We full-fledged magical girl show!

>inb4 flip floppers

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Is there any upload of the special?

Dumb name desu.

Is this show a blend of 2D and 3DCG? Some of the animation looks so smooth, particularly in non-action talking parts.


no cow tits. its a good start

I really hope this won't flop.

I want to flap their flippers if you get my meaning.


I keep forgetting that magical girl duos are always really fucking ambiguously gay.
I hope this show gets a lot of violent drug, rape and mind break doujinshi because they look really cute.

Out of all the new shows this fall, this one grabbed my attention the most.

>I hope this show gets a lot of violent drug, rape and mind break doujinshi because they look really cute.
God damn it Cred Forums.

>I hope this show gets a lot of violent drug, rape and mind break doujinshi because they look really cute.
This is my first thought too and it made me extremely scared of myself.

Even as old as in the 70s like in majokko tickle.

if it's not yuri I'm not watching

Looks like generic garbage.

Looks like the best show next season.

It won't, there's literally no hype in Japan at all, for some reason. There are only 3000 subscribers on the official Twitter, 1 (one) fanart on Pixiv, the thread on 2ch is completely inactive, the advance screening hasn't sold out. Basically fuck Japan for not supporting shows that try to be different.

Doesn't realy look unique at all

Are you blind or what?

Don't blame Japan, user.

Precure looks more unique that this.

Probably doesn't help that each season of Precure is its own show with absolutely nothing to do with each other.

It'll flip.

Which flip will you flap?

What's unique about it?

>see this
>want to flap her flip
>my flapper is flop
>tfw no flap

My god, what they did to my Mao? Her hair looks hideous.

We won't know until the series premieres

Frankly, having traveling magical girls to exotic lands is something you don't see more often

Official sales prediction for fall mahou shoujo
>3-5k Raising Project
>2-3k Walmart Walmart Madoka
>1-2k Yuri Bait in WW2
>Under 1k Flip Floppers

More like fall of mahou shoujo am I right?

>30k+ shows I like
>-500k shows you like
see I can do it too

>Raising Project selling that much

What does it have going for it except for Gochiusa director? It's gonna flop just like the rest of 'em.

LN fanbase is expressive and it is the only one with some hype. It is still flopping though, like 80% of all late night magical girl.

Character design, for one.

LNshit never sells because it's just an ad for LN

It seriously makes me want to watch Heartcatch Precure again

Overlord has literally outsold most late night magical girls. Same for most LN adaptations.

I feel so nostalgic watching those clips but i also cant help but feel that this is obvious otaku bait with nice animation.

And? There is literally nothing wrong with having a target audience.

Do we have any idea of the premise?
Director + art style + character designs have me excited. I'd like it to be good but fall is pretty stacked, might get lost in the lineup.

Having otakus as your demo means a lot of things, i just hope that they dont go full fanservice on every shot and have a decent story. Director also doesnt strike me as that type of guy having worked on ghibli movie and one of my favourites dennou coil.

What are you talking about, every anime flops at first only a tiny % of all late night shows go higher than 4,5k. Its pointless to talk about sales cause otakus are the ones buying them blus and they have mostly shit taste.

I want to flip flap.

What about Vivid Strike and Matoi?

Who else would it be aimed for?

It already had a lewd shot in the new footage.

Blue hair girl looks pretty appealing but the girl voiced by MAO would be a hundred times better if her eyes were a little bit smaller.

Otaku just means adult male anime watcher, they are literally the only people that will care about this as the little girl audience won't stay awake until fucking 2am

I think that Matoi is Walmart Walmart Madoka, since you know, Yuki Yuna and it's Shintoist crap.

>little girl audience won't stay awake until fucking 2am
Not my daughter.

Flipflap is not 2am show though. It has pretty early running time, in Regalia slot. Not that it would save it, but it might do better than Rolling Girls which were at 3am.

>What about Vivid Strike

Can it regain its good will?

>Official sales prediction for fall mahou shoujo

Are any male-aimed otaku shows this Fall have a chance to be hits?

Stella no Mahou, somehow. Kirara MAX always sells.


I really hope these shows don't cannibalize themselves to the point everything does poorly.

Producers are finally starting to believe in late night mahou shoujo again but if four or more shows flop at once they will start to avoid it again.

M.A.O. was great as a yuriyuri warrior in Nights of Azure. Gives me hope for this.

M A O is in the butt battle show as well.

This. That hairstyle really doesn't work for her

Feels good to be a M.A.Ofag



>that hair growth

I liked the butt, might buy the BD just for the best resolution of the butt during the transformation.

