Who had it worse? Okabe or Subaru?

Who had it worse? Okabe or Subaru?

Step aside scrubs

Okabe shouldn't have been messing with an organization without their permission.


Okabe was only really canonically injured a couple times since the time travel in his world doesn't work that way.
So definitely subaru

Okabe brought it on himself, Subaru just wanted some snacks.

Subaru needs to actually die. What do you think?
but really, its this

so that time when he got interrogated in a van

how did he run back all the way to the lab

Kamijou Touma.

Me, I watched both of them and it was so horrible...

The Doctor.

Maybe Subaru because he goes through more physical torture, though the people Okabe want to save are closer to him. I actually cared about Okabe and people he wanted to save though, while Subaru is an unlikable moron and suffering was very much torture porn.

This is so cute.

Considering how Subaru has 0 personality change by the end of the show and Okabe actually develops, I'd say Okabe if we only consider how much it actually affected them, though physically Subaru did get it worse since he did die.

serves those bitches right

Homura had it worse because, despite the shorter time, she only had one playthrough available. Die and it's game over. Rika not only had multiple lives but she was too retarded to ask herself some simple questions in a really long-ass time.

Hey, at least you have a happy end.

Didn't Okave go through 2000 or so? I mean, yeah, Subaru died a few times, but it's much worse having it reset when you fail/ fuck up when your friend dies. It's more emotionally scarring I think.

But that Takeru never looped. Alsp, didn't he only go through one loop anyways?

Yeah, seeing your friend die is more emotionally scarring than getting killed and getting your limbs cut.


oh fuck man, my limbs got cut? Might as well just kill myself. That's much worse than seeing my reason to live being turned into jelly

He sure didn't seem to care when it was all said and done, so probably.

Yeah, it is.


Mad respect for not taking it like a bitch yo.
Everytime I see that chair collides with Satoko I giggle like a retard

Subaru can actually change the reality, Okabe cannot for hundreds of times when Mayuri kept on getting killed.

Imagine that, about 200 hours of him awake going back every 2 hours.

aren't they around the same age?



This guy had it worse for 20 years

>she only had one playthrough available.
Yeah, with fucking stop time and a endless amount of weapons.
What weapons does Rika have? Just a spay bottle that makes people go less insane which she can never get to use because she's weak and nothing else.

How did Homura even have it worse? She didn't suffer more.
Just look at the 3rd movie. Homura does everything for her best friend. Rika does the same except in her alternate world, Satoko actually says that she hates her.
Can you imagine Madoka hating Homura? You can't because it'll never happen and that's why Rika has it worse.

Rika saw her friends being butchered.
She was tortured repeatedly.
Had to enjoy having fun with her friends knowing that one of them might turn insane and kill everyone.
Had to enjoy having fun despite reliving the same fun and not enjoying it.
Had her torso opened and her heart ripped out of her.

What did Homura suffer? Having to kill her best friend in a mercy killing? Working endlessly for 12 years?

>Die and it's game over.
Homura is a walking tank who can take endless punishment, has an OP time stop power and was too stupid to convince the rest of the girls to help her even though a route in the PSP shows that it's possible. Not to mention that Homura can just stop whenever and start again. Rika has to wait months for certain events, Homura starts immediately when the story matters.

Rika couldn't get help because no one would believe a 10 year old saying that they will die.

How To Write an MC For Your Time Loop Story: The Character.

I still need to read that LN but I hate reading LN.

Subaru faces situations that are generally more horrible, but, at the same time, the reason some of those situations end as badly as they do is due to his arrogance and incompetence continuously creating worst case scenarios.

While this is also true for Okabe to an extent, most of Okabe's idiotic moves happen before he becomes aware that the conspiracies he's been memeing about are real and, what's more, watching him.


and of course

The one that got tortured for information about time travel until he went braindead

>Rika couldn't get help because no one would believe a 10 year old saying that they will die.
Take that back.

>make him generic as fuck
Got it.

>Mom, someone's going to kill me in 4 years!
>uh huh, that's nice sweetie

It's even worse because if Rika starts acting insane, she's confined and dissected. So she can't even start telling people the truth without sounding desperate or like a crazy person.

>generic as fuck
Hahahahaha. You have no fucking idea what you're talking about since you've obviously never read the LN. Go wallow in your own ignorance.

Though he almost fall to maddens many time.

Example in Suzuha ending, he repeat same 2 days for 1000 of years to keep her alive.

depend on which ending you chose

All ending path are real path that happen.
The one from Alternative have memory from all different path inside his head.

(basically, every time he chose different girl, she re summon him to the beginning, only in Alternative she lost that ability but he have better memory from last path as bonus)

>Example in Suzuha ending, he repeat same 2 days for 1000 of years to keep her alive.
That sounds stupid.


That's because he is making shit up

It was nowhere near 1000 years, Okabe just lost count.

>experienced literally every kind of suffering and hell you could think of
How can anyone even compete?

Okabe brought it on himself.
Toyota could have made much better decisions but was more or less forced into all this.
but this. this guy had it the worse.

I had it worse of all. The Witch doesn't grant me her love! LOVE!! Pride hasn't suffered enough! I need my Witch! Give me her love! NO GA FURUERU!

>don't talk to me or my son ever again

>someone fucked my girl so I'm gonna take revenge!!!


Me. I had it worse.

Kaiji deserves every bit of suffering he gets because he's a retarded gambling addict.

Says the love live shitter.

I've read the novel two times and I can say Kazuki is generic as fuck.

Okabe can be actually related to so you can see how much he is going through unlike that poorly written memeboy.

Also, Okabe had to physically use a device to time-travel, so he had to keep himself alive and motivated to repeat. If he ever gives up, that's it for him. He also had to contend with a timeline that's actually trying to make him fail. And that's upon the fact that he had to deal with other time-travelers as well.

>Literally eternal suffering.

Takeru's UL memories and physique get fully wiped every time he loops back to 22 October 2001 (with the exception of that final one leading into Alternative) so he could have repeated the same UL "route", say, Meiya True, more than once. So we have a minimum of 11 loops (1 for each UL end). [11, \aleph_{0}) loops.

I'm fond of saying that Alternative is the Minagoroshi-hen+Miotsukoshi-hen of the franchise.