JoJolion Chapter 58:


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Gappy makes me happy

suzy makes me woozy

I want to be molested by horny women who just got out of prison.

posted this in the last thread but

good youtube jojo content that isn't memes go oldie but goldie
Might as well post this

Does anyone know which game this is referencing?

>8-bit music
>HFTF sprites

looks like Persona Q

Stands explained through the 2nd OP

dunno about that one

>that Baitsa dasuto
Nicely done

wtf i want to fuck weather report now

es normal
Why don't we have more Stands named after songs by Phil Collins and George Michel?

wtf I REALLY want to fuck weather report now

>Metallica is the next arc in JJCA

Does Araki like Metallica? What's his favorite song? Does he hate St. Anger like the we do?

I'm quite partial to Master of Puppets myself

>Does Araki like Metallica?
We've gotten Metallica and King Nothing, so I think it's safe to assume he has at least some liking towards them.

>mfw imagining Araki thrash to Metallica alone in between JJL chapters

>meet your mother for the first time in 15 years
>immediately trip her over with a chair

why is joshuu such a shit

mangakas don't have time to thrash

>i've never had estranged parents.txt

theres a shitty little video ive been trying to find.
its of a japanese dude who climbed on top of a road roller and did mudas and a WRYYYY but the WRYYY was hilariously weak.

anyone help me on this?

>tfw I can only listen to King Nothing at 1.25 speed now

Thanks Youtube comments

>Le 1.25 speed makes it better XDD
This is the worst youtube meme I have ever encountered. And I've seen Bob, and first, and "early, better make a joke", and the SiIvagunner comment section.

is nobody here because it's a school night? how indicative..

The hostess new one is now spamming the whole abecedary and "notice anything different?"
Its a complete shit show of cancer

Es un DÍA de escuela para mí, el recreo es la única hora de bachiller en la que puedo shitpostear y la voy a aprovechar

But ALL youtube memes are a shitshow of cancer, user-kun

>sleeping at night
boy, Cred Forums has grown soft.

Yeah you are right

>tfw post randomly deleted


stop posting narancia and your posts won't get deleted

Pepes are against the law.

Mods hate the paypay amphibian

Why would I post that useless nigger?

Hmm Cred Forums should add that to the rules instead of arbitrarily banning them

>post your face when based VA starts in june next year.

>some rando whore is in your home
>you papa is concerned af
>your sister is a bit scared
>your big sis is concerned
>you decide to protect your family and scare the shit out of that whore

>You will not post any of the following outside of Cred Forums: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry") or grotesque ("guro") images, post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.

close enough imo

>tfw CR does a shitty job at subbing VA an its worse than the shitty scans

Does that mean we can't post Joshu

he's gross, not grotesque. occasionally he's hot, so it's fine I presume.

>stupid frog meme
>in a /jojo/ thread of all places

kill your self, janny

JOJO is objectively better than that. You can be better than that.

I've seen this before

>Constantly squinting and grimacing
>Hideous hair
>Nearly raped Yasuho in a toilet

He isn't grotesque or gross, just pathetic

>fucked up teeth

it's a close contest.

Is Jonathan the strongest human?
Jonathan>Tarkus>Regular vampire
and a regular vampire did this:

kek what the fuck

Been too long since I read PB

it's the hamon. he's undoubtedly swole with thighs thicker than men, but he's nowhere near thick enough to be swoler than the swolest of them all.

Are you sure that are worse than the "JUJU REFERENCE XDD

anyone familiar with manga making enough to guestimate when a colored version of jojolion will be done?

why do all of them just wear the same thing all the time

Tarkus hold that giant rock with one finger.
Later on he can't break the collar in the decapitation room.
But Jonathan break the collar when he was mad af

It's a story


why did pucci turn out so evil when he could've been more merry?


Speaking of that, is araki religious? The soul and heaven thing hints at it.

because be broke code of conduct and delved into personal territory

araki is god

The whole thing about pucci is he's the sort of evil who doesn't know he's evil.

he thinks he's doing good things, he's just trying to obtain [HEAVEN]

didnt Johnathan literally get all of Zepelli's powers in order to break those chains

Last chapter was fun

Hey folks, quick question. We all know how Jotaro is an aquatic deviant, so is there any art with him trying to date Tohsaka to get at her spirit dolphin?

How fucking retarded is Koichi

Ghosts don't need to breathe

Oh, not to mention, it's hard to be merry when some people killed your no-homo husbando.

From his perspective, jotaro is the evil one for having killed dio.

He's not retarded, he's just being compassionate. Ghosts don't need to breathe, but that doesn't mean that being trapped like that wouldn't be scary and uncomfortable.

Post-Zeppeli power is stronger than Tarkus, and tarkus is strong af

Ring ring~


thx for the coffee doppio. i luv u.

It's almost like claustrophobia, like most other phobias, is an irrational fear with almost no basis in reality

I love you too bossu

>family portrait
>Yasuho and Kyo are there

Yasuho isn't there user

How does doppio work?

How does he get more buff and taller when he takes off his shirt

>gappy there

>Joshu's stand isn't called The Bad Touch
missed opportunity tbqh

Why was Jesus´ corpse loaded with stand power?

That's jobin waifu

on the right, under Daiya
He's officially adopted by Norisuke

that's final boss' wife

That's mitsuba user.

it was jesus' corpse's stand

because araki forgot how to write plot in the mid of SBR.

he's jesus
why wouldn't he be stacked


I had to do this

Fucking mansheelet

Oh, so it is. Has Araki just forgotten about her?

Did they actually change Kira's VA as Kosaku, or is it the same but doing a different voice?

It's the angles

Same. SHA was also Kira's VA.

