Shokugeki no Soma

The Second Plate might have had some issues but fuck am I going to miss seeing this series animated

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I think us never seeing the bedroom or train scene is what hurts the most.

It's over?

The tournament arc was a mistake. My enjoyment of the show increased tenfold as soon as it was over.


It was a rough patch in the manga too. Tournaments in general fucking suck, this one wasn't that bad either but still.

The Azami "arc" was a bigger mistake though.

Huh, I thought there were still a couple more episodes left. Didn't realize I had missed more than one.

As not previously a reader of the manga, if i'm correct, even at this point in time, they would still have enough to produce a 3rd season currently?

Is there any tournament arc as good as yu yu hakusho's dark tournament?


**enough content

I thought I'd enjoy it more, since some of the shokugekis in season 1 were amazing, and I thought a tournament arc would just be more of that. But this one was just episode after episode of basically nothing happening until the dishes were unveiled at the end and they explain everything. Only battle I enjoyed was Takumi against Subaru, since there was a really good flow of tension throughout the whole battle, with several twists and turns. All the other battles feels like they settled for only building up expectation for the end result, nothing actually matters until we hear the level of praise the judges give.

Meat Amusement Park is still one of my favorite matches in the show, but the tournament was still a drag.

Souma vs Giganigga is probably my favorite match in the entire series, but it just wasn't as good animated desu

There's one more episode to wrap up stagiaire and end the season.

>Only battle I enjoyed was Takumi against Subaru
I agree, and I also enjoyed the follow-up Souma vs Subaru. That's because in both matches there was actually something at stake. It was more than just a tournament, in both cases it was an actual shokugeki. There was a conflict, tension and a resolution. All other matches are basically meaningless, and only exist to set up Ryou and Pajeet as badasses.

>Tournaments in general fucking suck
But isn't that what the school is all about? Isn't that what the series is about?


Is the OVA translated now ?
Why does this season only have 13 episodes instead of 26 ?

I really enjoyed that Hisako episode.

But why not just wait for S3?

Alice < Hisako

But there'll be a season 3 right?

I need a reason to continue living


The Souma matches and Takumi's match were all good to me, right up to and including the finals.

One thing I actually didn't like at all is that not a single female character even made it to the quarterfinals when 3/8ths of the competitors were female.

Alice needed to job to Souma, Megumi is the permanent underdog and I don't even remember the 3rd girl so she's a LITERALLY WHO?

That's just it, Alice shouldn't have jobbed, throw someone else under the bus like Ryou.

And yeah Hisako was unknown and a loss was probably the best thing for her character at the end of the day so I ultimately agree with you there.

I found Pajeet and Ryou to both be kind of boring so that trio they went for didn't really work for me. Alice might not have saved it but it would probably have been more interesting.

I agree with you there. I remember some other user saying that the Ryou vs Pajeet match reminded him of Beyblade in a bad way, and I'm inclined to agree.

A Souma-Alice-Pajeet threeway would've been cool and actually establish Alice as both Ryou's superior and on Erina's heels, where she should be IMO.

I'm not even sure which arcs can fit into another cour. The festival's too short, and the Azami shanenigans are too long and still going.

Boku no hero academia school festival was pretty good.

Pajeet and Dog a shit.

The nice thing about Alice and Ryou's relationship is the two going roughly 50/50 means she's not particularly far behind, if at all, she just had a bad matchup in the tournament. I still think she's above everyone that's not Hayama, Ryou, Souma or Erina, that might be from out of my ass but it makes for a pretty rounded top 5 of the year.

I gave it some thought and I think the arc could cut off at Souma vs. Eizan pretty easily if they went by their 2.5 chapter an episode pace like they did for the first season.

There fuckin better be a season 3

I don't see why there wouldn't be. Unless the anime sales are bad, and suddenly the manga has a major drop in popularity.

The best part about second plate was the Aldini brothers. Wish more time was spent on them than the tournament. Takumi is probably the best character in the show.

