Rules, Regulations and Moderation of Cred Forums Anonymous

Official New Rules (See → & →):
1. Generals to be regulated.
2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.

Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.
Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one ongoing thread up about this. This means you Janitor!

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>Board Based Mods have to be introduced.

Oldfags like me laugh at his cause no one will ever top Anonymous-san.

1. That's good.
2. Given how utterly entrenched in the process of creating anime and manga and that entire industry light novels are, there's nothing wrong with them be Cred Forums content. Cred Forums and /aco/ are for all Western content, so I suppose I can begrudgingly accept that Cred Forums and /h/ can be for all Eastern content (Korean and Chinese stuff is just heavily derivative from what's made in Japan, anyway).
3. Who the fuck gets to decide what exactly is "underage bait"? How long does a joke go until it's a meme, and how long until that meme is "underage bait"? What the fuck are the criteria at all? THIS IS BULLSHIT. WE HAVE WORD FILTERS. USE THEM.
4. User moderation via sages, ignoring threads, and other such functionalities have always been better than separate moderation. More mods has never, ever been a better thing for any board.

I don't fucking come to Cred Forums to have a vocal minority using authority systems to control content. This fucking website has always been about zeitgeist and cultural evolution at hyperspeed. There is nothing wrong with this site. It doesn't need more or better moderation. It doesn't need more stringent rules. Get your bullshit bureaucracy out of here.

Fuck off

Given Cred Forums increasing speed will it ever be necessary to manga board?

>gookshit allowed on Cred Forums
I'll personally strangle Hiro.

Kill yourself, OP.

Why are imbeciles voting against separate board for manga/lns?

The vast majority of Cred Forumsnons cannot identify between manga or manhwa if ignore letters.

Not OP, but about point 3, word filters won't really do shit.

But I am against banning people who use those words, as well. A couple of warnings should be issued, and if people continue posting posts like that they should get banned.

He reposted the thread he did it the absolute madman.

They knee-jerk loathe change of any kind, even though it is smart move given the state of Cred Forums these days.

Fuck off.
Instant ban for that kind of shit, as well as asking for sauce and spoonfeeding.
Also visible sage.

Stop spamming this thread you cuck, no cares and nothing's going to change

They also couldn't tell a Korean from a Chinese from a Japanese person irl.

Don't touch anything

It's really that simple

And stop with these threads

That would be my position years ago, not now. Korean Webtoon are very big atm, and some of them actually great.

Manhwa and Manhua on other hand still dont compete with Manga and only titles really posted on Cred Forums are the ones Cred Forums related or where people who read them dont even know they dont read manga.

5. Range ban mobile ips

Between webtoons and manga, it's very fucking easy. Between non-webtoon manhwa and manga, of course not, since some of it's drawn by the same fucking people.

Thanks, now I can disregard your opinion.

Always was allowed

Nothing changes in that front

Kill yourself, faggot.

Haru a cute.

This is beautiful. Just keep spamming the thread.

Not only has Cred Forums gone against it, even your beloved mods have as well since they deleted it two times in a row already. Congratulations. Now nobody wants to talk about your inane bullshit.

>nip fetishists would think pic doesn't belong on Cred Forums

I was never banned. It's clearly a rogue janitor who thinks he can get away with disobeying the word of god because it's late at night.

So gooks are still stuck in the manime phase huh.

How many times does this have to be deleted before it gets through your head?

>kancolle thread deleted
thanks mods

Really making yourself a good image, there.

Not like what something looks like has anything to do with whether it belongs on this board, anyway. The topic is "anime and manga," not "things that have this certain artstyle."

lol ass to mouth

Good. Keep at it lad.

Just keep posting this thread.
Continue to antagonize everybody.
Keep digging your own ditch.

>Generals to be regulated.
Why change the first rule for no reason, fucktard?
Cred Forums won't split into Cred Forums and /ma/ nor will it merge with any other board is more important than you trying to save your shitty general..

>board is literally about cartoons and comics that come from Japan
>somehow you're fetishizing Japan if you think comics from korea are off-topic
This isn't even difficult, nigger.

Repeating digits.

I'm not antagonizing Hiro, and he is the one in charge.

No, currently its porn phase.

On other hand their LNs are and their webtoon adaptations are actually good: The Gamer, Moonlight Sculptor etc.

You don't need to. He doesn't even give a fuck.

Well, I just change many image file names into image.jpg in order to piss anti-mobile posters off.

>LNs and webtoons are good
Your taste is abominable.


>The Gamer
It's literally the guiltiest of pleasures.

You obviously never read them, nor read enouth japanese stuff to be able to compare.

What does this mean? Do you want mods to spend more time lurking in those threads and deleting off-topic replies? Do you want to limit how many times a week/month can general threads be remade? Do you want to ban some while allowing others?

I didn't know this was Cred Forums - Anime, manga and corean shit which belongs on Cred Forums

>nor read enouth japanese stuff to be able to compare
How many did you read?

He wants to protect the generals from being deleted.

over 9000

Manhwa was always allowed.

There has never been a point in Cred Forums's history when it wasn't allowed.

You can bitch and moan all you want, but this isn't a change in policy.

Korean comics are Cred Forums: always have been, always will be.

They're just as bad/good as jap LN trash.

What the fuck is this shit? are gook really this delusional?


>Always was allowed
huh? huh? huh? oh right, your gook shit thread is just shitposting general.
That simple, if you keep spamming these shit, we will just shit on it harder

No, gook toons are fucking bad. They reek of amateur and just in general are bad. Some of them has some real pretty art, but at the end of the day, everything else is still bad. They are some of the guiltiest of pleasures and The Gamer is one of the biggest.

The only one I can personally say I thought was good was ToG and that was only for part 1.

TL;DR all you need to know is pic related. Why are these threads even still happening?


Shitposters shitposting.

It's the new flavor of the month shitpost bait.

>You can bitch and moan all you want, but this isn't a change in policy.
What policy? can you show me that policy you keep talking about?


You're making an extremely flawed argument for a topic (non-webtoon manhwa) that almost no one is arguing against. You'd do yourself a favor by just stopping now before your dumb ass gets people to turn on those. Right now what everyone's up in arms about are the webtoon subset of manhwa.

Just my ongoing list has 426 titles, and its not underestimation to tell, that out of them - i am looking forward to updates of some of korean webtoons most eagerly.

