Now that this season is almost over, and Fall looks like utter shit, can we all agree this is Cred Forums's 2016 AOTY?

Now that this season is almost over, and Fall looks like utter shit, can we all agree this is Cred Forums's 2016 AOTY?

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No need to wait, we could all agree after episode 1 aired.

Absolutely, anyone who disagrees is underaged or a neet.

Second place

to what, mr. dubs?


now you are just being silly

It's best show of the year so far, but next season looks promising, so with some luck there may be some show able to compete with it.

Fall has literally the most potential of any season in the last two years, and Rakugo wasn't even that good anyway. It was a character drama without any particularly interesting character relationships.

AOTY will be Haikyuu of course.

haven't gotten around to Rakugo, but I'm sure it's excellent

You just mad because Kabaneri is so good it even got a live action film adaptation.

Go back to your AoT and its plot "we are just a human experiments lul"

baiting so hard

Rakugo has been the best show in 2016, followed by 91 Days. JoJo would be third place.

>followed by 91 Days
not with the amount QUALITY it has
I'd put Mob Psycho 100 in 2nd place.

Check "Train to Busan", one of the best live action adaptation of an anime.

Fall doesn't really look like shit, but maybe that's because I am comparing it with this summer season, which sucked donkey balls.

I doubt anything in Fall will top it but I still hold off final judgments until the end of the year.

Goddamn I'm enjoying 91 days but some of the animation is just so goddamn bad

I think it was the most recent episode, or the next to most recent episode, there was a pot of beans or something on the stove, and it was just two rapidly alternating frames that didn't even match up with each other, and they stayed on that pot of beans for like 5 painful seconds. What the fuck?

And in one of the earlier episodes Nero's eyes looked like they had been drawn to intentionally make him look retarded

Anne Happy is still the AOTY, nothing else comes close.

Who's this semen demon

I almost want to buy the BDs just so I can experience the show in marginally less QUALITY. Shuka needs to get its shit together

No but it was the most consistent show.

>Fall looks like utter shit
I hope not, this better be good.
I also have high hopes for butt wrestling.

>Fall looks like utter shit
>he didn't watch Natsume

I didn't know anyone else watched natsume. kudos to you

Of all things you could've picked, it was Natsume? Really?

natsume is pretty good but it gets noticeably worse every season. It's drifted quite far from the soothing experience it started out as

Yeah, the quality in the last 2 episode has been rather jarring. However, plotwise it's easily one of the best anime this year.

Mob Psycho has been amazing. especially considering how well they've managed to deliver those ugly-as-fuck ONE designs. However, the story, though enjoyable, has been rather subpar and there's been nothing particularly memorable. OPM, whilst a lot more simplistic, had a lot more punch to it (pun honestly not intended).

are you kidding? the quality of writing has been consistent and the animation has only improved over time.

We've already agreed that Keit-ai is AOTY. So did Japan.

Yes. Many people were jazzed about Erased during spring but it had a few pitfalls here and there but this show never slowed down or had plot errors or become anti-climactic.

Re:Zero is AOTY. Might even be AOTD that will be remember in the last 10 years.

>The world of animation mourns today as C. Martin Croker, animator and voice-actor, has passed away early Sunday morning at the age of 54. Croker voiced several characters on a number of shows on both Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, most notably Space Ghost: Coast to Coast villains Zorak and Moltar. Some may remember Moltar as the original host of the anime series block Toonami, back when it was on weekdays during the late 90s.

Now anime is truly dead. Finally it can rest in peace.

>natsume is pretty good but it gets noticeably worse every season. It's drifted quite far from the soothing experience it started out as
It was consistent throughout the first 3 seasons and only took a turn in the 4th season because the cast was in need of some much needed development. Focusing less on "muh reiko" and instead on Natsume growing from a lonely kid into someone who can now feel at home with people was very important and made the series all that much stronger. And still, the quality of writing was up to par, just as good as ever in the 4th season.

The only way Natsume got worse is because of the edgy faggot that was introduced for the sole purpose of milking fujoshits.

Top 10 2016 anime.