Honestly I'm really surprised they didn't put a ton of SoL shit in this series with the characters, there are some great ones that don't get near enough screentime

Takumi is great but I don't understand what's the point of Isami existing. And I don't even dislike him.

Motivation for Takumi to get trashed by the giganigga

Matches aren't tournaments. Series with matches fights have them often, but a tournament is set up so you have a series of a LOT of fights with no real change or plot advancement between them. They can be cool, but they can drag. Great way for the author to stall for time since he can just draw fight after fight with no real progress.

Gunm: Last Order for example was literally destroyed by it's fucking tournament arc.
By comparison, I was worried when BnHA was having a tournament "arc" pretty early on, but it was (disappointingly to some) partially glossed over and done pretty quick, so it didn't hurt the series.

Dumping Omake from Jump GIGA 2016 Volume 3.




I want Souma to dominate Erina.
I'm also fine with the reverse

The nice thing about the tournament arc in this series is there was some progress for characters, it ended up being a big deal for Hisako and Erina's opinions about Souma, it's also where Megumi peaked as a character, and Takumi got some great moments.

It did drag on just a bit too long but it was pretty good as far as they go, I think.



Sure, I can agree with that. I mean most tournaments have some form of character progress, but Soma's wasn't too terrible because the matches had downtime during which they could do non-match stuff (preparation mainly).


Yeah,definitely, and the prep stuff is really fun in this manga, it's one of the things I like most about it.

That's all.

What's she saying I must know

Brew witchslut of lesbianism hiding happily to watch her two favorite stalkees.



Also seems like there's info such as birthdays and stuff. Nice.

She's not saying anything.

Then what is she thinking?

Her reaction is funny because she's gay.

She's not thinking anything either. All the text in the panel is narration.

>no Alice
>but fucking meat.

I'm mad.

Well god damn it.

Now this is what I'm here to see.

I love Alice but don't bully the Meat.

>tfw the shota is the most alpha of them all and keeps making pictures of hot girls all day.

I do admit, I didn't hate the tournament since I was able to breeze through it in the manga, but it did kinda drag a long time.

Not a lot of interesting character interactions and I think the general consensus is that Ryou and Hayama are boring rivals for Soma, so considering the tournament arc was all about hyping though two up probably grated on people's nerves.

It would explain why Hayama's reappearance in the current chapters has been met with such apathy and vitriol.

Yeah, I'm not sure why the author needed to shounen it up when Erina was a great rival for Souma.

I guess having a rival he can surpass relatively soon might be a good enough reason to justify Hayama's existence.

Erina is too strong to be Soma's rival just yet.

>we won't see Rindou animated
This version of earth must be true suffering.

Its the nature of Shonen; the hero is constantly moving on to newer rivals to overcome while older ones are either left in the dust or forgotten.

Look at Takumi, despite initially being presented as also a rival for Soma, ever since he's lost to Subaru, practically nobody takes him seriously as a contender against Soma anymore.

So I'd imagine the author wanted to avoid that with Erina and introduce more rivals for Soma while still establishing that Erina is someone for Soma to overcome.

If Soma and Erina had a more direct rivalry, he would have eventually surpassed her.

No, not even close.

Too short to hold a candle to it. Plus the main character is eliminated early, don't get me wrong, it was a great direction for the plot, but it did make it feel cut short.

Tournament doesn't finish properly, and doesn't start as a structured tournament, but it's probably Naruto's best arc. Lee vs Gaara, Neji vs Hinata, Neji vs Naruto. This shit is absolutely top tier, and the former two happening so close to one another was like having your heart ripped out.

That's true, once you're defeated you're generally done as a threat for the remainder of the series.

I'm just holding out hope that best girl shows up in the final seconds of the ep.

Doujima best girl.

Technically we already saw her


Aight. This is enough for me to survive another week

She's so cute

I have this on my backlog.
So Cred Forums Yakitate! or Shougeki which takes the cake get it?


guess I'll have to check it out then so I can shitpost about Yakitate being better

Hell's Kitchen

Definitely shokugeki

God I want to fuck her

A pretty fun ride. They even have their own spice man.

