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no sad panda thread? sad panda thread

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E-Hentai Tag Similarity Spreadsheet
The explanation as to why you don't see everything that ought to show up from using a tag.
These are all tags that are present on galleries as far as I can tell.

Source: Exhentai Database September 2016

Huh, so strange. I can't seem to find that new Loli doujin that featured a loli tying up two guys and then dominating them. Featured double penetration.

I know it came out this year, quite recently. One of those "C??" something something collections.

So yeah who else was disappointed by the latest black dog book

Stop posting this.
I was just thinking about how I needed more erohon in my life.

Is there anyone else who has trouble fapping to doujins that have male characters from anime/manga you've watched/read? There is something that turns me off in those cases, but I don't understand why it's happening. It's generally the opposite with female characters, though.

You have trouble self-inserting and/or are intimidated by the character. Regardless, it's a psychological problem.

New Comic MILF is out.

Has there ever been a more perfect butt in the history of porn?

Also post more perfect butts or vanilla with great art

>full censorship

But that's not even one of Ishigaki Takashi's butts, nevermind the countless superb offerings by Marui Maru.

>no Fue

is he only releasing new chapters once every 6 months?


Should be in next issue.

But MILF is kind of a mess currently, they always announce most of their big names in that 'next issue' preview page and then half of them don't even appear. Takatsu's final chapter was originally supposed to appear like 3 issues ago, there was supposed to be chapter 2 of Kanomama etc.

He's been posting panels of the 4th chapter of the succubus story on Twitter for a while, not sure if it's going to be in the next issue but it shouldn't take too long

Anyone know where i can find most of his work or his blog been searching for Gesundheit/Gezuntaito since yesterday

Read the freaking gallery comments for starters.

>she's a demon
why tho
chapter 1-2 teasing the maid was god tier
chapter 3 fiance was meh
chapter 4 mother incest for GOAT
then this happened

Far as I know it's the end of the series so it's just a silly way to end the story, she gives birth to his child (in one night?) and it's revealed she was a succubus/demon, the end. Doesn't really change the fact that it was a very hot sex scene to finish things off.

Because if there is one thing that artist loves it is tying his girls to something unordinary. Like making the girls ancient egyptians, or succubi/demons, or super heroes.

>actually starting to enjoy NTR more than Vanilla


Great when tagged properly, but most of the time it's
>comes inside
>"I might get pregnant!"

Oh god those tits.

wait there's no chapters after this
where can i find chapter 5

It was just published and was marketed as finale so that's probably it.


I get that you can only draw so many faces but still I feel some artist are far worst with same face than others.

Two that come to mind is Gunma and Mix Fry

Yeah I hear you just look at Rindo face from a book from this Comiket

Vs Kirara's face from 2 comikets ago

can somebody help me, i'm looking for a specific manga. Basically, Protag is living in a house with his fiancee / new wife, when his sister shows up at the door. His fiance leaves to go shopping and his sister comes onto him in the house. However then his fiancee comes back, they hide in the closet and continue fucking. if anybody knows this one i'd appreciate a link.

What would this even feel like?

>all his other works are forgettable garbage

Judging by my own tongue and imagining being longer, like a big slimy earthworm being shoved in your mouth.


It's the second Zucchini FSN doujin, it got translated


What proportion of each comiket ends up online?

Like most of it or only a small percentage?

Exactly 76.99%

>Hyoco is a Elphelt x Sol shipper.

So, does anyone know about scanlations groups that are always looking for editors? I wanna get into the scene but I don't know anybody

>scanlations groups that are always looking for editors

Pretty much all of them? Just find a group that does content you like. LWB would be one place to start since they do just about all fetishes.

Pretty much every group is always hungry for manpower, just find one that suits your tastes, since having to clean, redraw and typeset 30 pages of stuff you don't enjoy is akin to having your toenails ripped off with rusty pliers

this might sound arrogant and what not but do you know if they pay anything? how much?

you guys are making it sound like if they don't pay shit lmao what the fuck

If it's like with most groups, you get paid for the paid commissions you do yourself

Just get a job.

well the don't charge people for most of the stuff they put out. Also scanlations is a pretty shady job by its nature. If you want money you need to get into commissioned translation

>entered in a scanlation group as QCer
>any doujin I want
>$300k starting

Most scan groups do this as a hobby since making money off of releasing works you aren't licensed to release is a bit hard.

Also why the hell are you posting 3dpd on a panda thread? If you are such a good editor that you feel you should be getting paid why not post some of your work instead

Do I look like a chinese kid to you retards? Because only a chinese kid would work for free.

I will just look for someone who knows japanese on reddit/4chin and create my own scanlation group.

If you guys wanna do something useful give me a proper name for it

I am pretty sure the only way to make legitimate money from hentai is freelance translation or somehow being able to procure stuff for other people.

I for one Have been thinking of getting into the procurement game, since I am currently working in Japan. The only problem is my current job would not like me doing anything shady, so I have to find a business model that is mostly on the up and up. Which is hard since I would rather just scan the books I get for people since mailing them is a pain and would drive up my overhead.

Good to know thanks m8

Let's just hope the one I'm looking for ends up in that percentage, I wonder if things are still being uploaded from C90?

So what you are saying is you're all talk then. Look if you want make money editing hentai scanlations isn't the place to break into. Anyone with gimp and google translated can get into the game, but it takes a bit more work if you hope to make real money.