His split personality game so stronk it literally transforms him.

>Forgetting about Father Bootylicious
Dem hips and lips make me question my sexuality sometimes

you're my best friend tee bee h

Like his stand, it just works

It's a manga. Same reason why Koichi is portrayed as a little kid despite being 3 years older than Giorno.

That's Jobin's wife

Oh God Jo2uke is going to pull a Weather Report and try fucking a relative isn't he?

just look at rule 63 variants of him and be humbled by sister pucchi's pucchi.

Maybe, you never know

Koichi's just a manlet

Is Shinobu the best JoJo waifu?

I'll always be here for you bossu

this. I swear I was fucking hollering at that point.
> I'm claustraphobic,so I kinda understand
Fuck's sake,Koichi, it's a fuckin' ghost

Do what naranciafag did and put together an imgur album

Giorno is also a manlet, but Koichi is only 5 inches shorter than him.

No user, Guess is best

Why didn't Rohan just wipe his memory?

If you're autistic enough to want a woman who's docile enough to change her loyalties as wife to husband because her 'new husband' is a psychopathic murderer, sure.

She was able to make Kira normal again

>arrows made from meteorite
>outer space

ayy lmao

narancia-chan was shitposting by himself. doppio's a movement!

Araki doesn't do the colouring so it comes down to when Shueisha can be arsed. There's no strict schedule.

yea fampai but it's just not the same if it's not the real pucci,y'know? It's like when y'want ice-cream but y'get froyo,imo

I have never used imgur in my life actually but I've collected around 150 doppios. Is it easy to put an album that size up on mobile? My computer busted a while back so I just prefer keeping my boys on mobile albums

Was hayato mentioned in 4th another day?

I read somewhere he was actually Anglican but that was never sourced. He definitely seems pretty spiritual at the very least. He's got a very good grip of the world and still sees beauty in it despite knowing it's full of shitty stuff too.

Guys don't look at her goods, she's the boss's daughter after all

there's a pixiv artist that I've been posting a lot from and she's basically the premiere doppio/diavolo artist. I didn't count but she probably has well over 200 pictures of them. if you've been doppio posting with me you've probably saved a good portion of em, like the one here.

She wasn't in the house during the Damo stuff like Tsurugi cause Jobin doesn't want his own family dead but whether she'll do anything important remains up in the air.

Luckily for Fugo, he got written out and didn't even have to encounter the boss

yeah I'd think he'd be more shinto than christian but idk.

Honestly I haven't gone on pixiv before either. All of the Doppio's I've gotten has been from Doppio posters before me, /cm, or just surfing through tags on tumblr. If they're the premier bossudoppi artist then I probably happen to have some saved

Yes, it's easy.

Tusk 1 looks horrifying

I'll do it sometime this week then I guess, there's an app isn't there?

Go back to sleep gyro.
My stand is qt af


Fuck you tusk act 1 is cute

If you have a smartphone like literally everyone on the planet you can just upload it like you would here.

We Tuskposting now?

in all honesty pixiv is the home of jojo art because it's a site that caters to japanese artists a lot. most of the goooooood shiiiit you see around here are from pixiv in all likelihood. not to say other sources can't be good, just that pixiv tends to have more good than the rest. e.g. more doppio goodness.

wouldn't johnny be experiencing being sat on as well in this scenario

I tried visiting it once but I can't read Japanese so there wasn't much I could do on the site

why not?

>Kars wasn't a girl

Literally a shame.

Translate to English you moron. You should be able to parse through the broken English well enough afterwards

the key is to just c&p the japanese names of characters and you'll be kosher. everything else is pretty standard image sharing site. click picture to open it, right click to save, etc.

the sign-up page is in english and that's all you need to access it so. totally worth it IMO. the reservoir of doppio art she's made is massive, and she's just one artist.


What is this


>Trust no one, not even your own gun

Alright thanks for the tip user. I'm going now though, I'll probably make an album on imgur later today

Godspeed Doppiofag

have fun and may you find boss in another life!

>Fucking with Kars' hair
Doppio's going to get eaten

A normie meme

didnt help they skipped Oku's line about how stupid itd be if ghosts could breathe

>sit on your Stand
>feel the pressure pushing down on you
>the pressure pushes you onto your Stand even more

doppio gets shipped with kars more often than I'm comfortable with desu. just not a good idea.

Would Diavolo experience good deaths as well?

Like would he ever die from having too much sex? Or partying way to hard? Or are they all shitty painful deaths?

>wanting girl Kars
>not fabulous alpha male Kars
user confirmed for shit taste

Tusk is the luckiest creature in the universe

all deaths for diavolo is good, so I guess so?

literally a crack ship. they're not even in the same part. why does japan have such bad taste?

I'm pretty sure it's random how he does, but he's going to die. They never really said as far as I know

purple hair gotta stick together hunny. it makes sense. it just works.

anyone have that pic of Tusk Act 4 breaking open Love Train?

It's strange, it's not the first content I've seen of the two of them either. Maybe it's just a visual thing, shipping the biggest and tallest main villain with the smallest and slightest?

This talk about about uploading Doppio images to imgur reminds me of the time I uploaded almost my entire folder to imgur.

eh,maybe that's what floats their boats

The one's we saw seemed unusually cruel and painful but also funny in some ways like a tiny dog barking which scares him and gets him hit by a car. I'd say they're all equally awful since it seems less random and more actual targeted cruelty. God damn is GER a cunt, no wonder Giorno won't let anyone else ever use the Arrow again.

wouldn't young dio be technically the smallest villain? idk though doppio isn't exactly drawn huge either.