And he also goes full edge.

>Erina's expression
My heart is never ready, I swear.

I guess that's what sniffing too much spice will do to a man.

How the fuck is Erina a rival. They never had to be compete and she was an antagonist in the beginning who turned into a Souma's new cock sleeve.

They indirectly competed in the egg buffet and she destroyed him. He had to pull something out of his ass that was based on technique rather than food quality just to not get expelled.

Literally the entire point of the tournament was for her to acknowledge his abilities and for him to start to get up to the level she was at.

Why in the world would you recommend this disgrace of a cooking manga.

The manga sales are quite good, but the anime sales have always been ass. It's very likely the reason season 2 is so truncated compared to season 1.

Also Risa is sick atm. I really don't know about season 3.

>March birthday

I thought the entrance ceremony was at the start of April, and that Erina was still 15 then. I guess the entrance ceremony was a few weeks earlier than I thought.

Megu might still be 15 in the current arc.

iirc, Oct was Stagiaire? So Hisako was probably away from Erina for her birthday.

Megumi's birthday + Christmas arc never.

is souma's harem

Then it should be just meat and Kurase.

>Hisako is there.

I'll give you >Doujima is there


>Takumi isn't there.

no, that can't be right.

I wish Alice was there because I've wanted to know whether Leonora or Erina-mama squeezed her baby out first.

I suspected Erina first even before seeing how early in the year her birthday is, but who knows.

If we are supposed to take the extra scene at the end of the second OVA as canon, then Alice is also 16 by August at least.



Delicious brown

Best girl


Is Royal around?

No tournament arc ever made has come close. Some do things better, but dark tournament is the best all around

I'll get to these later.


I know its where the manga peaked and even though they used a bunch of speed lines, I am so glad go be able to watch the Stagiarie Arc animated. This week's episode was so good.

But I still want to see the E10, so I really hope for a S3.

Thank you, Royal.

Also, looks like Doujima is about 6'2". Not bad for a Japanese animu guy at all.

>tell people autumn election sucks
>b-but if you read it in bulk it's good
>anime fags say it was boring

feels fucking good

C-calm down, my dick.

They probably fugged already, right?

I remember most anons in threads saying
>read in a bulk that hurts less

More like she raped him.

Ah, his birthday is one day away from mine.

This if anything. He's a mega autist.

Idk user. Eishi seems like he's the type that would go full ashura on the bed.

why do people here seem to insist that there won't be a third season?
i thought the show did fantastic

Erina's va is on death's door.

Yeah, sure.

The manga does fantastic. The show does poorly in sales. Given the amount of merchandise that was made for season 1 and the far smaller amount made for season 2, it's probably not moving a bunch of random goods either.

How serious is it her health right now

that is very weird

We don't know. Some user in a previous thread said that she reported that it wasn't life threatening.

But they didn't link to a source.

I honestly would like to see more reporter-kun in manga. He's cute and has some funny quirks.

Maybe Erina had just turned 15 a month before and is therefore still 15. Where was it confirmed that she had turned 16 in the manga?

Fuck, I'm a day away from Hisako's birthday

I want to make her breasts larger with my love.

No she isn't, she wants Shino dick

Right here. We knew she was 16 now for years.

>79 cm
Fuck. I'm way even smaller than fucking flat Mehgoo.

I wonder where the cutoff point is between 1st and 2nd year is then. I always assumed it was April in Japan.

I hear so much hate for the Azami arc but I don't get why. Break it down for me, from my perspective having seen entryists come in and purge institutions it rings very true and makes an interesting plot line. I think it could be done better by having Megumi join Azami but that doesn't ruin my enjoyment.

Yes it is.

Why does nips cares so much about blood types?

They have a superstition that blood types relate to personality.

Old Japanese superstition. It's like astrological signs and horoscopes. Having said that. These don't seem to really match up all that well to their superstitions.

After all, the Japanese believe type Os are people who are extremely confident and like to be the center of attention.

Blood type is used in Asian cultures for predicting relationships and personalities just like your zodiac sign.