Also keep in mind this work isn't fast. If you just want to do it as a hobby then go for, but if making money is your main goal I feel the time investment may be to great for you.

But what do I know, you should be fine, I am sure you will find/make a scanlation group that will be netting money hand over fist

Let's if you are an editor worth something, let's start with something easy. Edit the dialogue in this page:
That worked up a good sweat

That means I can eat lots for dinner today too

But weren't you dieting?
That's right, bu~t
You have to eat lots if you wanna lose weight, you know~

If that's the case, let's have fun exercising
I'll have you sweat buckets
Huh-!? Ah...n~

that's a long ass name

I am pretty sure that is a ruse. However yes things are still getting scanned from C90.

For a bit of insight this picture is from a Mix Fry Book with Kirara from Go! Princess PreCure. Mix Fry is a pretty popular artist and Go! Princess PreCure is a well known anime. This book came out in C88 and I am going to be posting it later tonight after I am done cleaning it up.

So basically you wanna leech off someone else's work by doing the easiest job in the scanlation process and demand to be paid for it?
The balls on this guy.

I suppose the more niche the material, the less likely it is to find its way online

You sound like a tool.

Depending on the comic, typesetting is the most difficult part, since you are also expected to do cleaning and redrawing
Not really, since niche fetishist are willing to pay good money to have stuff they like scanned

What would be the hardest job, my instincts want to say cleaning. Granted this may stem from the fact that I have been trying to step up my scanning game and cleaning my scans take a ton of time.

>If that's the case, let's have fun exercising
*exercising some more

WTF is wrong with you?

you know it's funny because I came to this thread looking to work for someone but now I realize it would be way more fun to just run a scanlation group

creating a blog...

looking for an azn partner...

runing a poll here to decide what the first works of the scanlation group should be

playing politics in the hentai world to get recognition

deciding what comissions to take instead of getting told "edit this 2005 yaoi pokemon doujin"

etc etc etc, sounds really fun

Btw I would do that trial but I need to know who you are, I need to know if its worth it, you know what I mean¿?

>easiest job
It's all fun and games as long as you have clean-cut white bubbles
Then you get a commission to translate Ohigetan and you immediately commit sudoku

are you fucking retarded user? Don't make contact with me again please.

I think we need a clear understanding of what each job does. For me it goes

Translator- turns moon into english

Editor- takes the translators script and makes it readable

Typesetter- Fills in the word bubbles with the complete script

Cleaner- Raw scans look like ass, this guy fixes that. Does all the broad strokes photo editting so the redrawer doesn't have to.

redrawer- Deals with all the fine photo editing, such as merging pages and other things like that. Also deals with all text not in bubble or in transparent bubbles.

>Btw I would do that trial but I need to know who you are, I need to know if its worth it, you know what I mean¿?
I'm somebody who could need an editor, and that stuff I posted shouldn't take you longer than 5 minutes to do anyway.
Also, don't expect anyone to give a shit about you if you don't have at least a dozen released galleries under your belt, for free. Or do you really expect someone to give you money because you say that you can edit stuff without providing any proof of your skills?

A hentai scanlation group are more toxic than a regular scanlation group and they are already one of the most toxic communities on the internet.

That's correct, but in most groups you generally have one guy doing the Moon->Readable English part and another guy doing everything else, and maybe a third or fourth guy doing quality control.
Involving more people than that in the process makes it impossible to manage

>His pen name was actually "HyocoLord" the entire time.

My life has been a lie.

Usually because they are founded by pathetic assclowns with no useful skills or HR capabilities like the guy you are replying to

Just fuck off already. It's clear you don't belong here.
You're not even worth the pity replies you're getting.

I figured as much. If that is the case then translating/editing seem like the better deal. I bet that part could be done in a day for 30 page books and maybe a few days for a tank.

If I had to do typesetting, cleaning and redrawing on my own that would take me a week just to do a short book and a tank would make me want to kill myself.

>Fakku literally has scanned translated books with the guy's name mistranslated on it.

Uhhhhh? I thought they said they talked to the artists? You'd figure them wanting to get the goddamn pen name right before they published his book would be one of them.

Not interested amigo. You sound like a nobody right now. If you don't feel like giving your name you most likely are a nobody desu


>Also, don't expect anyone to give a shit about you if you don't have at least a dozen released galleries under your belt, for free.

thats why I said this earlier?

>runing a poll here to decide what the first works of the scanlation group should be


you have aspergers don't you? so hostile and aggressive for no reason at all

>I bet that part could be done in a day for 30 page books and maybe a few days for a tank.
It really depends on how much of a memelord the author is, if you have sick 2chan references every two sentences, good luck translating it in a week (unless you frequent 2chan too). Though, that's the case only for doujin books, mangas tend to be far tamer

Was pic related ever uploaded?

You're pretty dumb, aren't you?

>You sound like a nobody right now.
At least I have displayed that I can do a basic translation, you have yet to display anything that is not a gigantic ego and a severe lack of good manners
>thats why I said this earlier?
Don't expect anybody to even bother looking at your poll if you aren't at least semi-popular already



Yeah, I just read it now.

>the entire time

>C81 - Hyocoroad

>C86 - Hyocoload

>C88 - Hyocolord

>C89 - Hyocolord

>C90 - HyocoRoad

More like he just can't remain consistent about his circle name for some reason. At least the actual pen name has remained the same, probably thanks to the Twitter handle.

why do you guys always freak out like autistic kids when you see someone with an ego and/or confidence around here?

