What chapter would I start reading at to bridge the gap between the Golden Age Arc anime and the current anime...

What chapter would I start reading at to bridge the gap between the Golden Age Arc anime and the current anime? I need to see Griffith do Femto shit.

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Read all of it.

I plan on it eventually but with work and school I have a finite amount of time. I wanna bridge that gap for now.

Chapters 103 to 140. You could read after that, as well, actually.

Also, Chapters 1 through 8, which take place after the Eclipse and before the current anime despite being written before the series began in earnest.

Thank you kindly my good friend.

You are welcome. But just so you know, you don't actually get to see Griffith reappear as Femto until the second half of chapter 303. Yes, it takes that long for him to do more "Femto shit." He does the most Femto stuff in the Guardians of Desire arc which served as the Berserk pilot series (chapters 3 through 8).

While Griffith features heavily in the manga, he usually appears in human form to keep the people around him unsuspecting sheep who think he's the savior of humanity. I'd say more but I don't want to spoil anything. In fact, the only time we ever see him in his true Femto form is in chapters 303 and 304. But he uses his powers elsewhere while in human form.

After putting it off for years, I've finally finished reading Berserk
How do people generally rank the arcs? I wasn't a big fan of the introduction of Schierke and the over-emphasis on magic but hey

Good to know. Does the whole taming of Zodd happen in 103 to 140, though?

I love that moment
at that point it's been literal YEARS since we've seen him in femto form, I was even convinced that he couldn't take that form after the rebirth at conviction

then he busts it out atop Ganishka and I lost my shit

Correct. I don't remember what chapter it was, but it's there

Dope. Again, thank you.

It happens in chapter 143, "Retribution of the Birth Rite Revelation part 3"

And holy fuck, did it take me forever to identify the exact chapter where Zodd is tamed. Or at least, swears allegiance to Griffith. He's not exactly tame around anyone else.

Indeed. And it leads into this gorgeous splash page, which is still my favorite art in the entire series (which is saying a hell of a lot, considering how much truly amazing art there is).

You did that... For me? ;_; Thank you.

You're welcome, user. Enjoy Berserk.

I l-love you.

Skip Lost Forest, as the anime shows it's a filler arc not vital to the story and Berserk is paced much better without it.

I agree that it's mostly filler. I mean, it should have been a two part story at the most. But I wouldn't say skip it entirely because it has one of the most iconic scenes in the entire series.

"Adult attack! Adult attack!"

Read black swordsman and then conviction. The in between is covered by the 97/movies, the afterwards by the turd.
But your best choice is to read the manga
>femto shit
If you mean the raping, he doesn't. He has a debut in blackswordsman and only appears as griffith until much later

>How do people generally rank the arcs?
Well, the Lost Children arc is shit tier. This is one thing most people seem to agree on. The Birth Rite/Tower of Conviction Arc also really, really dragged on forever. There was too much time between the events of the Eclipse and Reunion on the Hill of Swords.

As for good arcs, I have to say I personally enjoyed the Golden Age through Eclipse arcs the best. You know, non vegetable Casca was the best Casca. But I definitely enjoy the current arc now that they are off the boat and I especially loved the fight between Rakshas and Silat with the Tapasa. The Tapasa and Silat have always been my favorite supporting characters.

from the begining