. Now what?


[citation needed]

FUCK my internet lagged I was sure I was going to net a 33.
Shouldn't have uploaded Ilias fuck you Ilias




i've got some bad news for you

This is going so well. Hopefully this was all an elaborate trick to gather the undesirables in one place and purge them.

Looks like your luck's run out.





Sucks doesn't it.





It's time.

Nice thread, it'd be a shame if someone got DOUBLES.


Impressive how you bunch are managing to pre-(yoiu), is this the new meme?

The question about LN's is unfair. I want to vote for the status quo

Only extant anime and manga adaptations of LN's are allowed on Cred Forums.



nice samefagging


traps aren't new, and if they were going to ruin the board, it would have happened long ago, newfriend

If fives, I don't fucking know.

We get S3 of FMP?

traps are gay, they do nothing but attract fags to this board, and they trick normal people like me into spilling loads.

This confuses me

All me.
is me too.

>mfw spamming dubs actually fucking improves this thread
Speaks volumes desu

that's not what samefagging is



end your life immediately

You're a big finger

I'll make you ride my Shinkansen if you don't shut up


Where the fuck do you newshits come from that you don't know what samefagging is?

So many retards have been misusing it the last few months.

Good thing I'm behind 7 proxies.

>this thread

Piss off faggot, I'm not new nor gay.


For (You)


Has it ever not?

It's been missused since like 2009.



desu I can't even imagine they're newfags since samefagging actually has a completely self-evident name. Tripfagging might not since newfags often dont know the difference between a trip and a name, but seriously how does one misinterpret samefagging?

thick get out



Fantastic discussion,

surely this thread will help improve Cred Forums because it clearly doesn't have anything wrong in it.

I fucked up

These are your sisters for tonight.

General bans were enforced relatively successfully twice since 2008. I don't believe you're from 2008.
Enjoy your game of pretend.

The problem with generals isn't what shows or franchises they're following. The general as a medium itself is antithetical to Cred Forums.


Dubs confirm, there's clearly nothing wrong with dubs.

You are new and a faggot.

t. butthurt OP with dubs



This is now a numbers thread. You must now check your numbers or leave.

I want to cum inside Chino.

If dubs, none of OP's rules are valid and he'll be banned then his faggots on /qa/ will have their thread taken away.

Praise Kek.


I like how these idiotic posts are always by people that can't even bother to format their capitalization and punctuation.

Really outs you as someone that needs to lurk more.


>banning cuck

What a bunch of pussies.

Also have the mods given up?

I REALLY don't like these trips.


Fives will work too.

Hiro, I think you will find this diagram illuminating.
Please consider it.

>What a bunch of pussies.
You are son of a bitch.


So! What is happening here?

Not dubs fuck off

Reply to this post your mother will die tonight.

as if hiro will take this cancerous thread to heart


If Dubs or 5's this is now an alt right appreciation station thread


Hiro-kun most of us don't want more regulation. The ones that want regulation are limp wristed faggots that want to turn Cred Forums into a safe place.

Keep things as they are.

Fuck off

First of all checked

>Also have the mods given up?
We have been having a very insightful conversation these past few days.

Nothing changes?

please allow sound threads and embedded files



Nothing much.





>scat shota posting
>scat shota with watersports posting
While this might reek of ye olde dayz I REALLY don't like this.

>this rule breaking thread is still fucking up

The mods have reached a new low at this point




If you don't like it, hide and ignore it.


Mods only delete Keit-ai posts.

>5. Generals be regulated.
Wait, wasn't there something about, I don't know, purging that shit? Like the Jojo threads that even start with fucking pastebins in the OP.


Dubs confirm

Nice dubs, have a shota.

>hiro does this because it looks pretty and he has no clue


Who was in the wrong here Cred Forums?


Please stop

Absolutely Yugi/10

The only way traps can be banned is if you add Keit-ai to them.

BAN trap threads on Cred Forums!
They do nothing but bring faggots to Cred Forums
For those unaware, a trap is a boy made to look exactly like a girl, fooling normal people like me into releasing their semen only to find out that they have been masturbating to a boy.

What are you doing?

How can such a rule breaking thread still be alive?

tell me why because this is literal chaos and autism


Isn't it great user


>normies on my Cred Forums
Not on my fucking watch

fug here come the bans

>admin offers chance for user input to be heard
>w-we're perfect so we'll just shitpost everything to death
Yup, no problems here.

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

No, it's wrong and gay and I hate it!


>that childish damage control
You're a little kid, aren't you?

Really shows the ability of the jannys.