Feels like some subtle level of trolling. Either that or by C88 and C89 he figured out enough english that it was supposed to be spelled "lord" but by then everyone was like, "well we've been calling it 'road' for years now" so he jumped back on road instead.

yeah yeah have some attention you too, there

>At least I have displayed that I can do a basic translation

Fair enough actually. Now, talking a bit more seriously, dude, that picture you wanted me to edit wouldn't prove shit, it didn't even need to get cleaned at all, or leveled, or anything.

What exactly were you trying to evaluate there? If I know how to use mspaint? Come on, I won't lose my time and yours by doing something so basic, something that your average neet from here can do with in 3 minutes

And yeah I have an ego like every other person

>Don't expect anybody to even bother looking at your poll if you aren't at least semi-popular already

I have seen niggas send nudes of their sisters to get something translated/edited LOL are you new here or what? Come on!

Just tell me who you are already, what do you have to lose? The fact that you know jap it's already something, you shouldn't feel ashamed

This is the last time I will respond to you. Your ego is unwarranted you have shown nothing to back up what you are saying. If you had posted some of your work and it was good and people were giving you shit for it I would have your back.

All you have done is come here say you can edit and have been acting like you are god's gift to scanlation. This is not the place to post if you want to get your dick sucked for claiming you are hot shit

You sound like an deluded ass, and I'll help you with the "deluded" part:

A 25ish page translation if you have some moon skills that requires you to go to the dictionary often, but you're not fluent, should take you between 30min~1h depending on the amount of text/obscure references.

All the editing work takes about 3h~12h, and the most time consuming work of this is probably redrawing. Second most time consuming should be typesetting, and h-mangos have way too much moans. And 3h being the ones who doesn't require a single redraw, you just clean, type, adjust, finish it.

Prices that groups charge, including everything, is between 1$~5$ per page, and needless to say those who charge 5$ per page don't get as many commissions as others.
Say you're actually improbably good in the beginning and charge the almost average price of 2$ per page.
That's 50$ per a 25ish page 6h work. People commonly say you'd probably get more flipping burgers, and that's probably true almost anywhere in the globe.

If you've understood all this, you might've realized that scanlation isn't exactly a well rewarding job, but a hobby that you might get a few buckets here and there, and that's why there's a lot of people who don't charge OR only work on what they want, since it's a hobby.
Now you're just an ass and I'm pretty sure people don't like working with asses unless they have inhuman skills (and still they tend to avoid him unless necessary) which I highly doubt it's your case.

I think you also have an ego (or autism), you act like if scanlation is some nucler engineering shit or something when it actually is just a jap translating very basic porn lines and someone who barelly knows photoshop editing and cleaning printed cartoons.

Considering he seemed to spell it "hyocolode" at one point far in the past ( before settling on "road" for years (as you can see from going through through the group:"hyoco road" tag) you'd think he'd have looked up the English word he wanted to at that point already. It could be just that he thought about changing the circle name, used a new name for a while and then decided to go back to his old one.

>Now, talking a bit more seriously, dude, that picture you wanted me to edit wouldn't prove shit, it didn't even need to get cleaned at all, or leveled, or anything.
You are right, do this one instead

Ooh, Chen
>How rare to see you at this hour
>It isn’t dinnertime yet, is it?

That's not it
I was guiding her in...
>Just tell me who you are already
This is an anonymous imageboard, I shall remain anonymous

>This is an anonymous imageboard, I shall remain anonymous

Ok. I will just ignore you then, how does that sound to you?

btw that's not me tehee

Don't bother.
The guy clearly can't edit nor clean for shit and is just trying to scam his way into some group even when he's completely ignorant of the way things work in the field, which makes him pretty retarded for trying to do it here of all places.

Aren't you proving my point that translation and editing are the least time consuming part of the whole job.

My whole post was about who I would rather be translator and editor, rather than typesetter, cleaner, and redrawer.

I do thank you for giving me a price breakdown for getting something translated.

But I'm having fun seeing him make up shitty excuses to save his sorry ass. I'm pretty sure he doesn't even actually want to join a group, he is just trolling

if I can't clear nor edit for shit how exactly would I be able to scam my way into some group?

This place is literally filled with retards since the fakku thing

what excuse and to save my ass from what exactly? Also are you actually samefagging in 2016? LMAO

Oh cool this list will show me what to search for being as feet isn't a general tag

"0 results"

Thanks Anyway.

The idea of this being massive bait also crossed my mind, but his posts are increasingly proving to me that he's just lacking in brain cells.

Quite hard to find a work without feet outside of the amputee tag.

My bad, I might've misclicked somehow. But now you know, anyway.

My bad, the reply was to the other guy.

How did I do senpai?
By the way I'm not

No problem I thought that might be the case. This thread has had a bit too much trolling for my tastes I think we could use some good will.

Aw the text looked like shit, applied levels to them too accidentally.

I will be busy all day tomorrow so I won't have time to clean the other two Tejina Senpai doujin I scanned I will get them up later this week.


Just curious, do you have a schedule for your uploads?
Too much fap has worn me out so I need to make a fap schedule accordingly.

More like he can't decide how to romanize ろ since it's kinda both lo and ro in moon.

There is no schedule I have a huge backlog from when I was in the states and would order tons a book. Now that I am in Japan it has gotten worst. Akihabara is an hour train ride away and there is always something there I want.

