Is he the best Shounen protagonist?

Is he the best Shounen protagonist?

>Isn't an autistic sperg around women

Fucked a tsundere nobody else could even approach early on in the series. Never mentioned it to anyone or made a fuss

>Doesn't chimp out

Cool headed and reasonable and always tries to work shit out before fighting. Stays calm even when fighting

>No bullshit hidden powers to save his ass.
Has to work for his own progress.

>Main motivation is to be a NEET and chill in life.

Isn't an apathetic edgelord but not a full-throttle moralfag either. Lets people make their own mistakes but will fight when his beliefs require him to

His only real flaw as a character is LOL WEED AND BOB MARLEY but even that is consistent with what he's all about.

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I want to have Yoh's babies

The sequel ruins it though.
I acted like him in highschool to cope with my social anxiety and chill the fuck out.

Yeah. The sequel went back to the edgy dumb angry protagonist, unfortunately. A lot easier to write, I guess.

was it cancelled? I haven't seen any chapters in awhile and I dropped it cuz it was shit

Dropped it too, actually.
The prequel came out, though and that was great.

Daily reminder that he did nothing wrong.

Well, he is the protagonist of my favorite anime, so I'm willing to say yes.

what is this a thumbnail for bacteria?

Don't forget his redpilled wife.

>not logpilled

I'm sorry, but what the fuck is with her extremities? Her hands? Her knees? Her elbows? She has no detail whatsoever. It makes it look like she's wearing kneesocks and sleeves that cover her hands, but she really isn't wearing either.

I always wanted to be like Yoh, but I stress and get scarred inside me like a madman over little things

it's a shame the story went to shit.

Tbf it was sort of shit ever since Shaman Fight started.

The magazine itself was axed so I think he decided that'd be a great time to stop/hiatus.
It happened right after he got his own spirit too, a kamikaze pilot.

Yoh comes in as second

Gon's cool but I just never got the same kind of sense of wisdom from him.

He's more of a quick-witted lateral-thinker.

I kind of want to read the manga again now. I don't remember anything about it's second half beside being worse than the first.

A little searching and I found
>However, the magazine adds the following note, "Please wait for more information on the future of the Shaman King franchise."
So chances are it'll start up again sometime in the future.

I like Souma more

Please elaborate.

It's just absolutely ridiculous amounts of powerlevel inflation, and I say that as somebody who loved the manga as a kid.

He was pretty chilled.
Too bad his twin became author's pet and he can't end the series proper. Also his son a shit.

Souma never loses where it's important, it gets boring.

"""""his""""" son

Well the first 3 points applie to Souma as well and I like his personality more


Ken is a seinen tho'.

Maybe I have shit taste but I was looking forward how the story would unfold, if for no other reason for the new guardian spirit. It's backstory and mentality could've been a good start for the story as a whole.




Stop shitposting thumbnails, australia

>Dies in a helicopter accident while still having SoE
lmao, even Naruto will have a better dead

he had metal, not earth.

Problem is he is constantly stuck in situations where if he loses the manga pretty much ends. So he can't even lose for story purposes.

Yeah and those situations are boring because you know he simply can't lose.
I was really disappointed in the shokugeki vs Tsukasa since I thought it was someone he can't bullshit his way through so he'd actually have to take the punishment. Then they came out with that "nope lol doesn't count" bullshit. He could've used the experience too.

A month ago, he write in his twitter about he's working in Flower

>shitty bratty whiny protagonist
>inferior Anna rehash
>inferior Ren rehash
>inferior HoroHoro rehash
>inferior Lyserg rehash
>Yoh and Anna are deadbeat paretns
>the bad guy is CAPITALISM
What went wrong?

Deciding to have another tournament setup. There is no reason that Hana couldn't just have been fighting the illuminati.

Then again there is also the complete lack of respect for the previous cast. Jeanne, Anna, Yoh all die despite being stupid broken. Lyserg is nowhere to be found and Horo Horo is just some bum. Ryu is still strong enough to fight a shaman official but gets chumped at every turn in flowers.

The only good part of Flowers was Death Zero because he was going to make Hana stop being a little bitch.

This guy is miles better than Yoh.

Source? His last actual tweet was almost a year ago.

shit father though

worse than Goku

Tsukasa could easily be a bait and switch for the current arc. If Soma joins the E10 after the current match he could easily be put to use for Central fighting against other students just like Hayama is, yeah? I sincerely doubt Azami expects he will lose to Hayama here.

You literally don't know what you are talking about