1. Rakugo
2. Natsume Yuujinchou Go
3. Haikyuu!!
4. 3-gatsu no Lion
5. Flip Flappers
6. Tanaka-kun
7. Luluco
8. KonoSuba
9. Boku machi
10. Yuri!!! on Ice

Biggest 2016 failures (from worst to least terrible)

1. Kiznaiver
2. Re:Zero
3. Hibike! S2
4. My Hero Academia
5. Kabaneri
6. Keijo!!!!!!!!
7. Joker Game
8. Haifuri
9. Mayoiga
10. Divine Gate


I know you like to shit on hibikek because kyoani fags acting like it's a godsend really ticks you off, but it's actually the best thing that kyoani's produced in recent years.

>things that haven't come out yet are given specific placements in the top and bottom ten
People don't even bother hiding their shitposting nowadays, do they?

>but it's actually the best thing that kyoani's produced in recent years.
That's not saying much when the only other shit they've put out is Free, Phantom World, Chuu2 and Amaburi "in recent years."

Shit like this should be bannable. You're not contributing, you're not being funny, you're just deliberately fueling cancer with made-up opinions about a bunch of shit that hasn't aired.

Drifters has not been aired yet.
About Rakugo it started excellently but kind of got stalled at the middle but picked up later. It had a good conclusion although Sukeroku's wife behaved way too cartooney.

>made-up opinions
All opinions are made up

it's all blending together, but didn't Erased air this year?

Natsume isn't as subtle as Mushishi. Natsume also acts like a shoujo hero for my liking.

Yes, at the same time as Rakugo.

If it's all blending that means you don't have many years left until you tire of anime. Enjoy it while you can.

>The fedora tipper choice that season
I came here to laugh at you

Yeah the characters were so dull.

It belongs to the bin together with anime people didn't care enough about like ConRevo and Joker Game.

1. Amanchu
2. Jojo
3. Rakugo
4. flying witch
5. KonoSuba
6. Luluco
7. Ushio to Tora 2
8. Tanaka-kun
9. Amaama to Inazuma
10. Mob Psycho 100

re zero wins because it has most waifus

New Game and Flying Witch have more

I don't agree.

Easily, I can't wait for season 2



Cried bitch tears at this scene.

Hasn't got time to finish rakugo might do it later but my best bet is mob psycho 100 fall look like shit if you're not a yurishitter.

>trying to call out the rest of the year rating a bunch of shit that hasn't even aired yet


>However, the story, though enjoyable, has been rather subpar and there's been nothing particularly memorable.
How so ?
>those ugly-as-fuck ONE designs.

I just rewatched it and it is absolutely AOTY so far. I doubt it will be "Cred Forums's" AOTY because this board is full of retards, but it is objectively the most well written, directed and voice acted series this year.

Considering the amount of cuck spamming in BokuMachi threads it's likely a good thing that Rakugo went without much attention.

>So did Japan.
>Posts MAL

I remember the faggot sperging, and calling everyone a fujo in rakugo threads. I lost interest in it at ep 3. Should i pick it up ?

I remember watching the last episode and thanking every god there is that the meme spewing idiots were too busy with Boku Dake to notice it. Luckily they were probably weeded out by the premise alone, the threads were good the whole time.

At this moment, yes.

Rakugo is the patrician choice, but I bet Reddit:Zero may win in the rigged polls that we do at the end of the year

>tfw Endride turned out to be AOTY

91 Days is the obvious contender. An unfinished manga adaptation can't be AOTY.

The season stands alone pretty much.

Can we all agree that only 5 people watched this show?

I'm just passing through but if any of you guys want translations for the parts covered in the Raw OVA they have already been covered in vol.1 of the manga here.

Not even you believe to this bullshit, come on

Best first episode maybe.

>pic related
>utter shit

>fall looks like shit

1. Koe no Katachi
2. In this Corner of the World
3. Hibike! Euphonium 2
4. Dreaming World Big Assault
5. March Comes in Like a Lion

Rakugo won't even chart.

I'm happy to find fellow Anne Happy lovers here.

Though Rakugo was very good.

Don't know if AOTS but definitely among the top 3. In no particular order:

Flying Witch


Sekko Boys
Sansha Sanyou
Hero Academia
Shonen Maid
Sinbad no Bouken

Everything else was okayish at best.

All of that stuff is okayish at best.