For the most part I scan stuff newest to oldest. I will scan 3 to 4 books in one go and then with my piss poor photo editing ability I try to clean them up. Since this is just a hobby for me I don't keep to any schedule and work does get in the way a lot as well.

Pretty good, except that your redraws are kinda shit, but that's a given since you did it so quickly

The one thing I didn't know would happen when I pick up this hobby, was I find it hard to fap to stuff I have scanned.

I think lord sounds better than road. Makes it sound more regal.

father + loli = best

I mean I can still do it, but I need a day or two of not looking at it. I don't know when you spend so much time looking at each page it just gets to you. It is even worst if I find a mistake I made, it takes me right out of it and I have to go back and fix it or I will always see it.

And then there is stuff like that Mix Fry one I just finished. I had to fap to another Kirara doujin so I wouldn't get sidetracked on the one I was working on. I mean I could have just fapped to the uncleaned scans but for some reason that just doesn't sit right with me.

>vanilla fags are so pathetic, they're literally worshipping the translator instead of the translation work

None of you seem to know the difference between a pen name and a circle name, except Pen name has always been Hyocorou (or possibly Hyocoro somewhere), a basic transliteration of ひょころー. The circle name, in Japanese, has always been ひょこ道. The Hyoco part is the same in both, and the last kanji means "road; street; way; path; course; route; lane; distance."

Rou sounds like road. The circle is spelled with the Japanese kanji for road, and it makes the most sense for it to be read as the English word road and also romanized as Hyoco Road. The fact that the artist keep changing it is probably a joke, because most artists don't give a shit about English, and only correct way to spell it that they care about is ひょこ道.

more like this

crossdressing not required

212 is best

Looks like you edited a picture just for the lulz and the guy asking for it is laughing his ass off somewhere else telling his friends how he made a retard work for free, huh?

He wasn't a member of any scanlation group ready to test your skills (or mine like he wanted to), just a yellow troll.

Good job feeding him though!

It's surprising how many artists I've seen that forget that when a girl is upside down their bangs are supposed to fall back and show their hair line underneath. Goddamn it's great to see an artist that understands gravity.

Anyone have the Kairakuten 2016-09 contents list?

5 a.m./goin to lmao received the same kind of treatment when he was more active. Happens to prolific one-man scanlators.

Any more like this?

>laughing his ass off somewhere else
If this is really the case, I'm enjoying my increased experience and also chuckling a bit from this.

I wasn't expecting anything out of it, nor I wanted to. I do it as a hobby and only what I want, and it happened I wanted to do his "test" because he went his way to find a poor raw with some redrawing just to ask for something "difficult" and I wanted to prove it otherwise.

Although I didn't work much on the redrawing like the other user said.

I do what I want, when I want, and I don't care about what others think about it, so you don't need to get butthurt about it.

I like your attitude user. Wanna suck my ass for a while? I think you have what it takes

I have a request. I'm looking for a short comic about two lolis that partner swap.

You dumb nigger ain't even trying for fucks sake.

I suddenly get sad panda, yesterday I could still get in and I didn't clear the cookies or anything else. Also I'm still logged into e-hentai. Anyone knows what happened?

Try restarting your modem, your computer or your life.

Your cookies expired. Happened to me a few days ago, too.
You have to go delete your E-H and ExH cookies, and then you can log in the normal way. And if you use the plugin I swear to god

please... don't speak

>And if you use the plugin I swear to god
I use sad panda plugin for chrome, whats wrong with it?

Thanks, looking forward to the others!

Long story short, a fairly recent site update made the plugin shit itself and gorillions of plugin users have come to panda threads to whine about it not working. If the plugin works for you now, enjoy it while you still can, because it will stop working.

Yeah looked like the cookies expired, thanks.

>You have to eat lots if you wanna lose weight, you know~
"I want to eat lots while still losing weight"
>If that's the case, let's have fun exercising
>I'll have you sweat buckets
"If that's the case, let's try a much more fun, much more sweaty method of exercising."

>kids fucking kids
wtf is wrong with this bullshit holy fucking christ. Don't you have any normal vanilla mature content?
First 6 chapters are masterpieces
wish there was more

It's like you want me to post more """kids"""


expiring cookies.

>It isn’t dinnertime yet, is it?
Rhetorical question.
"You know it's not dinner time yet, right?"

all of his hentai manga works are better than Iinazuke Kyoutei

jesus christ

i never read his non-h works, are they really that bad?

Stop replying to him you fucking idiot

No, they're actually considerably worse than you can imagine

Don't tell me what to do.

My English isn't that good it seems (I'm ESL), doesn't asking the same question positively (if the "main" sentence was negative), entail that it is a rhetoric question?

No. It just implies that the person asking the question has the preconceived notion that the answer is negative. If you were to hand out the original line to 10 people to read, I would bet most people would think Chen is the one asking it the way it was worded.

Well, thanks for the tip then. Looks like videogames and Cred Forums don't really cut it as English study material

depends on how many years you end up spending here

my dick needs loli doujins

>Discover Miura Takehiro and his sexy hot mamas and their BOUNCY BOUNCY tits.
>Has great Tankoubans with this Dominance series
>Newest series being Dominance Alt
>Only goes up to chapter 6 with no continuation that I can find
>last chapter was 3 years ago
Did he just stop or move to some unknown magazine, fuck I want to see that Main girl get fucked, they tease it so much and she gets so little action.

