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Precure Thread

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Let's die together OP

Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!


I wanna die dude

I want Minami to sit on my face.

>to sit on my face.

MiraRiko is a miracle of the Precureverse

One post behind. you're losing your edge miraifan

Do you ever think the character designers look back on a series and say "man I fucking hate the team that came up with the plot for this series, they ruined my great design by doing nothing with it"?


Both the character designers and plot writers are the usual Toei monkeys, so no. It's not like they hire artistic people from outside the company to work on these shows. Although sometimes you get rare exceptions like Urobuchi writing for Gaim, it's usually the same Toei employees over and over and over again.

Marine > Blossom > Moonlight > Sunshine

The turnover on toei staff is pretty high.

Swap Moonlight with Blossom and its perfect.

why is leader cure always the best cure from the team?

Kanade = Ellen > Hibiki > Ako

How is this slut semen demon allowed in a kids show?

Pinks are not always the most fuckable Cure in a team, but they're the most consistently fuckable.

>being this pleb

Subs fucking when? Did the subbers forsake Maho again?

I'm not a fan of Twin tails and never will.

She is the semen demon we deserve.

Doujins when?

id rather get more flora doujins

Do you really want to see her damaged like that?






>What are my plans for the future?
>What's wrong with me?

Starting the episode with a contrast like that I expected Mirai to find a problem of her own by the end. But nope. Her sole worry is just the villains interrupting play time.

I'm starting to think she actually is a special child.

Just accept that she is basically a self-insert blank MC for little girl to have relationship with their waifu(Riko) and daughterfu(Haa).

Reminds me of the last Max Heart episode where Honoka's sad memory was growing up without her parents and Nagisa's was just losing some random sports event.

Let it go. There's no point in posting that. Besides, that's my meme.

You mean the episode where Nagisa is asked about what she wants to be in the future?

You can't compare what brings sorrow to different people. It's different than the mess that's Maho's writing.

In the end Mirai will be the saddest girl there. Riko and Haa leave to the magical kingdom and the bear's no lnger talking. He's is not Ted you know

That sounds very sad. What will Mirai do?

I think I have an idea. Have you seen Smile? Well it'll probably be even more nonsensical.

Do the characters learn how to fight instead of being given god-like combat skills by just being a Precure in any series?


it's like sentai and rider, instant skill learn thanks to the toys

>Maho being anything but sugary sweet.
You know you are kidding yourself.



Precure should have more oyakodon .

I can't get over how ugly Riko is. She looks like a dumb kid who tried to cut her own hair by just snipping off the bangs.

>mirai telling haa not to look


She's so cute.

Cute. Too bad her cure form is ugly as a sin.

Fuck you she is cute

That's a silly assessment when there are four differently beautiful forms. You should be more specific.

Ugly in that pic, but she is beyond beautiful.

If I were to be exact, I believe there is a problem of contrast with Miracle. Miracle looks so much better in every single form so Magical ends up looking kind of bad to me except for Ruby form.

Aguri is the most sexual Cure
Don't even think of proving me wrong

What are these intricate expression and body language trying to conceal?

She's nine years old.

>most sexual Cure
That's not how you spell Ako.

>Both the character designers and plot writers are the usual Toei monkeys
You think Guy in Toei Office A can't hate Guy in Toei Office B?


Who are these waku wakus? Certainly not Mirai and Riko

Minamin's armpits!


More like one.

Precure one-hour draw:

The theme is twin-coords, aka matching outfits.

By the way, Osharevolution is best idol unit, and Liko is cute and perfect.

Haa da bes.

What amazing battle choreography.

Only Mana can be da bes.

Riko has pretty ugly hair.

They were infected with Haa's love for footie.


Eyebrows too bushy


No such thing.

Makes them easier to cum on.


Hey /pc/, how do you deal with the crippling depression that comes with the reality that full time work doesn't actually make life better than it was when living as a NEET, even with the money to buy Precure and GuP figures?

Who designed this character? I must know.

by not having a job

Smoke weed.