Just like video games are guilty pleasures for some.
Surfuckingprise, they don't belong here either.

Is this anime?

>Cred Forums anime & manga
If it not from Japan, it go to the

Those must be some really shitty manga you're following, then, because out of the 361 I'm following I don't think I'd put any of them below The fucking Gamer.

No, fuck off with all gookshit. Regular gook notmanga is a shitty left->right crap.

>that almost no one is arguing against
There's multiple people in this very thread.

Care to post your MAL list, man?

You do know that most people have never really been too against actual Manhwa? People wanted webtoons gone and actual manhwa got included in that list because you guys acted like fucktards about it and got the treatment you deserve.

Put your trip back on.

Those people literally cropped up progressively over the last few threads as you kept trying to stump people with "HERE'S THIS NON-WEBTOON MANHWA THAT Cred Forums USED TO TALK ABOUT" like an idiot.

Eh, is Prison School actually Korean? I remember Koreanbro posting the scans every week.

I don't care what jackshit deviantart you reading, keep your gook trash to yourself

We had threads for every chapter of The Breaker.

Now we have this retarded user spamming "gook gook gook" all the time


No, retard. Gooks are just such fucking scum that they don't post raws, but they post their scans for EVERYTHING.

What the fuck, are gookboo really this stupid?

Yes, it is. It's published by a japanese living in Korea.

You are fucking braindead. Much like everybody in this thread.

If you indeed have comparable to my manga list, than you should perfectly know that 90% of manga in general is complete trash and is worth sticking to only because of as mentioned "guilty pleasures" - be it ecchi, some tags you like, occasional good humor etc or even waiting if its ever gets good.

Not claiming 90% of korean stuff is different, but its idiocy to pretend that big core of shitty manga is better than select best webtoons/Manhwa or even Manhua which has real gems.

Jesus Christ, stop saying gook so much.

>he replied to himself
This is the new low, not much of problem though. Spam it and you gooks will got what you deserve

Stick to Batoto and following Bleach and Naruto, kid.

fuck off gook

gook gook gook gook gook gook gook gook


Stop projecting, bitch

Cred Forums - anime & manga
Not difficult.

Is there a more guilty pleasure publication?

Bleach and Naruto > gookshit as a whole not even an question

gook gook chingy ching gooky gook

>my gook shit is better than 99% manga out there
Oh, it this gook again

Kill yourself, gook loving shithead.

nice 8

>select best webtoons/Manhwa or even Manhua which has real gems
Which are? Don't fucking say The Gamer.

I swear i seen many posts exactly like this in many of the gook thread got shitposting to dead
>wahhhhh korea trash is better than manga
>wahhhhh deviantart trash look better than 90% manga out there

> 90% of manga in general is complete trash
Yes, and those are the ones I don't read. Webtoons are on a complete different level, though - many of them are awful story-wise in ways very few manga that aren't WN adaptations approach, not to mention the DA-tier art and coloring and the complete lack of attention paid to paneling/composition by almost any of them. And the fact the Gamer is one of your fucking standouts is testament to that - there are many, many, many ongoing manga far superior to that crapheap.


It doesn't matter which they are. Even if all gookshit was objectively 11/10, it would not belong on the Japanese board.

Its ironic, since i used to shit on manhwa myself like you do now - being offenced by The Breaker threads, ToG etc. posted here. Having actually read some manhwa back then and being convinced its complete shit in general. Only webtoons that started reading as porn and then get into other stories changed the opinion.

How times change.

What do you mean?

I will never accept Korean or Chinese garbage in my board.

Gook and chink are the parasite of anime & manga, they're even lower than cockroach

When we get trial of /ma/ should manhwa and webtoons be allowed?

We aren't disputing that, now we're just arguing taste with some shiteater while waiting for the mods to release us from this hell.


BAN trap threads right now!

>OP is still pushing gookshit

>Its ironic, since i used to shit on mangamyself like you do now - being offenced by The Jump threads, OP etc. posted here. Having actually read some manhwa back then and being convinced its complete shit in general. Only manga that started reading as porn and then get into other stories changed the opinion.
It's easy gook, your posting style is too obvious

this is bait do not give him the (you)s he so desires

Gook please, stop samefagging

Re: Monster
New Gate
Tsuyokute New Saga
World Customize Creator
ore to kawazu-san
tsuki ga michibiku
Just guilty pleasure manga after guilty pleasure manga.

Love yourself

>When we get trial of /ma/
Kill yourself

You realize, his seasons re:life, which was accepted very well on Cred Forums is technically a webtoon - by japanese author, but not really different in story and art at all from korean stuff?

Ban tripshits.

>Its ironic, since i used to shit on comic myself like you do now - being offenced by The batmanthreads, superman etc. posted here. Having actually read some comic back then and being convinced its complete shit in general. Only comic that started reading as porn and then get into other stories changed the opinion.

>How times change.

Not Cred Forums related, fuck off

If we start allowing Korean garbage here, it won't be long until the kpop loving autists flood the board. Regard less of what you think about manwha, it should not be allowed. Idolfags are already bad enough

>was accepted very well
For the first five hours.

Most of those aren't guilty pleasures though because they don't objectively suck.

It's a webtoon, not a manhwa you brain dead gook.

I used to read gook shit a lot like 2 years ago as well. Calling it shit is the best way to describe it. Webtoons are amateur as fuck, the art is 9/10 fucking horrible, they have no sense of paneling and movement and the storys are bad, cliche and obvious they are staying true to gook/ching nature to steal and copy.

Actual manhwa is no different, although some of them have actual good art and paneling. Storys are still no different and are obvious they don't know how to not follow fucking formulas. Keep shitposting, please. You are helping this thread summon a mod.

Send gookshit to starcraft general.

Do manhwa and kpop fanbases overlap at all? I'd assume there'd be more overlap with manga and comic people.

When will we get the /kor/ containment board to get rid of that shit?
How hard is is to understand this board is about Japanese media?

>only 34 IPs
>ever deluding yourself into thinking this is even 1% of the Cred Forums population
>thinking these threads aren't anything but shitpost generals
>believing that the mods and Hiro will ever give a fuck about what inane garbage """consensus""" will come about here

But Cred Forums has some good ones.

