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What the hell happened with that last thread?


Have got no fucking clue

>potentially has the most extreme case of a bad upbringing in the entire series
>has always been mentally fucked up
>people generally understood that in DR2
>yet have an issue with her being the easiest to break in DR3
I'm not a Mikanfag or anything Sonia & Kyoko best girls but I don't get the problem people suddenly have with Mikan now (barring the people who disliked her before, they're just being consistent I suppose)

Everyone here played the games, right?

Who exactly gives the tutorials, specifically during SDR2?

> You should be able to find it beyond this point. What you and I both yearn for...
> True despair.

What the hell was up with these lines?


Let's just leave it there

I've heard that Cred Forums likes boats. Is this true?

Culprit-kun obviously, the only character who appears in every single case and the true Ultimate Despair.

S.S. Koizumi. Greatest damn yacht I've ever laid eyes on.


I want to marry Sonia!

Rate my ronpas.

People certainly like drawing Sakakura interacting (cutely) with Munakata plushes and figures.

Could be Izuru but guy doesn't really care about that stuff it seems.

Izuru's consciousness buried deep inside Hinata

Mikan is an angel
So is Sonia

>Commits all the crimes in both games
>This asshole still hasn't been caught
Is the naked man the worst character in the series?

Worst part is they talk about him all the time then just substitute him with one of the cast.
That's just terrible writing.
Kodaka really is a hack

I wonder if Chisa was trying to make it a 3P

That's certainly the closest Juzo would have ever gotten to holding Munakata's hand

Pre-episode madness.

Also, I'd like to let you all know that I would thoroughly enjoy filling Monaka with lots of my hope essence so she won't remain neutral up in space in Uncle Van.


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking re
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore, time to get her killed via NG
>Kicks the riot down with the power of flaming fists and thousands of normies
>Crawling to safety as we speak! :v(
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
6 hours and 22 minutes, my friends! Stay strong!

You're okay with me man

swear to fucking god too many waifus die in this show

why do I keep watching if all it does is hurt me

Don't insult my memegame with tumblr you disgusting shitter.

What's wrong, Mikan?

ok that makes sense

>Not tumblr

Funny guy. You're posting in a tumblr colony.

Don't ever reply to me or my rare Hajimemes ever again, you tumblrite supporter.

wtf i hate hajime now

Despair might be your thing user.

>He doesn't know where the rarest of Hajimemes comes from

You knew everything.

Remember that not even AI Junko expected Hajime to pop up and was legit surprised that the NWP was able to reecrreate it. It's possible that Izuru had some hand in this.

Juzo is gay and got controlled by Junko and a bunch of normies.

That's a cute Pokemon.

>implying this isn't a secret foothold for Cred Forums

Everything about me.

Even my despair.

Fuck off Junkofag.

user. You, me and mister baseball bat over here are going to play some air guitar.



M-Mahiru's legs are just sweating... R-right?


>subs late again and you got spoiled again

lets team up to CR office and force the staff to kill each other



Post Despair Mikans


Junko, you can't solve everything by having people kill each other all the time

>inb4 it was all of them

Someone posted a template for making your own killing game a while back, so here's mine. Also rolled randomly to see who'd live and who'd die.
>rival and heroine die in the same chapter

Go to bed, Tengen

If the mastermind isn't Junko then DR3 Future is basically just a side story. A small conflict caused by some random, previously unknown Despair.



I really like the swirly eyes

Yes that's sweat. It's not like her pussies leaking faster than the Niagara waterfalls.

Chonky noooooooo, don't look.

Shitty board, desu.

Salty fag


>he actually wants junko to show up when she was fucking dead for a second time
>he actually wants junko to show up after she already ruined despair arc







Mukuro's just glad that she isn't as smelly as Toko

There's been too many asspulling for me to think of something reasonable


Junko in some shape or form.

Chisa, as I always stated since the beginning


I want to fuck Chisa's eyes

>rival kills your waifu
ultimate cucking

Ok, i'll bite.
Maybe it's too obvious but I am going with Chisa.
With a touch of

One of the reasons reason I dropped Chiaki. Didn't even bother doing free time at dirt because she just smelt of waifubait. All those idol threads paid off.



kicked in the shins by Mitarai


somebody in bandai's body, which was actually a suit


Oh please, her immortality is the one constant throughout the series.