It's mostly a bunch of generalfags who are desperate to stop anons from talking about their generals.

Oh lord community moderation. This is going to go great. And it started on Cred Forums. Can't see how this is going to go wrong. Nope.

>5. Generals be regulated.
We seriously need an /ag/ instead.

It is unironically superior to the earlier contents of the thread.

We've already had plenty of threads.

What about hidden keit-ai?

>saves trap images



>if you don't support a literal thread made for shitposting you must be a generalfag

>Keit愛 OST


OP Full:
ED 1 Full:
ED 2 Full:

>Keit愛 TVアニメ

EP 1:
EP 13:

>Keit愛: 君の名は。


>we will fight generals
>by making our own shitposting general

>Hiro allows a board-based discussion so board users can come to a general consensus on what the major issues are
>Except this is Cred Forums so nobody ever agrees on anything and everyone here already knows that
>Some autist keeps spamming this thread back to back thinking quantity will eventually lead to quality


All we need to do is kill generals.
Not move them to another board, just delete them.
Generals are the source of everything that is wrong with current Cred Forums.

Google "A boy falls in love with a girl". Shit bricks.


I bet you fantasise about that you are homo, but no, I am a normal adult and I distance myself from faggots.
I delete them you idiot.


This thread is unironically better than at least 3/4 of the current Cred Forums.

The only thing 'wrong' with current Cred Forums is saucefags.

Until there is some official feedback, the threads must go on. Simple as that.

Fuck off back to your general, manchild.

>made for shitposting
Unfortunately for you, mods are not this stupid, hence them not deleting the threads while deleting the spam. I know you want to be able to have an autistic little mod rule to silence criticism, but it's not fucking working.


Keit-ai is already a manga. Stop posting it.

Pacific Rim style.

kill yourself

>Unfortunately for you, mods are not this stupid, hence them not deleting the threads while deleting the spam. I know you want to be able to have an autistic little mod rule to silence criticism, but it's not fucking working.
>the threads must go on
Holy shit it's actually OP assblasted to hell and back


It's already a meme, so you don't need to post it anymore.

The official feedback is fuck off.

>a literal thread made for shitposting
Just because you can't help but shitpost doesn't mean the thread was made for it.

Yes, deal with it.

Why are you lying to yourself user?

The only anons shitposting here are the ones who don't want their generals being moderated, hence an outright autistic kneejerk response to the idea of change.

Cred Forums has problems and the more you retards try and spam threads discussing them, the more apparent these issues become. Do you realise how fucking taking such action is? Are you able to see beyond your feet?


All generals are filled by leddit humor and crossboarders. How is that not wrong?

Lack of user awareness is the major issue. People shit up the board constantly with multiple threads based around the same seasonal shortest (Re:Zero right now) without bothering or caring to check the catalog prior.

Oh no, the thread is made for shitposting.The consensus has been reached, or as close as Cred Forums will come to a consensus. Fuck off. Hiro allowed ONE thread. He did not allow more.


>Until there is some official feedback, the threads must go on. Simple as that.

Stop making these threads you literal fucking retard, can't you see that repatedly spamming threads is just going to invite more and more shitposters? and you won't get feedback for awhile

the conclusion has been made and it has no reason to fucking continue.

Cred Forums has always been shit because Cred Forums constantly devolves into metapost bitchfests about literally everything

Hiro allowed one thread up at a time.
This should be obvious from the fact that this thread is still up.


I'm not OP.

The words of an autistic screaming minority is not official feedback.
Your insecurity is fucking pathetic.

So ignore them and report them.

I am proud to be part of the Keit-ai generation.

>D-d-discuss things with me
>H-h-how dare you disagree with me?!
>Get out you m-m-meanie!


This thread is still up too

Nah, only little kids feel that their masculinity is threatened by FICTIONAL CONTENT.
Global Rule #2:
>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

I'm not! You're just being annoying!

>Stop making these threads you literal fucking retard
I'm not making them.
Fuck off back to your general if you don't like seeing these threads. Taste your own medicine.

That thread is only 5 minutes old.

My initial reason for this was to show that as it is, the board is functioning in a manner I am satisfied with. There's a healthy space for any 'I hate these threads, make more like how I want', it's up to you to make thread others will be interested to participate in. The so called problematic threads (generals, Maji, Precure etc) have many hundreds of replies and have lasted in some cases multiple days.

So if you suddenly want to go on a tirade of 'not allowed', 'can't talk like that in my hugbox', you're going to kill and piss off the majority of the people. What's the percentage of threads on that image that fall into the original 'problematic' category this whole mess started from?

