Is there such a thing as extra forbidden love?

Is there such a thing as extra forbidden love?

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Yes and your pic is it.

Gee, I wish I had known that before posting?

Why ask a rhetorical question ever instead of just a question?
Why not just say, "this is extra forbidden love, isn't it?" instead of asking in a way which suggests the person being asked should answer, and seriously?
For all I knew you were retarded and I was trying to politely point out how you posted a thing fitting your very poorly asked thread question.


Guy, I was funnin' with you. It wasn't a jab

Oh, oops.

God she's such of a lolicon. In before the loli says that she knew all along.

How many years are they apart, again? Aren't they both underage?

IIRC loli is in elementary school. Maybe 6th grade. Lolicon is in her second year of high school

One is in high school, the other is in elementary.

>In before the loli says that she knew all along.
She has to know, considering this is how they met.

So it really is odd why Yuzumori-san gives Mimika the time of day.

They're seven years apart, and Mimika is a second year in high school

Thanks for reminding me there's a new chapter out, OP.

She is my lolicon inspiration. I think we all can learn a thing or two from her.

But what's the salsa.

Loli salsa

They already held hands, shared ice cream and tied up hairs. What's next? Loli lap pillow?


I can't stomach this deranged sickery

So, even the loli is a pervert

Nah she's sleeping then FINGER SUCK

You forgot feeding the loli cake.

No, lesbians are a myth perpetuated by Feminism.

manga title?

Double the forbidden love, double the fun.

This is a controller for a garage door, right?

>Sayuri’s Little Sister Is An Angel
Ah shit, I had forgotten. Oga-kun best girl.

Why does Mikoto have the halo and wings? Is she dead?

>Why does Mikoto have the halo and wings? Is she dead?
No, just really wanted to meet her sister. She even called her dad to let him know that she was staying at her place.

But how did she get wings and a halo from God by making a wish? Plus it keeps mentioning she used to be really sick always, but now she's out and about all the time. Was it a dying wish?

no, just socially unacceptable bullshit we all call forbidden

we all think its hot that these 2 lolis may have sexual activities


I don't really know, I just hope it won't end with her actually being dead or dying. Also there's the fact that when she didn't get to sleep with her sister for a few days she suddenly started to feel really sick, but then when she started to sleep with her again, she went back to normal.

Mimika's faces will never get old.

it makes us feel as if we had a relationship with a young hot loli but since its a lesbian relationship all pedo stuff is not taken into consideration

this is why lesbians are hotter

Yes, and what you posted is, and I cannot let it pass.
Now please give me the source so I can... uhm... purge it from the world.

Read the thread

Does anyone have that collection of mimika's faces?

This artist is great.

Where did you find the raws?

If only the artist would do the eyes better.

It's a webcomic