AOTY - Re:Zero


Danganronpa 3
New Game
Boku hero Academia


rest are shit

Your shit and you're taste is shit. Lurk 2 more years before posting boya

Fall looks great although I still doubt anything there can beat Rakugo, so yes, Rakugo is the AOTY.

>Literally a japanese soap opera


>jap soap opera

Cred Forums is an age restricted website

Just waiting for 91days to end to be sure, but so far Rakugo is really up there

Maybe for you, fujo.

Kabaneri wasnt even its own season's best show.

If Rakugo isn't a top contender on everyone's top 5 anime for 2016, then you have no business watching anime and trying seriously to rank it. At all.

I am grateful the show didn't get much traction so the threads were civil. Still can't stop grinning how a bitch ruined everything.

I don't think you have seen any soap operas or even this series, because they don't tend to spend the majority of their time on traditional entertainment and culture.

The relationship drama was a subplot for most of the series and was done nicely in any case, with some actual restraint rather than cliche and melodrama.

> only special snowflakes what my show so it's AOTY.

MB100 has really nothing special.

A show about Seigen's life would be much more interesting, but Mob is quite dull.

Amanchu is the best.

Its either Mob, JoJo or this one for me. Rest of this year sucked.

Anyone also hopeful for Flipflappers? I cant help but feel optimistic about it.

>A show about Seigen's life would be much more interesting
Oh boy you're gonna like his arc.

>I quote things nobody said because I lack basic reading comprehension

user is grateful the threads weren't full of shitposting idiot, how does that have anything to do with reasons for it being AOTY? He didn't even confirm or deny if it was his AOTY.

It's not that good user. Bottom of a top ten, maybe, but if it's top five then this has been a really weak year.

sorry friends but Keijo is already the AOTY, try again next year

I said it when it aired, I don't think anything would come close to this.

The story telling and watching each characters problems were great, Plus solid OP too.

Even Lelouch,of all people admits it's AOTY.

Thats why both are needed to make it amazing, the show without either wouldnt be as enjoyable as it is. Today might be one of the best episodes.

What else then is good this year? I can only name Mob, JoJo and Rakugo. 91days maybe? Erased? No It went to shit after the 4th episode. If you like your shit otaku shows Re Zero and Konosuba will be high on your list but other than that i cant think of anything. Every Year of anime is weak only a few standout shows every year since the beginning of Japanese animation.

>slowpaced shoujo anime
>cocktease BL moments everywhere

Nah, I don't think so

It's not a shoujo, at least google it before spewing shit, retard

It's an anime that's focused on the relationship between two men, a girl, and their ability to tell stories. It's fairly evident you haven't read the manga or at minimum watched the anime if you don't think it was written by a woman and steered towards a female audience.

Stuff next season + movies. Mob is better than Rakugo, Re:Zero is on the same level.

>implying magical girl fighting nazis wouldn't be aoty.

少女 != 女性

It's a josei retard. Or do you consider shounen and seinen manga to be the fucking same?
And to your information i'm well aware that the entire author work is literally BL manga

It's Josei, go google it. It's not for little girls.

Erased was many times better, so was kabaneri, mob will be better as well.

>so insecure that he can't enjoy anything that isn't aimed at him
I feel sorry for you.

I didn't even watch one episode because I saw it was about rakugo, I don't know moon, and I know that rakugo is impossible to translate.

You get one of two things. Either faithful, nonsensical translations, or replacement jokes written by memesubbers.

Only 10/10 autistic weebs pretend to enjoy humor that they can't even understand.

You're right, the fujoshi are mostly adult women.

There are no, or hardly any, shows this year that are better than Rakugo.

You literally can't list those supposed 9 better.

The only contenders for AOTY this year are probably Rakugo, Konosuba, 91days, Joker Game and ConRevo Last song. Those are, so far, the only ones that hit the peak of what they wanted to show and make you feel, with Flying Witch up close.

Some people might put things like Rezero, Mob and even Flying Witch up there, but I personally don't think they are quite there for AOTS.

Also there's still fall to come.

I'm not saying it's my AOTY.
I don't judge shows by their intended demographic or their fandoms; I had fun with this one and you seemed to think that a character drama was aimed at young girls, so I corrected you.