Imageboards are not forums, so things are pruned after they fill up and auto sage to death. So trying to have utterly every space filled will kill the board faster than what users would like (like how over the years we went from 50 -> 100 -> 150 -> 500 posts per thread, and increased to 15 pages). For an imageboard to function there needs to be a way for threads to survive and not push each other out, I think our current situation suits that well. I doubt notMoot wants to add more pages (please no more post limit changes, anything over 3k posts can kill browsers and they become spamfests).

Just leave this mess the fuck alone. Generals are not as big a problem as they were 5 years ago, look at the fucking image. You'd only server to split the board and that will only create more problems.

I seriously thought this was an elaborate troll.

The threads are being shitposted because we've done this thread fucking enough and it has just become the very problem we don't want. The threads are going no where. Wait a few days and try again instead of making it an actual general that basically everyone but a small minority of people have stopped using.

Why is Cred Forums so bad at making memes?>

>All generals are filled by leddit humor and crossboarders.
[citation needed]

Just because Fate and Keion generals are doesn't mean that all are.

I've been doing that. Now take a moment and look at Cred Forums front page to see if that's doing anything.


>Fuck off back to your general
You are posting in and defending a general.

Learn proper spelling and grammar, babby.

>4. Not poor


user won the thread here.

This is literally what the shitposters who want these thread deleted have done. Get some self awareness.

There is a reason why these threads have been allowed to go on while spam has been deleted. When even the shitty mods disagree with you, you don't really have a leg to stand on. Keep up the spam, though. I'm sure it will work.
Fucking sperg.

probably because Cred Forums is uniquely hostile to memes in general, especially memes that originated anywhere but in Cred Forums

>Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.

we tumblr now?




>after a million tries
nah bra

>Fuck off back to your general if you don't like seeing these threads. Taste your own medicine.

wow so you're defending a shitty meta general,

you're definetly the op because only a literal retards who spam these shitty meta threads can only be assblasted as you.

again the consensus has been made so no more threads of this kind needs to be made.

Well, I've been in the military, I'm definitely an adult and definitely NOT a faggot.

You are immune to irony, aren't you?


>bunch of neckbeards who watch little girl cartoons are have no creativity
Who would have guessed?

Generals actually discuss anime. This thread discusses how to get dank dubs and posting rare Adolfo's.

>little kids masculinity
GTFO normie.

Because Cred Forums only makes special memes with enough meme magic to make them real (Katawa Shoujo) or the number one movie in Japan (Makoto Shinkai's Keit-ai).

I wish I was as cute as professor.

>Hiro allowed one thread up at a time.
It says one thread per board. Not one thread up at all times on each board.
What are you attempting to fucking get?

>The words of an autistic screaming minority is not official feedback.
You will literally never get 'official feedback' from Anonymous. You can't fucking walk up to Anonymous and ask him 'what is the opinion of this board'. It literally doesn't work that way, and you're hardly fucking unbiased seeing as you dismiss people you disagree with as 'shitposters' and insecure' and 'autistic minority'. How new do you have to be for you to think an UNOFFICIAL thread will garner any significant level of feedback especially when the threads have obviously overstayed their welcome in the eyes of many?

You are literally in a fucking general right now, and an OFF TOPIC general. It is literally off topic. In what show or in what manga is this shit applicable to?

Good job.

The dubs are literally still fucking there.

This actually explains /mlp/.

Someone make Hiro read this fucking thread.

>Generals actually discuss anime

I bet your masturbating right now user

fucking this

We're basically the #1 reaction picture generator though.

No one cares for your cool stories. You need to leave, son.

>implying Keit-ai is bad
>implying Cred Forums has bad memes

Cred Forums has long-lasting memes that normalfags will never understand, so there's no chance of cancerous assimilation.

>It says one thread per board. Not one thread up at all times on each board.
Then why were none of the threads deleted? Riddle me that.

New thread when?

>Generals actually discuss anime.

see You dense fuck.

>Generals actually discuss anime.
A few cracking examples.

>You are literally in a fucking general right now, and an OFF TOPIC general
You mean like the ones we have on the catalouge right now? Just how fucking stupid can you be to miss the point this fucking hard?
Go spam those generals as much as you are spamming this thread and stop being a fucking hypocrite.

Can Hiro just delete /qa/, re-introduce /q/ and re-direct all of these pointless meta threads to there?
Make it fucking stop, please.

Get out frogposter

Do you want him to commit seppuku? Because that's how you get him to commit seppuku.

More like japan is.