>but not really different in story and art at all from korean stuff
>gook stuff is original
Retard, they are copy everything from Japan manga be it art style, cliches, plot, character stereotypes

Same with chinese shit but this bunch of newfags want to allow it and even worse this fucking threads are taking too long, just fucking decide on something and shit on the board even more but do it fast.

Another point, ban greentext.

New life in a fantasy world/OP mc are total guilty pleasures.
Only one not like that is Gate.

Maybe if people really want ban the minimal Manhwa and related threads we can ban other threads too.

Sadpanda out
DJT out
LN and VN out
General threads out
OPT are basically recommendation threads out too.
Draw threads out
Meta threads out

So it's an LN/WN adaptation magazine exclusively, or what? That sounds like hell.

I didn't know that, but it looked pretty bad visually, and I assume that's exacerbated by the probably terrible layout of the webtoon. It's not like more than five people read the source material.

Is this bait? Of course there is.

Do you think manga/ln/anime/jpop have no overlap? It's the same thing.

Only lelouch is the best.

>start allowing
see Manhwa will be here long after you get banned.

This is the smartest post I've read ever.

Hiro turned the robot on after asking in a thread and getting ~50 responses.

>which was accepted very well on Cred Forums
huh? huh? huh?

>but not really different in story and art at all from korean stuff
Yeah, because korean just ripoff whatever Japan shit out

Well, considering the stickies in the last couple of years peaking at ~3k IPs, it would be about 1%.

The retards who constantly make these OPs need to neck themselves, seriously.

Hit too close shitposter?

Maybe if you got dubs I'd be more inclined to listen to the shit coming out of your mouth.


If I had to post my personal vendetta, permaban anyone who has posted more than 10 times in a madoka thread within the past year.

who are you quoting?

Sticky means all the Cred Forumsermin come take a look here.

Yes, but why jpop? Unless you're preinclined to like comics/manga who is going to bother reading manhwa because they like kpop groups and watching fancams? Seems more likely they would watch korean soap operas.

MODS MODS MODS ban this guy and his underage bait

No one give a fuck, cockroach. Kill yourself

So? Now thanks to that Japanese read korean webtoons like it always belonged there and start making own webtoons following korean standard.

Check 'em lads.

Remember to shitposting and Sage

Monster monsumi or whatever it is needs it own board, they only argue about horse pussy.

Then we have nothing

Listening to jpop/kpop doesn't mean you watch all the shows or follow all the fanshit webcasts and stuff they do.

I overlap in all of those things other than soap operas but I know some people watch them also.

Sounds like they should be forced into /mlp/.

>Now thanks to that Japanese read korean webtoons like it always belonged there and start making own webtoons following korean standard
> following korean standard
>korean standard
What the fuck is this retard talking about?

Ban everyone who posted on this thread.

Thats why there is /jp/


>3. Who the fuck gets to decide what exactly is "underage bait"? How long does a joke go until it's a meme, and how long until that meme is "underage bait"? What the fuck are the criteria at all? THIS IS BULLSHIT. WE HAVE WORD FILTERS. USE THEM.
Pretty sure we can all agree on what is currently underage bait and what isn't, retard.

>4. User moderation via sages, ignoring threads, and other such functionalities have always been better than separate moderation. More mods has never, ever been a better thing for any board.
Introducing board based mods wouldn't increase the mod count if the others fuck off, stupid.

>I don't fucking come to Cred Forums to have a vocal minority using authority systems to control content.
That's also how real life works, you only get to decide if you vote/participate during the debate. If you don't, fuck off.

>This fucking website has always been about zeitgeist and cultural evolution at hyperspeed. There is nothing wrong with this site.
It is a shithole, but that doesn't mean we should let it become worse.

>It doesn't need more or better moderation. It doesn't need more stringent rules. Get your bullshit bureaucracy out of here.
It clearly needs better mods or there wouldn't be any complaining about X (not) getting deleted.

Overall you're dumb.

>obscured shit no one care about
>korean standard
Stop breathing, parasite

huh? What? What the fuck are you on about?

Well it's not surprising you would read manhwa if you like kpop since you also post on Cred Forums.
I'd be surprised if majority of people in the kpop generals on Cred Forums read manhwa or webtoons.

Fuck off, retard. People who ask for sauce on uncropped images and retards that spoonfeed should be banned. Asking for sauce should be a public ban and whoever spoonfeeds should have their post deleted and be banned.

If moot wasn't a faggot he could have created /kr/ back in like 2011 and have that board serve as a board for everything Korea related, from manhwa and webtoons to K-pop to Starcraft. But now it's too late since SC2 is dead, K-pop fad is mostly over, and manhwa/webtoons simply aren't popular enough to sustain an entire board.

>Now thanks to that Japanese read korean webtoons like it always belonged there
>start making own webtoons following korean standard

Monster monsumi or whatever it is needs it own board, they only argue about horse pussy

B-but muh good story and good art manhua!

He made many mistakes. Like not making manga board in 2010.

They have generals on Cred Forums, Cred Forums, and /vg/. They are fine for everything other than manhwa, which sometimes they post here but I don't know where else they go.

>lack of attention paid to paneling/composition
Fucking idiot probably doesnt even know webtoons are designed to be read on smartphone by scrolling them down, without page borders. The paneling composition is entirely different from manga and takes use of this format.

Monmusufags are the special kind of retards, considering they need a general on both Cred Forums and /jay/. Kind of like KanColletards.

Reminder that anyone who wants /ma/ is a redditor who wants a new r/manga.

How does chink manga compare?

,Monster monsumi or whatever it is needs it own board, they only argue about horse pussy.

I suggest that we all engage in glorious ERP in this thread.

Considering everybody here is already jerking and sucking each other off, a little spice and smug anime girls wouldn't hurt.

Whoah, this look like absolutely trash. Remind me of this

Feng Shen Ji is better than every single Korean Comic together and not a blatant rip off.

okay anime fag

5-7 threads daily is not okay for argueing about horse pussy.

His biggest mistake was reviving Cred Forums.

Stop spamming Cred Forums with your shitty hentai wannabe

>anime fag
lurk for 2 years before posting

you too

Remember that using sage doesn't bump the thread.
You got your last thread deleted OP take the hint already.
Don't use emoticons on a you /qa/-bred shitposter.
Hey man nice double sevens!