Not counting movies but i will give you stuff next season, cause i have no idea how well some of those shows will do.

nice one

How old are you? Its a josei you idiot. The female equivalent of the seinen demo. Probably read no manga in his life other than popular shonen and talks as if he knows his shit.

Wasn't Drifters getting a proper adaptation?

You seem to have no idea what you are talking about. You are probably biased towards that other Rakugo show that is was a comedy with girls.,

>didnt even watch 1 episode
Now that's just embarassing.

>ITT: plebs and proles with pleb and prole taste

At least none of you numbskulls nominated Kiznaiver or Macross Delta. That's akin to saying "At least the corn in the shit didn't tear my anal walls on the way out", of course, because your taste is still shit, but there it is.

>Fall looks like utter shit

Bold opinion, user-san.

I would only consider Mob and Rakugo really good of the ones you mentioned. They achieved what they wanted to in their limited time. Konosuba/Re Zero are for the otaku crowd and flying witch for the slice of life fans and neither of them was really something special or amazing.

Top five is
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
Active raid

Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou

+ Mob Psycho, Your Name, Flip Flappers, Kaze no You ni, and Yuri on Ice.

>The only contenders for AOTY this year are probably Rakugo, Konosuba, 91days, Joker Game and ConRevo Last song. Those are, so far, the only ones that hit the peak of what they wanted to show and make you feel, with Flying Witch up close.
What the heck does that even mean? Those are terrible choices.

No good reason not to count movies.

I wouldn't count Fall out just yet.

>he thinks his subs are accurate
>he thinks he gets the jokes

I see, you really have no idea what you are talking about.

True AOTY and potential AOTD coming through, better prepare yourself.
If you disagree you haven't seen the trailer.

Movies should only be compared to other movies or similar productions, they have way more budget, time and leeway for easier scheduling compared to messy tv productions, not a fair comparison. I mean people are not comparing TV shows with Movies in the West either so why should we?

If an show is only considered good within its format then perhaps it shouldn't be considered good at all? There are many shows which can easily compete with film, so I see no reason to make an unnecessary distinction. Both are the exact same art form.
>people are not comparing TV shows with movies in the west either
There aren't really any shows that warrant that kinda comparison, but something like Twin Peaks is taken seriously as a part of Lynch's filmography.

What Mob has that makes it different?
So far nothing, this arc might start saving it now from this episode, but its too late to be AOTY.

It had the super ultra powered kid that wants to be normal and have a girlfriend, it had the rival that belittles everyone becauss he has powers until he get smashed and is demoted to rival-friend-with-a-bit-of-comic-relief, it had the angsty friend/family that gets angst because of jealousy, and now the kidnap and raid the enemies base. That's almost textbook storytell. Seigen is the only one that can save it.

>Butt fan service sports.

Formal experimentation and visual creativity not seen since Space Dandy or Ping Pong.

AOTY is such a cancerous term especially when it's used like an actual official title.
If you want rankings and anime listed by popularity maybe MAL is a better site for you.

>+ movies.
Why movies? AOTY should obviusly be only about serializations. Ranking movies with weekly shows is plain stupid becaiss both are in totally different levels in any kind of way.

>Now that this season is almost over, and looks like utter shit, can we all agree this is Cred Forums's AOTY?
Yeah, fuck you.

Even though they are just following with ONE unorthodox artstyle instead of trying something original and out of the box, ok, I actually agree with you and will give you that.

But that alone doesn't make a show AOTY.

Both fall under the label of animated film and I don't see a reason to ignore things more deserved of the AOTY title just because they're not chopped up into 20 minute blocks and televised.

They elaborate on ONE's art a lot, I think it's extremely unfair to say that. That alone doesn't make it AOTY, I agree, but it's also got solid comedic sensibilities and a competent coming of age narrative. If it's limited in any way, it's by the usual trappings of being a one cour adaptation of an unfinished manga. I don't think it'll end up as the best of the year, but I think it's better than Rakugo.

The structure is way too different, movies have like 1/4 of the time to tell their story and still more budget. Doesnt mean that movies are better but they have different productions. When most people ask for best anime of the year. They are mostly talking about TV shows. Movies are a different catogerie. You can compare TV shows and Movies to some extent but i am not interested in doing that and i think most people arent. The only thing i would compare would be writing and story. Other than that Movies are almost always coming out ahead.

