She just wants to be your friend user. That's just her way of smiling

She just wants to be your friend user. That's just her way of smiling.

That anime turned so bad into shit as it was going on

thats why you read the manga, bruh.

Tell that to Rena

Best girl

nah, that's where the fucking shit came from.

Where the doujins at?

this show had so much potential, they tried to fit way too much in to 12 episodes

I don't trust this mean looking cake.

I don't get how the manga is still ongoing with the same characters, wasn't the story finished?

They got to the end of summer in the anime. Only 3 months into the school year.


What is this, it doesn't look like Sotomura-san.

You posted the wrong picture.


Yes but where else could they end the series at?

While the manga is good, I can't imagine picking it up back when it first released and reading only one chapter of it. Were the first few chapters released all at once? I find it hard to believe the first chapter could attract people since basically nothing happened.

Cool I'd love to have a new hot friend.

I'd friend her. M-maybe we could go hang out somewhere.

Autismo a cute

Here's another.

Translations were extremely quick at first (1ch per day), so I read it since it was so persistently showing up on the last updated list.

I wrote it off as gook-shit first, even

Did they sell the manga in a toilet paper or what? I believe I saw it once in the weekly manga sales chart.

Autism edge is cute.

Rena best girl, but I'm glad she and MC didn't fall for each other, because it would've been lame.

Why is Hishiron and Yukino the same person? What is this character type called? Why is it a fetish? Why is it so good?

It was being released rapidly because we were really behind. We're pretty much on the heels of the source material now, though, so there's nothing we can do but wait now.

what sorcery is this?

Hardworking dandere/kuudere hybrid autist?


The problem with pacing was the fucking volleyball arc taking forever not the content.

please post more

Worst taste

VN was good. Manga was good. anime... not.

Did you like how they dropped all the episodes?



I want this cougar to check my fever with a rectal thermometer

>expected some lighthearted SOL in the style of Barakamon with the MC growing from an egoist asshole to a kind person
>got some shitty teenage drama full of cliche and stupid stereotypes

Literally every character feels realistic and fleshed out except Volleyball girls childhood friends. Fuck, they feel like walking tropes with nothing in their heads besides the pre-programmed instructions they were made with.

Otherwise this might be show of the season, pity it wasn't released seasonally.

In a world where Google has replaced psychiatrists.

What VN?

It gets regular and consistent releases, one chapter at the start of each week. I think it's the only series I'm reading that's released so quickly and on such a consistent schedule.

I had to drop this show because of work and never picked it back up. How does it end? I got to the part where pink bitch reveals she's working for the company too.

When in the world would ever that happen


>Google has replaced psychiatrists.
It would be an improvement.

No money and no friends.