Butt transformations are pretty good.

Her outfit is surprisingly lewd

Hell her character reminds me of Pikari

Why is MAO getting so much roles lately?

Because she's great.

That Mao is shit though.

Why not?

>those colours

>it's just yuri bait
Why they don't make a mahou shoujo with acatual yuri? I hope this shit flop.

The PV already has FlipFlap Red going in for a kiss with FlipFlap Blue.

>This is what every thread about this show is gonna be like for the next 3 months.

I feel like this will either be one of the most enjoyable and ambitious anime in 2016, or turn out to be wasted potential that is complete garbage by the end. No middle ground possible.

>subtext or overt subtext
>looks fun

Already atleast 7/10

So what you guys are saying is that this is basically the Madoka killer? Ok, I will remind to mention this at every opportunity.

Mao did nothing wrong

>overt subtext
So just text.

I think she goes to shitloads of auditions and logically if someone is good enough to pass one they'll naturally tend to pass many.

Would figure, she's also been doing tons of minor and bit roles these past few seasons.

>So what you guys are saying is that this is basically the Madoka killer? Ok, I will remind to mention this at every opportunity.

Nah, we pray it's more coherent than Rolling Girls

>4 new mahou shoujo shows in the same season
>3 of them are anime-original
Oh boy, it's both great and horrifying, I hope at least Flip Floppers can survive.

Plus there will be brave witches and wixoss also taking that sweet bishoujo money.

The only true winner of this mess will be Mahou Shoujo desukara since it will fully adapt the manga no matter what (and it will be a good arc, if they touch shovel girl and the last magical girls battles before the anime. Though I don't know if they will be ok with showing a cute girl dying, even if its in the past)

>I am adequately whelmed.

>4 minute episodes
I assume it's visually pleasing at least. Might give it a watch.

>visually pleasing
Don't be lewd.

Santa best girl.

That tunnel surfing scene makes my dick rock solid. I'm honestly invested in this exclusively for the visual direction

Small tits + yuri + mahou shoujo sounds good to me. Let's hope for the best.

Is this the madoka of anime

Is there a reason for the Rolling Girls comparison?
That show could have been fucking AOTC if it followed the same formula as episode 1 and just having it mentioned makes me nostalgic and upset



>Is there a reason for the Rolling Girls comparison?
>That show could have been fucking AOTC if it followed the same formula as episode 1 and just having it mentioned makes me nostalgic and upset

I guess it's mostly the animation ambition and cute girls style


>Boots are gradient
But how

>not flipping their flaps

can't wait for the threads

don't worry about it

Same concept artist, tanu.

Also I'd prefer if Rolling Girls didn't have episode 1 so people who wanted more of the same shit (that you can see in thousands of other anime) wouldn't complain about it. Some of Rolling Girls episodes are way better than episode 1.

I disagree
You might be able to see it elsewhere, but RG ep1 is that concept done to perfection. It's a good way to introduce the setting, not so much the story of the show. I wouldn't want to be without it because on its own it is a fantastic piece of direction in narrative, visuals, and music. What I would really prefer to see, rather than the disappearance of Episode 1, is for people to simply quit bitching.

The character designs in this show really trigger my autism. It feels like they were trying too hard to be "unique" and just added odd colored random shit on them.

At least the animation looks great so let's hope the rest of the show is up to par.

>studio 3Hz

Dead on arrival.

Yea thats the problem, otakus have shit taste thats why love live is the most popular shit in nipponland. I just hope its a passion project and they dont have to pander too much to otakus with useless yuribait and fanservice. Would bring an otherwise nice production down by quite a lot.

-3k Walmart Walmart Madoka
Holy fuck, is WIXOSS getting another season?

Already otaku shit. Its a 4/10 not more.

Is Raising Project going to be a SoL or an edgefest?

>Added odd colored random shit on them.
Have you ever watched a magical girl show?

Well, yeah, it is airing a new season. But I was referring to Matoi.


We got a lot of mahou shoujo this year

It's the genre's 50th anniversary (December 5 if I'm not mistaken).
Too bad western fans don't care about it.

What happened on Dec 5th, 1966? How was Mahou Shojou invented?

so is this a moe version of Akuma no Riddle?

That's when Sally the Witch started airing. It was also the first anime adaptation of a shojo manga according to wikipedia.

Is Little Witch Academia mahou shoujo?

I think I'd say so

>Big eyes the size of their fists
>Multicolor hairstyles
>Sharp chins
>Proportionally bigger heads for moe factor
>Slender bodies
So this is the power of unique character designs? Woah

I hope the director gets guest animators involved

Umakoshi for instance would do wonders with those designs

Is this yuri?

