Do you like what you're looking at, user?

Do you like what you're looking at, user?

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Of course


Get out of the way you're blocking Rei.

Turn around and show us your butt.

Not really. Where's Mari?

Now I do


where's Kaworu?

my eyes are open, you pair are wearing swimwear, and have been nice to me so far; I suppose answering in the affirmative may be in order at this juncture.

I'm looking at Rei

What is angel dick like?

Angels have no gender, so no dick.

Shinji can't catch a break can he?

get out of the way bitch you're blocking best girl

I wish Asuka would wear a one piece. The stupid doll knows what men want.

There's no justice. I guess she wanted Shinji to rip her bikini off and go all beast mode over her.

Plug suits are just more elaborate one-pieces. More erotic too.

I'd rather have this Rebuild fapbait.

Terrible hair color and style. Nice tiddies though.

Why are they see-through again?

Anime. Although the suits in the show aren't anywhere as transparent.


The next rebuild movie should start off with Mari buried up to her lips in quicksand, which should finally wipe that smug grin off her bitch face as her eyes whip back in forth in terror as she whimpers and realizes she will suffocate soon.

Delicious, make it happen!

Better synch rates. ;^)

So I can fap to Mari more and better!

Where are the misato comments?

In the trash bin.

>Terrible hair color and style.

Sir, you are wrong.


How so?

Mari's hair and style are, as some would say, extremely good

How interesting.

>not blonde, red or. black
Don't care.

do women actually wear swimming tops with a giant zipper in the middle?

seems pretty risky

It's a fashion thing rather than practical

Ugly. Not the witch. My Gospel has no account of you. Fuck off.

This. The zipper might not even work.


Are you trying to ignite another fruitless war between reifags and asukafags? If so, then

You're reading to much in it.



This artist is a god.

Except for that 2016 one...


asuka looks really ugly in the swimsuit

> ass fangs

This whole time I just thought it was orange

what was his name again? i need to read that doujin again

the name in on the top right corner of the image

no,she is a bitch
she is in love with an older guy and as she doesn't have a single chance with him,she acts aggressively towards Shinji

not accurate

Shinji is a fucking beta,he would most likely just jack-off thinking about Rei instead of doing her

They probably made him do it.



Asuka's scowl is something to protect. She has a ten/ten scowl and it's glorious.

>left and right what are they lmao

He was crazy, but the madman had taste
>those uniforms
>those plugsuits

>not inside
One job shinji, one fucking job

what a cute Mari
way better than that stupid smug of her

You can't resist big breasts. That's why Rei > Asuka.

Dude. It's his mom.




what? "His mom"? What do you mena by this?

>critics otaku who fap to anime waify
>draw this

Fine. CLONE of his mom. Whatever. Same thing.

You can critic the goys and still take money from them

Get outta the way, you're blocking Rei

Not even that man. She's 50% Yui tops. 50% oh god what the actual fuck alien.

Still looks like his mom though, minus the eyes and the hair. Probably only makes her more attractive. Men are genetically hardwired to prefer mates that resemble their parents.

He looks pretty beta in that pic to me. Thing is, Rei wants him inside her, and now she's finally got Shinji doing his thing, but then he gets interrupted by someone walking in on them just as he's about to blow, and it goes on top of Rei.

Rei is pretty damned fucking furious, in her own Rei way.

You mean,Anno is against fan service,this kind of stuff?

No he'd jack off over her while she's unconscious.

Not if Rei has practically invited Shinji.

Shinji pls, what you did to asuka is a crime

What did you mean by this?

Introducing secretly-to-them practical siblings is dangerous shit after the door closes on Westermarck. And then Gendo doesn't do one thing to even try and steer them apart. Actually are we sure he didn't intend for them to fuck?

me likey
want sum fuck?

The door is more or less closed on westermark and other effects, as Shinji more or less doesn't know what his mom looks like.

He probaly wanted shinji to fuck all of them, including fuyutsuki
just asume that everything that could happen at any time was part of gendo plan

Gross. That's so greasy.

A cutie.


Not as greasy as the original


Why not? Are you gay?

I know you're just one person, mr. softpink. You post the same in every thread.

I know. What's your point? Those first three posts weren't me though, for what it's worth.

The point is Mari sucks and I believe you just post her ironically Mr. Pink.

Well, you're wrong.


shut up

yeah,I am a 2Dcon myself,but the girl is pretty good loocking

Is that mexican?