Mods are expecting anons to kill the threads because they fear hiro.

>an UNOFFICIAL thread
Uh user this is official thread kept alive by the grace of our admin Hiro himself.

>Go spam those generals as much as you are spamming this thread and stop being a fucking hypocrite.
I would if the mods didn't babysit them to the point shit can get deleted within 30 seconds.

because the mods keep falling for that fucking image about hiro allowing these threads when it actually says "one par board".

he didn't meant a fucking constant stream of them


>Do you want him to commit sudoku?

>>Generals actually discuss anime.
> →
> →
> →
> →
>A few cracking examples.

>>A few cracking examples.
>kill creativity
>kick buyfags
end your life

Yes, but it doesn't count if I assume it's a girl.
Dude you totally called me a kid!

Delete multiple threads.
start with Reee:zero

>because the mods keep falling for that fucking image
The mods aren't as dumb as you.

OP is a gook from /qa/ attempting to force gookshit on Cred Forums.

Just check his posts in /qa/

Start with Fate/shit

>links threads that are actually related to anime

holy shit I thought you couldn't get more retarded but I was clearly wrong.

you have literal brain damage.

>Katawa Shoujo

What else has busted through reality with meme magic??


It's a butthurt generalfag who doesn't want Cred Forums talking about generals in respect moderation, hence trying to shit up these threads. What he fails to see is that everything that this thread stands for in terms of being a general and being off-topic is a reflection of everything wrong with the actual board generals.

Hence the need for a discussion about moderation, based on Hiro asking us to do this.

We have a board for drawfags. It isn't Cred Forums. This is a discussion board for anime and manga.
What part of discussing anime and manga is buying toys and discussing international shipping? We have a fucking board for toys and if that board cannot facilitate them, then they need to go somewhere else. Cred Forums is not your personal help support page for buying merchandise.

>Whines about generals ruining the board
>Decides the best way to fix that is to ruin the board himself

What are you? Fucking gay?!


Cred Forums also did it with Ebola-chan.

Also Cred Forums killing Lemmy.

DJT has no more connection to anime then a general about travelling to japan.
I think you've confused /jp/ with Cred Forums.

>asking us

it's just you fucking trying to enforce this shit.

don't include me with your autism

>related to anime
Which are more on-topic on other boards which have been created specifically for their topics.
Which one of those cancerous circlejerks are you apart of, user?

Overlord General discusses the Overlord anime at times despite mostly focusing on the LN.
Jojo general occasionally touches upon the titular anime / manga.
Naruto ""general"" (nuked) talks about the manga and the sequel manga.
etc. etc.
No matter how little they might talk about it, they DO, and they also discuss things that are likely to be adapted in the next season (never).
Meanwhile THIS general is discussing things applicable nowhere within the scope of this board, it's not an arguable matter, it's not like "oh well LNs might be Cred Forums maybe not...?". No. Until there is an anime about fucking Cred Forums this shit is off topic.

>Buyfag thread
For ANIME mechandise.
>waifu and husbando / drawfag
At the very least those characters come from anime yes?
Helps you read untranslated shit.
See how they're all at least marginally fucking okay?

>You mean like the ones we have on the catalouge right now? Just how fucking stupid can you be to miss the point this fucking hard?
So you're saying that to fight cancer you choose to create cancer? You're saying that this thread becomes acceptable cancer despite being far more off topic than any of those because cancer exists? Should we invite tumblr and facebook here en-masse because reddit has already arrived? Fuck off.
Answer me already. Some of the most cancerous fucking generals in existence such as Jojo or Overlord are more relevant to the board than your shit. By your own rules this general needs to be nuked immediately you fucking hypocrite.

Oh really, then why the fuck is the OP not a fucking mod or anyone of actual ability to say when a conclusion has been reached?

That's like fucking saying that Cred Forums isn't allowed to talk about Steam because Steam isn't a videogame.

>it's just you
No, it's not.

>even constant mod attention has not stopped Keit-ai from spreading


>Yes, but it doesn't count if I assume it's a girl.

That's how it starts user, soon you'll have a unstoppable urge for cock

>Helps you read untranslated shit.
So I get you have never lurked DJT

go read the fucking thread because you clearly don't visit them.

This is you, ain't it?

Keit-ai is the biggest one yet. It even beat Watamote getting an anime.

yes it is,

fuck off you literal autist, stop trying to push your "strawpolled" rules because they're fucking unreliable and represent a small majority.

No, that's how it's supposed to be.

Relegating discussion to one thread per show is the cause of generals.