All Precure are put in the Battle Royale program without their powers. What happens and who wins?

The Smiles are pretty clumsy initially, although there's no specific arc where they "learn" to fight. They jus start doing better in later episodes.

Yuri is the only murderer, so it's an easy victory.

Yuri never killed anyone. They just died on their own.

By being part-time. I think people should realize that time is their most valuable asset, not money.


I'm not sure I'd consider Dark a person.

I want to fuck Riko

She is like super Marvin, just watching her makes you want to die.

And Yuri can even fight Dark precure without henshin. She is probably the strongest precure

>Toei finally made a Precure series about Majokkos
>it's shit and it has literally no references to the Toei Majokko Series or Doremi
What went wrong?

Nobody in maho's dev team even watched thoo shows.


Yuri is older and like a head taller than everyone else, she shouldn't count.

who would be the first cure to die in a death game? miyuki or yayoi?

what is death game?

Jesus christ that's worse than the average Suite fight.

Fuck off, furfag.

Any game in which the losers DIE.

Where is Mana?

I wish Rin was real. Then neither of us would be virgins.

Isn't easier to ask, which cure would lose first in any game?

She win in HapCha/

I want to pollinate Haa-chan

Thinking about the lost potential in Maho makes me so sad, specially since it has so many conceptual call outs to classic magical girl series like the girls being witches and growing up when transforming.

So you only want to fuck her because she's vulnerable and you think you could manipulate her into it? Wow, you're pretty pathetic. Not that she would even consider fucking you in the first place.

Go away cunt.


>born within the timeline of the show
>we've seen her entire life, which is like six months old at most
>suddenly has a mysterious past that has never been mentioned before

What part of this is supposed to make sense?



It's magic.

She is the reincarnation of Desumasto.

You think the book and the Emerald, the legendary Linkle Stone told of from ages past and part of every prophecy, came out of nowhere? Seriously? Can you really not imagine that Haa is a reincarnation of the previous spirit of the stone?

You're expecting a little much from a Mahotard, user.


>Haa-chan is the true final villain
Maho would be saved desu.

>when you're 75 but you've still got it

>all of Deusmasto's group are based on magical creatures like a Djinn or a Tengu
>Haa-chan is a fairy
Haa-chan is Deusmasto's daughter confirmed

>Trusting fairies

Best girl

Or that thing about them needing to return to their own separate worlds to keep the fabric of reality from ripping to shreds. Though that doesn't fit with the current lore.

So no, it probably won't be sad. Hell, a Riko-Dad episode like this was the perfect opportunity to be sad and they just chose to pass it by.

Square bangs are bad.

We're definitely in Suite/Doki territory.

The first 1:30 of this episode had more animation and funny faces than 30 episodes of Maho.


Maho has even worse stock though.

Doki's stock is mediocre at best, and sub-par by most measures.

Yeah but at least it's not full of QUALITY.

No bully.

It actually has hardly any, it's just kinda blah. "Full" is an overreaction as far as Mahou goes, though.

What did she mean by this?

More Precure skins on League of Legends


Not really. Maho's the first time I ever even notice the quality. It's in dia, sapphire, the dia finishet and the weird stock for the less important stones. The animation has also just been really strange all season even when it doesn't look completely bad.


delet this

Who are the non-yordles?

From left to right, Jinx, Lux, Janna, Poppy, Lulu

League is a fucking awful game but did they copy any more dances? Lux's dance was from the first doki ed.

Just doing what people from the Dark Zone usually do.

The dances aren't out yet.

They were talking about Seiji or Blue?

Yes 5 is the best.


Even Fresh, with all of it's QUALITY, has more animation and funny faces than Maho.

It's pretty awesome.

Can Mokou be an honorary Precure?

Fuck off

>Maho doesn't have funny faces

That's close to funny

You have one thread to explain why you haven't colored a lovely cat and her friends

Why did this meme start in Precure gen of all places?

>I have no reading comprehension

I'm lazy.

Fuck off.

But can she do handstands?