Didn't they get ddosed or something and then proceed to go full autism about it? I wish they stopped uploading crap onto the panda.

I'm well aware of how to read it, nigger. It still flows like absolute shit. Hell, scrolling down just makes shots like that worse, because why the fuck would I want to see the back of the train first?

>emoticon is hugely popular in Japan and gets revenue bigger than most manga publishers. You are totally clueless weaboo.

Mods while you're here, did Hiro set a new rule where you guys can't reply publicly with your capcode casually anymore or was it moot?

I think it's better when you openly interact with us. Also bring back more public bans.

Delete multiple threads
Start with Reee:Zero

I just want actually readable posts. There's nothing wrong with being ESL, but posts written in animesuki pinoy English are absolutely a no-go.

>is hugely popular in Japan and gets revenue bigger than most manga publishers
Yeah, whataver you say maybe it will come true, keep trying, gook

Webtoons have shit panelling and the smartphone doesn't make it any better. Bad format.
In same way that most print manga is garbage because nips are jews and want to stuff it in their purse.

>is hugely popular in Japan and gets revenue bigger than most manga publishers.
[citation needed]

I'd like to mention that a couple of Cred Forums banners feature pepe and wojack, and I'd like to suggest their removal because those banners might make people think we're supporting them when they in fact are symbols of shitposting which is not allowed here.

Stop pulling shit out of your ass, delusion gook

Remove all gay threads.
Ban every id posting fujoshi suggestive pics(kissing, hand holding etc).

Is that ESL still spamming watamote thread 24/7?

>kill yourself will result in a ban

Cred Forums is now a safe space

>because my kimhyoungsyun say so it must be true
Gas yourself and your family, gook

Crack down on generals.

So to set an example, this one should go first.

Sometimes I see things moving out of the corner of my eye and it makes me jump.

pic related is popular on Cred Forums and Cred Forums not even realizes its published by gooks

Shows Cred Forums intellegence

Wife Desperate to Shit

My wife, Hana, gets turned on by unloading big hard shits. She says it’s the feeling of being full combined with the pleasurable pain of having a log force its way out that really does it for her. Many a time I have seen her holding onto a giant turd for as long as she can and get brought to orgasm as it forces its way out of her.

Hana once suffered a back injury, nothing serious, but it meant she was prescribed Tramadol which if you don’t know is a very strong painkiller that has constipation as a side effect. The doctor told her to avoid a high fibre diet while on the pills and prescribed suppositories in case she needed help to relieve herself. Naturally she thought this situation was great and was determined to eat a normal amount, if not more fiber than usual with the intention of taking a giant shit once the course of Tramadol was over. I had warned her that this might be a bad idea but was instantly ignored and asked “Do you want to watch me getting turned on taking a huge firm dump or not?”, the answer of course was that I did and so I stayed quiet about it after that.

The course of painkillers eneded five or six days after Hana had last emptied her bowels. We were sat watching TV when she suddenly moaned softly and said “Joe, I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable”. This was something I have heard many times as it is essentially her way of telling me that she needs to shit real bad.

piss off

Kill yourself OP.

Do you like big girls? That's published by fucking Takeshobo, retard, not gooks.

Stop shilling gookshit OP.

It means you have to type the whole thing out now you dumb retard. Kill yourself back to Cred Forums.

Gas everyone in this thread.
Especially the gook apologist.

What the fuck is this idiot talking about? are you for real?

>I can literally just spew random bullshit and people will believe it, right?

>everyone loves yaoishit only yurifags hate it!
Back to tumblr with you landwhale.

Are you trolling or something, man? This is so pathetic


>Cred Forums image
>tumblr gif
Lurk for 2 years before posting.


mods blink twice if he won't let you answer this

>>tumblr gif
Huh? It's a normal gif, wisearse. There is nothing tumblr about it, the colours are fucking correct.

pic related is popular on Cred Forums and Cred Forums not even realizes its published by gooks

Shows Cred Forums intellegence

>inb4 just pretending

>tumblr gif
How the fuck do you figure that?

Mods need to stop BNHA fags from being rude in BC threads and in WSJ threads.

It's Joke

lurk more and find out

You're the only rude one there, Nigga Cancerfag.

Mods need to ban WSJ in general.

Gooks dominated the thread preventing from actual issues from being discussed. Thanks mods.

>Nigga Cancerfag
can you retards fuck off

Because the colors aren't correct, you dumb retard.
Hint: reverse image search the .gif and find out.

>I was merely pretending

Agreed. Fucking Japs fucking up our Chinese cartoon board.

>colors aren't correct
They look fine to me.
>reverse image search the .gif
I checked the hash in the archives and found it posted several dozen times on Cred Forums, starting in Winter 2014 while D-frag was airing.

>Nigga Cancerfag.
How creative.

Stop treating these threads like shitposting free for alls, retards.

It isn't because of the colors.

That's all it fucking is. Go look at /qa/ and start blaming Hiro like the rest of us.

You mean they aren't? Could have fooled me the past ten times.

>one of the few times in years Cred Forums will have input on board
>spend the whole time shitposting

>take my meta threads seriously you guys

back to your containment board

Just move this thread to /qa/ you got what you needed so fuck off you piece of shit

Naruto 2.0 will never be a part of Cred Forums, so hang yourself.

>one of the few times in years Cred Forums will have input on board
>believing Hiro's bullshit


I've even seen threads on 2ch where people there are saying that it's coreans who are the ones that do a ton of shitposting both there and here, where they pretend to be japs and create a bad sentiment in their name.

did you quote the wrong people?

>will have input on board

You're the one defending Dark Cuck

Bring back r/a/dio.

Meguca is dead and they need a home.

>He actually thinks Hiro will do anything.

A manga board as a test board would be nice. I fear it would descend into circle-jerking generals rather than a more /m/-like atmosphere though, but still, just test it out.

That's the thing though. It should be a TEST board. Don't be afraid to cull it if it's shit. Too many spin-off boards have failed (/asp/ for example) and yet remain active.

what are you even talking about? you're blatantly new

How is Hiro keeping this place afloat?

>hurr durr what's going on you're new
Kill yourself, retard.

No. It should never happen. The moment you even create it sets precedent for the retards to latch on to.

Splitting Cred Forums is a dogshit idea. Stop recommending this garbage.