Why is the Hamon tribe full of weak pathetic "men" always attempting to compensate for their flawed design? Filthy humans, always trying to be better than your superiors.

>tfw Hamon is never coming back
why do you continue reading this shit?

I ship Kars with Joseph

I don't take issue with it, at worst it's silly and at best it can be pretty funny.

Technically I guess, but the smallest villain without it being pedo.

Because it's get better as it goes along with the only exception being Part 3.

it did for a bit,famalam,in part 7. it just goes by a different name

I think about how mad hamonfags are, during it, warms my tummy.

regardless of fujoshi tastes, I'm off for now. goodnight/morning boss!

>cucking Wamuu
Esidisi would have probably cheated anyway, but really? Fucking really now, with the only one Joseph DIDN'T make a commitment to.
user where did you dignity and pride go?

>Shipping Joseph with the only Pillar Man he never married
Literal cuckold

Rohan is the strongest human in JoJo.

How did u get internet in space?
Go to sleep, Kars.

>Kars collides with a sattelite
>Turns his hand into a computer which he then furiously shitposts with for the rest of time

His child-launching skills are unmatched

I hate that midget
still mad he doesn't die

Post the worst ship you can think of.

Why doesn't gappy just sleep on his stand

it's too Soft and Wet

I keep seeing those eyelids as black eyes with light pupils like Polpo's or Risotto's eyes


Is it normal to forget a whole lot of things after reading through all the parts only once or do I have a really bad memory?

DIO failing to seduce oblivious heterosexual Hol Horse is funny, there's a ton of good jokes to be made there.

You want bad? THIS is bad.

I completely forget lots of minor fights, like Soft Machine

>you get to see Vento Aureo animated in your life time

It's more of a hate fucking thing. Like I wanna see Joseph fucked senseless by Kars.

That's bad,user,but I've seen worse.

That's it. I reject my humanity, /JoJo/.

How are the nips reacting to the latest episodes? Are the BDs going up because of the past few Kira-centric episodes?

If it's any consolation I'm fairly sure it's just Jotaro sperging out about fish rather than Jotaro molesting a child, so it probably doesn't count as a ship.

What's with BD comparison guy, why his page is down, did he delete it himself or someone did, I really wanted to see how are they going to fix Surface, I guess I'll have seek raws myself.

No clue, but they're probably fairing better after the whole Deadly Queen affair and David fixing it in later episodes.

we /karsxdoppio/ now?
it's a pretty good ship to be a crackship.


He one of the only two priests in pop culture I don't feel weird about sexualizing

>SU crossover
welp,at least it's not mlp

SU isn't bad, the shit is the fandom.
Like /jojo/ but with lots of LGTB and SJW.
We only have mangaelitist and shitposters.

There's shipping art of Josuke and one of the horses.

I did not post it here because I have some survival-instincts, as well as some sense of mercy.

End your motherfucking life

Read the manga

the fandom is so bad it's almost mlp tier.
>We only have mangaelitist and shitposters
you're forgetting the many anons who dub themselves "not gay"

I have. I don't get why you say people saying "read the manga" is a bad thing.

>I want to get into jojo but i'll see the anime first

Which of the Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe stories is getting animated? I hope it's the Rohan & Tonio Go Poaching one.

Watch Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency but then read the rest. It's objectively faster to read it than it is to watch it.

With all the crazy shit Jesus did, there is no way he didn't have a stand.

That's a great ship though, shit taste user.
>implying DIO wouldn't take the challenge

why does is Jotaro drawn so effeminately in part 4?

Manga > Anime anyway, the part 1 and 2 style is completely lost in the anime and desu it doesn't look that good. Bloody stream is absolutely stunning though.

I'm sorry you had to see that user. Nobody should ever have to see something so vile

why does the part 6 crew try to stop Pucci? the new universe sounds pretty cool

Change in style. Araki improves as he goes on, going from a Fist of the North Star style into his own uniquely fabulous style.

It's Millionaire Village, the one with the community in the mountains and the chick gets the test on politeness wrong so the mountain gods kill her family or something, and Rohan makes the guy running the test break his own rules to spite him.

what do you mean effeminate

Not really, you know the future but you can't do anything to change it, that's the only thing Pucci wanted. Sounds pretty awful honestly.

if anyone looks effeminate in part 4 its josuke "booty" higashikata

Really? That's a pretty short one, it'd be nice if they included the previous chapter since Millionaire Village has a callback to it at the start, but I guess this is just a short bonus OVA and not anything like a 20+ minute episode.

how do you feel about the push to abolish generals on Cred Forums?

It's retarded unless they make /ag/

this is a post, not a general.

Don't really care.

Yeah, imagine, you wake already knowing that exactly an hour from now, you'll will get stabbed and die on your way to the work by a robber and there is nothing you can do to prevent this because you subconsciously follow your fate that already happened. Amazing.

I don't really care desu, we don't need generals and all you need for it to not be considered a general is to not refer to it as such and to have an actual subject in the OP to discuss rather than something generic like JJBA as a series. Doesn't take much effort.

I recognise the panel this is parodying.

fuck off retard, not only are you underage you are not speaking english eihter, ese.

The Kurt Vonnegut novel Timequake pretty much deals with the reason why Pucci's plan would suck.

why is Kira so lewd

Exactly. Pucci and Valentine feel really similar to me in that both of them are going to fuck over 99% of the population for the 1% (very few people will actually come to terms with their fate in Pucci's world, most will just despair and end up unable to even kill themselves since they aren't fated to die and will be forced to suffer, and Valentine wants to fuck over everyone who isn't American). They're both the kind of evil that doesn't realise it's evil. The thing that sets them apart is that Pucci's actions are rooted in guilt and Valentine's in pride. They're an interesting spin on the same concept.

