So I marathoned all three seasons of High School DxD over the last two or three days...

So I marathoned all three seasons of High School DxD over the last two or three days. I had no idea what I was getting into; all I had seen was lots of nudity. I didn't expect the series to have so much ANIME FIGHTING and power levels. I still enjoyed it, though, even if it was cliche a lot of the time. When is season 4? I hear something about season 3 being mostly anime original?

Also, Akeno is best girl.



S3 messed up the storyline for the most part. Some shit is out of sequence, and that thing with Rias having her own scale mail is completely anime original and pretty shitty. There was a whole rating game arc between Sitri and Gremory that was cut.

Honestly felt like S3 was trying to tie everything up for an ending but it left so many things undone.

real best girl right here

A shit.

>Supposedly a boy
>No visible bulge despite wearing tight bloomers

That's not Ravel, Serafall, or Asia.

>When is season 4?
You're guess is as good as mine.
TNK the animation studio that works on DxD is doing something else.
If it flops just like their last attempts expect them to shove S4 out to save their asses.

Volume 22 has been updated for the people that don't check Code-Zero's blog.
Life.1 and a part of life.2 has been done.

I want to marry Asia.

I normally can't stand the Yamato Nadeshiko types, but Akeno is so best.
>That body
>That ara ara ufufu
>That sadist streak and willingness for kinky stuff
>Cute as fuck when she wants to be

I don’t have the energy to think after using my brain beyond its limit…… Since the beginning of this year, no, ever since last year we had been fighting against the Qlippoth which was led by Rizevim all the time. So doing these sorts of tests which you have to do at certain times actually drains out my energy more than necessary.

……Those monsters didn’t give us the leisure to let us study under peaceful times at all.

Then the Church-trio approaches my desk. Asia then says.

“We sure did fall behind in our studies due to many things that happened to us.”

“We had to continue with our school life while fulfilling our duties. You sure did overwork yourself.”

Irina says that to me while massaging my shoulders.

Irina knows how to take care of her man.

Akeno > Koneko > Rias > Kiryuu > Asia = Xenovia > Gasper = Grayfia > Sona > Rosseweisse Kuroka > Serafell >>>>>> Irina

“The people that are affiliated with us and are joining this academy are Le Fay-san, Kunou-san, and Tosuka. The former student president Sona……no, it’s probably better for me to start calling her Sona-sama. Anyway, from the Sitri-side there will be Bennia-san that will be enrolling here.”

We actually have quite the number of people affiliated with us that are joining here. Furthermore, Le Fay and Bennia wants to join this club. Kunou also seems like she will be coming here after school when grade school finishes.

>so many cuties joining Issei's school and the ORC
Issei's school life is going to get a whole lot more hectic.

Xenovia then says this while putting on a provoking smile.

“By the way, Irina’s second option was ——— becoming a bride. Though she rubbed it out right away.”

Even Asia became all bright at hearing this.

“That is a wonderful dream!”

Irina grasps hold of Xenovia’s head.

“H-Hey, Xenovia! D-Don’t go around telling everyone about it!”

Everyone has smiles on their face at seeing Irina becoming all embarrassed.

Irina is being really cute in this latest book.

Then Nakiri comes and stands in front of me and then says it after fixing his posture.

“Hyoudou Issei-senpai of the Sekiryuutei.”

“Y-Yeah, what’s up?”
Nakiri suddenly bows his head to me.

“The truth is I see you as my role model. You possessed the Longinus of Welsh Dragon in you while you were just a normal high school student. But even though you were put into so many dangerous situations you overcame all of it. ———I wish to live like you by attaining a power where I can use to fight against my own destiny.”

Nakiri who stands straight again has this expression. ——— A serious expression with clear and straight eyes.

…………O-Oh man, it’s embarrassing! To have him say that straight to my face! I-It sure does feel itchy to be said that from a boy younger than me!

I then say this while waving my hands.

“You are exaggerating me too much. I simply tried to cope with the unreasonable kind of situation which falls on me.”

“That’s the thing I see impressive about. Hyoudou-senpai, there’s many things I wish to learn from you. Please tell me if something happens. I shall become the support of all of you. I’m sure Ajuka-san will allow it too.”
D-Does he have some kind of weird feeling towards me? When I look at Xenovia,

“Ouryuu wanted meet you for a long time, Ise. I always forgot to when I kept on making promises to him. So he was able to finally meet you today.”

……So he basically made an excuse of finding Xenovia to hand her the document in order to come here?

I-I’m really embarrassed. This is more nervous than to have a girl say something which gives you a heartbeat! It’s a different kind of feeling I get from Gasper who is also a male and is my junior!

“Thanks. I will definitely remember that.”

———That’s the best I could say.

Male harem keeps growing and Ishibumi foreshadowing Ajuka's "game" for whatever reason.

>Bova says he has multiple siblings
>no mentioning if he has sisters
Fuck you too Ishibumi.

Good taste



>When is season 4?
On 99.99% Never