>will have input on board

It doesn't mean shit when hiro and the other mods don't give a shit.

Ban OP and ban iwantto posters.

>I fear it would descend into circle-jerking generals
The biggest issue would be stopping the big manga generals from just transplanting and continuing as normal.

intrusive ads on archived threads
more range bans to coerce people into buying passes.

>to be regulated


user, I want to talk about manga with other anons as well. But a manga board won't work. It'll just lead to the battle manga people flooding the place instead.

>The moment you even create it sets precedent for the retards to latch on to.
Except it already happened with /jp/. Slippery slope is retarded argument.

>pls don't delete my general and let it be

>The moment you even create it sets precedent for the retards to latch on to.
Are you not aware it happened before?

Even if they took up 2x the space they do on Cred Forums there'd still be lots of threads left for everything else.

2hu was an entirely different monster compared to manga in general. Fuck off with that shit.

It's not Cred Forums's fault that nobody wants to talk about manga you like. If you idiots weren't such braindead fuckwits then you faggots would know how to engage the board properly so that they talk about the manga you want to talk about.

God damn retards.

Yeah who would think of something like that.

The colours look right to me, shitstain and I'm really anal about this shit. The only reason you could equate it to tumblr is due to the size of it and that it is somewhat low quality.

>test board
>test board
>test board
There is no such fucking thing. When you make a board, you have already integrated it. There is no such thing as a fucking test split. The instant you do it, the damage is already done and unrecoverable. We aren't a fucking playtoy.

you're a pretty shitty liar OP

hiro only said ONE thread per board not a fucking general.

And yet, /jp/ is and was still a mistake.

>If you idiots weren't such braindead fuckwits then you faggots would know how to engage the board properly so that they talk about the manga you want to talk about.


Go read that thread you ape. Do you see /ma/ anywhere? No because it didn't happen because it was and is a stupid fucking idea.

So you split is only okay when it's affecting your anime discussion? Like 2hu did?
Who cares that manga discussion is garbage on Cred Forums.

Yet, he didn't do it, so what's your point?

>6 years ago

>the idea to this day is still fucking stupid

Get into context retard, check out the thread. He meant that up to one thread metashit is allowed at all times on any board.

He made a mistake.

Yea, this was when he was asking questions.
Go read the thing, it's quick and to the point. No.

mods please take a look at this shit, OP is clearly manipulating you

I know, I know, but I would just like to see it trialed. If it ended up like this:
I'd want to see it culled as well. But I think it's worth floating the idea for a month.

That's the thing. Have it be a trial. State outright that it's going to be up for a month and if it's shit, it goes (meta shit posting notwithstanding).

>there are still people who want a manga board

Jesus fucking Christ. When will you fucktards kill yourselves already?

>moot wants to do a shit idea
>understands its shit and doesn't do it
>hurr durr moot actually made a mistake
Kill yourself

Some forward thinking anons.

No, you literally didn't.

It's obvious it is a single person.

This. On Cred Forums there is precious little space for manga threads with the huge volumes of anime shitposting

These boards have gotten far too large, we aren't the tiny imageboard we used to be

The few manga threads we get are usually just ultra popular (usually WSJ) so that the posts are enough to rise up from the lower pages past some fucking retarded fetish thread or waifu shitposting. Anything more interesting just dies because there isn't already an ingrained large fanbase to keep the threads going quick enough to not die on Cred Forums. On a slower manga board we'd have a lot more variety

Split now, fuck anime fags. I rarely watch anime these days because it's just generic action garbage or generic harem garbage with no respite, barely even one good anime a year. Meanwhile manga is going from strength to strength

So just to set things straight.
We're all being ironic here and just passing the time shitposting, right?


>this thread
ded board

Then why haven't they been deleted?

And here is am user who actually uses his head.

then prove me fucking wrong because you literally can't you fucking liar.

manga threads do fine here, fuck off.

everyone recommending /ma/ needs to lurk for 2 years before posting

They've already been deleted. It's because idiots like you keep on spamming this garbage.

There's multiple people in this very thread user.

Good job outing yourself as someone who doesn't go into manga threads. Even if some less popular ones don't last as long, they are fun and quality as fuck.

because the mods are retarded enough to fall for the hiro image that the he uses as a "shield"to allow these cancerous threads.

>3dpd reaction image
Purge this retard.

You're the liar. It's in the archive, but you want to be spoonfeed like a child and I ain't your father. There's the fucking post number in the image, autist.

Manga board isn't going to solve the issue of the lack in interest in the manga that you want to talk about. You'll still be discussing things with that same few people who follow it. You might argue that at least it'll stay on longer but again, by the end of the day, you'll be prolonging the discussion by only a tiny bit, because again, you're not suddenly getting significant posters by having it on a new board.

And that's assuming the fans from the various big popular series won't be making multiple threads and push off your and other's tiny lesser known manga's threads.

Manga has lower interest compared to anime and would very much benefit from a medium/slow speed board.

why are these threads still up?


Lurk the fuck more.

this shit is so fucking stupid

why would you let random retards who might have only been here for a year or two decide how things change

you may demonize moot but he had a better approach than this


Great reasoning
>naaah i think its a bad idea but won't explain myself XD
Really fired my neurons

>manga threads do fine here
Yeah all the WSJ manga do fine, but what about the thousands of other titles we can't have threads on without them insta-dying? Not everyone is going to have read every title out there so we need a slower board to foster enjoyment of a wider range

>we g-get 10 mins of manga discussion with 30 posts of memes i-it's f-fine this is fine
Kill yourself

Manga board would vastly improve visibility on some series. More room to dump, more room for wider variety of series. People would be picking up series left and right

On Cred Forums there is nothing to see but anime shit. It totally overtakes the board. On a shared board the ratio shouldn't be 10/1. When that happens it's time to split


Cred Forums is already a medium speed board

Yeah I loved moot's "do nothing" approach

Really solved tons of issues

I got a question for you op,

how long do you plan to keep these threads going?

If /m/ can be a successful forum of its own, then /ma/ can be too.

A thread on a slower board would stay up longer allowing for more people to see it and check it out. Especially since they would be self selected for interest in manga.
Cred Forums is fast and a thread will quickly drop to bottom half of catalog, once there it's dramatically less likely you'll pick up posts.
>dozens of posts on a board that gets 550-600 threads a day.