Why is she so perfect?

maybe it's juzo

I don't know about that, user
Her character seems to be full of holes



Yeah she's a very flat character too

Aoi's main thing is her body. Kyoko's is her mind. Clearly, the wrong one died.

Who is ready for even more adorable Donut expressions?


Well at least she does things on the right foot

I'm ready for her to become Junko 2.0

But that's her AI that is flat

She just lost one dear friend, is having to help another absolutely heartbroken one, is in a killing game and has to babysit a useless animator. No adorable expressions here.

Reminder that Kiri is confirmed being dead

Ogata radio summary for Despair 10


Reminder that we don't need another shitstorm and should just watch the damn episode six hours from now.

You could have just wished neither would die, but that's ok.
Even as an Aoifag, I feel like killing Aoi would have been cheap. She had no business being there and her death wouldn't have had the same effect on Naegi.

>six hours

Well aren't you a hopeful guy


Wow. Didn't know Kirigir's VA could sound so cute

Well the episode is in 6 hours. Subs are later.

This is a good post

Aoi must have been pretty fucking useless for the anime. I guarantee the only reason Kodaka gave Makoto his forbidden action was just to make Aoi relevant.

I feel like her face is going

wan wan!


Don't be rude

I JUST can't help it


Not gonna lie, it sure feels that way.
Although I see it in part as a joke about how fast Naegi is when running through the hallways in DR1.
Not gonna lie, user. That sounds absolutely retarded.
Still, I found an image that fits



It was us
We were the Ultimate Despair all long

It's Hagakure.

Besides, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

An interesting shot is this in episode 1. What does it mean? Chisa stood behind Munakata but it was clearly framed so that it looked she was leaning on his shoulder, like a couple. S-sign of original Chisa?

I want to see the maid!

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.


Everyone was Hagakure.

How many episodes will both arcs have?

12 for future, 11 for despair right?

DR3 justifies its existence by providing so much good art.

Munakata has three buttons on his sleeve
Half Life 3 confirmed

>no SHSL maid

Shit series. Chisa doesn't count.

Here you go user.

with despair!Hopeman

It happens when people die

I don't know who it is but it's not Chisa. If they confirmed she was despair in this episode I would've said her. But they revealed it too soon, with two episodes left.

Nice butte.

Hikasa is just plain adorable. Quite the range too, the fact that Kirigiri and Shino from Seitokai Yakuindomo have the same seiyuu surprised me.
Although not as much as learning that Senjougahara, Homura and Aoi have the same Seiyuu.
>Naegi enters a room
>Kirigiri keeps cracking dirty jokes at him, making him really confused and uncomfortable
>Aoi keeps talking to him in 'Gahara speak, making him feel even more confused and uncomfortable



Does someone has one of these but with hopeman, hinata or izuru instead of chiaki?



>Kirigiri and Chiaki get brought back
>only to get killed off in the finale
How do you react?

It'd be such a ballsy move, I'd salute Kodaka as butthurt fans topple his house while setting it on fire



Nice rare hajimeme collection, user.

Truly adorable.

What is she going to do with that rabbit?

Of course. Hagakure already finished his plan to make everyone Hagakure.

cute despair nurse

i don't get that pairing but w/e

Because of Maria, Steph and Mio, I really want to see Hikasa's impression of a Kirigiri spaghetting

Nice teeth

It was Mitarai. He was despaired by his own video and has been playing a game of pretend all along.

What is this

How long until Miyazaki falls into despair, kidnaps a bunch of anime directors and makes them kill each other?



Oh lord I swear to god if this happens

Mikan and Hopeman get paired up bc they're both similar in some ways, like being broken and when it comes to both wanting to be loved

a cute

I always wondered why he never fell to despair from his own video
I guess it's because Junko made it, and he technically watched it for only a few seconds until he threw up

Still, out of all the scenes in Despair, I thought his scene with Junko just pitting him was beautiful. I might shit on all the other stuff in Despair, but that seen I actually felt something

Eat it


The only scenes where we actually see her manipulate someone are with him. It's nice.


When are you going to start using another picture instead of that one bully-kun? The konpeito looks like her tongue and makes me uncomfortable


Might be creator's immunity.

Shes actually being Junko there.