He's an animator by trade so his manga works happen at random. Dominance Alt was a while back though. He hasn't been active on manga side for a while, his latest works are a series of three doujins (2 of which are translated).

If you're curious he has a list of anime he has worked on in his site.

Ye that's a shame, that was all I found when I checked his site and his twitter was just full of niconico alerts, guess I'll just pray he continues again at some point.

whats the difference with g-e hentai and exhentai

I've literally never had a problem with the plugin.

If one person goes for years without brushing their teeth and says they've never had a problem, would that make you think not brushing your teeth is the way to be?

Exhentai sounds cooler, and the background is black like my soul.

pretty good stuff apart from the placeholder story

Degenerate content like loli is hidden on g-e, but not on ex

it's actually inaccessible, not just hidden

It's only hidden, you can still access it if you have the right permissions

Your editing is pretty good. Do you want to edit some lewd lolis?

post brownlolis, or tan girls in hotpants

what are some god tier milf x incest
i missed the ara ara thread yesterday

So even if you have the right permissions, you can't search for it on g.e-hentai? That seems stupid.

I remember it, it's licensed by fakku so you wont find it on panda, try the secret club

No, if you can see it you can also search for it
>It's finally been translated
Praise be

Okay, so it's hidden the same way as it's inaccessible, only for specific users.

s-secret club?

Ah man that shit was killer, like Gomenasai decided to do a futa slut delinquent work. I'll definitely be watching this guy, let's hope he goes far..

Shocking truth!

Here's a more complete list.

If you want a tag, make a list of galleries you feel are relevant.

Thanks, I found it on another site. I'm not sure if it's the "secret club" you're talking about, though. Are you talking about a website or some sort of file sharing service?

You can find all the fakku rips on nyaa. It isn't a secret club.

This so much.

thanks onii chan

and if you like it consider buying the original release from fakku

She can definitely perform one trick correctly. Watch the amazing disappearing and reappearing penis.

user pls, this is image is 2lewd4chan

Any more twin stories? Identical preferred but fraternal also works. Some favorites. wasn't this translated before?

What are some common things that gets your goat?
>femdom tag
>ends with her succumbing to the man/boy's cock, becoming his bitch

>footjob tag
>it's one frame in a 100 page slugfest

>Trying to read surprisingly serious trap story

Every time

>That delinquent Samozuumo Tooru story.

Even when translated I have no clue what the fuck just happened, other than protag got played like a goddamn fiddle.

I tend not to like group stuff unless the art is good.

I don't mind that femdom thing but I do kind of hate when it starts getting into extreme shit like ball busting

I have a serious thing against when the story involves the girl getting tricked into sex, especially lolis. Lolis are for tender loving and nurturing into eventually understanding the dick or being lewd already, not tricking into a quick fuck

>see sad panda swarmed with korean comic strips lately
>check one out since it's translated out of curiosity
>there's not much lewd and I'm scrolling down like a madman because the layout is hyper vertical
>boner is gone
>can't fap because it's actually a super interesting read

send help

I really liked Drug Candy but that's about it

Covers that are really hardcore and the inside is all vanilla, maybe light bondage. Nothing worse than a cover where the girls are gagged and they're never gagged in the actual work.

Also anything that starts off using bondage and punishment and stuff to mindbreak a girl and then once she's broken there's just a bunch of boring slutty sex.

I'm reading Atonement Camp and it's p good

Holy shit, there really is a god

He's working on Maitama

whats the salsa famiglia?

Drug candy was pretty nice. especially the short at the end. I think sstudy has the best sex scenes household affairs was pretty good for awhile, the art is random as hell now though. Amazing how few fetishes are actually represented in them. Other then the occasional blowjob you don't see much of anything else some have 1-2 panels of tittyfucking but that's it. Never seen even something as common as anal.

Summary of tweet: was planning to release it in September, but got carried away and drew more than he was planning to. Release date is now unknown.

>just realized that Sister Breeder has been translated

here we go

What is it about gyarus Cred Forums?

Are titles starring nuns in it?




In what?


They are just the best is all.

Well, that worked out

>They only got pregnant in a total of about 4 pages.

Just fucking make Sister Breeder a visual novel instead at this point so the damn girls will have more time being pregnant. I say we pitch the idea to Pin-Point.


The two special chapters from the tank are still untranslated AFAIK

Sure it's all fun and games until she eats your head. Such is the life of a mantis.

Did Nishi ever get a tank? they haven't drawn anything in a mag since COMIC Shitsurakuten 2015-12

This is the absolute worst. Fun and creative stuff that devolves into vanilla in general is just lame. I like it when it starts of tame then gets progressively crazier with corruption. Also not fond of the mindbroken getting saved, but that's rare enough that I'll let the people who enjoy it have that.
Somewhere in here if I remember correctly


Who would voice the sisters though? I vote Himari for the younger one. The older one though needs a better older sister voice with a bit of a more serious tone to her as well. I'd have said Misonoo Mei but she sounds more like a milf now a days, since she is one at this point anyways, than the onee-san roles she used to do.

According to Sad Panda's comments, that only happens in a stressful environment. As long as mantis is well-fed and taken care of, it will be fine

Those people posting are all female mantis, they're trying to trick you.

Literal cancer

What if the guy shrinks and the girl is gigantic relative to him?

I never knew until I read this that I wanted to be shrunk and climb inside a girls pussy.