Sorry.. have something soft. And pink. Soft Pink is cute.

Mexican's not a language.

The bad lighting and cakeup hide the true cosmic horror.

I unironically wish that Mari would suck my dick.
I'd become a magical girl just for that.

Yeah! Soooooooooooooooft!

>ctrl + f
>thermal dynamics
>0 results
I am severely disappointed.

They are actually hermaphrodites.

Still holding out for her being their prime timeline daughter.

I made an English version.
Lots of love from Soft Pink.

A cute!

Isn't that a man actually?

plase,tell me you are joking

What's the word for the delusion that every girl you see is a man in disguise?

user, women dont have Adam's apple ...

Love it!


A two hour black picture with Shinji whimpering would be more realistic

You certain about that, seƱor?

Choose wisely.

Asuka is literally gesturing towards her crotch. That's where she wants Shinji specifically.

Yes, Asuka's my waifu

Also Asuka>>>>>>>>Rei

3-3DPD, r-right?

y-yeah that's not c-cute at all...amirite?

Sauce? IQDB doesn't turn up anything.


Misato > Rei > Asuka


What's going on in this thread?

You got it wrong friendo

Why not join the beds? Isn't that what the Human Instrumentality Project was all about?

I guess everyone sees what they desire to see

You have to pick one they aren't polygamists you idiot.


I wouldn't even give her the satisfaction of strangling her personally.


I'm thermally expanding

Yeah, whatever faggot, you probably ask the waitress to bring you coca-cola and pepsi at the restaurant too.


I'm a Pibb/Dr.Pepper guy actually

Gross, die

holy shit I hate you. What are you going to tell me next, your favourite kind of music is an indie Quebec rock group?

Asuka would never accept such development

Dr. Pepper is the drink of men with good taste

>being this much of a butthurt autist


Not my fault you're the embodiment of crappy taste.

I want a mug with Shinji holding a mug on it.

I just checked, they already exists and it's only fifteen dollars...

Although printing my own would likely be cheaper and I could get backups for when I smash.

But I like misato better than rei and asuka together

of course, there is an even better option

That's not how questions work? Do you understand the concept. If we're in the middle of the desert, and I'm like hey, you can have the bottle of whiskey or you can have the bottle of vodka, which one do you want?

You can't just fucking say Brandy. There is no goddamned brandy. Don't you know how to communicate like a normal person? If anyone cared about Misato they would have asked.

>better option


best girl


I don't like her

she likes you though



She wasn't blessed with streetsmarts though.

Reminder that rebuild ignored the whole thermal expansion thing.


>Reminder that rebuild ignored the whole thermal expansion thing
There's still one movie left.
You never know.

where's hikari

What is this? already googled iqdb etc.

wtf i love [name?] now

Was it autism?

You know she would throw you away once she finds again her sandnigger friend, don't you?

Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all

At that hideous green that some blind fuck thought was a sensible color to paint a wall with.

How does this make you feel?

Rei is sterile, where did the kid come from?

Why is she holding Asuka's baby?

I completely forgot this existed

>lighbrow hair
wait who's the father? or who's the mother to begin with? clones are fertile?

It's Asuka's

>pads her bra/top
>takes the interface headset to a pool
What a dumb girl

Welcome to the 90s

You're a dumb girl you ever think about that user?





Oh no Shinji don't let her get away, you were so close!




Sure do. Teach me about thermal dynamics.



Makes sense since everybody else is damaged goods

You might be right. Still it doesn't change the fact that you werr acting like a thorough assmad faggot

Yeah, go start a thread where everyone can be friends and get along agreeing about how their waifus are all good in their own way. Let me know when you hit the bump limit.

When somebody is 50% photoshop it starts to blur the meme lines.

and where exactly do you see one

Where is this from? Girlfriend of steel?

The style looks good.

I find one pieces to be pretty boring. Never got the fetish for them. I mean, it's just so fucking boring. Two piece swimsuits of any kind are better. I've known this ever since I was 3.

By boner years I'm probably way older than anyone else on this board since I got my first boner at 3 or 4, I can't remember exactly. So you know I have a lot of experience in these matters.

Most guys get boners while still in the womb

>after the door closes on Westermarck
Explain further. Is this one of those meme brain thingies where you're brain is supposed to tell you that fucking so and so is wrong? Sorry, but my brain isn't a dick like that.

I never expected any form of kindness in this thread. Just as you were voicing out your disgust, I also have the right to state any kind of opinion.