ARE YOU TELLING ME CHISA KEPT THOSE PICTURES ON HER AT ALL TIME TO SHLICK TO THEM. Why did Kyoko/Ryota/Koichi not give notice to them then

Chisa's corpse is fake and she wanted Persona to find them.

>When Hanazawa (Nanami’s VA) was screaming for Nanami’s punishment scene, everyone else in the studio had to stay quiet to not make a sound at all. All the VA’s for 77th class were gathered up in one booth, watching Hanazawa’s live screaming for more than 10 minutes in silence. Just like how actual 77th class watched Nanami scream in agony through the screen. Ogata comments that the actors and actresses looked like actual people slowly falling in despair.
>meta despairing

God fucking damn it


Despair Mahiru took this picture, didn't she?

>Watching in a stream as the episode airs
>Live reactions

Genuine collective despair


I WANTED it to be Ryota Mitari and him using his anime to basically use it to cause all the characters to watch it to kill themselves with it. Then afterwords reveal that all of Future Side Story was a literal anime the entire time.

I WANTED THIS. But I know that this isn't going to be it.

It's obviously going to be Chisa being "Junko Enoshima 2.0". It's a sucky plot twist that was so damn obvious that it was easy to guess by episode 2 of Future Side Story (episode 3 of DR3 in general).

They were in Chisa's bra which Munakata would have found if he had just given Chisa the D.


post dr sprites of characters being embarrassed

Anyone else here find buck tooth Junko from DR2 surprisingly attractive?

Because he's the sexiest and cutest boy.



So after finishing both games, I decided to watch Mirai-hen immediately, but the subs and video quality are beyond awful and fuck funi.

Is no one else going to sub these two shows? This is so fucking annoying.



Can someone do this but for Izuru looking at Chiaki dying

Too bad we've only been getting her crying or angry lately.


I'm going to take this as canon. Munakata's a pervert. Chisa actually kept them close against her hairy wet muff, quite the specific kink.

We know user. We've been lying to ourselves since despair episode 1 too. That thread. We did it to extend our enjoyment.

I want to kiss Aoi.

Worst Junko sprite

>It's obviously going to be Chisa being "Junko Enoshima 2.0".

I want this so badly

I want to suck his dick


I fucking hate you so much Hajime, every fucking thread you do this to my wife, and I'm fed up with it

He's really goddamn hot and fairly tragic, and those are my two favorite things in animen

No running in the Halls" is not really a SPECIFIC forbidden action. It's not like half of the other stupid forbidden actions that are WAY too specific to a particular situation

But it's BORING. Chisa copying Junko is basically just trying to retread the same territory of Junko without any of the originality or charisma of the original.

Not everybody can have the "Cloud Strife and Lightning Farron" relationship dude.

What was the general reaction in the stream to junko's debut in zetsubo hen?

I can't stop looking at lewds of him.

I wonder if she tastes like donuts.




Why did she have to suffer so much?

I need doujins of him hate/guiltfucking despair Chisa as she mocks him for his betrayal


Do it. I don't give a fug

Drop the scissors and leave the ahoge alone, user

Kodaka won't let his waifu die. She is coming back one way or another and you are going to swallow that fact whole.

Junkofriends dropped their Chiaki guises and rejoiced at her sight.

Same. Let the man get the sex he's been dying for.


I wanted healing

fucking really. i just realized there is dead kids in the back ground. now it makes sense


But she endured so much until the very end. Headpats, forehead touches and endless gaming sessions with Hajime for her in the afterlife.

So which Chiaki is the AI in this here lewd image?

Getting my Targets "uncomfortable" by my bullying is the very least I can do!

So make us realise that we all took her for granted.

Despair arcs failings in terms of balancing characters aside, a lot of the visual foreshadowing was really well done.

Because the other two waifus had years of varying degrees of suffering. Chiaki had to make up for it in ten-ish minutes.

>So make us realise that we all took her for granted.

I wanted her to stay alive because she was everybody's hope. EVERYBODY'S.

What is Junko doing here?

The sulky one.

>Holy shit guys, she had the same looks as her! THAT MEANS SHE'S JUNKO

It was to foreshadow her becoming despair, user.


Mukuro getting embarassed


Nanami could totally beat Kirigiri in a class trial.

Nanami > Kirigiri; In looks and in brains.


I feel conflicted about the mastermind.

On one hand, I'd like it to be someone else that isn't Chisa.