Who /A positive/ here?

I'd laugh if a based translator changed out blood type to put in a corresponding Myers Briggs personality type.

>extremely confident and like to be the center of attention.

Deliquent Megumi when.

I'm unironically A negative.

>tfw started reading about it.
>I got interested.


Westerners who are always on the next diet craze, the newest snake oil is to have different diets for different blood types. Because there is truth to the fact that different people benefit from different diets it easy for people to seize onto even if blood type has nothing to do with it, however your blood type does tell you something about your risk factor for some diseases.

Alice fits that best.

She is probably O too, but we will not know because meat cockblocked us.

Everything below the chest is amazing
10 out of fucking 10

No grade for Gin?



I only come to these threads to talk about meat. Is that a bad thing?


I came. Literally perfection.



Muh dick



A man of fine tastes, I see.

>I wouln't a meat.
Bunch of slack-jawed faggots up in here. I rarely see a manga where pretty much all the girls have great designs but this is one of them.

No, more people are always welcome

Why do you keep bringing up something that doesn't exist, and only matches your headcanon?

The author actually did say Megumi has a dark side we haven't seen yet so the user's not pulling it out of their ass.

>Neji vs Hinat
that was extremely boring dude wtf u on about

Thats some good taste Hinako.

how will it happen?

Not that user, but no, that's not quite what he said.

Someone asked him if Megumi has another personality, and he answered that she just has the one, for now.

So you can read that as him hinting that things might change in the future, or more likely, him just leaving his options open.

Apparently, this is where Risa says it's not life threatening.

>establish Alice as both Ryou's superior
She's not really his superior in cooking though, they pretty much say that outright before his match with megumi, he follows her out of pure loyalty not because she's better than him

The feet kinda ruin it.

The way he was introduced and his plans were too bad and completely wrecked the style that SnS. We have a vilain that came out of nowhere, with an absurd goal, and while being shown as ruthless to other people is surprisingly lenient on the protagonists, it results on this arc being overall weird, might even go and say a bit "edgy", and it makes the protagonists plot armor pop to the reader's eyes, it turnss expectations away from the story

>current year
>not being a footfag

Off-screen, after the main story is over.

She was better than him early on though during the flash back. She just lacks the save drive as most of the others cause she just wants everyone to be happy while winning. Others are basically sacrificing a lot more while Alice is just doing shit for the hell of it.

That's why the food festival was a major development, it took that long for her to realize that compared to every other cook in the series, she is the only one within Tootsuki who never gave two fucks about the person eating it, and only wanted to show off her creativity. In theory she has a lot more potential than Kurokiba just based on that alone, assuming she can gain a similar drive to his but that's a bit of a stretch.

>watching the anime at all
>not just reading the superior mango

It's not even that old. It became a thing less than 100 years ago. Dumb elevens.

she was sick heard she was fine the other day

>preferring to watch static black & white images rather than animated and voiced.

I'll never understand this

I believe she has a lot of potential, I don't know why people thinks that "powerlevels" will not change at all for the rest of the series where the only ones that will matter are Souma, Pajeet and Ryou (aside from Erina)

this made me realize that japan has a weird idea of what beef stew is

>not doing both

It's like you guys don't even love the series

Jump GIGA Special Project!! // Original work by Saeki-sensei!! [Shokugeki no Soma] sealed-page special chapter!!
Jump GIGA vol.3 Special Project!! The heroines in gravure swimsuits à la weekly listing magazine!!

Title: weekly PLAYCHEF

Opening gravure // The God Tongue has a Godly Body!!
The pride and “First Seat” of the bishoujo at Tootsuki Academy // NAKIRI ERINA

Left, top to bottom:
- Special feature to commemorate the new director’s inauguration!!
Exclusive interview with Nakiri Azami
“We will revolutionize the culinary world”
- Color special
10 tricks to enjoy the Moon Banquet Festival!!
- We asked 300 male students:
“Which Female Elite Do You Want as Your Girlfriend”
- [Pure Heart Contrast] by Tsukuda Yuuto
Ranks 1st on Oricon
- Saeki-sensei’s Rating
“Top 5 Most Adorable Ferrets”
- Columns:
Kobayashi Rindou’s Theory on Outlaw Cooking
Revolutionary Medicinal Cooking Turtle Plan
Yukihira Souma’s Hilarious Cooking Commentary

Side strip:
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Amazing Tootsuki-edition gravure swimsuit special!!
Major infiltration of the forbidden private beach!! A spectacularly immodest shot of THAT girl!!