All I know is I was getting boners longer than I can remember.



Fuck you, I'm going to do just that.

Didn't this doujin end with both girls getting pregnant?

it kinda make me happy.
Both od them deverse be happy.


Based Isutoshi comes through as always


Asuka still looks superior, even when pregnant.

Mari is everything wrong with Eva now, but in one character.

If shinji knocked them up would gendo toss them aside for being useless and unable to pilot the eva units? or would he take their babys and breed them into better pilots?

Wouldn't gendo kill shinji for knocking up the clone of his wife?



This guy gets it.




Why is Rei dressed like that for christmas? Did you convince her that's the traditional costume?

I know that's what I would do

I didn't even know it was available online.

You are so fucked up

My fingers slipped I didn't mean to post more soft.

I think this actually happened.

You learn something new every day. Course, the latest volume isn't scanned yet, so if you want that, go to a bookstore.

It is. But it's not translated. It was the final one too, that manga's over already.

Fuck. Sorry.

Thermal Expansion


Pretty sure the toothpick jar proved you don't need to make the star that big...

>tfw no best girl

Eat shit, newfag.

Balls it happened again.

Yui is objectively the most evil character in the series.


>eats tomatoes like apples

why won't she just die in the most painful way possible. It's not fair

If at first you don't post soft, try and try again.


Oh fuck that makes my mouth feel weird

I want Asuka, Rei, and Mari to all dom me at once

I want Mari to fuck off and die

Pick a butt

You're dead inside user

I'm wondering whether all those mari posts in this thread are allthe work of a samefag

Well some of them clearly are, it's not like he's trying to hide it or something.

I don't think Gendo cares about such trivial things.

Only some are me, there actually are more than a few that aren't mine.

Oh well. I guess that's fine. Sorry if I appeared kinda rude

It's all good. Plenty of people don't like her, I get it.

I don't llike her, but that doesn't mean I hate her

I can respect that too.


I hate Mari, she's in the wrong franchise


You ain't ruining the thread sir

In your franchise, stealing your girls.

Crackshippers should just die.

Not when life is so comfy, soft and aesthetic.


What the fuck..

>not recognizing a God Warrior
Don't know why the filaname is Demon Souls. Then again, never played it.

Can you spoon feed me?



Fuck off



>indoor swimming pool




Think they're goggles, m8.

Holy shit the distance between eyes and nose to mouth are all fucked up. Here, I fixed the mouth a bit, too lazy to do the eyes. Could do with a slightly smaller jaw too.

Asuka's no ruskie.

Wait, I know the answer to this one!

... YES

dammit SORRY

>Marifags are real

We could see them off together, as Red/Bluefags in arms.

I agree wholeheartedly

Bring it in user.

Do you know that this was made by the same artist behind Yotsuba&!

Mari was a mistake.




Don't exclude me ;___;


I want Ritsuko to strip me naked and perform a thorough physical examination on me in front of all the female personnel.

The anatomy in this one weirds me out.

I don't hate Mari user, I just don't like her as much as you.

Whoa now.

Go away Mari, come back when you get an interesting backstory or something


Misato is best girl

But she's mysterious and cute..

Rei is best girl

good lord that doujin...

I don't like girls with glasses.

I just want to post cute pictures of Mari and talk with friendly people. Look this one she's not wearing glasses

I want to take Asuka right there.


You're not the only one.

Is this all 3 girls morphed into one?

eh, kinda

>back to back bathing
I bet Shinji has a raging hard on


Great taste.

Well now that you mention it it really does seem like that, but she's been around for longer than Mari if I recall correctly.

Manga timeline has her beat, but other than that yeah

Sauce me bro

I mean in the real world
user pls

my bad

You probably won't like it, its mainly a Hikari bang doujin.

seconding that then

Do they have feminine penises?
If so, then I still want the sauce

idk if translated.

(C68) [HENREIKAI (Kawarajima Kou, Kyuubi(108))] Ayanami Club 05 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Not thanks to the bitch in the background though.

this means mother in German
what're they trying to convey here, uh?

K on A

you mean,he would jack-off staring at her naked body, instead of fucking her

>feeding newfags who can't recognize Urushihara
Spoonfedding should be a bannable offense. Actually saucefags and spoonfeeders should just be shot in the back of the head as soon as they ask for sauce or spoonfeed. No tril, no jury. Just cap them in the back of the fucking head.