This is face is fucking retarded.

Reading is hard.

Inchou-senpai loves you even if you act mean to her

They're just not very good, is all.

Reading Japanese is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE


Is it weird to enjoy Precure if you're a boy?

What's going on in Maho these days? Did the characters ever get developed?

Perfectly normal. Even boys want to be Precures.

Only development is HAAAAAAAA-chan being cuter than everyone else


Why does Mirai not care about her future? Her name is literally Future

Where are these coming from
I've seen like 20 in that last 3 days


New meme, very popaloor

Don't show Nagisa in compromising situations

That episode was great. Reds must be punished. Reds must suffer.

Why not?

It compromises her purity

Then we have a common enemy.

Don't think of love interests as the enemy. Think of them as the catalyst needed to draw the maximum potential cuteness out of a Cure.

They are the enemy. Those rats from Yes 5 and especially anyone who touches my Nagisa.

This was great and unexpected.

Yes 5 wouldn't be Yes 5 without the hetero.

It'd be GoGo.

I want to fuck 90s Riko

>Not posting Haa eating the orange



Anyone remember grundy?

I totally forgot about that. I don't know how, though, that was adorable.


>most sexual
>not yellow

What colour is the least sexual?


Nope. It's red.

whatever you say

What about this dude, he your enemy too?

Are you retarded?

Brian is the self insert for american weebs

I want to die.

>implying 3D weebs have good enough taste to choose a red

I do

>The small children is the target audience, but was hated fiercely from insidious harassment and betrayal of the hero Nadja, However, this anti-heroine was popular and well-liked among big friend due to her strong personality fitting for a dark heroine and the way in which she adhered to her own philosophy and way of living to the very end. She beat Nadja in the final round of 2004's SaiMoe.

Will we ever get a Rosmary in Precure?

I wanna smell Minami's butt!

It smells like shit.

>nd well-liked among big friend due to her strong personality fitting for a dark heroine and the way in which she adhered to her own philosophy and way of living to the very end.
Edgy cures when?

Wow. That was a really sudden and strong gust of wind. Is Marilyn Monroe doing a shoot somewhere? Luckily, this lovely cat's quick reflexes saved a bit of her dignity.

Though we do get a good chunk of cheek there.

As do most.

Has there ever been a crossover between PreCure and some other Toei anime? What crossovers would you like to see? Pic related.

You know what? Fuck you guys, Max Heart is warm and comfy, Hime, Iona, and Yuuyuu should have been the only HaChas, Suite is the best season hands down, and GoPri and Heartcatch are travesties that should never happen again.

>GoPri and Heartcatch are travesties that should never happen again

If you actually think this and aren't just shitposting I feel nothing but pity for you. Have a (You) for your trouble.

>actually insulting Heartcatch
I'm done.

Why do you hate Heartcatch? No one hates Heartcatch.

> Suite is the best season hands down
I know this is bait, but Suite is Mediocre at best.





I happen to hate Heartcatch because I don't like Tsubomi or Yuri. Same goes with GoPri. I hate Haruharu and everything she fucking stands for.

I also happen to love Suite because of HibiKana, SoutaAko, and Ellen being adorable. Also, cats.

So you're just a shipping retard that says a season is best because of your ships

You must be a very sad person to hate dreams.

I want to rub Nagisa's smelly feet!

Tsubomi is a nice happy nerdy girl. Why wouldn't you like her?



I kinda understand you over Yuri.

Also, her whole "suffering" is plain stupid and unnecessary, it felt like it was just a way to make HC kinda edgy.


Cool. With my dislike of Erika and Itsuki (especially Itsuki), we got the entire Heartcatch crew covered.

How do people come to dislike Erika? Really? How is this possible?

I want to impregnate her.

So now what? You two are going to fuck?

She's annoying and overwhelming. I don't know how Tsubomi didn't suffocate from her presence. And she sounds like a coffee grinder. And she's not Momoka. That last sentence may have contributed to shaping her personality but it doesn't make her any less annoying.

