Me too user. I found it very pretentious. I can't even get myself to re watch a single episode. The girls look great though.

>I love this series
>I love it




I really want to like it because the girls are so universally great

But all the words man, fuck

The arcs are pretty hit and miss. The girls are all great, though.

It is pretty shit, isn't it? I watched bake and nise and thought they were pretty good. Then I rewatched them and holy shit are they awful.

I HATE how the image cuts off before their feet and Shinobu's legs are not in the image.

Its just boring in my opinion. The art of it isn't bad, its just one of the few anime that will put me to sleep while watching it.

You are entitled to have your own opinion.
Even if it is utter and complete shit.

It's all about pretty girls, no one would give a shit about hipster visuals and pretentious dialogs without it

Snibbedy snib, only shoddy dumbboys.

This thread Is full of faggots

I agree. Boring, smutty, pseudo-intellectual, pretentious garbage.

All the girls are samey and boring.

The art looks like shit too.

The girls need more meet, they all look anorexic.

Short hair is shit on women.

Image is missing best girl.


Crab a shit

This senpai. Long hair is objectively better


I've only watched Bake, It was pretty enjoyable but I don't feel like I need to rush watch the others right now.

Least its better than your average harem.

Snail a best.

Araragi's right there.

The expression of this animation Japanese is wonderful, so if it's English translation, amusement has not been understood.

"Pretentious" is the ultimate meme non-criticism. Calling something pretentious is admission that you lack the skill or capacity to express why you didn't like something. Rather than admitting that you didn't fully understand it or that it was possibly too deep for you, you simply imagine that it and everyone who likes it is playing a big game of pretend and that you're "above" it.

Ill bite, there is a place in hell for Anons with plebeian shit taste like yours.

Great taste



tell me about your problem girl
I'll make it disappear

I was so happy when based crab knocked that bitch out

I hoped she would be one of Araragis Harem Girls.

too fucked up, hair too long, too old, not MC's sister

My problem is Araragi.

what did he do huh

>hair too long
Nisio already found a way to fix that, and probably not zokuowari cute.

Destroyed everything and still got a perfect life while being an ingrate loser with not a single good quality.

Huh? Huh? Aren't you Oikura? Yeah you are Oikura! Man, you suprised me! If it isn't Oikura, who was in my first-year class, in the distant past known as two years ago! Do you remeber me? I'am sure you've already forgotten. You know, I was attendace number 2. I'm Araragi!

>with not a single good quality
What about his abs?

real bother huh
it already happened girl high time you forget

She never saw them.

best moment of zoku

Well like, that's just your opinion man

Not even a crab man but I tend to agree

>having shit taste

Euler was made for suffering


her real nickname is How Much (o ikura)

I can't wait the arc she will meet her father, mentally replace him with Araragi and finally put him in his place with a fit of anger twice as strong as Sodachi Riddle.

>lots of sodachi and euler pics for some reason
>literally no snail

what the fuck

fuck off


This is a hate thread. It's actually only missing monkey.

Hanekawa honestly looks better with short hair. It suits her well.
Hitagi on the other hand looks like a fucking bull dyke jesus christ I can't express enough how bad it looks on her.

got you guys good, didnt i?

how can one person be so damn wrong?

got em good mang

>that uncertain but trusting look in cat's eyes
>that devious, knowing grin crab is wearing

literal buckets of my seed. this is the series actual OTP

why tho . it has 10/10 girls and it's kinda entertaining but not a masterpiece

wow, she's really pretty when she enraged. such intensity!

please, be my wife!




Isn't it rude asking that with your dead girlfriend right here in this thread?

araragi and his gf

>le "all 3D women are extremely ugly and I would never even consider finding ANY of them attractive" may may

I'm just as much of a kissless virgin as the next guy here, but come on she's pretty cute. Don't act gay just to try and fit in.

no, there's other boards if you want to post 3dpd

3D posters everyone

it was just a fling. sorry. i fall for lots of people.


This is Cred Forums, you fucking moron, why are you posting about off topic shit? Let's just hope you can't ban evade, underage.

they just had sex

>three times

I don't get it.

He impregnated both monkey and his sisters

Damn aged tsuhiki is hot as fuck

But he wouldn't go to court for that.

>Everyone looks alike except Yotsugi and sorta Subaru, the series
Holy shit even Koyomi looks like the girls.


>mistaking kyoani shows

What did she mean by this?


>inb4 commie

My dick enjoyed it, but my brain thought it was mostly shit.

Worth every penny.

It's amazing what a difference watching shows without the hype factor makes for dumb anime fans. Monogatari series started to lose the blind fanboy hype factor around the time the "final" season started and noticeably so. Arguably it began even earlier with Hanamonogatari. I just remember the last time people tried to make an absolutely tremendously big deal out of it was the "second season".

Hahaha bans. Oh Cred Forums

You tried

You need to go back