Worst thing is seeing a cover with emphasis on feet only to find out its a giantess snaps your internal organs with her weight episode.

>caring about the comments section
>complaining about a specific group
>being this assblasted when someone gets praise
What's next user? Your butthurt entertains me.

So there's no point in exhentai unless you're into really degenerate shit?

I can access ehentai but not ex because of all the cookie nonsense, I've heard it said that if you visit exhentai before ehentai then you will never be able to log in for all of eternity even after you register.

No lolis, no pregnant/cy.

Ah, but you can have scat.

Does this picture make sense to you guys or am I just too hungry to understand this?

She's saying she enjoys something so much that she could eat it three times per day and not get sick of it.

Marui Maru
kuhana Niiro
Aoki Kanji

That's 5 good artists compared to X-Eros issue 45, which was basically about 1 to 0 good artists and the rest was all literally whos.

>judging by name rather than content
What's wrong with you?

kuhana Niiro is also a literally who in my book and his artwork is decent to good.

Does the "no loli" principle end up cutting out a large amount of stuff just because anime girls are generally young? Or is it only material with loli as a specific focus?

Is it just me or is the site a bit slow right now? Not having problems elsewhere.

It's based on the tags, and the people who have tagging power are retards that think being short = loli, and being short and having boobs = oppai loli.

>Real, established relationship no mother son childhood friend bullshit
>Female SO becomes addicted to ntr guys superior cock
>Male SO cant cut it anymore his dick and technique are worthless
>NTR guy isnt a fat ugly fuck and is actually normal looking or better
>Ends in impregnation and MC is forced to raise the child whether he knows its his or not
>Preferably if this happens right around an engagement
>All done by a decent artist

Its a simple formula yet so hard to find nowadays. I just want to fap to the idea of stealing someone's woman. Is it not allowed?

Well lets look at what I used to call, "the trifecta" as far as NTR goes:

Nagare Ippon, got some classic NTRs. Doesn't do it as much as he was doing a couple of years back, which is nice that he's an artist that likes to experiment. His latest story is sort of NTR but not sure on what path that story is going to take.

Carn, still putting out brainless protag NTR with good artwork.

Takeda Hiromitsu, doesn't really do anything outside of doujins now.

Only other artist I think comes close is Rocket Monkey? I can't recall others that are or were as consistent. Darabuchi sort of is with his doujins, but that depends on the scenario.

Takeda Hiromitsu? Is he the guy who did the love live mana tama doujin?

Love Plus, you mean.


He's the guy who rused everyone into the biggest NTR asspull in all of hentai history with Ima Ria. So big was that moment of anal devastation that the tears of vanillafags still flow to this day.

>Fapping to NTR for any reason

As the product of such a sick fetish, all I have to say is fuck you.

>Being angry you exist thanks to NTR.

I mean the alternative is not existing?

I had this problem with the site and a few others for the past few hours. It just cleared up for me now though.

Would you really say the same thing in my position? I dont know my father, the guy who raised me is a cuck and enjoys it and my mother didnt even try to lie to me about it. I know they do it regularly too, as I caught them inviting strange men into the house during my senior year in hs. I moved out and cut off contact but I always feel fucking disgusting knowing I was likely born because my father was begging some asshole to knock up my mom.

These two are the ones closest of what you want.

NTR nowadays won't have this, so you'd better of looking on older ones like said.
But stories that take as far after birth are rare, pretty much inexistent.

Some other long, good NTR stories:

>tfw bondagefag
>tfw can't fap to anything else

Has anyone managed to condition themselves to like stuff they previously didn't, just to have access to more mateiral?

>bringing real life into 2D ever

This is why you need to go. dumb blogposter

What is the appeal? It's always crushing/vore shit

Sorry, I guess that user struck a nerve requesting NTR and impregnation. Ill shut up now.

You have anything good with brown girls though?

Nah dude, it's a mental condition you were born with, molded by. There's no cure.

I didn't like loli at first and I was grossed out just by thinking on fapping to that

And here I am, translating lolis

I hated NTR at first but the more I looked at it the more I realized I was getting turned on. Now I come to that shit harder than anything else. I don't know if I inadvertently conditioned myself to that stuff or if I'm an inborn cuck like says

Going from pure to corrupted is easy, the other way around is what he's asking and it's much harder.

Implying lolis aren't the purest being in existence

is tomgirl the best tag ever conceived?
aside from loli

No, they are
But lolicons are no different than cockroaches, a disease and menace to society

No clue if they're good or not though. My backlog is 15,000+ works long.

I don't know why but I can't deal with colourized H-content. It just somehow irks me.

on an unrelated note, is there a term for girls completely ignoring that they are getting sexed? I tried "maguro" but no luck

I can't fap to NTR because besides not liking it very much personally, I have this feeling like if I got too into it, it would somehow be bad karma.

female:emotionless sex

just wait until you get a niche fetish user, then you'll get something once every 6 months.

>It just somehow irks me.
Because it always looks dirty and flat.

Yeah, I think it's basically the "uncanny valley" effect. When it's just black and white drawings the mind fills out the blanks to make them "human" but when they're colourized really cheaply it takes away from that and leaves you with a certain "this isn't right" feeling.

Climbing into their pussy (and sometimes fucking their womb). Who cares if it's unrealistic, 2D porn was never meant to make sense.
Using dick-sized minigirls as onaholes is another great thing too.

Any of you know the source for this?