A prim gaze
A prim word of farewell

But I also know
The smile behind them

Erina Nakiri
Born March 23
Height 162cm
B88 W56 H87
Blood type: AB
Profile: The former director’s granddaughter and 10th Seat in the Elites. The God Tongue also possessed a godly bust.
Styling / Tsukuda Yuuto
Hair and makeup / Saeki Shun

Those fluttering eyes, that pursed lip…
Oh, I cannot help

But fall in love with you
Over and over

Megumi Tadokoro
Born December 19
Height 154cm
B79 W55 H81
Blood type: O
Profile: A girl that came to Tootsuki Academy from the countryside. Says Tsukuda: “She has the best hips of them all”.
Styling / Tsukuda Yuuto
Hair and makeup / Saeki Shun

>Exclusive interview with Nakiri Azami
> We asked 300 male students:
>“Which Female Elite Do You Want as Your Girlfriend”

I want this.

*those pursed lips

Don’t be shy

If it’s you…
I’m fine with whatever you do to me

Izumi Mito
Born May 4
Height 163cm
B90 W57 H88
Blood type: B
Profile: A meat specialist, often known as Nikumi. Her finely toned body is also special.
Styling / Tsukuda Yuuto
Hair and makeup / Saeki Shun

>Saeki-sensei’s Rating
>“Top 5 Most Adorable Ferrets”
Sasuga Tosh.


Fucking autocorrect. I'll do the remaining three pages later, internet is being unreliable again.

I want you to hold me
until I melt

I’ll never say this…
to anyone besides you

Hisako Arato
Born October 14
Height 161cm
B80 W56 H79
Blood type: A
Profile: Nakiri Erina’s secretary with remarkable loyalty. Being called Hishoko is recently her pet peeve.
Styling / Tsukuda Yuuto
Hair and makeup / Saeki Shun

Yakitate! way better

>godly bust.
>best hips

Tsukuda, my nigger.

Well Azami better get ejected soo. because that based middle schooler is going to get fucking murdered the moment he sets foot in Tootsuki's high school wing

Based Mitsuru, he died for our sins.


Thanks Royal

She's taking a break from VA work due to an illness. She says it's not life threatening though, it seems.

But at least one character had to get recast in some show.

I'm not Royal, user.

>Kobayashi Rindou’s Theory on Outlaw Cooking
outlaw cooking, eh?


>The pride and “First Seat” of the bishoujo at Tootsuki Academy // NAKIRI ERINA


Thank you, Royal.

>dat cleavage
Clean version when?

I unironically thought the tournament was the best arc.

I only have this.

>best hips

I feel like his introduction being "out of nowhere" was the point. If Azami was foreshadowed, his debut wouldn't have had the same impact that it did. His debut really was from left field.

That said, I do agree that everything after was kind of mishandled. I don't really have a problem with his plans, its just as over the top as you'd expect from this series. But yea, the fact that NONE of the main characters have failed out yet is pretty glaring; Soma, Erina, Megumi and the like are one thing, but they could have at least axed some of the supporting characters or have them default to Central.

As it is now, the arc really lacked any sort of tension outside of things like Soma vs. Eishi, but then they skimped out on the consequences with that match of having Soma join Central should he lose, so it didn't accomplish much aside from establishing something the reader already knew.

Central are just simply too strawman to take seriously; like its so obvious that they're the "bad guys" who the main characters are supposed to prove wrong and it just takes the bite out the arc.