I don't like Haruka much either so that makes us too similar. I don't think we'd have any cute squabbles.

Don't worry, I dislike Hibiki and Ako with the Suite Crew so it okay.

Opinion, opinion. Suite is in my top 3 because Hummy is hand down the best fairy in the franchise, the OST is outstanding, the musical theme is amazing, and Noise being redeemed at the end makes a lot of sense and satisfying.

Hummy is Entertaining, but he's one fo the msot retarded Fairy as she can't do her job some how and losing notes ever 5 episodes. The Fairy Tones did more than her.

The OST is mostly the same from HC with a few new songs.

Musical Theme is good yes

The end is fine as well. Still mediocre though in my book.

Your problem is you watched the momoka season before the hatocachi season.

I wish

Rumi cure when

I like Suite and it's not even that up there really. You're a fag.

>suitfags shitting thread up again

You want to do what with my feet?


>shitposters jewing up the thread again

I feel pretty regulated.

I agree, especially about the music and Noise. I'll tell you another for top 3 is your picture. Smile is undeniably the best overall in terms of visuals; only GoPri and Heartcatch come anywhere close. It's got the most and he best comedic gags by far, which makes it the best representation of its theme as well, (despite the stupid silly plot and ending) because it makes you smile.

At first these doujins would get me quite hard but they've reached the point in which they do nothing to me because all the different issues feel like the same goddamn story.

Generic gangbang mindbreak crap. I hate that stuff. It's so tame and boring.

>Smile is undeniably the best overall in terms of visuals




Those hair-clips make her so cute.


Fuck off.

I want to be Rikka


Praise the sun!

Is there anything this semen demon can't do?

Live longer than five episodes.

make maho good


They see your dick.




How would you save Precure?

Replace Cures with teddy bears.

More Honoka.

I let it die so I can make an edgy, sexier big-friend focused reboot.

Come up with edgier Precure reboots.

Just animate the HeartCatch light novels.

Translating would be enough for me.

>Those eyebrows make her so cute


we need GoPri 2.0

ew no

Sure, it'd have to be a new team of little girls with big dreams though.

nah, we need haru + new team, old one was shit

Literally nobody wants that.


Terrible idea, unless she's the new Kaoruko.

He literally wants it, thus you are literally wrong.


>Hating on Kirara and Minamin

Useless sluts only good for jerk off.

Go away.

What is it about Saki
Sometimes she's only okay
Sometimes she's so cute I just want to squeeze her and kiss her

Kirara is ok but Minami is like a side character, she doesnt rally exists, even Roma have better episodes than her

Fuck off spic.

Truth hurts don't it goprick?

Please take your ADHD elsewhere.

i want to kirara

Get in line.

But Kirara is mine!

your silly face-fu is weak.

post cats


Absolutely mouthwatering




>Cures with big fat cat tats

This is not allowed

Best part of maho is some boring villain with a hot design.

only for you fat neckbard

Fuck off spic.

kill yourself goprick


Don't sexualize demons!


I really wish this doujin had more dicks.

inside source

2017 precure, back again to 5 precures, and they look like knights.


Doki s2!


I wish they made a new movie with Honoka, Nagisa and Hikari for fans. Only in their own universe. I'd like that. Their appearances in All Stars isn't enough.


So I just found out this was a thing. Of all the Precure series to localize, they picked Smile? In a way, its good that they picked one of the worst, because I'd hate to see how bad they'd butcher one of the good ones.

It's pretty, it's kiddie, it's funny, and it's highly compartmentalized episodes.

Glitter force is great

It's just a shitty jew'd up smile. How is it good.



It's not.

>the writing

What would saban's jews need to right anyways besides some zany dialogue and rewriting all the jap shit into hamburgers.

Introducing the character of Brian, the famous volleyball player

Is there anything this girl can't do?

the deep and heart wrenching story of Lilies struggle against the bitter scars of childhood sexual abuse.

Any other memes you'd like to share?