My niche is good art which has only shot up over the past couple years, and I haven't been able to fap much for over a year for reasons. Naturally, this is a bad combination. My backlog was nonexistent 2 and a half years ago.

>and I haven't been able to fap much for over a year for reasons
Broken arms?
Cut along your dick?

>Cut along your dick

Sort of. Constant fungal infections after heavy antibiotics. Shit sucks.

I hate this meme.

Who's single-handedly caused more butt pain in actual hentai NTR? Non-H NTR would probably be Broccoli head even though he deserved her more.

You know what's hard to find? Yuri + age difference. No matter if loli + girl or girl + milf or loli + milf (there are some really shitty ones there) yuri seems to be sworn in to be mostly girls around the same age.



I have the script for this:

Is Marui Maru if anyone interested. The thing is that it has several panels like pic related and I don't want to edit it and make it look like shit.

I can throw some panda shekels if anyone interested and you can upload it to the panda

Typing this from memory: Utsusemi Zenpen. Does that fit what you're looking for?

Just wait for the larger scans before editing onto a tiny digital version.

>doujin moe translated another akushizu work
>it's in the private section


doujin moe doesn't exist anymore user.
They are now.

You could try asking the translator I guess or hope
or someone else uploads it. That's the same name as the person doing the posts there.

Cancer... cancer never changes

Does anyone have stories where girls ask not to be cummed inside but the guy does it anyways? That's my fetish and it's too specific for keyword searches.

I'm sure you could find plenty of that with the blackmail and ntr tags.

Although it covers everything.

I'm aware that there are keywords that are somewhat related, thanks. That doesn't help.

there's a lot of shit you can jerk off to that you physically can't comprehend

like love

Viewed that spoiler at work. Now I'm fired thanks you sick fuck.

>having to come up with sounds as ESL
I hope you guys know what a Splush is because I surely don't.
Original is ぐちゅ

New Tsuchinoko work is available at Mikocon, 40 long pages and looks good.

splish = high pitch water sound
splash = normal pitch water sound
splush = low pitch water sound

Pardon my ignorance sir, but what sound does a wet pussy getting banged does?
Low/normal or high pitch?

That would depend on the length and girth of the cock, same principal behind the pitch of any instrument

I'll give you a hint

There's an insect girl and it's recent


That's not how you use that pic you maximum overdrive faggot

here u go

Is there an even more secret e-hentai if you donate a gorrillion dollars?

reverse orc x elf

Yes, it's called FAKKU

Re-edited an old one and a new one.

And I quit redrawing, my wrists are about to fall off.

good choice

Nope. Just a subforum for circlejerking.

Fakku is shit. Bought a month. Their selection sucks ass.

Circlejerking over what?

The removed content.


>falling for the Fakku meme

Like "forbidden content" tagged shit? Is that what you get access to?

you disgust me

here best ass:

Having money to burn on free porn.

>fakku went from being a childhood ally to an adulthood enemy

idk what it is you want, but this book reminded me of another:

i really enjoyed this:


You can use Plop/Slop/Glop too.

>dark skin
>feet and leg related things
>brother-sister incest

conversely, things that really turn me off:
>harem or at least unrealistic three ways and upward
>mother son or father daughter incest
>cumming anywhere besides in the vagina
>most vanilla (i mean, i like vanilla, as long as there's still something in it. a lot of vanilla like, white out genitals or don't even do creative things, idk)
>big tits (they get bigger and fucking bigger i swear)
>cold hard rape

i really need more dark skin right now...

were you reading the one about the girl who wants to be pure but also wants to have kinky sex and her boyfriend is disappointing her? that shit was riveting.

I'm not judging, but I think that's a horrible fetish

Just kidding, what you like is your business

You should probably look up what "get your goat" means.

oh man i really hope someody translate that new tan girl ponsuke

>>can't fap because it's actually a super interesting read
What do you expect from softcore shit?

>My backlog is 15,000+ works long.
No, it isn't. That's just idiotic. What that actually is you adding stuff that you'll never look at and you will constantly add more to it.

That sounds like the rape tag.
A lot of the times the girl says "don't cum inside" but she doesn't actually mean it or is okay with it afterwards.
Give more details.

Maximum_Joe doesn't have access to it, so he doesn't actually know.

I'm conflicted. The Drug Candy manhwa recommended in the thread is pretty hot (when it gets to those moment) but I've never actually downloaded and wanked it to a manhwa before. What the hell do I do? The pages' formatting is intimidating as shit :^\

Guys I need the name of a doujin I liked from a long while back. I remember everything about it but the name and it's killing me.

Opens with guy and his girlfriend fucking, later they talk on the phone and he falls and hits his head. He loses all memory of them dating so she bones him to make him remember. Then they make a babby.

Anyone have the name? Even with every tag I can think of I still have over a thousand results.

>I remember everything about it
Maybe you should try drawing it from your amazing memory and see if google can help you ;^)

Seriously though, sorry I can't help

I bought a month and loved it, just started my second month. Different strokes.

To reduce the number of results, use only the manga category. Use "l:english" "f:pregnant" "f:impregnation" -tankoubon

not the same, but heres something similar

I'm seeing new stuff being less censored, what are the chances the old works will be released less censored? Hidemaru and ozaki akira are great but the censorship kills it for me.

>what are the chances the old works will be released less censored
the chance is zero unless fakku publishes it

Marui Maru has a new tank coming out on the 26th. Salar confirmed to me that Hentaicore will be scanning it. So at this point I'd highly recommend waiting for that before wasting time with magazine scans.