Let's assume it isn't just you for a second
Do you think a consensus will be reached? If not why stir shitstorms with inane and pointless threads that ARE offtopic literally by definition.

I look at the OP and I see things related to learning Japanese which will help me read untranslated manga and perhaps translate them for my fellow anons. Wew fucking lad.

>everything wrong with the actual board generals
Few of Cred Forums's generals are any owrse than the rest of the board, you're just another troll parroting baseless crap you saw someone else to to see if you have a chance at trashing Cred Forums for your own kicks.

end your life

>newfags and cancer throwing a tantrum
We must be in the right track

Wait is this shit actually a fucking thing? Was the guy who kept saying 'reminder to stop posting that' actually telling the fucking truth?

>Relegating discussion to one thread per show is the cause of generals.
Are you an idiot? Generals are born from constant circlejerking even when there's no new material to discuss, having 1 or 20 threads doesn't really account into that.


The Fappening comes to mind, but I think that was more reddit than Cred Forums.

b-but muh board culture

Circlejerking happens with or without generals.
Generals emerge from growing fanbases that want to talk about the shows/mangas.

>Helps you read untranslated shit

>I look at the OP and I see things related to learning Japanese
Fucking lurk more, DJT is nothing more than circlejerk and memes.
All the things in the doc can be found in google.

A classic case of meme magic right here.

Also, nice boat.

I'm not here to justify your cancerous general, faggot. That's your job and so far you haven't convinced anyone else aside generalfags. The rest of Cred Forums wants your generals gone.

No. Let me guess: you're a generalfag. They have a habit of desperately creating boogeymen to scapegoat their thread failings onto.

Is this you, OP?


>Oh really, then why the fuck is the OP not a fucking mod or anyone of actual ability to say when a conclusion has been reached?
Because we must reach ourselves.
Hiro is teaching us how to self-moderate again.

That didn't only kill 15 people. It also killed archivemoe.

Not a fucking argument generalfag-who-approves-of-the-worst-general-on-this-fucking-board-which-violates-GR6.
>why the mods not doing anything
The mods rarely crack down on anything on Cred Forums that is how it is and how it always was.

>You don't have to have watched and anime or read a manga in order to discuss figurines.
Yeah and you don't need to be interested in guns to buy one so that doesn't belong on /k/. Fuck off, this is weaksauce and you know it, anime merchandise is the lifeblood of the industry as a whole to begin with it's only natural that the products based on anime should be discussed here. You are the newfag.

>We have a fucking board for drawfags. Cred Forums is not Deviantart.
Doesn't matter they're tangentially related to anime, more than this thread can say.

>If you haven't noticed, all of the discussion related to anime and manga is via subs or scanlations
That's fucking wrong though you faggot, have you never been to a manga thread to see moonreaders live translate shit?

>Use the fucking boards we have instead of dumping everything tangentially related into Cred Forums.
That's right.

>You don't have to have watched and anime or read a manga in order to discuss figurines.

and those figurines are related to ANIME

>We have a fucking board for drawfags. Cred Forums is not Deviantart.

ANIME related images

>There are lot of things which are marginally related to hobbies. Dumping them all in the one board is what kills boards.

ironically enough your literal stream of threads is a general and it's killing this board.

Number 3 sounds fucking retarded. will there be a list of non allowed terms or do mods get to decide. What's to stop them from banning people for saying shit they don't like based on that shitty rule?
Also why not give gookshit their own board? LNs kinda makes sense since since a bunch of them get turned into anime even if it is shit.

>Generals discuss anime

I bet you think buyfag threads belong on /toy/ don't you? You'd be wrong.

>Absolutely no Japanese figurines. Action figures are permitted.

>Use the fucking boards we have instead of dumping everything tangentially related into Cred Forums.
>he says, while dumping shit that isn't even tangentially related through ten degrees of separation to Cred Forums

Its you.


Generals only are allowed because there are mods posting in them.

I like how the terrible post quality in this thread is indicative of the post quality in all generals.
These feedback threads were a 1st person show in how generals become terrible so quickly.

the only general consensus was newfags who coudn't figure out how the board culture actually worked coming together and assuming lol was one of the things you were supposed to look down on, along with emoticons and no recs, but that's all it was, trying to blend in and being able to get away with it during a period when no one could be assed to remember what the site actually was like or how it operated.

>The mods rarely crack down on anything on Cred Forums that is how it is and how it always was.
Unless the community decides that they should, and that's why we have this thread.
Sorry, the owner of the site has more authority than you in this matter.

I found OP

>posting on Cred Forums for the memes

Forever a newfag.