If you don't hink that Jotaro is the biggest asshole of al Jojos you're retarded.

>wouldn't young dio be technically the smallest villain?
Nigga, did you see what he looked like as a 12 year old? He and Jonathan were ripped as fuck for no good reason

A "Bachillerato" isn't only for underages senpai.
i'm doing a "bachillerato" and i'm 19


He literally kills for his fetish

>Like /jojo/ but with lots of LGTB and SJW


Speak in English at least.

I don't

Do you think he's ever used his "girlfriends" to finger himself

Bachiller is basically high school.


why do people like kakyoin? i mean he's the "pretty boy" of part 3 but he doesn't really have a lot of personality. only fujos like him

is he bothered by mama kira making fun of his hair?

I know that you cunt, what the fuck do I care about you being a retard that hasn't finished high school, speak english and don't blog.

He canonically uses them to wipe his ass so that's not unlikely

He doesn't care about Holly telling him his hair looks like a hat, he's sad because he knows she's losing her mind

where did you get that information?

>Like I wanna see Joseph fucked senseless by Kars.
Penis squirrel!

Read the manga


In one of the Quiet Life chapters I think, there's an info sheet before the actual chapter with some details on Kira and one of them at the end says something like 'also he uses his victim's hands to wipe his butt'

>not Kars destroying Joseph's anus with a massive horse cock or making him take the knot

nah dude's mad just look at him

Why did araki start to make joshuu a lot more prevalent in the manga?

Shitty people are fun to write

...Penis squirrel is funnier.

>uses hand to wipe ass
>fingers himself with it
>gets some sauce on it afterwards and sucks on it
I'm weirdly aroused by this

good taste user
tentacle cock

I kind of like him, but nearly everyone in the group is overall better than him.

Kakyoin has some pretty funny lines here and there which suggest he's nowhere near as polite and meek as he usually appears, and the moment where he truly shines (against Death 13) is genuinely great. But he's outshone by Polnareff, Joseph and Jotaro, and the fact that he was absent for most of the infinitely-better Egypt arc really hurt him.

He's the real protagonist

they like to self insert as kekyoin

my nigga

Character development. Also he seems to have a fair bit of JJL planned out so he probably wants Joshu to actually be developed a bit before he starts doing anything super important.

Which line was the best?

Well fuck, looks like i won't be touching part 8 in a while since i can't stand uncolored JoJo. Even in part 5 i had 2 tabs open. One with transtlaed version and the onther one with colored chinese raws.

Absolutely disgusting. If you can't appreciate Araki's art you should seriously stop reading this series.


Make me fag.

What the fuck is even Joseph trying to say.

I prefer the BW originals too but I think you need to chill, dude.

I can't, but if you can't read jojo in black and white you should end yourself. Your favorites are probably 4 and 7 and you speedread 5 and 6 right?

Do you actually read any other manga? Or anything else in general?

>I read JoJo solely for the story, not for Araki's art
kill yourself, fags that can't appreciate art shouldn't be allowed in these threads

There's no need to be so upset, user


What would you do if you woke up in your favorite part and got involved in its plot?

I'd die probably



We all pass away.

We don't wear a frown 'cause it's really okay

You might try an' hide

Try and set myself up as BITES ZA DUSTO, and actually use it to attack instead of having to be asked questions. Honestly I have no idea how I'd get that to work though, and so I'd probably end up dying regardless.

We all die because it's jojo

Rape Johnny at the first chance I got

Rape Gyro at the second

>Jotaro will never give you the permission to marry Jolyne

go and stay go annasui

Get a stand and promptly get the hell out of dodge

Develop a Stand that gives me an edgy anime superpower, then die because I don't have the required secondary powers to use the bloody thing without exsaguinating myself, exploding, disintegrating, being pulled inside out or suffering a shock-induced heart attack.

You should hug and kiss Jotaro to show him how good you are at it

Then he'd definitely give you permission to do it to Jolyne


Well...this exists.

You should also fuck Jotaro to show him that you can rock his and his daughter's world

I recognize that terrible artstyle!

Josuke and Okuyasu


>Implying they're not the best ship
The best ship is FRIENDship

And before you say anything, yes The Hand did actually panic during the episode introducing Rohan, which is surprising because that is the ONLY time The Hand made any sound that wasn't "bwap".

>calls one of the best bro-ships worst ships
shit taste detected

Jojo part 6 Stone Ocean X Evangelion opening

But Jotaro is going to marry Jolyne.

That is true.

But would Jolyene give me permission to marry Jotaro?

nah user

Yes. By far.
Tarkus did this to a cliff with A SINGLE BLOW.

Now that we know the artist of this is a vore artist, Do we know that the first image is actually mpreg?

Kakyoin ate Polnareff.

literally the best ship, get out

You anons are mistaken im not talking about their friendship im talking about their fictional relationship. Why can't bros be bros without wanting to fuck each other?

She knows her father's deepest desires

bros that fuck together stay together

It doesn't count if you give your bff a brojob every now and then

And then Tonio walks in on them...and is perfectly okay with this.
>"Non è un problema, after all, the world does need more love."

>he doesn't want to fuck his bro
what are you gay user?

>That gif.
Make it spin.

Memes, mostly.
I actually really like Kakyoin because I think he's got a great personality and he's one of the only Crusaders with a backstory and character development but it's like this guy said he's too absent for most of the story and the others outshine him.

But user I dont have a bro.

It doesn't count if you say "no homo"



>notable eyebrows
good pic otherwise but why


this is like the only artist that can draw a hot okuyasu


You are now experiencing the Real Man's Thread

you didn't search that well

I was inspired by based PTerry.