>Berserk gets a musou game
>EVEN Idolmaster gets a fucking musou
>Still no Precure Musou

Little girls don't play those games.

wait, is that real?


Yeah, totally.

Bring her dog back

Why is it always weak pansy faggots as love interests? Can't there be a tough kick ass one with actual muscles?


She can't fail the mayor. Not. Ever.


Whose side will you join? Are you going with the angelic and lovely cat? Or will you side with the devilishly cute Hummy?

onsen episode when?

We both know that's never gonna happen.

Good maho episode when.

We both know that's never gonna happen.

Minami's armpits are my favorite from gopri.

Maho should end

I'm so bored and these this thread is so boring. I can only fap so much in one day.

>The best maho episode was a dream







fuck off already

Kanade's butt!

Maho is the worst season of precure, ghost is the worst heisei kr season ever. What is toei doing.



fixed the links

Kirara was so hot. She takes my semen every day now.

>Moonlight is as strong as


whats that for?

Kanade is an unfaithful girl, she should only do that kind of thing with Hibiki.

>Good Maho episodes don't exi-


Stop posting that fucking faggot.


Oh yeah!

>the magical girl genre was taken over by otaku and dudes starting in the 00's
What happened?


What? Idol magical girls have existed since the 80's with Creamy Mami.

I didn't want to be direct but I meant specifically /ai/ and pripara. It's all their fault.

Did they give Nagisa a crush on FujiP mainly for the sake of balancing her boyishness and creating a gap moe appeal?

But magical girls got taken over by dudes from Nanoha, long before /ai/nime was even a thing!

did you just said Nagisa is not moe

Fuck off, Mirai.

Nagisa can't just put nice clothes for one day and think that she is beautiful cute lady. Her overall behaviour highely unladylike. She has no sense of fashion. And she talks like some guy from construction.

All of that is wrong.


What the hell

I bet she can't even wear them.
We don't judge here. It's ok to have hobbies.

If I wear these can I become a precure?

You need special Precure panties as well.

And yet Precure outlived it.

Nanohe is still alive and doing well.

Vivid is alive. Nanoha is dead.

Way ahead of ya.

Don't bully Nagisa.

Don't post things like that here.

precure fashion is on topic, not our fault youre a top pleb

Nice schlong.


Post somebody super fashionable then.

I shoudl really do some more precure tshirts

my heart catch ones didn't go anywhere at all

sold oodles of neptunia ones tho

Smile or glitterforce maybe.

Is this shopped?

Why are you talking about them being sold? Isn't that illegal?

>prepared tea and cake for watching Maho
>no subs
well that's one way how to destroy my day

>not checking if there were subs beforehand

We haven't had subs for weeks. Why would you suddenly think today would be different?

Any word from the sub group?

>Maho was a mistake.




Doremi dropping it thinking the other groups will keep doing it was a mistake.

Come back Doremi!

Flora's the fattest one there. And what a small pool.

Come back Commie.

It's "the" pool

almost all of them look the same, how the fuck kids differentiate between them in all star movies?

Has the Bluray for the final episodes of Gopri been released and uploaded?

>the pool
I don't get it.

The JAV pool

Lurk more, newfag.

Too new.

I didn't even know someone was putting out the raw bds, no seeders.

I warned you, that if you keep shitting on Commie you will regret it one day. The day is now.

Please, did they even finish HC? I thought it was hilarious they were even doing it.

They're generally the best subs, although the choice to include French for the English in GoPri lost them that title last year.

They wanted to make it sound foreign for english speaking audience as english sounds for little japanese girls.

Yes, they tried, but the difference is that all Japanese children learn English as compared to barely any native English speakers learning French. Also, a guy who actually spoke French showed up later.


That's really a minor diference. What would you choose then? German? Arabic? French is best option since it is first country when you think about cakes and princesses.


Please, I've been on this hole for years. How the heck is somebody meant to know what you're referencing by just saying "the pool" like it's some hipster meme? That could mean anything.

Google "Japanese pool".

Bigots like you fended away commie and now there are no subs.