He's lying I'm OP.


How the fuck are you going to get the 'community' to speak in an anonymous imageboard? Make a declaration. Make a public poll IP locked with captcha. Declare it on a set date. Run it for a full day or two days. Then we will have some modicum of ''consensus'', although even then you are guaranteed crossboarding fucks will raid us into the ground.
The consensus right now is that whatever else happens we don't want the thread, just look at the numer of unique IPs telling you to fuck off as their first post.

What do you guys think about manga board?

Fucking stupid.

No unless you provide a compelling argument that hasn't been covered in the last 10 threads.

>is indicative of the post quality in all generals
[citation needed]


It could be good without generals, manga threads are too slow for Cred Forums

People who think buyfag should go /toy/ legitimately do not understand this site they claim to have been on for 10+ years. You'd have to change the rules on /toy/ first dumbass.

What said.

You shit up the thread, OP. You started this. General-culture had no involvement.
Not necessary.

Anime and manga are locked at the hip. As so should Cred Forums. We're better off changing Cred Forums to /am/.

literally fuck off,

hiro's post only says "one thread per board" not a fucking general.

you're just manipulating his words just so you can keep on making this fucking thread.

also the strawpoll hardly represents the majority of Cred Forums and it can be easily manipulated.

in conclusion,

you're a literal retard

I didn't do shit the thread up.

>without generals

A slow-ass board that would strain to fill 10 pages with anything at all = threads will last weeks if not months. Like I said, it's fucking stupid. You'll have generals way worse than any on Cred Forums, unless you bend over backwards so fucking far you snap your spine arguing that a continuous thread on a topic manned by like 10 people milking it along for weeks or months is not a general if it's not on Cred Forums.

>maximum damage control engaged
Oh wait I'm sorry this belongs on Cred Forums or some shit right

Can't see how it'd work really, it'd just be hipster manga the board since sufficiently popular manga stay on just fine.
I had the idea of merging LNs, Manga, WNs, and anime into a single board with a bigger catalogue although that'd cause it's own problems.


just because you lost to The Cock doesn't mean that everyone else has to

>losing to a spaniard
¡Así debe de ser, cabrón!



You shat the thread up by insisting they were made when they had overstayed their welcome. This is like a more extreme version of us shitting on naruto, except with the difference of you actually not having an argument. Naruto is still anime, they can use that argument. This is not anime.

Because they're newfags or normalfags?

>it'd just be hipster manga the board since sufficiently popular manga stay on just fine.
I dislike this because you have defined sufficiently popular by their ability to stay alive on Cred Forums, which is ~5th fastest board on Cred Forums. You end up with overrepresentation of Jump and few other hyper-popular manga.
I don't see why any manga outside of this exceedingly small set is "hipter" unless you choose to define everything based off Cred Forums which is silly since it's speed has increased dramatically since old Cred Forums.

Aren't mods trained to distinguish what is a shitpost and what is allowed? The fact that they ban/delete whatever they personally don't like (E.g. criticizing their taste) is bullshit enough as it is.

>threads will last weeks if not months
And? that doesn't make threads generals in fact most generals are pretty fast.
You have literally no arguments i bet you don't even read manga.

>Because they're newfags or normalfags?
I don't know, you tell me.
But the claim that anime and manga are too close to split falls flat when majority of Cred Forums doesn't even read manga.

Just look at the Berserk and Jojo threads. Most of their content is from mangoes. A recent sticky was about Guts getting off the boat, which hasn't happened in any Berserk anime.

And? That makes them a fucking general thread if you have one thread on a topic and that's it. A go-to thread for (title). A general thread. You're fucking brain damaged if you don't understand that it would make a circlejerking atmosphere far worse than any on Cred Forums.

That stick was like a year ago.

wow you're such a newfag

I bet you missed the Zetsubou sensei sticky and I bet all the anons who laughed in that thread is laughing at your autism OP

I guess weekly threads for airing anime are generals too.
You are fucking retarded, kill yourself.

>is laughing

Nobody would do that. Generals are always fast because people start using them as a chatroom and they hit the bump limit quick.

A slow thread lasing a week or two that stays on topic is perfectly fine.
It would only have general cancer if people started blog posting and erping etc.

>Are you in the tiny minority that only posts in one board?
Completely irrelevant, how new are you? You don't say 'yo actually I'm from Cred Forums' or 'lads I'm actually a fa/tg/uy'.
>tiny minority
Proof? Statistics? Evidence?

>We haven't decided anything yet
The number of new IPs telling you to end yourself would indicate otherwise. Just deal with it, stop making the threads, nobody has to know it was you.