This is absolutely deplorable because it's my fetish and there's so little content for it.

Probably get murdered for being near Kira somehow

I did. Search brain curry on pixiv

judge my art anons

daily reminder he's dead

if he wants a quiet life then why is he killing people? checkmate kirafags

>brain curry
I like this artist, but their faces tend to be too similar, distinct features are my true fetish.

I feel you deeply,user

It's just an urge that he can't resist. It's what makes him happy in an otherwise boring life.

I understand,user. Have a Josuke

He also doesn't WANT to resist it.

>Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora (he kind of looks like me)
>Dora ? (is he a Stand ?)
>Ora Ora Ora Ora (he doesn't look like a Stand)
>Dorararara ! (this guy's bigger than us no way he's human)
>Muda Muda Muda (I feel like our powers are similar. Maybe he is a Stand)
>Ora Ora Ora Ora (Maybe we should ask Hermit)

>Those fucking noses

Star Plat looks more like Bruford than Jonathan though

What about the noses?
Am I being baited?

Killer Queen is cute

>SP has an angular nose with lines that fit his design
>SF and Jonathan have completely normal noses
>other two don't have them at all
are you trying real hard to fit in or something

fucking tumblrnoses

bigger version. always thought stone free's sunglasses look too high up on the face

>Hey user what did you think of last week's episode?
>I really like Narc Anastasia's stand. What was it called again? Diver Drive?

the noses are fine,user. greato beito user-kun,10/10

>Man, the Flaccid Pancake episodes were fucking weird! Im just glad we got to see more of Hermes' Smack tho!

You niggers serious?


Those are the only minor villains whose number of fanart rivals the MCs

True. But JoJoveller does state Star Platinum was partially modeled after Kenshiro.

Is it just me or does Prosciutto's Stand "Thankful Dead" seem really fucking overpowered? Fisher Man seems strong too in the right hands!


that's just how it's drawn sometimes, both the SAS and the 3D model have a normal nose, I know because searched for refs for a drawing once
plus you said "noses", so that can't be it

It is literally a big purple Bruford, so maybe he was modeled after Kenshiro

> all this cgi snails

Yes. This is Jonathan in the manga. Does this look ANYTHING like that fanart?

he has an incredibly generic nose in both styles, I literally do not understand what the problem is
do you not understand how styles work? I would look fucking retarded with Araki's LINES LINES nose

Giorno Giovanna

Araki's noses are MUCH thinner than in that fanart, which is why I'm saying "tumblr noses" retard

That's because he didn't know how noses work back then/it was just his style and gave them a teeny tiny dorsum and tip
that was his generic nose back then, but it's not a generic nose in another style that doesn't draw them all like that
here's Jonathan in Araki's new style later

And? Doesn't change the fact that the nose in the fanart is a "tumblrnose"

what have you got against the noses,user-kun?

I'm glad you moved the goalposts from the ground you had no place being on, but what the fuck is a tumblrnose to you? It's barely warmer than the rest of the face and has the same tiny shine as the cheeks, both makes sense color theory and light wise.
I don't even know why I'm wasting my time on this, I guess I hate people parroting shit just to feel included.

>hear about how this guys are spreading misinformation
>watch random episode
>"why didn't Dio stab himself 1000 times with the arrow and get 1000 new abilities"
>"he's a vampire so he would never die from that"
>close the video
>block the channel
I hate gameplayers

what's wrong,nose-user?

It's cute user

How am I moving the goalposts? I started by saying "Those fucking noses", implying they're tumblr noses and that they didn't look anything like Araki's, which is still true.

They're too fucking big,especially on Stone Free. Why the fuck are the nostrils so big? They should be much smaller.
Otherwise it's pretty good fanart,don't get me wrong. But the fucking noses trigger me.

I can ocasionally watch SuperBestFriendsPlay whenever I have nothing better to do but everytime they talk about JoJo I feel like dying.

I hate this lp group, they're always such insufferable smartassess about stuff they don't have a clue about


Post uncensored version

Remember when they played ASB and they kept shitting on the game for mechanics they didn't even understand ?
I mean I think it's a lame as fuck game but god fucking damnit that made me drop watching them entirely. Even their apology video was half-assed.

>How am I moving the goalposts?

>those fucking noses
>what do you mean
>they don't look like noses in another style
>ok but it's a different style, it's generic in both
>look it's thinner here
>because it's a different style, all noses are thinner there
>it's a tumblr nose!

>Why the fuck are the nostrils so big?
they're not big at all?
do you just don't get how perspective works? you can see them because stone free's head is upturned a bit

garbo channel. cancer in its purest form

They are either cringeworthy weeb cunts or the funniest cunts, nothing in between, for me

Do you also hate stand up comedy? Because that's pretty much what they're going for. They're best enjoyed for games you have no personal ties to because boy was Danganronpa awful to watch. But Silent Hill/Heavy Rain? Fine.

Tumblr noses and eyes are always much rounder or western stylized which always looks awful on anime characters. Works for Cred Forums but not for Cred Forums.

That is indeed what I said. Fan art should accurately portray characters and the noses in this one don't look like like the ones on the characters Araki draws. It's like if I made fan art of Jolyne but with fuck huge veiny hands,and just say "it's my style!".
And they are indeed tumblr noses,stop this shit.

Also their fucking skits (like with Skullgirls) belong in a one of those cringeworthy complications

Then they are fucking terribe at stand-up user

calm down nose-user,the noses here aren't that bad. actual tumblr nose is far worse than this

Who's this namefag?

They ruin the fanart for me,don't you understand my feelings user?


user's sister, duh.