Merge Cred Forums with /an/

I'm nor denying a manga board would be a slower-moving board, but there are plenty of much, much slower boards that are successful on Cred Forums.

>Cred Forums isn't a fast board
How deluded are you? Do you only look at Cred Forums and Cred Forums?

>People would be picking up series left and right
No, you're severely overestimating things. Your lesser known manga remains lesser known for a good reason. If it doesn't gain enough attention on Cred Forums, a new board won't change things. Seriously, user, I understand your frustration, because as I said before, I want to be able to talk about a bunch of manga too, but a new board isn't the solution. It never is. Adding new boards have historically done more harm than good. Unfortunately, the interest in manga is simply smaller than anime, that is sadly just how it is. That's why the manga threads of lesser known works gets overshadowed - most simply do not care.

Merge Cred Forums with Cred Forums to save this website

Can you ban that annoying tripfag in the Madoka threads?

>>we g-get 10 mins of manga discussion with 30 posts of memes i-it's f-fine this is fine
No, threads last for at least 30 minutes. On top of that, if those 30 posts were just memes, then the threads are going to be fucking shit regardless of how long it stays up or attention it gets. 30 posts is enough for your average manga to get enough discussion out about the new shit and do a little shitposting on the side. LIKE 98% OF POSTS DON'T EVEN GET PAST 50 FUCKING POSTS AND THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE YOU DON'T NEED TO HIT THE BUMP LIMIT OR GET EVEN CLOSE TO IT IT IS MERELY A SYSTEM IN PLACE TO TELL YOU TO MOVE THE FUCK ON.

I fucking read and post in threads for manga with irregular translations and just in general them being unpopular. These things are so fucking small that I basically almost recognize most of the posters in it because of how small the threads are. Guess what? They are perfect as they are. Those small amount of posts is enough to have a decent discussion and cover all the new stuff and shitpost a little on the side and then we stop posting. You know why? Because we don't really have anything else to say.

Fuck off and lurk the fuck moar. A manga board would be shit and be no different to here. Except, the threads would be shittier, ACTUALLY HAVE LESS PEOPLE and would lack variation of various forms and PUT A FUCK SPLIT IN-BETWEEN THE DISCUSSION OF THE TWO MEDIUMS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME FUCKING INDUSTRY.

Pfffft. You incompetent motherfuckers. How about you look into the mirror before trying to change the board to your liking?

It's piss easy to get Cred Forums interested in manga you want to talk about. I've done it a multitude of times before, if you fags weren't so busy shitposting and complaining like little asswhipped bitches then you'd know how to as well. If they don't want to talk about it then there's a simple reason to that --- it's fucking shit and probably not worthy of anybody's time in the first place.

Protip: git gud

>Your lesser known manga remains lesser known for a good reason.
Which is? The idea that all manga except the small selection of very popular series and a couple others talked about on Cred Forums are garbage or that nobody would ever be interested them is silly.
There's vastly more manga than anime and yet Cred Forums only talks about small selection most being wsj and similar.

The polls were rigged and Hiro never agreed with what was 'decided'. There's a reason why he's ignoring you. Just stop spaming a/ with this shit.

The speed of the board isn't the problem. As I said, it's a matter of interest. There is way larger interest in the Jump battle manga types and they will dominate. Those will take the top spots.

Then comes the bottom part where you will be vying with plenty of other lesser known works as well. This is what you seem to neglect to consider. You might be hoping for you thread to stay long enough, but so does everyone else. And unlike with seasonal anime, for manga you'll be looking a hell lot more titles and thus a hell lot more threads. Each with minimal discussions, too.

>Adding new boards have historically done more harm than good.

So does /diy/, /aco/ and /wsg/ mean nothing?

>The polls were rigged
Why lie?

>4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
This won't necessarily fix anything. Nipplemod for example was Cred Forums-based, and he was VERY blatant about supporting certain fetishes while insta-banning others, trying to shape Cred Forums to his desires. What we need is decent mods, but it's been so long I've forgotten what those are like.

Then explain /m/ you humongous faggot

Oh right, the actual fact of the matter is Cred Forums STIFLES manga discussion

Oh what a fucking privilege that we get a whole 30 fucking mins. Manga fans should feel blessed that they get so much time around the anime threads

And maybe the manga threads are small because there is nowhere to discuss them you fucking mongoloid? People sure as hell aren't going to be attracted to threads if they are infrequent as fuck and get flooded off by the anime. When we had regular threads with Hox at the same times those threads were extremely popular. The reason for the unreliable threads is that the board is 90% anime, 10% (or less) manga and it's not the fault of manga being unpopular, it's that anime shit takes up far too much space and create so many dud threads which aren't posted in but flood shit off the last page

>gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums
The rest is fine OP but that shit needs to go

Because people only talk about what is translated and shit that has interest. Adding a new board won't suddenly make more interested in most series. It won't suddenly give you better threads. You'll get the exact same fucking shit, except everything is worse.

>I've done it a multitude of times before
i see through your charade. you bait (you)s by pretending to be retarded and then when you get 4+ you will quote all of them and say "look how easy it is to get Cred Forums's attention" etc

every time

I don't watch anime. I come here for manga and to basically scope out which new series have the best fapping material.

Give me a manga board please.

>There's vastly more manga than anime and yet Cred Forums only talks about small selection most being wsj and similar.
You answered it yourself. They remain lesser known because that's the sort most of them care about.

Meanwhile, the shitty new boards being added are more than 3. I said 'more harm than good' and not 'never been good' for a reason. Listing 3 boards being contrary pretty much proof my point.

OP people would take you seriously but just remove the gookshit part because nothing good comes from gookshit

>Then comes the bottom part where you will be vying with plenty of other lesser known works as well.
That's fine. I don't care as long as they're manga threads. Instead of Cred Forums where it's just repition of ___ is your ___ tonight and fetish threads.
It's not about my personal thread or my favorite obscure I want Cred Forums to talk about.
I want more manga threads in general. This can't happen on Cred Forums because of the board speed and relative size of manga and anime communities.

You sound like you'd be better off lurking more or using /wsr/.

You don't get 30 minutes shitstain. That's the bare minimum before 404. Each posts will make the thread last longer. It's a fuck ton longer than 30 minutes.