Can someone tell me where this is from? Some jackass posted it in a oppai loli thread and never gave the sauce.

Thanks, man. Have any particular fetish? I'll find ya something good.

>get your goat means to make you upset
what, i had never heard that

well i guess its good i listed stuff i dislike as well.

Nah but thanks anyway

I insist fucker. You like busty milfs? Loli futas? Thicc busty futa milfs? Whatever, I'll get it.

Thick Milfs it is

Shoulda asked to have a turn just so you can experience the full effect of your chinese woodcarving fetishes. Do the whole blindfold surprise.

You got it~

Different art styles for variety ;^)

Is there no way to access panda on incognito
i hate cleanign up my history afterwards

Just log in.

How does this not have more yous

The boyhood dream has come true

Preview of the new X-EROS is out

Anyone got something where the girl is using the toilet? Doesn't have to be straight up scat.

I came to say this

Use the portable version of your browser, put it on a usb stick or similar, or have it hidden and encrypted somewhere.

But if you really need to do it incognito, you just log in at e-hentai. It's really that simple.

I hope you aren't using exhentai easy plug-in.

Why do you need to do incognito and why do you need to clean your history?
Click on the icon of your preferred browser.

He's underage and doesn't want his mummy to see his history when she comes in to give him his chicken tendies and hot pockets.

You don't belong here. I'm confiscating all your good boy points to sell on the NEET market and sending you back. Don't ever return.

welp time to get a fakku sub

Just cover, champ

So the little piece of shit hops over to ExE and immediately bounces back to Wani? Fuck that guy. At least it's probably only going to be the cover and a few colored pages by the look of it.
And what the fuck, I didn't know that Harigane Shinshi was over there too.

There have been plenty of artists going back and forth between ExE and X-EROS, even since the first issue.
Harigane Shinshi made his Wani debut in the most recent XTC.
Regarding mulsi work series, I'm not aware of his other work, does KOWAREMONO have connection with other story? In advance I already read that it doesn't connect to Kowaremono:Risa

calm down with the edge nigger

The multi-work series tag is crap. Tags on the site in general are crap.

Calm your autism

What ever happened with his reboot of the series? Was it just a one off? The art was definitely different.
This one is popular


How is that abubu as recently been posting completely uncensored porn lately? He wont get into trouble will he? He's one of my favorites.
this time it's even loli

He could get in trouble. Unless he's not in Japan, then the worst that could happen is probably getting banned from Pixiv.

Sometimes I wonder how I found some gallery


There's at least 3 more artists in that issue that "hopped over" to ExE and are now back in X-Eros (Hisakawa Chin, MGMEE, Kito Sakeru). When are you retards going to realize that artists go where there is work?

I'm sure they get paid extra for the first issue to build hype for new magazines, which is why volume 1 is always stacked. After that they're free to go wherever they want. Some stick with ExE, some go back to X-Eros, some go to completely different magazines.

I'm not too sure about the exact rule but if I'm not wrong it's fine if the slit is "closed"

There is no exact rule. And besides, there's more than one picture in the set he linked.

Look at the entire set. She spread it and everything. look at any of his last 10 or so uploads. everything has been completely uncensored from oneeshota to adult sex.

New Solopip B is on the cafe

He's getting even darker.


My condolences.
Try using this:

Might as well post an old favorite of mine, Power Play.

This one's a bit of a hidden gem. The only english version is marked as a duplicate for some retarded reason. Which is a shame, because it's probably the best hentai I've ever seen.
fuck yes, also this position is hard to find
why isn't there more of this position?

Guys I need help finding a comic I read a while ago. The first chapter starts off with a guy using a device to look into various worlds in search of prey. He picks a waitress he toyed with before and fucks her as she's working. The guy was pseudo invisible the entire time, and I think I remember the girl having red orange hair. She probably urinated at the end too. Also, the comic is in english.

Well translators for previous chapters don't seem to be around so here's a bounty for the final chapter of My Dear Maid. Support would be appreciated, I'm low on hath.

Holy shit that's really long
Is the old man is MC in future? Or in his previous life?

Stop posting this shit you dumb ass kuso baka

I can'r read Japanese, is that Ruka a futa-genderbent or boycunt?

At the rate Mikocon is going usable raws are probably month+ away so it's not like there's any rush.

That's more like a syrupy sound than a watery one. Better for liquids that are thicker than water sounds like with ejaculation and semen sounds.

That's his ass, it seems, since they say he's a sodomist.

Noun. 1. sodomist - someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male) bugger, sodomite, sod. degenerate, deviant, deviate, pervert - a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior.

>I think I'll temporarily call this world line as SG Sodom
>This world line's lustful succubus/incubus sodomistic party is...
>Inviting me to madness...

>They can hear the thoughts of the gestating egg cell in their womb talking about the person who made them so as their daddy.

Kurisu going full on Raita now eh?

New Agata translation. Enjoy.

Are you suggesting I should've fucked my mother?

>NTR'd by the stepson
5/10 might read

>Nothing I like
Sad day for Huge Breast lovers

I can't remember the name of this popular doujin.
It was a school where girls could be fucked anywhere, it had 2 or three parts. The main girl got screwed hard in her house by two teachers in the last chapter, and every schoolgirl was getting pregnant. I think it was taken out from sadpanda.