The rakugo performances are only a small part of the series.

>Even though they are just following with ONE unorthodox artstyle instead of trying something original and out of the box
Have watched and read Mob Psycho 100? They're noticeably different in style and ethos.

There are plenty of shows which can readily compete with film so I see no point in differentiating them. Splitting them up into different categories only rewards mediocrity, instead of only the best of the best.

It has interesting social commentary about being different in a society and conformity, best comedy(Reigen is hilarious) more so aimed at western audiences and it always subverts the shonen tropes we are so accustomed to. In Mob Psycho its not about punching as hard as possible and training for that very purpose, its about something so simple as to becoming a good person. That alone is such a different perspective in any medium altogether, that warrants my interest. I would say the praise stems from the conflicting image of the mocking and embracing of the cliche shonen tropes we know, love and hate. Yea i am sure thats what makes it so good.

Well thats just my opinion and i think most people share it too. I wouldnt mind comparing them that much, but most people wont see the movies you are speaking of in about a year after the release in good quality that is.

>Fall utter shit
>new Working!!
>Hibike! Euphonium 2
>Yuri!!! on Ice
>3-gatsu no Lion
>Fune wo Amu
>Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari
>tonns of other shows that may be not good but the ride is going to be fun
I loved Rakugo, but come on, user.
Fall has potential to be very enjoyable.
And spring season was shit with too much SoLs for me to handle.

I think we can agree that this is the fedora's choice for AOTY.

Fall looks goo0d, but yeah, Rakugo will be AOTY.

This is my most anticipated anime of Fall. It could be really good or mediocre. With the exception of chaos;head which I have taken others' advice not to watch I have seen every Science;Adventure series and was impressed by all of them.

>5 cats and their mother watched Rakugo
>87 posters, 152 replies
I wonder who is behind all these posts.

Lelouch always likes the gayest show of the season, for some reason, so it's not really a good sign.

It has this animation style i really like. Looks almost like a movie kinda interested in it. What can we expect other than nice visuals though?

Part of the anticipation is the mystery of it all. We won't know until it is released.

Started as being AOTY, then turned to a laughing stock halfway through

>Started as being AOTY
No, it didn't.

Rakugo or ConRevo.

No the fuck it didn't.

>Tfw so many cucks on Cred Forums donated to the natural disaster to relief for the sole reason of having this anime finished

>its not about punching as hard as possible and training for that very purpose, its about something so simple as to becoming a good person.

But that plot point is always there, even more when its about shows where the kid/MC gets tons of superpowers to the point he's too strong, he will always point how he wants a normal and happy life.

Remember Law of Ueki? Kid choose the power to make trees only because a tree got destroyed as proof that he could pick any power he wanted. Hamatora, ConRevo, hell even Naruto had dualisms like this, that is not about the power you have, but how you live your life.


Koe no Katachi

From the suggestions I take it, this year was a horrible year for anime.


You mean Kimi no Na wa.

That's a lot of k movies.

Original LN was written by the same guy who wrote Steins;Gate. He's done tons of good novels in general. I trust that the LN was good. Whether A-1 will be able to successfully adapt the story in a way that's as entertaining as his writing, I don't know.

Reminder to ignore the opinion of everyone who mentions these anime:

Ping Pong


You forgot to mention Legend of the Galactic Fujoshits.

You can add Kizumonogatari, Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni and Kaze no You ni to the list.

Rakugo > Konosuba > Jojo > shit nobody will care about after the year is over.

What a great year for anime...

And they are all k movies at best.

Your taste is shit.

Just watched Kimi no Na wa. What a piece of shit.

Boring and generic SoL garbage. Nice.

So whats your AOTY?

Why the fuck would our enjoyment of the series rely solely on our ability to appreciate rakugo itself? They don't make up the entire thing, they weren't all comedy, and you're retarded for commenting on a series you haven't seen.

True enough though, I didn't really get all the humour (it's simple enough to know what the joke is, but the punchlines don't all 'land' for me). But the rakugo scenes were actually incredibly entertaining. If we can find the stories enjoyable even with the language/cultural barrier, all it does is speak to how beautifully directed and acted they were.