I don't think having a major group of Antagonists was necessarily a bad thing, but having them be such caricatures really just makes the whole thing come off as more ridiculous than it should. At least when the series usually goes over the top and nonsensical, it pokes fun at it. Not so much here.

I don't know about foreshadowing but we knew her grandfather was her guardian pretty early. It either meant her parents were dead or missing somewhere and it was going to come up eventually.

We knew a few other things that hinted at a pretty unhappy upbringing, and no parents.

Also, the Nakamura thing was there on Doujima's picture from way back when.

The surprise when it came to Azami was him suddenly showing up and taking over the school.

I think the Central kids are fine. It's the teachers that are garbage as antagonists. The kids seem like regular tootsuki kids who just either buy into Azami's shit or don't want to make waves.

The teachers are just randomly evil. They even cheat and shit although Azami didn't tell them to.

yeah, I thought that was older art.

Given that even Rindou disowned their shit I get the feeling it was a stall tactic on Tsukuda's part and he didn't have a proper challenge for the first two, he just wanted a match with Hayama and Erina gradually bonding with everyone.

No, I mean her feet are badly drawn and just look bad.

To be fair, the evil teachers were shown before being creepy and looking evil, back during the survivor hunt arc.

And I think the build up to the match has been pretty standard for the series. The most interesting parts of the first two challenges are that they are essentially a fight between Azami's method of teaching and Erina's method of teaching.

Where the fuck is Alice and Rindou's swimsuit shots

It's for Souma's harem, those two aren't in it.

I hadn't thought about that but that's a good point.

I don't like it being undermined by the fact that Azami could just rip Erina away from them so easily if he wanted to, though.

You are all being biased, even as a Erinafag I can tell Hisako's is superior.
Or maybe I'm just an ass man.

Eh, I like my porn facing me as opposed to turning their back on the camera.

>Or maybe I'm just an ass, man.
There, fixed that for you.


Yea, I do agree its mainly the teachers that are fucking terrible. The kids I can at least buy into just being misguided, but seeing adults act like that is all sorts of cringe.

Azami partially gets away with it since he at least has some style to it.

>We knew a few other things that hinted at a pretty unhappy upbringing, and no parents.
>Also, the Nakamura thing was there on Doujima's picture from way back when.
>The surprise when it came to Azami was him suddenly showing up and taking over the school.

That's just it, we had know idea that Nakamura would have ended up being Erina's father, and least of all him showing up out of the blue and taking over the school.

Its true that there were hints at an unhappy upbringing for Erina, but damn did the author do his best to keep Azami and his influence a secret until his debut.

Also, while Doujima's comment to Hayama when he won the election about immense talent bearing its fangs at you is obviously foreshadowing for the current events, I think it's likely that his concern for Hayama was based on what he saw with Azami back in the day.

Anyone got the colour page where Erina's actually rooting for Soma against Kuga in the festival arc?

>Yea, I do agree its mainly the teachers that are fucking terrible. The kids I can at least buy into just being misguided, but seeing adults act like that is all sorts of cringe.

I think that was the intention. It is after all a WSJ manga that is aimed at kids, so making adults look bad is par for the course, especially since it's been ages since such a thing has happened, and possibly never within Tootsuki until Azami showed up.

To begin with, all the competent adults are either knocked out like Shiomi, or nod their heads and have to bear it like Chapelle.

It was foreshadowed that Souma would bring change to Tootsuki, but perhaps it also meant to staff as well as the students as well. It's impossible for every teacher to be Chapelle tier as the whole point was he was hot shit even among the teachers, and there's no way every teacher could be a Tootsuki alumni like Gin.

So now we finally get to see how adults who made it into the Tootsuki circle but were always hanging on kinda like the fodder students react when proposed by Azami's crazy theory.

The Azami reveal was absolutely brilliant and I wonder how long ago it was planned.

Azami himself might have been unnecessary, but some great stuff happened because he was in the manga, and I think some interesting stuff can happen with his character.


Meat looks like a female brown Takumi the more I look at her

>yfw Meat crossdresses as Takumi to distract his fanclub someday.