However I also want Chisa to be the mastermind, because if she isn't then that's a massive waste of development of a character.

I'd rather bacon hands than mole on the boob any day.


When did Chisa dye her hair?

>wearing a Hajime bikini

What was her name again?

pickle satan

Monaca "Fuck this gay earth" Towa


Despair does that to you. See "Junko Enoshima" for reference.

My daughter Monaka is so cute.

The Space NEET formerly known as Satan


Can Chisa just be alive so she can get redeemed? It's not fair that everyone else except her has, to an extent, been cured except her.

The only good part of the dub is that they got her game VA back.

Who liked Tengan's post?

Hopeman's Whore


Your waifu killed mah waifu.

She deserves to rot in hell!

But user, she was an indirect cause. I really want Chisa to be redeemed though. Along with Munakatana.

Now I just need a Chisa one and it will be perfect


Someone make an edit with the previous thread we had


Is izuru the shsl THICC too?



Chisa just be a fucking whale the

>Got fooled by Chisa
>Got floored by zombie normies controlled by Junko and her bat
>Got humiliated & shamed by Junko + her entourage of normies for his faggotry
>Lost his way due to the shame of being called out as a faggot and shitty security guard he ended up betraying his beloved Persona4
Which later on bit him on the ass anyways since Persona4 found out and gave him the cold stab
>Junko polished her boots on his head when all he did was take it while dreaming about Persona4 like a MAIDEN
Yeah, fisting a bunch of faceless normies was nice and all, however, when dealing with real characters, other then sucker punching Mitarai, he always jobs.
juzboyos are finished.

Is there a Juzo one?

Get ready for Despair Chisa again boys.

Or alternatively, get ready for someone that isn't Chisa to be the mastermind



>Tsumaranai, lol
My sides


Holy shit. Cutest, too bad the original cast died. Like everyone could be lovable.

>All the cheerful lives destroyed by Junko


>implying the Mirai killing game isn't being broadcast to Jabberwock

It could probably explain why the RoD escaped Jabberwock.

Who are your top 3 DR waifus?

Chisa, Monaca, Komaru for me

Monokuma did call her the brains of class trials.

>Fat Gamer Gurl
As expected from Chisa "Savage Schooling" Yukizome, which reminds me of the first episode where she almost cuts lil'gansta's fingers, it's like, she always had it in her, the whole "fallen into despair" thing is just cover up excuse for her.

I liked the twist towards the end of the one Future Arc episode where she's crying over the dead little children.

That she killed herself

Chisa did nothing wrong.


It was a mistake. She even cried over it.

She apologized. Forgive her already.


Fuck off Despair.


She needs to be fully redeemed user.

Wait a minute, that card...

No. She needs to pay for those murdered children by making more.

Thanks brother, I'll try to be strong! For the sake of our boy Juzo, and for the brotherhood!

Truly the tweest that hyped me up. Clever use of in-between scenes.

I'm sure Munakata will fill her with his HOPE

What will be your reaction if the mastermind was a character we've never seen before?

How are those even made, anyway?

You mean orgyhood.

I'm sorry user but they're both gonna die in the finale.

I'd love it. That's what I'm hoping for, actually.


See pic related

Nah I don't think they will. He might try and kill Chisa but will be convinced otherwise to save her.

Why though? That's a massive fucking cop-out and you know it.

I'd come to the conclusion it's a red herring and wait five more minutes.

Because I don't like any of the theories revolving around any of the existing characters being mastermind. Kirijunko, Yukizome-Asahina, Yukizome herself, Mitarai, or god forbid Junko again. They all suck. Just give me something new


Makoto Naegi learns the Mastermind's name.

Regretting his past mistakes

NG Code? What's that

>She's some dumb otaku girl

Let's go, you stank ass ho.

So you'd rather a character that hasn't been introduced, which means no foreshadowing, and no clues to be the mastermind.

I'm sorry but that's the epitome of bad writing there. Knox's rules state that the mastermind has to be someone who was introduced early on.

>inb4 fuck off with Knox

thinken about anime
forbidden action

It was just an accident, an honest mistake.

You know Chisa would never do that.

Here is your beloved teacher alive and unharmed. Isn't that what's important?

Take her home and keep her safe.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth now.

Forbidden Action

Coming into contact with water

Fall in love.

