Cancer killing anime

>cancer killing anime
moe slice of life
light novel adaptations

>chemo saving anime
slice of life drama
space opera
anime originals

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>"chemo saving"
Literally retarded

>moe slice of life killing anime

Nigga fuck you.

>slice of life drama
literally for fags

Cancer killing anime: anime

Chemo saving anime: manga

>slice of life drama

Nah fujoshit is killing anime. Remove fujoshit everything is fine.

Both yuri and yaoi are cancer. Neither deserve to exist in this world.

Healthy boys and girls are attracted to each other.

Only if we also remove bland blank slate mcs that every woman is in love with and who never do anything about it. Both are so shit.

If anything fujos are saving anime by spending tons of money on it.

Nice typo fagit
Although I agree that inseki is cancer

You know I'd kind of like isekai if it wasn't the same type of setting most of the time. Shit, there were a ton of old stories here in the west about going to medieval fantasy land but those were based on D&D rather than video games. That means it's been done, and it's older than half of the people who frequent this board.

Yuri will dominate the earth


>>"chemo saving"
>Literally retarded
stop being a newfag

>Space Opera

You have any? Older than five years doesn't count.


>slice of life drama
>slice of life
Of what do you speak?



But this one was pretty bad, even Nagi no Asukara was better, if we talk about Okada shitty drama.

You are both wrong and gay.

>>space opera
Name 10 from this century.

>slice of life drama

The 3 worst genres of anime.

If anything, Okada is one of the cancer that is killing anime.

Time for dubs, lol.

It really makes you report and hide...

>fish NTR
>better than anything

You didn't watch it.

false, anime killed the radio star.

anything involving a school setting.
mecha not involving a school setting.

Remove Fujo
Remove moe sol
Remove yuri (or at least yurifans)

There, anime is saved.

But removing moe sol would kill the industry.
>edgy magic girl
Only two of the top ten are moe sol. And Evangelion blows them all out of the water.

It's not so much SoL that's killing anime, it's the idiots buying them.

They wouldn't be getting made if the fat, low-intelligence mouth breathers stopped buying.

except the other stuff doesnt sell merch as well. You need qt girls for merc.

Yes, and? That's exactly what I was saying.

Take all the mouth breathing idiots away and replace them with the more diverse 80s market and anime as a whole becomes infinitely more creative.

>1980s otaku
>eggheads who design circuit diagrams for gundams after getting home from work at their engineering firm

>2000s otaku
>NEET otaku who cum on moe figurines

What the hell happened?

Light novel adaptions are fine if the source materiale isnt shit.

>s otaku
>>NEET otaku who cum on moe figurines
>What the hell happened?
except moot even took hotgluing away from us.

>space opera
The fuck is this.

I guess LOGH would be a classic example, but I don't recall any shows airing in the last few years that would fit the bill.


Literally the OP's pic you fucking loser.

fucking embryos
only art anime can save us

I somehow feel that Valvave (which was a shitty show) doesn't really match the moniker.

Oh yeah, Yamato.

Come back when they actually adapt a good one like Hakomari, instead of garbage like Re:Zero

never ever

Bring back OVA originals and anime is saved

So basically, what you don't like is killing anime and what you like is saving them

Avant-garde anime is the true savior. We need more people like Yuuasa

chek my dus

It's just an user who wants to shill Yamato 2199 by posting fanservice, making a controversial thread (more attention) and putting it in a good light through that list (even more evident when he makes the OP picture one of the series). He's being shilling for some time now, report and ignore.

Fuck off back to your home board, idiot.

>I learn words from Cred Forums and think they're exclusively used on it and have no meaning outside of it
You're actually fucking stupid, go back to whatever hell of a board you came from satan.

Butthurt beta

Seems like the opposite to me, a woman's perspective is a nice change of pace than some fat fuck ottaku

Western pirates who think they should be catered to

Sounds like something a faggot would base getting stuff on

fujos arent women

We are the ones who made Japan get it's backward ass into the modern world you fuck

>he's butthurt for being called out for the crossboarder he is
Rather pathetic.

>resorting to smug reaction image
You've admitted you lost. I advise you to reply to me once again with a smug to hide behind or whatever else, it seems it will make you feel better.

Sorry, but it's all you're worth. Idiots like you don't deserve anything better.

Says the newfag

are you new?

Anime Originals have been atrociously bad on average lately though. They're some of the worst stuff out there

>saving anime
>slice of life


Fujos are important actors in the anime industry but Fujoshit is still cancer. Same for Waifufags who spend billions on Love Live merch.
The only good thing about those people is the money they spend.

except when you buy love live shit you give the signal that if you want to make money as studio you should make love live clones

Same thing for fujoshit.
Both sides are 12 different types of cancer.

>Sorry, but it's all you're worth.
Yet I see text written along your posts, how odd.

>Idiots like you
Wasn't I the one who was supposed to be butthurt?

>you don't deserve anything better.
>what I've written and what I think doesn't have more value than smug faces
At least we agree on one thing.

Trust me, it's the bare minimum of what you're worth, sunshine. Retards like you are never worth arguing with.