Why do we hate her so much?

Why do we hate her so much?

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Stop projecting

no seriously, everyone on Cred Forums and /padt/ hates serena

this is one of the few cases where "we" is correct

Yeah, "stop projecting" sounds about right.

She was immensely popular last time I checked

only normies like her

Stop projecting

I like Serena, I hate her stupid fedora

It was normies that the show was made for. And normies who made it profitable.

stop with your shit taste.

She cut her hair.

That just made her cuter.

fuck off SIDF

Serena is old and busted. It's time for jellyfish waifus now.


you just know her vagina tastes good!



Great as Serena is, I'm pleased that best Sun/Moon girl is going to be a traveling companion.

Squidshipping FTW

Fuck off falseflagger I'm already filtering everything with Pokemon in the OP.

So Serena doesn't win the Ash? At least he won the league, otherwise he would be a complete embarrassment and a stain on humanity.

I'm so sorry user.

>At least he won the league

Fuck off to where you belong.

>At least he won the league

>in the wake of another horrible league loss, Ash's mind could not take it and reverted to that of a 7 year old. He completely forgot the time he spent with Serena and went off to the Alola region.

>At least he won the league



Reminder to report crossboarding scum.


Why did Ash become retarder?

He does it every generation. The writers turn him into a retard again so they can re-do his predictable character development.

He'll always be like that.

I like her, your claim has been invalidated.

Fucking stupid

>They can't let childhood friends win even in pokemon

>childhood friends
>Ash and Serena
It was one day.

It was still a fucking stupid setup. It would have been better if they just met and she slowly started falling for him

How come every new pokemon girl is the hottest one yet?

I want to fuck those thighs

It would be better, but Pokemon characters don't develop, and the ones that do end up resetting.

she's 10

>forced romance drama as an excuse to make the show more popular
I just hope ash gives her a great good bye sex before continuing his fruitless and pathetic adventure

good joke with those legs she is clearly asking for it

>So Serena doesn't win the Ash? At least he won the league
Non non no user.
Remember Tobias?
At least that guy didn't get to take the girl as well.
This time, they've stepped it up, right after showing that his most competent side, his peak, this season (XY&Z) was a magnum opus for him.
It's all downhill from here, and Serena caught on to that, so she switched from betting horse.
>I just hope ash gives her a great good bye sex

>At least he won the league
user, I...

We do?


Right? All the others seem like they'd be sweaty and unkempt.

Hers smells like fabric softener and tastes like cantaloupe.

Its because you fags have your own board to post this shit and the anime sucks.

/padt/ liked Serena for a long while, but it seems most of the shippers went into hiding after Sun and Moon were announced. It didn't help that a few (hard to tell if they were serious or not) were so vocal in saying that Serena would stay for Alola, and now they got BTFO.


Imagine what was going through Elesa's head during the match.

Was there even anything about her that wasn't just sucking Ash's cock for whatever reason?

What the actual fuck is this?

Is pokemon a harem?

Her growth as a Performer and her goal of becoming Kalos Queen?

if you count the Pokemon, yes

Why is she so much sexier in the anime than the game?

>short hair
>lewd fedora
>hot pants

In this artwork is better

He's is literary broken inside.

his new design is trash.

That looks fucking worse.


I demand NTR doujin with flamehead nigger and fatboy pumping green hair girl and jellyfish girl while Ash fap in tears.

I waited so long for them to get BTFO so hard that they couldn't pretend to deny it anymore, it's really anticlimactic how they all just dissapeared. Was hoping for a league loss level of salty tears.

>Implying that Ash ever had romantic interest in Serena at all.



Fucking hell even Ash momdont escaped fromshitty redesigns.

I don't. I love her.

Yeah I was surprised at that too. Looking at the archives it was so surprising seeing /padt/ turn against Amourshippers, something I'd never thought would happen.


Trips confirm.
Oh my god I'm so glad I skipped that season.
XY and XY&Z had been great though.

>Ash has been wearing slightly modified versions of the male protagonists outfits since Gen 4

that picture hurts user

You are so comically bad at realizing what's falseflagging and what's genuine it physically hurts, Mimi

Mimi, this is getting embarrassing.

The thread as a whole likes Serena and the romance angle, and is sad to see her go. Nobody "turned against amourshippers", that stuff is just the latest brand of increasingly frequent shitposting. Likewise, the supposed shippers that were being being so annoying were those same shitposters falseflagging, That's why "those people" seemed to disappear and why there was never some massive explosion of asshurt. Hell, the guy you're replying to is one of them. They were trying amazingly hard to make it seem like the thread was full of such people.

Yes, it was painfully annoying and made the thread borderline impossible to use for large portions of the day, but it seriously wasn't that hard to see what was going on. They occasionally got exposed a couple times when all their posts got deleted at once too.

Right now it seems they've shifted to pretending to be obnoxious Lilliefags, so I assume you'll take that to be genuine and complain about how bad her fanbase is soon enough.

So who do you think is gonna be ash's girlfriend in the next region?

You mean that token girl, or was any of those girl actually in a relationship with him?


Serena more or less was, and we don't really know exactly where they're going with it yet.

Chances are she'll return at some point during Sun & Moon like most other girls, too.

My bad, I asked the wrong question. Here's a proper one: who will be lusting for ash's dick in the new region?