I'm sorry I can't fully love her until she's redeemed.

Whatever. This whole anime has been bad writing so why not? You asked how I would react to it, and I told you.

Saying anything about Despair videos.

Although a new character could be used to introduce the future installments of the series

Not suffering

I mean yeah, but come on user. Having a new character be the mastermind is just pure shit.

Not choosing a room to broadcast the video to during every sleep period

He doesn't have one, or if he does, it's a very gentle one, like "Say the word unconstitutionally twice in a row".

Playing the Despair Mobile game.
He's tried so hard but that time limit mastermind event's gonna be his breaking point.

>youth jam


>Can't even do a perfect circle

What a worthless teacher.

What said. It has to be somebody who was involved with the story before or it doesn't make sense.

Not playing Pokemon Go.

Being likable.

That's probably true on a meta level. The anime will show us a sympathetic side to him and he'll die mere seconds later.

Thats not how mystery works

Stop listening to bullshit theories, user. They're just going to raise your expectations and ruin your enjoyment of the show.
At the very least Chisa is sort of a Junko replacement since she was brainwashed ages ago. I wouldn't be surprised that she's the mastermind or at least involved in something. But we're definitely not getting fucking the real Junko again that's for sure.


Saying he didn't lose weight

ZTD seems to think so

PC port fucking when

The thing this is based on is a parody, right? Right?

What about Hopeman?
The real reason for the despair/future split might be to make us believe both stories are split even though they're one. Hence making the mastermind Hopeman, who was never introduced in Future, be the mastermind, is the twist. It's a nice way to twist the "the mastermind should never be introduced last" rule.

Buy a PSTV and henkaku it, almost complete library of vita games for $50.

But then you also have the possibility of Chisa not being the mastermind.

Frankly if she's not, then I'll be mad. Mostly because it'd be a complete waste of any development towards Chisa.

user I...

I'm sorry to inform you but
it isn't
it really isn't.
The voices are dubbed over but
the actual video is real

I wouldn't mind it, because hopeman is fun to watch, but at the same time I don't see how they can do it without it not making sense

Saying her name

God damn it, humanity.

Hopeman is in a coma on jabberwock, though?
He's fucked up a ton of stuff but his end in SDR2 was fitting enough.

>thinking the red herring put before our nose 3 episodes before the end is the mastermind
user, I...

He believed him...

Yeah, the show is called My Strange Addiction,
got a bunch of fucked up people on there.

It's why I said that her not being the mastermind would destroy any character development for her.

I don't know if this show is scripted or not, but I looked and found this:
At the very least, it involves some fat amateur actress chewing on a piece of foam.

But what the user said was true?
I don't get it, are you trying to fuck with him user?

Went to go check out he /vg/ thread for the first time. It was horrible.

What the fuck.

That's my point.
Junko didn't let her to go back to society for nothing as if nothing had happened.
Imagine if Chisa wasn't despaired in the first place, I don't think she would've been able to cope living after what happened to her students.

Character development comes second to the climax twist user. She's not the mastermind.

Her character development already went out the window the second she was brainwashed.

Then what was the entire point of her character then?

I'd actually argue her being brainwashed is character development in itself, because it explains why she acted so creepy during the very first episode.

So is Juzo alive or not?

He's alive in our hearts

Reality shows arent real.

He's already got Munakata's hot rod. He died happy.

Nanami-san was our hope.

I'm sure he's fine. He finally got penetrated by his love.

you know why

this whole scene was so cringey

No she couldn't. Kirigiri is a hell of a lot sharper even if Chiaki is smarter than you'd think. As for looks, they both have their own appeal. Kyoko has the elegant hot thing down while Nanami is more cute hot.

I don't think using an eraser on a character's personality and morals can be considered character development, but to each their own I guess.

>what was the entire point of her character then?
Providing a MC for Despair.

Ogata was amazing tho

That's not character development. It's a plot device.

I'm referring more to the visuals

Who actually thought this looked good?

I think it looks good.

Then it's a waste of a plot device. This isn't a small plot device, it's a pretty fucking big one.

The same person who decided brainwashing was the easiest way to explain the student's change from hope to despair.

Everyone except Nekomaru looks fine.

For me it was more Hopeman going full despair. It hurt to see him lose his shit like this.