Look, even the mods agree. Fuck off already, the beauty of Cred Forums is that nobody will know you're a fucking faggot in the next thread.

Well I'm saying 'hipster' basically as 'manga that not enough people recognize or are interested in talking about on Cred Forums'. Again I think the best solution is to simply expand the board catalog and strongly discourage duplicate threads, this way even with all the seasonals there's plenty of room for old, unpopular, etc. manga and anime.

You didn't laugh after seven years huh.

No, they're not, because they're typically not continuous besides the most absolute popular ones.

A typical manga on a monthly or bi weekly release doesn't need a fucking thread up 24/7, which is exactly what many series would have on such a board. That breeds a general circlejerk out of series that had none.

Then I guess on-going manga threads which have new chapters every week is a general,

you see how fucking stupid you sound?

Majority of Cred Forums reads

Do you even browse this board?
Threads keep being made as soon as the previous one ends. How is that not a general? How is that not forum-like behavior?

They'd have a thread up 24/7 because they'd never fucking hit bump limit not because they'd circlejerking the whole time. Is /i/ or /p/ a massive circlejerk now, they've had threads up for literally fucking years.

>Look, even the mods agree.

those are only the jannies new faggot

>if people started blog posting and erping etc.
Which is cancer that infects the entire board, whether there are generals or not. That's how it has always been and this will not change ever.

Oh man I'm so sorry for mistaking something functionally equivalent as both mods and jannies can delete posts. They're still higher up than you.


Generals are defined as "long-term, recurring threads" about a certain topic.
24 hours was the short-term.
We are now in the mid-term.
It's time to stop.

Threads wouldn't last weeks if they were a circlejerk, because no one would go to a chatroom with a couple of hours delay to get a reply.

[citation needed]

stop trying to shit out statistics from your ass

Just make the bump limit low, or go look at some slow boards. Old threads don't turn into circljerking generals.
Not on a slow board with moderately active moderation. It would be extremely obvious if a thread starting hitting bump limit 10x faster than rest of catalog and if there was general shit going on just hit them with banhammer.

That's up to OP now isn't it.

Slow boards don't have 'generals' they way we think of them, they're far too slow to get anything out of. The slowest board on /vg/ would be twice or three times as fast as a hypothetical /ma/.

Unless people start getting familiar and using names/tripcodes it is not a general, it is just people enjoying anime.
This is a board to talk about anime there is nothing wrong with it.

>Not on a slow board with moderately active moderation.
What the hell do we care? Cred Forums isn't a slow board.

>op hates generals

>makes a cancerous general and overstays his welcome


The majority of Cred Forums has no fucking idea what they're talking about and pulls stats out of their prolapsed anus to make themselves seem more credible too.

It isn't forum like behaviour until it turns into a circlejerk. People talking about Nakiri Alice back when SnS was continuous wasn't a circlejerk so it wasn't a general even if it was still a waifushit shitfling.

This. General cancer seems to need a critical mass of posting speed and posters to start blowing through threads full of off topic stuff and de-anonmyizing.
Slow boards hardly ever hit that.
On /lit/ you might get a couple people who you could pick out by post style or content but that's just slow board and it doesn't turn into general shit.

You underestimate how desperate some anons are in wanting to keep their slow general alive.

The slower generals on /vg/ often have basically no one recognizable besides people you can pick out by post style or nicknames like a vocal [x]fag or someone who knows a lot for some damn reason about persian history. Those are actually quality generals for the most part.

>OP spergs out about 'spam' getting deleted
>the dubs stay
>OP gets nuked
Absolutely based.

On a slow board there is no desire to keep a thread alive at all times and keep it bumped. If the thread dies that's fine, someone else can make one when they want to. This is because it's slow enough you are unlikely to miss threads on catalog.
Compared to say Cred Forums where if you didn't instant make a new thread with links you'd lose people because of board speed. This need to constantly be bumping and making new threads is what leads to generals shit because eventually they run out of new stuff to post and they start posting same old crap or blog posting etc.

What would happen? a dude bumping a thread every 2 hours?
There is nothing wrong with it if he wants to discuss the manga he enjoys, i don't think you really get what make generals bad.

That was some other guy.

>op's threads are literally spam
>manipulates hiros words to continue said spam

even more pottery

What would he do?
>so do you guys think [x character] is going to make it? her boyfriend (blah blah blah)
>ten hours later
>page 9

Which is, was, and always will be independent of generals, generals aren't immune to it any less or more than the rest of the board.
Bug mods to ban circlejerkers, especially the tripfags involved, and remember to report them.