Seriously, look at this utter capslock abusing gaiafag cancer. This faggot should be fed to a woodchipper. Or a pack of angry wolves.

Fuck I hate you all. Newfags should suicide instead of oldfags.

Trial, even. Among other typos.

I wanna fuck Asuka so goddamn badly, holy shit.

Oh sorry, Kawarajima. Similar styles since they obviously had Urushihara influence them. Not that anyone cares.

I want you to stop making useless pornhub esque posts and go back to school, underaged faggot. You're not adding anything to this thread.

>go to reread the retake doujin since I barely remember it
>realize I deleted it a long time ago with a ton of other doujins I didn't want


I have it all. You should have mentioned earlier and I would have dumped it, but I'm off now.


And then you posted on Cred Forums with a watermarked, non anime image.

Nah, fuck you ReTake spammer. Don't enable newfags like a little bitch.

Ach, meine Jungfrau und mein Liebhaber! I've been having very inappropriate feelings for Eureka as of late despite her being taken! I feel it is because NGE actually has garbage execution in retrospect whereas what the ignorant refer to as 'fanfic' is borderline perfect.

How do I consolidate this without infidelity? With Sharia taking hold in Germany, my wife could have me stoned for it.

>Don't enable newfags like a little bitch.
Some needs to breed the new cancer and drive the elitists to suicide, and I'm that guy.
Slowly eroding the sanity of older oldfags alike since 2010

>not even Anemone
>being NTR'd by Renton fucking Thurston

Fucking sasuga you excuse making faggot.

We don't take kindly to incest around here.

Did I trigger you that hard, user-kun?

Jesus, you're a faggot.

that's more like it

All the best traits, none of the bad traits, in one package

This thread lasted a surprisingly long while before the typical butthurt wars. I'm impressed.

Do you want me to come back and start posting retake again? You know I will.

You're at about the same level as "This is your x tonight" posters. Absolutely cancer. Fuck off with your mongoloid posts. Fucking unga bunga. Get out of here.



Not him, but don't dump here please, it only kills the thread.

>being NTR'd by Dewey and Dominic
>not even a real ayylmao

Fuck sake user, now elitist fag can say "OTHER PEOPLE DON'T WANNA SEE IT" while ejaculating over (you)'s.
One thread dying is worth it. You need to play the long game.

If I ask you nicely, will you stop?

>viewing elitism in a sour light
You're the cancer killing Cred Forums. Fuck off, "kudasai"

>yet another Rei/Asuka thread
>scan for Misato

Anemone isn't even my waifu, though. At any rate, better than Eureka.

>not self inserting as Dom or Dewey

Dump it in another thread and link it here.

>self-inserting as an enabling dork or a pretentious pedo
just give up

>If I ask you nicely, will you stop?
If you let other people post as the please because you don't own the place and your oldfag status entitles you to nothing, then of course I'll stop.

>viewing elitism in a sour light
Elitism is what kills communities and drives away new users. So you're the actual thing that's killing Cred Forums and fuelling reddit, tumblr, twitter and facebook

Really missing the point.

You first nigger.

You mean hebephile. Or something similar, which there is nothing wrong with. Nothing wrong with either in fact. Anemone is just superior.

Nigger, you weren't even here for the first SEVEN years of this site's existence. Don't pretend like you know anything when you're a newfag yourself. Eat shit and die.

Kill yourself

Eh, where the fuck is Misato?

>unironically pairing shinji with anyone but kaworu

why do people like that doujin?

Do smug shoujos upset you or something, faggot?

Fuck off.

Braindead shippers.

I dunno fluffy hair Eureka's pretty damn great

>Nigger, you weren't even here for the first SEVEN years of this site's existence. Don't pretend like you know anything when you're a newfag yourself. Eat shit and die.
It's good to be home elitistfag

Beats me. I just know it triggers the fag that thinks using a site longer than others makes him important.

As a connoisseur of floof Eureka's hair in any iteration cannot hold a candle to any 80's girl, let alone a Shirow or Sonoda girl.

It's not about personal importance, it's about not being an obnoxious newfag in a site that you obviously don't intend on adapting to, shitmunch.

Someone's in a bad mood.

I want to build Rei a house

She is 13 you sick fucks

Someone's in a samefaggy mood.

Dewey is also kind of gay.
All her forms are great, I only realized that as I began rewatching it last week.

Can't wait for wings in 10(?) episodes.

7 years elitistfag. I've adapted plenty. It's you that refuses to change, grow, accept newer anons or even contemplate the notion.

