Why are loli imoutos the best character type?

Why are loli imoutos the best character type?

They aren't. The best character type is loli wives.

I let her touch my penis. Better than she touching some nasty dude's penis.

This desu senpai

Pure girls that will do anything for Oniichan. Hopefully the Oniichan is good.

If she doesnt call you nii-nii she's trash.

What is this from anyway?



I've got a taste for lolibaba, help me.

>help me

i dont understand the problem

I've always liked lolis but this hmanga really hit the right spot.

Because I never had one and feel like there is a hole in my life from that


Jesus christ, how old is this one?

So you like a Gilf?

Isn't the second from the right in god tier the one about a guy hatefuking his sister?
The one that makes you feel like shit even thoug you didn't do anything?

My googlefu is weak, source?

>Date taken: 1/11/2013 6:50 PM

Which artist are you guys favorite?

Artist is BeNantoka

Was Ogata's even translated? I've only seen RAW, and my kanji's too shit at the moment to try.


Cyocyo and Benantoka for Cyocyos curvy loli butts, and Benatoka petite loli bodies.

Never seen an amaganeru or ogata akira work but from that list, benantoka by far.

If we're talking generally, akatsuki katsuie is the greatest.

Too cute not to.

>higashiyama shou
Motherfucker and his plagiarism. Still love him, though.

Of the ones there, I'd move Sekiya Asami, Kanyapyi, and Gomennasai up to god tier and demote Hiashiyama Show and Onizuka Naoshi.

Not sure of what they made specifically for that anthology, but I think Gengorou's the best in general out of that group.

top tier taste

sauce ?

most these guys dont even do real lolis, like 90% of comic lo is girls with tits these days.

You mean his tracing?

Plagiarizing real life pictures, well, yeah, that.

>no mizu

I'd say Cyocyo, too bad previous works are too short, I'm happy artist is making longer works lately. Aside from Cyo there's benantoka.

regalia is literally this

I miss mikan, where has he gone to with his parrot lolis and the lolilulelo?

>no lee
>no hyoco road
>no gambler club


It's scary how one of these names actually sounds exactly like my ex's address

>bar peachpit
>criminal tier
I don't think so

Kill yourself

After you, friend

>WHAT ABOUT..loliOnee-chan

That already exists.
And it's perfect.

Source? google gives me nothing

Stop spouting this shit, it's not true.
Stop repeating memes you heard without knowing jackshit.

It's called reference, you fucking idiot. All artists do it.

Never saw the point of having autistic "tier" charts. All you really need is a small collection of personal favourites in your rotation. It isn't like your dick cares what other people think.

Wow, I feel like a real criminal tier are literally my favorites.

Not sure if samefagging or fucking retard in denial. Maybe both, kill yourself either way.

>Guys it was just a slight reference, only using these 3DPD as a reference and nothing else


Try searching for Touhou Kenchinroku 3.

It's still Range Murata even if he doesn't even draw softcore anymore.


Loli imoutos will eventually grow-up someday, user.

What a little slut.

2D means there's no time axis user.





Seriously where is this from desu


what ever happen to this artist? he draws great anal

See you in jail buddy

Magazine is called COMIC LO.

I'll make it easy for you

Akazawa Red's works tickle my funny bone and my other bone as well. Great shit.

Why did it not bother them at all that they were fucking each other?

Akatsuki Myuuto


kill yourself

It's in the archive.