Quit trying to relate circlejerks to generals as if they emanate from there. It is a site-wide problem regardless of how the site evolves.

If circlejerks are mosquito generals are stagnant water.
You either have to drain the water (ban generals) or poison the water (actively moderate generals).

>Unless people start getting familiar and using names/tripcodes it is not a general
No user, that isn't what defines a general.

No no no, that's actually my opinion too. See, I have no problem with the general format of discussion, the problem is 'cancer'. Cancer doesn't necessarily originate there, but it does tend to concentrate there. If, having disposed of the cancer, your thread stays alive, that means people actually care and those people actually want to talk about the thread, without circlejerk bullshit, and those threads are perfectly okay.

I imagine that active generals are essentially the only place mods are really needed. The thing about generals is that newcomers are relatively rare, you don't drift into generals, so it festers and retards don't get told to fuck off, they simply infect others with their retardation - see OL general for a very fast version that happened in like a month of yurifag no. 3. In normal threads, retards get told to fuck off.
Also saucefags. Saucefags need to go.

>posting speed
related to a different problem: anons' mindsets

Instead of replying to multiple posts in one post, they reply one post per post quoted to avoid "looking like an attention whore" or some similar drivel. It's stupid.

If removing the circlejerk kills the thread, then it deserves to die, otherwise, how is moderating generals any different from mods/jans usual activities? It has no impact on the number of threads that they must check up on. Their workload won't change.

>In normal threads, retards get told to fuck off.
In generals as well, but they don't listen.

You've taken the first steps user theirs not stopping it now

Generals are fast so more posts to scan and moderate. They also start forming their own culture so it can be harder to notice the circlejerk.

That's my point. In generals they don't listen because they think they '''''belong''''''. The feeliing of ''''''belonging'''''' is the biggest fucking problem with generals, not because of itself, but because it leads to shit like tripfagging / namefagging / fanfiction bullshit / blogging / refusing to stop shitposting because I le belong.

>generals are stagnant water
No more than the board itself is.
And most folks posting in general threads don't welcome circlejerks, actually lurk the threads for a couple of months and see for yourself.

Is it time for a new thread?


General threads can much more easily become sheer cancer past a certain speed. You really do have to admit this.


>They also start forming their own culture
that is related to the fanbase, not the general

it's like that with any cliche of human beings, no matter if it is on the web or in real life

I'm not lurking some inane general for months.
The issue is they feel compelled to hit the bump limit and for most topics you will run out of things to talk about leading to image dump, inane questions about the topic that have already been discussed to death, and circlejerking.

banning generals will not reduce these problems, banning/warning/postdeleting the individuals who cause them will help

I got them rolls

That's what I'm saying, you're making me look bad for defending generals with your desperate attempts to make it look like generals are entirely perfect.

>inane questions about the topic that have already been discussed to death
For example,
>My Hero Academia: Why are all the boys on this show so hot? I've always thought anime boys were ugly but the guys on this show get my blood pumping.

No, you're trying to relate issues to general threads that are problems for the whole site and this board.
General threads aren't perfect, but most are not at all as bad the trolls in these threads are making them out to be.

And my next argument: you can't avoid them. People will congregate into groups over common interests. General threads were banned before, and now history repeats a few years later. Cred Forums grows. Fanbases grow. What's happening is a result of all this.

Bring back text board for us sakugafag. It will save the current state of anime community, especially on Cred Forums :^)

They're especially a problem with generals.

Is OP asleep? good now we can have rest from this cancer till tomarrow

You will never stop people from posting about their waifus/husbandos in some way or another.
Another guy was complaining one time that he hates some old literature works because the conversations in them essentially "read just like Cred Forums threads"
>your waifu is shit
>no u
>up yours
>kill yourself

Clearly you'd need to modify human nature to get people to stop posting about their favorite characters.

You couldn't prove that if your life depended on it.

Generals exacerbate the problem
>trying to relate
Oh I see you're not actually reading my posts
I'm saying that these are site-wide problems, they just develop faster in generals.

OP got banned it seems.

>OP got banned it seems.
good though he will probably mobile post

All that needs to be done is remove Buyfag Threads and DJT Threads from Cred Forums and place them on /jp/ where they rightfully belong.

These generals have stayed on Cred Forums for long enough. They aren't either anime or manga. /jp/ was made for shit like this.

remove kancolle general
>avatarfagin and shit

Aren't those people on Irc now? I doubt they wanna come back here.

also Neptuna threads belong on /vg/