Yeah, honestly anything that tries to play with the ending or ships characters is pure shit

No, she's 14.

7 years and you're still a terrible, annoying, newfag-enabling post-00's faggot. Your retard ass was probably in diaper when moot was shitposting in ADTRW. You weren't even a thought in your parent's mind when 2ch was created. Fuck outta here.

Okay, fair point. But you're even gayer if you wouldn't an Anemone.

I'm off, but it's nice to see you again eltist ragetard.
Peace fag!

>But you're even gayer if you wouldn't an Anemone.
She's a fake and has brain problems. At least Eureka grew past her autism phase.

post some misato i need to fap

Quit bitching and post more evanjellyons

>pilots THE END
>hur durr brain pwoblems
I think we're done here, faggot. Enjoy your dime a dozen milqetoast Rei clone. Ironic. A clone of a clone.


ITT: People who missed the entire fucking point of the show

>rei clone
bad bait

Whatever you say.

People react negatively to your posts, you can choose to pretend they're all the same person or try to get some fucking self-insight.

I have a slight hunch maybe something else is bothering you in your life when you lash out at some horny guy in a Eva waifu thread and start yelling at everybody.

It's never too late to change your ways.

the point of the show was to create cute characters that would sell tons of merchandise

I know I missed the point, but what is Anno going to do about it?

Some anons went in deep in this thread if that's what you wanted.

>it triggers the fag that thinks using a site longer .than others makes him important.
> using a site longer .than others

You know it's true.

It's called caring about the community and you sound too much like ARK right now for me to even give much of a fuck.

How can she be a clone if she shows more emotion three years before the series even starts than Rei ever did.

bad bait

>he's never heard of the figure of speech "Rei clone"
Another example is Yuki Nagato, newfag. Lurk for two years before posting again. Thank you.

Actually don't bother coming back at all.

fixed that for ya

>two years
I was here when E7 was airing.

I know what a 'rei clone is', the point is you're wrong and probably also gay.

so do you think they will fuck in the next rebuild?

Clearly not when you still type like a gaiafag.

My man


high test

y-you too

can i help you sir?

Are you even trying?

The best.





Post the supercute ear rape image of those two.


somebody already thought of that...
Doujins for every situation.

>being an actual faggot

>getting this angry

U better do!

I wonder who had the bright idea of letting Shinji cut her hair

why is her head so big?

How's life in the closet

It's the hair.


I agree, Asuka's leg is in the way.

Her. She's the only one who'd care about looking too much like Yui.


Finally someone with taste

I wonder if Rei knew what Yui looked like

I mean technically they should at least kiss you know.

Kill yourself shipperfag
Those mugs are pretty cool


I mean, that's fukken gay.
But also, canon.


You can stop being a daughter hating pussy.

>insulting Trump on an American firearm, tobacco, alcohol, and freedom appreciation imageboard.

>pic kind of related to thread

>encouraging the mistreatment of your daughterus
>encouraging Cred Forums faggotry
Your small handed daughter hater & his shitlery fuckbuddy are no match for President Tomaru.

This isn't Cred Forums.

>Cred Forums meme
>Cred Forumsfaggotry
Go away mister

Is it Tomaru Time? Tomaru for most loving dad.

Anno please go

I got a thermal expansion in my pants now

the joke panels were the best part of the doujins
how much has that changed? haven't read one since the first rebuild came out

Fuck off anti-Trump. Trump fucks his daughters nightly. Even as a baby, he feeds the his semen to ensure they get enough protein.


>tfw love salad and Rei is best girl
Buying some onions and lettuce from Rei would be a dream come true

But user, how can a vegetable sell vegetables?

Wow that's rude

Fuck off Cred Forumsack. Trump can't even properly love one daughter because of social taboos. Tomaru > Trump

Ikari Raising has the weirdest translation

it took me about two seconds to figure it out

Yeah but move a bit more to the left Asuka. No a bit more until you're out of my sight.

Yeah that's cool.

I wasn't ready for this.

It's true, though.

You have to go back


>reddit telling me to go back

You have to love your kids.

Your hands are too small to keep me from fucking your daughter.

>Cushy Ivy League School
>didn't join navy
>can't snap president in two with bare hands
Did he at least play college ball?

The best part is always the meta jokes. In Shinji Ikari raising they end almost every chapter with a lament about how everything they did was pointless.


yeah,the lab assistant there,right? Forgot her name I don't think she ever was interested in sex

Is it Pizza Time?