It's a shitty plot device. The writing in the anime has been god awful. At this point making Chisa the mastermind would be boring. Pulling a crazy twist out of it's ass is the only thing this anime can really do at this point, less it resign itself to being poorly written and overly predictable.

Do you even know what character development means?

Nekomaru looks like absolute shit in the anime in general.
He's more large bulge-man than a character.

I feel it's only predictable, because we've speculated way too much.

Also I wouldn't call it shitty. We still don't even know what DespairChisa can even do, or what she's capable.

>but she killed kids
Pretty sure they all killed kids

Anyone still have the webm of dub Izayoi's STOOOP?

>because we've speculated way too much.
Seriously? The anime literally threw it right in front of you over and over.
>wow she got brainwashed
>wow she killed kids
>wow she threw Nanami into death trap
If anything it's more likely to be a red herring than over speculation.

What scene is this from?

Her despair side was more true to her feelings as a christmas cake. She takes her anger out on kids in her care because Munakata can't muster up the stones to buy a ring.


Ep. 2 I think


there's that buzzword again

What isn't a fucking red herring at this point?

No one else would make sense to be the mastermind. We know Ruruka wanted to form a coup, but she's dead now so.

Would you rather an ending that makes sense, plot wise, or a twist that makes no sense and was obviously written for the sake of a twist?

With Junko it made sense. With Izuru it made sense, so why can't it make sense this time round?

>so why can't it make sense this time round?
Are we talking about Chisa being mastermind?

>DR game dubs are flawed but decent
>DR anime dubs are fucking horrible

No I'm saying Chisa being the mastermind would make the most sense. But people are so adamant on having a bullshit twist that wouldn't make sense plot wise.

Glorious. Thanks, user.


If that makes the most sense, then who is the dead body?

Well that was what I was saying too. I'm just saying that it wasn't over speculation if the anime keep throwing the stuffs regarding her in the last few episodes. And what's the point of doing that if she's indeed dead?

Its stupid how nobody has any fucking resolve. Fuck, Junko is such a shitty villain.

>game dubs

Explain or kys

>The anime literally threw it right in front of you over and over.
Really? Everyone speculated back when the first episode aired that Chisa was the mastermind simply because she died first. No one actually used any evidence to back this up because there weren't any. Everyone soon forgot about it and started pointing at Chiaki, the bot, Monaca, Kirigiri and Asahina.
It was only after last episode of Future and two episodes ago in Despair when people started to look back the theory that Chisa was involved and everyone started pretending that they knew about it all along.

Do you remember the SHSL Make-up artist from Killer Killer? Yeah she made a fake body for Chisa.

With Chisa I feel it's different. I feel they gave away the biggest hints in the first few episodes, but have left it extremely vague in terms of what it means.

For instance, we still don't know the significance of a theatre scene. It can either be literal, or symbolic depending on your interpretation.

Some voice actors were good, some weren't. How is that difficult to understand?

bulgeman looks pretty resolvey

Well I'm talking about the current story. Not the beginning. At least that's what I think the guy I quoted was talking about.

junko's voice is pretty bad. I wasn't a big fan of neokmaru's either. also, teruteru's dub voice, while most of the time pretty good, was pretty bad when he had to do accents at the end of 2-1

It's an annoying faux pax in mystery to reuse tricks (sure we had Junko twice, but there's a difference in nuances). Personally I just don't want her to more than an accomplice by that fact alone.

Voir et

It feels really cheap to just introduce them into the anime without warning like that.

>plot device

You're right: that picture is clearly jam packed full of plot.

Not defending the dub even though that clip is pretty funny but how is "staaaap" bad exactly?
If the character is supposed to be lazy and showed absolutely no concern then how else would you supposed to act it out? Surely there aren't any other ways to make a character sound lazier, right?

Like how it'd feel really cheap to make someone else the mastermind.

I know I gotta reserve the possibility of it being someone else. But Chisa would honestly be the most satisfying. Because it'd also feel really cheap to develop a character in one half, only to have them be killed off first in the other half.

Will Hopeman ever recover?


Maybe because in anime you need to time with the mouth flaps and stuff, but in a game with sprites, you have a bit more freedom with the acting

The whole point of her being a big deal in despair was to add some emotional weight to what happened in the first episode of future.