I don't know neither. Just pretend you know it and when somone asks respond with "something something newfag"

There is only one pool referred to as "the pool", you stupid fucking newfag.

Are there a cuter trio of Cures in the whole franchise?
A: No.

Fuck off

T. dumb mahoposter

t. silly goprick

You used to be more daring Haruyama




Didn't get any (you)s over there dumb mahoposter?

I don't post begging for replies, unlike you.

I want pic with Mana seducing that demon.

You took a shot at /ai/ pretty much hoping for yous. How dumb can mahoposters get.

>pretty much hoping for yous
Stop projecting so much
You have your (you) quota for today, so kindly fuck off

This or pre iona hacha or pre setsuna fresh.

>goprick yelling at mahotard
it's always a nice sight how frogs and rats fights with each other

Dumb autistic spic who's still mad people liked a certain season. Why don't you kill yourself already. You're worse than anything else here.

fuck off retard

Fuck off retard.

>frogs and rats fights
1. Learn English
2. Fuck off

Why are you still here.

Haa is one of the cutest cures ever, but that's it. You can't really call it a cute trio when only one of them is putting the effort in.

Riko's square bangs are ugly so no.

I'm not mad. You are just only source of my entertainment here and you should be happy that you are finally usefull to someone.

>I'm just pretending to be retarded

Fuck off and learn English.

>it's a /pc/ pretends the Mahos aren't the cutest ever episode

You should really train your reading comprehension. Maybe not, it's better to enjoy Maho by being braindead

>Cred Forums meme


And we at all laughing

I'm too scared to click that link.

I wish Haa stayed that cute.


I want go to Toei HQ and burn it with myself.

Holy shit, it's Kurosu.

Let me burn with you.

Is that still ongoing? Just a very badly executed idea is all it is.

Still is cute. HAA!

It is

GoPri = Smile > Splash Star > Heart Catch = Fresh > Suite = Futari wa Pretty Cure > Maho > Ys 5 >>>DokiDoki

I really want to try buying that but no income, cute acrylic shit is my weakness.

What's your favourite Precure picture?
Yo, /pc/, who is the devil character?

Who's grundy?

This doujin had some hot art but not enough dicks. I wanna fuck Krr so bad.

He wants pants.

>you will never have ss hauptsturmf├╝hrer mana see if your papers in order

Suddenly, the oven doesn't seem so bad.


I don't know what that means. Speak American, you cunt.

burger, burger, pizza, pumpkin dinosaur, japanese pizza, japan expo, burger, pizza

She got better though

Underrated post


Precure and GuP should have more crossovers

We promised never to speak of that again.

No fun allowed.

You're stupid.


My new favorite picture.



Fuck off.



My new favorite Kirara.

I'm too lazy for this

>tfw could only wave at Bukki when she's Cure Paint

why in fresh precure the characters have a modest breast compare to the rest of the precures?

They're pretty stacked. Especially mktn and setsuna.


Bonus fabric poster thing if you buy the first bd. I wish maho was better. Had to chargeback that 24k yen.

Kirara Queen, has no weaknesses!

oh i wish i could bite on that chewy bubble gum

Still too freaky to me.

2.4k I could see. Not 24k.

These animated would be so cute!

Are people not posting to keep user alive?


He asked why? It's kinda off compared to the rest of Precure.

Karen a cute. Lovely ojou smell.

He probably meant to ask why they were bigger, but the way he wrote it actually means "why are they so small compared to everyone else".

Fresh has a few anomalies like that though. The OP is another oddball.

Would look much better if the kig were smaller given that Mirai is very small, too.

no u

/pc/ has been missing something lately.

Bye all. It's been fun!

Last for Riko

Let's have a sleepover!


Are there any young male teens who have been shirtless in any Precure show?

Fuck off.


Nah, so tell me.

Fuck off.

Come on, it's a simple question.

Fuck off.

Pretty sure, check the Hacha beach episodes.

Happiness Charge?

Any other Precure?

Well they hire adults so they will be a bit tall