>That's when Sally the Witch started airing. It was also the first anime adaptation of a shojo manga according to wikipedia.

If that's a case, how come no one doing a remake of Sally the Witch especially we're in the age of remakes of old school anime?


Do you want it to be?

I don't know what's happening here, but definitely picked up.

God, I love tanu's girls designs

I think it's because how the gradients are used

Any more panels of gruesome deaths or tortures?

Can't wait for this and pic related.

Just finished the first "season", but if the Miton bullying continues I'll just drop it. It's annoying and repetitive, and there are many other alternatives in the upcoming season.

There is Mahou Tsukai Precure by TOEI (Who also holds Mahou Tsukai Sally's right) and apparently the preferred to have Precure over Sally.

Or maybe in January they will do something. Though I don't know if the current world is ready for Sally, not only she is a patrician magical girl who needs no mascot to give her powers, but she is also a badass little brat.

Man, Sally the Witch was cool. Kind of gave me an Addams Family vibe.

Been pretty interested in this since it was first announced, but tanu being the concept artist is what's got me really hype. Even managed to track down a copy of her concept works book for Rolling Girls in anticipation. Good stuff.

Miton should just not be in the show at all. There's really no need for an annoying mascot character.

You have no idea of how fucking annoying Miton bullying is going to get.
Since it's revealed his last magical girl died by accident during a battle and he feels fucking terrible for it.

Does the anime even have anything to do with the manga? First season had zero darkness in it. I'd rather they not try to have suffering in this anime.

It's not really a long scene or anything. It just happens in one chapter and tells about how things were like back when magical battles were actually a thing. And even then, this event was a freak accident caused by the shatters that exploded from the last monster.

Just wait, in a year or two they'll announce Mahou Tsukai Sally Crystal

Mahou Tsukai Sally Crystal is already the 80s remake.

>Addams Family
Huh, would never have thought about the comparison, but it is very close to Sally's oddness.

This is not even a proper mahou shoujo, just blatant pedo bait.

Okay, well as long as things stay light hearted then I'm good.

THe damn preorders aren't even out yet.

Nice, how much was it?

Magic, user, ain't gotta explain shit.
Those are some really big eyes. Like bugs.

I'm just waiting for the Walmart Madoka S2 announcement next month

>Those are some really big eyes. Like bugs.

Why was Rolling Girls such a disappointment?

You expected shit from it that it was never going to deliver.

Man, if they don't deliver I'm going to regret spending so much money into udon.


I still wonder how the fuck Yuki Yuna avoided going down the drain like most late night magical girl. Was it an early example of the Keit-ai meme magic that made Kimi no Na wa such a blockbuster?

>Was it an early example of the Keit-ai meme magic that made Kimi no Na wa
Off yourself.

It really wasn't. It was one of the best shows that year, for sure. It just had an assload of potential which was ultimately its downfall. Between its setting, staff, music, and art direction it was getting compared to all sorts of series that it was never going to live up to. It's all too clear that the creators weren't sure what they exactly wanted it to be, and they weren't given the schedule nor the budget to figure it out and take it where it could have gone. Instead they got WIT's shaft as their creative vision was relegated to an in-between pet project anime original, while the studio put its main focus toward their proper adaptations and the first truly WIT original, Kabaneri.

Still hoping for the mahou Shoujo anthalogy to get scanned

I wish I knew who bottom left was.

But Akuma no Riddle IS the moe version of Akuma no Riddle.

>October announcement is a mobage

Because it was good

I wish people would stop reminding me about that ending.

The problem is that the main four were boring and couldn't carry the show.

Why are people even trying when precure will forever be the mahou shoujo juggernaut?

There are two announcements so there will also be pachinko.

Mahou Tsukai Precure is just not the best. Precure following classical MG tropes to the point of having a girl that came from a magical world was supposed to be amazing, but it disappointed me as a Precure fan and as a Majokko fan.

Not really.

Maho is glorious.

But it really was

>Some of Rolling Girls episodes are way better than episode 1.

Finally someone with good taste.

>Bottom left
She's from Good Morning Althea, an '87 OVA.

I don't remember episode 1 that well, it was ones like this that stuck in my mind.

89 burgers. Way too much but it was the only one I could find so I didn't mind paying the rape price. I'd like to take some high quality scans for wallpapers and maybe put it up on the panda for other anons to enjoy, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to tear it apart.

One more shitty phone pic for best girl

>thread been up all day
>157 posts
Maybe the airing threads will be this comfy.

Good joke.
After week five or six maybe.