I'm not even going to refute the rest of your dumb shit, instead, cite me. Cite me 10 fucking series that have threads that don't survive. Do it you piece of shit. And they better be something that is actually interesting. Otherwise, fuck off and lurk moar.

The real question is how many threads does OP plan to make?

spamming the same thread isn't going to get his attention, contacting him will.

>Because people only talk about what is translated
I f there was a manga forum, I'd be more inclined to but and scan monthly releases because my subsequent threads wouldn't be pushed off the board by the 6 millionth waifu thread.

Nah, he probably starts threads like that subhuman xpearse "do you like bugs" or Psylocke who always makes a thread about a series he scanlates and then releases a new chapter "coincidentally" on the same day and dumps it there. Or he's just the typical "Was s/he right?/ X happens. What do you do?/Which one would you fug" bait poster.

>only few people talk about manga on Cred Forums
>making a separate board will magically increase the amount of people that want to talk about manga

>Then explain /m/
see >I said 'more harm than good' and not 'never been good' for a reason.
And for the record, /m/ has been getting pretty shit off late too. So there isn't much to explain about /m/. In fact, /m/ being a relatively slow board means that the shitposting stays up longer too.

>only few people talk about manga on Cred Forums
But that's fucking wrong and splitting Cred Forums will kill it.

>listing things that refute my point prove my point.

Or maybe you are just a fucking idiot who doesn't know how to create zero fucking interest. Most people who are into manga will click on a thread for a manga they have never seen before. Especially if its new and will generally bump out of interest. You are literally complain that you fucking suck at thread creation.

i meant for that post specifically, but yeah i don't doubt it.

Tell that to the retards suggesting a manga board.

This I feel like we still haven't made any progress and we still even haven't agreed to something yet.

I really don't want to waste my energy just for hiro to ignore our shit and fuck off again.

So which is it?

>Then explain /m/ you humongous faggot
/m/ isn't a board split. It's an extension of Cred Forums. Mecha can still go on Cred Forums. This would be an even more retarded idea for manga.

>you in charge of reading comprehension
More harm than good doesn't mean that there is no good, but that the harm outweighs the good. So yes, you're not refuting anything because I never said there were no good new boards, but that most of the new boards were shit.

You listed 3. So now I'm going to list the mistakes: Cred Forums, /soc/, /s4s/, /his/, /r9k/ being brought back, /q/, /qa/ because moot never learned from /q/'s mistake.


If you cocksuckers actually lurked more then you'd know how to socially engineer scenarios to get anons to talk about manga you like. Just because we're all autistic here doesn't mean we have to be socially retarded online as well that we can't engage people on a topic.

God you faggots are pitiful.

Firstly, quit getting so mad.

Secondly, let's use a real example. Let's look at Tall is Love and his Big Girls threads. There was a TONNE of interest in that, but it's fallen by the wayside because the threads are tiny and you have to comb through the archives if you don't happen to be on at the same time as he posts.

If there was a manga forum, they'd be active for longer, easier to find and much bigger on account of it will be a slower-moving board.

>people actually think its fine that manga fans have to work their fucking asses off to keep threads going, not due to unpopularity but just the speed of the board
This is why we want to be free from anime faggots. They think only their waifu garbage matters. For manga threads, the stars have to align for you to make a thread and have people see it without just bumping over and over yourself. They just get washed underneath all the shit and without visibility most people aren't going to be searching the catalog for specific series they don't EXPECT to be there

On a slower manga board though, searching could actually be useful. You could actually think "hmm if I search for one of my favorite series it might actually be here already", and lo it is, or a thread is created. Then more people see more range is available and will catalog search and create wider ranges of titles


How has the harm outweighed the good with /his/?

You should really kill yourself, like unironically.

Threadly reminder that OP is trolling and you should report and ignore. Things that need to be changed were agreed with 5 threads ago but OP insists on ignoring them to force his agenda.

Containment boards don't count, idiot.

>This is why we
Speak for yourself faggot

I think most of them have never been on a slower board before. They haven't seen how great they can be.
This would also explain how they think Cred Forums isn't a fast board.

>I feel like we still haven't made any progress and we still even haven't agreed to something yet



>the manga I want to talk about doesnt get enough posts and gets pruned after hours of no activity and there needs to be more dead boards in place so my dead discussion can continue

Sounds like you should look for a subreddit for it.

>manga purists are all dumb newshits who don't use the catalog
Really made me think.

Seeing how he's changing the rules in the OP for no reason with every new thread, I don't doubt it.


Why can't gook stuff go on Cred Forums? They're comics.

Imagine a world where the Monster Musume anime general faggots were relegated to Cred Forums and we could have the Monster Musume manga threads of old on /ma/.

I look at previous thread and assimilate the discussion then rephrase rules to reflect it.

Same reason why we have /aco/ and /h/.

You're all the same fucking cancer. Holy shit how deluded can you be?

Imagine a world where all of those fucking furries could be somewhere else, far away from here.

Can you answer my question,

how many threads do you plan to make?

No, you look at a previous thread, shitpost, and then write whatever rules you like better in the OP. Literally fucking no one wants gookshit. Fuck off with your cancerous general.

If there was a ton of interest and it stopped being as popular, it's because interest fucking died out. A new board won't fix that. Also, isn't big girl that webtoon people were talking about before? If it is, fuck you, that's not a manga and webtoons by default will never grab lots of attention.

>manga forum
Disregarding EVERYTHING you say from this point forward because you aren't even a native to fucking Cred Forums.

Which is done subjectively. The Poll already decided the rules and that's that. There's no reason to make new threads nor to add your own shit ot it.

Often, by the time I find a manga thread I like, it's archived.

Stop it, this is getting real pathetic. You've pretty much run of of argument if you have to resort to that word. It's easy to say containment now, but those people were using the same argument as you back then. In fact, it's that sort of mindset of yours is why the same mistake keeps getting made over and over again because after it screws up, people like you just say 'it doesn't count'.

Hiro has stated he doesn't trust straw polls. It was also done while America slept.

>This is why we
Speak for yourself cunt, most people here read manga as well. The only "we" there is probably purists who refuse to do anything but read manga. Manga threads that aren't shonen shit occur all the time and are popular.

Anyone who runs around with the "fuck animefags" retort opinion is irrelevant and should fuck off.