Left your name on by accident, newfriend.

I agree 98%. I think fan art should be allowed a certain degree of aesthetic and the artist's personal taste. Pic related as a small example for being accurate but not 100% for prettying him up a bit. But yeah, tumblrface ruins it.

Forgot pic related.


>Namefagging for no reason
>Doesn't even include pic

Wow, nobody got triggered by blonde Yasuho this time.

Why is Surface forcing Josuke to be lewd?

>Love Train makes all misfortune inflicted to the user be transferred to another person
>Jesus still got crucified

No one replied to that image since they all look fucking disgusting.

there's tons of SurfaceJosuke/Josuke porn for some reason. one josuke isn't enough for some people

you tell me user

of course user
who wouldn't want two josukes

>one josuke isn't enough for some people
I ain't gonna argue with that.

I don't really know myself, that's why I was asking.

>Yukako gets copied by Surface.

>Two manlet hungry Japanese women fighitng over and restraining Koichi
Sounds fucking wild.

Does Hazamada feel it when Koichi sticks it in SurfaceYukako?

reminder that this dude fucks his own stand, while it's impersonating people he knows irl. that's like two layers of fucked up

No he doesn't. He'd like to though.

>my stand [Tumblr Nose] will always make your art look shitty!

>implying Yukako doesn't shred Surface to bits

All Star Battle Requiem when? I'm having a blast with this shit. Needs more Part 6, 7, and 8 characters + Speedwagon and Stroheim.

>implying Yukako doesn't force Hazamada to make Surface into a second Koichi

>USER: NOSE user

Worse. He tried, but didn't have the guts to do it.

can we stop with this meme? those noses look normal. pic related is a tumblr nose.


>t. tumblr
Stone Free doesn't even have a nose you retard. It's tumblr as fuck because it's a nigger nose

Jesus this stand is one of Araki's weirdest ones yet.


are you stupid? do you really think people all have anime noses? i agree on the fact the artist fucked up by putting the nose on stone free tho.

If you think that's good perspective you also don't understand how perspective works

That's not a "style", that's called fucking symbol drawing

What the hell does the user look like?


What the fuck guys? Those noses WERE big come on I can't be the only one who thought this

Shit someone needs to draw this.
Nose user and his stand,Tumblr nose

A stereotypical Jew

i dare you find me a worse mashup than this

A man with a perfect nose,with a giant limbed nose as his stand

>this many people not noticing that stone free's face changes throughout part 6

Sometimes it has but it surely looks like a total disgusting abomination.

An overweight white or black girl with purple hair and nose piercings.

Fugo's costume, but tie have noses instead of strawberries. And some hair sticking out of the holes.

All of you are amazing, /jojo/ might be alright after all.

>chapter 58 of Jojolion
>still no Yasuho focus

What did he mean by this?

I wanna make out with that stand

>polpo in blackface

Yasuho is garbage. Give me more Joshuu

you will trigger Nose user
are you you wanna do that?

That is his Stand [Banana Man]. It's only power is containing anything he touches inside of a banana, the object will stay this way until he lets go of it.


>unfunny meme Stand and user
>OC threadceleb

nah user,that's Banana Mama, with her stand [SKINNY DONG].


Maybe she'll be back next chapter. This last one didn't clearly set up what the next arc is going to be about.

What are these two up to right now anyway? What would Jobin think if he knew his son was hanging out with some girl ten years older than him?

How am I a fucking thread celeb? That fanart has been post many times and many other people have pointed out that there are fucking tumblr noses but now everyone is flabbergasted because I said it? What the fuck?

...Mine works better.

i'm pretty sure that's a woman,user

Post music genres that need a stand to represent them.

Yes I like Djenty, so what?

That's a fantastic panel. She looks like she's right about to shank someone with that banana.

My stand name still works better.

I hope they make Tsurugi cute in the anime 10 years from now


I think he already kind of is.

>Banana Mama
sounds similar to Bahama Mama,stand should be [BONEY M]

Didn't all that reddit posting get deleted last thread?

Yes sir. I think mods like Reddit.

His name was Joshua bar Joseph.

Araki hates niggers, rightfully so.

Nose user just wants a quiet life and no tumblr noses

That's the only genre that actually deserves Araki's attention.
>DjoDjo's Bizarre Adventure

Araki is my grandfather,and he says you are lying

I want this dude to cosplay abbacchio

Araki's a hack tho


says who?

>it's another "Woolie forgets/lies about what a stand does" episode.

>nigger becomes a mayor of New York
>main villain's gay waifu and the second most successfull villain is nigger
>one of the least retarded members of stardust crew is nigger

>What are these two up to right now anyway?
last we heard from them, they were investigating josefumi's identity during the damo shenanigans

>he's Italian
>Egyptian Muslim

Why Jolyne no have Stand since birth?

Stands came from arrow anyway so the only possible way for people to be born with it are familly ties. Hence she has as much of a claim to a stand as Josuke, Giorno, and Trish.

Maybe the "Stand Gene" just wasn't very strong in Jotaro since he recived it from a signal that traveled 4 generations?

Cred Forums here.
What's the appeal of JoJo's? I watched the first episode and it was just a couple of homos posing at each other. Is that what you guys are into?

>citation needed

Jolyne was born after DIO died

Ask Araki

Her + Jolyne = cute couple

>it was just a couple of homos posing at each other.
I don't remember the first episode being like that at all. And no matter how much people will tell you that JoJo is a serious about gay men posing, it's a lot more than that.

>I watched the first episode and it was just a couple of homos posing at each other
this isn't even true, there's little to no posing in the 1st episode

>Cred Forums here.

He's a smart person, isn't he? Why wouldn't he hate them?