The problem I have with the make-up artist thing for her corpse is that there was absolutely no way you could have even had a hint of predicting that based on actually watching the anime itself. Sure, Chisa being the mastermind might have some justification in the plot but it's no good if you've got to do just as big an asspull to justify it as you would making anyone else the mastermind.

I want to believe!

SDR2 boys.

>how is "staaaap" bad exactly?
He sounds really annoyed here, which I don't remember from the Japansese dub at all.
I may be misremembering, but he was closer to the "not now, honey" side than the "fuck off, bitch" side.

>Because it'd also feel really cheap to develop a character in one half, only to have them be killed off first in the other half.
But that's so despair-inducing! There's a reason the prequel is called Despair side, everyone in it ends up much worse off, even after the miracle in SDR2.

Hopeman would've made a good deuteragonist.

Alas he was relegated to wacky deranged antagonist.

I have hope, especially with your digits.

Except for the fact Kodaka said you should read Killer Killer because it'd tie into DR3. It's not an asspull, it's just you not reading Killer Killer.

It'd still be cheap writing.


I really wouldn't mind weeaboofying my room if it meant I could hang this poster above my bed.
Too bad the impostor is there as Mitarai though.

So when and where can I watch it live?

>not being aimed at fujos


So then it is just shitty writing. You should never have to read all the companion pieces to something in order for the plot to make sense, if you do that's a negative issue with the plot.


meant for

In 3 hours at the usual place.

How could he be a good secondary protagonist when his whole shtick is
>I want to cause as much despair as possible so hope becomes the strongest thing in the world

Implying both hopebot and Kaede won't die in the first case

Yeah I know it'd still be shitty writing, but this is from the same series that made people watch 11 hours of UDG just to understand Monaca only to have her fuck off to space.

Even on the despair side, Kodaka expects people to have read Danganronpa Zero.

He's just like a bully! He's making everyone stronger!

It's pretty obvious that Kaede is the first case killer with all "lies" schtick as a main theme of v3.

Hopebot has main character written all over his design.



That's so stupid it becomes GREAT

That's exactly what I said. Instead of making him slightly mad but still a genuinely good guy he ended up like what you said instead.


How will they ever recover?


I want to fuck her skull

>there are people out there who unironically watched let's plays just to understand the plot not even a bit more

Wew lad. They fucking deserve it. I haven't played or watched a playtrough and glad I didn't. I don't care how thick Komaru's thighs are.

Yeah, he looks like it, but he was still pulling the AWWW I CAN'T MOVE WAUGHGH DESPAIR bullshit like the rest of them. Fucking retarded.

3 hours really? Isn't it more?

I didn't either, but I did read Killer Killer.

Yeah, he says "No, not now." but he still sounds like a douche in any language anyway you look at it. It didn't fuck with the plot or anything and both reactions worked anyway.
It's hardly something big to bitch about, honestly.

>espoir 2017
My man

Raws in 3. Subs who knows.

I read a short synopsis and jacked off to Komaru porn

does that count?

Check anichart.

Did that too, but the other way around.

What do you expect from Kodaka's wild ride?

Needs Hajimeme liking pretty much everything

Disappointment and a pretty stupid but unexpected twist

Sadly I don't know the usual place

I want to get an early fix of hope and despair.

Oh alright.
Checked. Saw timer. Thanks.

You jacked it to the synopsis?

Check the archives. The link can definitely be found there. I found it, you can ,too.

I feel like im becoming a juzoboy allover again


Miracle is just another word for ASSPULL

Yeah, asspulls: what every detective series is about

Now that everyone I love is dead I'll just watch to make fun of remaining survivors dying.


Disobeying orders

....Too much info.

Excuse you, any dub that gives us "That doesn't mean I'm gunning for a piece!" is a fantastic dub

"Uuu I'm so sorry Hinata-san I tripped and fell."

He probably woke up from his coma the minute he died and left Jabberwock Island before Chapter 5 ended
Just in time to be the Future Arc mastermind

Is she the Mukuro of DR3?

She's even worse because she died before the show even started.

If he had woken up before the others he would have killed the RoDs right there in their pods.

That was his whole plan in Chapter 5.

Also, Naegi or Hajimeme would have mentioned it in the epilogue.

No, this is.


All I'm gonna say about this episode is that it focuses on Asahina

Maybe he couldn't break into the pods, or assumed his luck would have gotten them all executed anyway

Seriously, what the hell are my students getting up to these days?