>implying I'm not already fucking her as we speak

I'd never get sick of watching Rei run random businesses and just sit there saying as few words as possible.

>Alright give me some tomatoes, Rei
>We don't have those.
>How about some peas?
>We don't have those

Once again, Tomaru saved a thread from Cred Forums shit.

Creative thinking, these anons get it.

Yeah I don't get it either but I wouldn't ever get bored of it
It's kinda the thing was making fun of

>user is fucking small handed daughter hater's daughter
>Trump whore his daughters to his followers without fucking them himself

Who needs to play ball when you can wall off the opponent's endzone?

Wait, you're fucking her? I guess Tomaru poster was right about the parental neglect.

fuck you hipocrite.

Get the fuck back to your containment board.

>needing a wall
>not making a Metal Gear

more important: why is her cutis Mmyellow?

>literally cannot make wall himself
>has to hire others

>implying Tomaru isn't global
Nothing can contain Tomaru.
Who needs a campaign when Tomaru will become president anyways?

>posting Cheeto Benito on the most degenerate Cred Forums board

Reminder to love your family

THIS, they even kissed in manga.



Once again, Tomaru defeats Cred Forums.

Every fucking kaworu fagg has to come to every Eva thread to mark their territory of faggot and anal evisceration wherever they go.
Fuck you faggot, Kaworu wasnt even human to begin with. And you are confusing liking and admiring someone with actual love.
Problem is english its very poor in words so Love means a lot of things unlike in other languages in which there are many ways of saying love with different meanings.
Manga its complete shit and misses the whole porpuse and concept of hedgehog dilema, ruins Asuka's character and wasnt even written by Anno.
Also you are full of bullshit.

This, what the fuck you fags


Still better than Mari

Yeah, and in the manga Mari is some chick who is in love with Shinji's mom and Asuka's mom hates her, what of it

My feelings on Asuka are mixed, but I can't deny wanting to go balls deep. That would just be dishonest.

What was so special about misato's body wash that kids couldn' t use it?

Semen infusion.
You know for skin moisturizing.



Why is Shinji such a degenerate?
>ejaculates on comatose girls
>is a hedgehog
>wants to fuck the clone of his mom who is also an alien
>wants to fuck some random dude who is also an alien

Angels aren't alien. They are also children of Earth.

This desu

Well Adam's children are trying to destroy Lilith, so it probably turns you into a trap.


>what you're looking at, user?

He wouldn't care at all. That's the best part.

what episode is this?

Yes, Rei is very pleasing to look at.

I can't believe I'm fapping to this thread

You know it's true.


I don't think I have that one. Sorry user


Because the rebuilds are shit.

Would you eat her ass?

>no tits
>no hips
>no ass
might as well fuck Shinji with a whig

You sound mad

Uh, yah.
Arbook says she has lolibum and that's better.


Who's that cutie?

Mini-Tokyo Artbook.

>thermal expansion isn't working for inferiour girls

This is refined taste.
Lolibum Asuka is best.


Of course. Why would anyone not eat her ass?


I have found my brothers and sisters.
gf won't let me eat her ass, life is pain.

I would insist on doing that. And if that doesn't work I would beg.

Assk nicely? It's not for everyone to be fair.


That dumb prick has shit taste

Tried that. Tried this too Cute


This is how they should get along

Then you're going to live without ass in your mouth. Such a shame.

Tongueplay is best play. Got more?

Rei fags have an Oedipus Complex. Asuka fags are masochists. Tits Mcgee Katsuragi is best too bad she is taken.

Sadly, no

What if I like teen Misato?

Reminder that Maya is best girl

>Asuka fags are masochists.
You're on point.

Dammit. Time to get searching then.

You cut that out.

That Q ruins it

Just a second I'll shoop it away.

There you go.

Why is her mouth open?

Keep this trash off of Cred Forums faggot

my autism thanks you

Because tongue.

It's all good. I did a good deed so now I get to post a Mari. This is my system. Soft Pink!

Last Post for Asuka

Gendo is best girl

It's wrong to take advantage of girls when they fall down. Remember this information.

not really . i've seen better


Right, stay perfectly still. You wouldn't want to touch anything you aren't supposed to, would you? And you can't tell anyone, either.

See? Falling down can be dangerous.

Not if she wants you to

And just what are you implying?

Haven't you ever been anywhere? The girls can touch you, you can't touch the girls.