I don't think first episode has posing,at least not from what I remember

Because all Joestar Stands came as a result from DIO gaining a Stand. DIO died before Jolyne got her's, so she couldn't inherit a Stand.

It also has the purpose of thematically tying her to Jonathan since Jonathan was the only JoJo, besides her, who didn't inherit superpowers at birth/early age and had to work to gain those abilities.

Ararrow doesn't give you stand, it's awakening it.

0/8 user
das sum stale bait

Are you sure you were watching the ACTUAL anime and not a parody from a porn site?

Because I am not racist like you

>injured gay George Joestar posing to gay Dario Brando

>bait this obvious
ignore it and it will go away

>To be born with an awakened stand you must have a currently living relative who was pierced by the arrow. This trait drops off the familly when said arrow user dies.

I guess that would explains why Stands are still so rare in universe 1 when they seem pass on so easilly.

>not annasui or diavolo

anyone else get a weird deja vu feeling like damo's laundromat reminded them of centipede shoes?

Jotaro had her after he killed DIO, therefore no new Stands were given

I'm not racist user, try again.

Won't be suitable imo user. He looks too ugh
>gross tattoos
>no eyebrows
The eyebrows are extremely important

>and had to work to gain those abilities
>hey kid here's a arrowhead shard prick yourself with it and don't ask any questions also watch out for gay priests

No,not really user

I'm sure it's even better on his female self since she isn't as busty as her ancestors and niece

>tfw no femJosuke butt mousepad

Imagine Jolyne getting a useless stand

Joshuu's going to replace Yasuho in relevance and become the resident BroJo

That's why he's in Eyes of Heaven

I want to slap Josuke's booty

Yeah, pretty androgynous but still a dude
Diavolo work but too skinny for annasui
This kind of dude can hide is tattoo with make up, and eyebrow wig can work pretty good

Yasuho's probably gonna die and it's going to piss Gappy off enough to kill the final villain

I can't see any purpose for her to exist at this point

>Joshuu was in eyes of heaven cause Yashuo has outlived her relevance
>Yashuo got only 1 fight
>Yashuo will be reduced to a background character

>not real Josuke

This. 20 tumblr noses say that this will happen

that's stupid, why did black play there? He would have won by playing at the other end

Compred to Longface Crusaders this is how a highschool student could well look

Is that supposed to be effeminate? He just looks like a handsome highschooler.

I love real Josuke, but I'm still not gay yet

Girls do too much for me to make the change

Why is fem Giorno so much better than male Giorno? Part 5 would be 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better if Giorno would be girl.

Man, that would be some garbage.

Her name is fucking Hirose, how could people not see her becoming a background character?

Jolyne still had to go through a lot more than the other JoJos had to gain her powers. I meant "work" in the sense that, like Jonathan, she wasn't just born with those abilities like the other JoJos. She had to go through a bunch of shit to be worthy of attaining them.

Jonathan had to grow up and mature, he lost his house, he had to lose his father, he had to fight a vampire with his bare hands, before he was worthy of attaining the Ripple.
Jolyne had to endure childhood with an absent father and had to have her trust in Romeo shattered once he framed her before she could get a Stand. And even after she gets a Stand she has to mature even more.

Compare that to Joseph and Giorno who had their abilities from birth.

How? So you can have a boner while reading it?

Face is, Paisley Park is pretty much useless now that all the mysteries are finally coming together, whereas NKC has a ton of use and developmental potential to exploit

Well duh. I'm not a fag. + one cute girl as a MC would be good since Joyline looks like a dyke.

The main character is called Josuke and he's still the central figure of the events of the story.

Which JoJo character has the best nose?

So that I can fap while I read it.
I'd kill two birds with one stone

Where does that put Jotaro and Josuke?

>The first and last JoJos earn their right as protagonists
>The second and second-to-last had them gifted on a silver platter
Araki's poetry is amazing

>Jolyne had to endure childhood with an absent father and had to have her trust in Romeo shattered once he framed her before she could get a Stand. And even after she gets a Stand she has to mature even more.
none of this shit is relevant to her getting a stand, that's just a bunch of happenstance events that got her into jail. her enduring a childhood with an absent father didn't make her "worthy of attaining a stand," she would've gotten a stand from the arrow whether or not she had a shitty childhood

>Compare that to Joseph and Giorno who had their abilities from birth.
>abilities from birth
>Haruno Shiobana
>abilities from birth
literally what? Joseph trained under Lisa Lisa for a month in order to gain his abilities, and GioGio didn't activate his subconscious stand until he was a more grown child

if you want to talk about someone who gained stand abilities by being "worthy" of them after suffering a shitty childhood, talk about Trish

no amount of you reading overly deep into Jolyne's backstory will make her a better character, stop waifufagging

She's really cute, though.

She'll look better in the anime. Part 6 is one of Araki's worst art-wise

Nah, PP is crazy convenient and other than EOH where the Doobie Wah fight clearly came too late in the development cycle all covers and merchandise like badges or clear files or whatnot always give her a lot more prominence than him.

Josuke. I think nose user would agree


Jotaro has a pretty nice nose. Johnny too

I like Joubin's nose, and I don't know why.

This. Jolyne looks infinitely better in Araki's new art style or when drawn by people other than him

Parts 5 and 6 were definitely an awkward period for him where he lost his Manime touch and transitioned to the technically good-looking, but same face Part 7

How the fuck is David supposed to compete with the Bites The Dust effect from All-Star Battle?

Jolyne looked a lot better at the end of Part 6, but she still looks fine throughout.

I like how Koichi's nose changed to a normal one during SHA to show that he matured

so whose kid did she kill/get framed for killing? also is she now confirmed to be the rokakaka queenpin?