>Hopeman and Hajizuru wake up only to find they killed Nanami twice


Stop fucking leaking guys

Took a while but I found it. Thank you kind sir or madam.

Because you are so pure yourself right? B****.

Fuck off.


They're both backstabbing bitches.


Characters with flaws > characters without flaws aka Chiaki

Fuck off you fat trash with your meme waifu


A character without flaw wouldn't cry when she's dying and say she wants to live.

>>Went to go check out he /vg/ thread for the first time. It was horrible.
>tfw we'll have to go back there in two weeks' time when DR3 finishes airing

>without flaws

Nah we got Cred Forums thanks to Kaede

or you can just

not go back

>cry when she's dying and say she wants to live.

That's not a flaw though.

Kaede's ahoge is art

>SHSL Swordswoman
>Loses a fight against an opponent who doesn't even specialise in swords and was only wielding knives

Despair Arc Junko is the one without flaws here.

Well Peko was a character with flaws, Chiaki wasn't.

I like how it looks like a stray hair most of the time but goes into antenna mode when she's shocked

That stink is enough to throw anyone off.

You've already been proven wrong before but you keep talking. Stop posting already.

Man let's not get baited into this whole conversation of good characters needing flaws.

Cooper from Twin Peaks has no flaws, and he wouldn't work if he did.

Meanwhile, Korra from the Legend of Korra is flawed to shit, but this just makes her annoying rather than interesting or compelling

>fucks everything up

I would say she has pretty serious flaws.

Mastermind confirmed

Will people think I'm cool if I imitate Komaeda sprites in normal conversation?

>post a reaction image
>you've been proven wrong

Whatever you like, sir.

Look on the bright side Hajimeme:

We are going back together.

Or when they're horny get it?



I tried going there out of curiosity and they were all congratulating a role playing Fuyuhiko on having triplets

More like Chuuni.

What if I imitate Monaca sprites?

Hinata having a hair boner was the peak of ahoge jokes

They'll think you're a crazy autist, so uh, mission accomplished I guess

Chiaki is not a mary sue that's for sure.

But she's also without flaws. Not saying that's a bad thing though.

Are you well, user?

Is this hope?

You'll get raped.

You will look childish

Nurse Mikan


Mikan's so shapely, beautiful and cool and perfect.

U jelly?

It is my kind of HOPE.

Where'd the mole go?

Her optimism got her killed and her entire class brainwashed so thats a pretty big flaw.

Try Mikan sprites, this is the cutest DR smile ever

>Bitch in heat

Damn, that's some good shit, nips being real hardcore for real in real life as well, it adds up.

She does have flaws but you guys keep mixing up things you like for flaws.
A perfect example for this is Mikan.

>cutest smile
I wouldn't give her much else, but best smile goes to Akane.

That's why being optimistic isn't enough to fight despair, you also need luck.

By flaws I mean personality/morality wise.

I think a character that doesn't show a single bit of selfish thought is pretty flawless and I like that. Same reason why I like Naegi.

>A perfect example for this is Mikan.

What do you mean by that? You mean Mikan was flawless?

I fucking need to see these two together at least once.

Made me chukle

Give me 3 bad things about Izuru

She's a slut

No, Mikan has a bunch of flaws for example, clumsy, cry baby, low self-esteem, desperate and so on, but people like her because of those reasons.

Couldn't save his waifu
Boring personality
Claim to be bored with everything, which isn't true

Cause people can relate to those reason

Well that's no surprise. This is Cred Forums after all.

Not just Cred Forums people around the world have such problems.

How many hours

I can't handle it

>Satan trips
Hopebot confirmed for Satan and not Santa?


You're right, I'm sure a lot can relate to her.

>Another Mikan/Sonia bro
My African American of refined taste.

Not being immune to a dozen spears is a flaw.

At least your wife isnt forced to drool over some shitty animator self insert fag who I wish was dead 10 times over.

>Hajime's FR removed
>Exactly 15 likes on "kill yourself"
>Fuyuhiko I think you'll like this one
My fucking sides

Mikan, Sonia, Chisa

Honestly that's not bad voice acting. Worst DR dub voice has to go to either Junko or Leon.

Worst DR dub voice is Chisa.

Holy shit. Hooooooooly shit. But generally as far as dub's go I really like them, I preferred the english in all 3 games.