I'm surprised she never once said "Who the fuck is this sailor-looking faggot" and instead impaled Joshu and left

>she never once said "Who the fuck is this sailor-looking faggot"
it's safe to say that she knows damn well who he is if she's been in active contact with Joubin

Jotaro had a normal childhood and adolescence until he got a Stand, which coincides with the moment where he fought those criminals. Josuke went through the same disease Holly did.
There is no parallel here, but there is one between Josuke and Giorno through their backstories.

>none of this shit is relevant to her getting a stand, that's just a bunch of happenstance events that got her into jail
>a character's backstory is irrelevant to the character's growth and is just a bunch of happenstance

>she would've gotten a stand from the arrow whether or not she had a shitty childhood
I never said she wouldn't have gotten a Stand without a shitty childhood. I said that, because she had one before attaining a Stand, it makes her a parallel to Jonathan, who also didn't have superpowers from birth and had to gain them from someone else after going through struggles.

>Joseph trained under Lisa Lisa for a month in order to gain his abilities
It's literally stated he had the Ripple since birth and he has fights with the Ripple before he even meets Lisa Lisa.
>GioGio didn't activate his subconscious stand until he was a more grown child
He still had a Stand from birth.

>arguing about a character's backstory = waifufagging

>a character's backstory is irrelevant to the character's growth
your flaw here is that you keep treating "pricked her finger on an arrow that someone else gave her through no action or influence of her own" as "character growth"

it's not. none of jolyne's backstory had any influence on whether or not she acquired a stand. there is no "becoming worthy of attaining her stand," that's just a shitty argument you're trying to make to overstate her character

>He still had a Stand from birth
>having a power that you don't know about and have no way of using, and then accessing that power and developing it in actual harrowing situations, is less respectable than literally pressing the stand button and being given a fully functioning stand
oh i see, you just have bad taste
Stand: Heaven Ascended King Crimson, baptized God Crimson
Hyper Strength: the power of a finger flick can disintegrate a living being on a molecular level, God Crimson can get as far from Diavolo as 1km without his strength diminishing, beyond that radius his power decreses gradually to the point of coming back to the original King Crimson's strength
Erase: not exactly an evolution of erasing time, but an expansion of its effect, God Crimson can erase an time frame with no limitation, further more, he can erase objects, living beings and even concepts from existence, as if the erased target never existed in the first placed, being erased consequently from people's memories, the impact of the erased target and its effect and any action made by it from the moment of its birth until its death or deletion is erased in itself, thus rewriting history from the point of the erased object's birth to its death or deletion
Nuages: this ability enables God Crimson to produce with his hand a giant cloud in from its hands that become a crystal clear screen of any point of any future Diavolo wants to see, the choice of the future is determined by Diavolo saying: "show me the future if action x is produced" and the screen would automatically show indefinitely the future wanted until Diavolo implicitly or explicitly orders it shut, Diavolo can also pick exact periodes and dates in time to go to and see
hope you enjoy it

I didn't want to suffer alone so I'm sharing this piece of cow dung with you guys. FUck you all.

Koichi's early nose would've triggered nose user,but his nose later on would give nose user a boner

King Crimson's face
>He feels the pain of erasing time on his shoulders

Is nose user a meme now or what

Man, maybe Eyes of Heaven was a mistake

>you keep treating "pricked her finger on an arrow that someone else gave her through no action or influence of her own" as "character growth"
Getting superpowers after going through a bunch of shit is the most basic character growth of all.

>none of jolyne's backstory had any influence on whether or not she acquired a stand
Except for the basic thing I mentioned: character goes through suffering before attaining power. Which is what happened with Jonathan.
She wasn't born with magical superpowers, she only got to attain those powers after going through shit in her life.
It's really simple to understand.

>none of jolyne's backstory had any influence on whether or not she acquired a stand
I honestly never once said I prefer Jolyne's backstory over Giorno's. I'm just stating that Giorno had his Stand from birth, and Jolyne didn't.

>the "bad taste" argument

Nah,fampai. It definitely was a mistake


Well, it's not any dumber than Requiems and those are canon.

I bet you're the type that doesn't understand Cinderella

But the characters...

Stand: Heaven Ascended Killer Queen, baptized Queen Over Heaven
Bomb Cast (evolution of Bomb Transmutation): when QOA lifts his hand and aims toward any kind of target (living or not) in the timespan of 2 secs, the target is charged as a bomb, the number of charges set is limitless and a detonation can be triggered by wishing it if the target is charged
Hot Space: a more destructive, more intelligent and a faster form of Sheer Heart Attack in the shape of a ball but quite similar to SHA, it has the ability to distinguish temperatures and identify targets based on the average temperature of that specie/matter. Also has the ability to fly, and can cause a nuclear explosion (with all the nuclear aftermath effects and whatnots) and a radius of 2km
Queen Forever: by power of intent, Kira can link a trigger to a certain idea, a thought or an intent concerning his person or his stand, when this idea/thought/intent is made by any human being anywhere in wthe world, Kira is notified and can trigger the detonation of that individual
We Are The Champions: Has the ability to detonate by mere act of wishing so, any space of any volume anywhere, that is to say Kira can blow a whole nation up to dust, even further he can blow the entire planet, or any other planet

I'm sorry guys but I don't want to suffer alone.

I want to call Doppio!

That's because Yasuho has a non-combat stand that just protects her.

>15 years in prison
Wasn't Josefumi's backstory with him drowning set 15 years ago?

Why are you samefagging?

I wish he would have summoned his Stand vs Rohan, just so we could see Surface possess another object.

By ripping it off wholesale