>Containment boards
The only containment board that exist is /mlp/, fucktard.

Doesn't make you randomly change shit better either. I'd rather take whatever several anons agreed on and which is reflected in those polls than you making shit up.

>we need a new board so two people from the opposite sides of the world can communicate
Truly, activity was forced within my frontal lobe.

Imagine a world were the monster girl fags were /actually worse/ when there was no anime and got kicked off the board. Oh wait, that's reality.

We should close Cred Forums once and for all.

Then make another one idiot. Congrats, people on the other side of the world can talk about it as well!

Time spent watching anime is time that could've been spent reading manga.



No, it's not the webtoon you enormous retard.

And no, interest didn't die out, it's literally because Tall is Love's threads don't stay on the active forums as long as they do. Everyone still want to know if that manlet is going to fuck his tomboy big sister and , the moment he does, it'll be front and center again. But that's the thing, there's been a couple of months where the author has taken a break, so it's hard to get any consistency (unlike the old Bleach or Naruto threads, where it came out like clockwork).

A slower manga board would help them stay on for longer and maintain interest.

Also, it there was a manga forum, I could, say post a scanned chapter or two, leave the thread over night, and still participate in the conversation in the next morning.

I can't do that on Cred Forums.

>generals will be purged
hasn't stopped that MGG bullshit
I remember that getting deleted regularly but mods just gave up I guess?

see >Korean comics are Cred Forums: always have been, always will be.

Are you fags still arguing about this? NOTHING will be changed. And the autist who posts every two minutes that he wants a manga board is just embarrassing

>post a scanned chapter or two, leave the thread over night, and still participate in the conversation in the next morning.
I love this about slower boards. It would be great to do with manga.

did you know how long it took grand blue to gain intrest on Cred Forums?

not long at all because you MAKE A THREAD ABOUT IT

Post disregarded.

Also, everything that has breaks has a drop in post quantity and having a new board will never fix this. Learn your history, shut the fuck up and learn more outsider.

new thread

There's more than one person faggot.

Okay user, you made me giggle a little. Don't do it again.

You aren't even reading what I'm posting at this point.

No, there isn't.


Remove ALL trap threads, they are homosexual and don't contribute anything to this board.
Kill all fags.

And people who want the board split have always been in a fucking massive minority. Means jack shit. It's also obvious it is only one person for multiple reasons.

Literally cannot prove this wrong.

you should take the advice on your own reddit memes newfriend

>reddit non sequitur with trump meme
Only one reddit here is you user.

a bunch of squiggly lines and squares drawn by a 12 year old autist pretending to be an accurate chart?

And /m/ or /asp/ or /qst/ aren't massive minorities?It's not one person, and you know it.


It's an image of my brain, how rude.

>Official New Rules
We already have "board based mods", it's called janitors, you retard. These threads are a complete waste of space and time


>thread supposevly says that Cred Forums will not be split into /ma/

>fucking retards posting that it should be split to /ma/

are you guys literal idiots?

It's just one redditor being desperate.

Just because you write it in the OP it doesn't mean it's what everyone wants, retard.

>if I samefag hard enough and post it every minute nobody will notice that I'm alone

>3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
I agree cuck should be bannable

Nigger, you don't even know what you are on about now. Holy shit, it's almost as if you went to /qa/, read some posts and decided you were Cred Forums extraordinaire and wanted to dictate shit. Starting with /ma/. Guess what? You're an idiot. /m/ was made because mecha is actually fucking popular and it was made to allow some breathing room. Mecha still can go on both boards. /asp/ was what? Wasn't it the bloody wrestling board that went then become mostly other shit? And /qst/, why is that even in there? It was made to hold quests because there was people bitching and hiro is a fucking idiot.

Most people who want a /ma/ are either
>manga purists
>dumb newfags
One of these. No one else cares and actually enjoys the current state because they enjoy both anime and manga and understand that YOU CAN'T SEPARATE THE TWO THEY ARE JOINED AT THE HIP AND ARE BASICALLY THE SAME INDUSTRY.

I don't get why you guys are so offended and angry and fucking nuts about the mere idea of it.

If it doesn't even affect you quit getting so upset. Just let those of us who want it, have it.

>because mecha is actually fucking popular
Manga isn't?

It hasn't increased much at all since 2010-11. We don't need a board split.


That's odd considering how little manga the average Cred Forumsnon reads.

You made no good points here and instead gave subjective opinions and a whole heap of childish insults.

Get less mad and get more convincing next time you try and debate someone junior.

My previous points still stand.

Not this shit again.

Get fucked, OP.

Clearly not as mecha, no.
Manga threads don't fall off the board because of speed. Cred Forums is slow enough that threads can last for several days here. It's slow enough that a thread reaches bump limit and still takes over an hour to fall of the board and disappear. There are other reasons why there arent as many manga threads on Cred Forums, but splitting isn't suddenly going to bring in an influx of people who care, it will just be the exact same shit.


>people who want to split Cred Forums yet again
Christ Almighty. These shitposting meta generals really do attract the worse cancer there is.

Post disregarded, fuck off back to Cred Forums

>manga purists
Yeah that's why I'm better than you.

>an entire medium of entertainment is less popular than a genre
>in Japan, manga is by far more popular than anime and yet a sub-genre of anime is less popular according to you
>swearing like a 6 year old that just got out played in CoD

Yeah, you're done here.

Apparently not fucking popular enough that its half the board and actually gets in the way of everything. And I mean as it, mecha got in the way of lots of different things because it was popular. Manga just lacks interest in various things and is also due to scanlators. Most threads last for a few hours, including unpopular manga threads.

Poll over, here are the results

Not even OP you fag, OP constantly kept shilling his proxypoll results.

At least use google docs if you want to remake the poll.

>Manga threads don't fall off the board because of speed.

Except that they do, bar the bit shounen jump series'.

Did you even open it, you mongrel?

remember to vote

Yes user, because its an entire medium of entertainment that is reliant on attention whoring scanlators that only ever release cherry picked content at shitty speeds.

We are just discuss that shit up there, fuck off gook. You want to shitting up the thread again?



You have to remember, it's also about encouraging the new topic. Quest threads were shitting up /tg/ a lot but now that they have a place for them, those who like that kind of thing love the board.

A manga board would actually encourage more interest simply because there is more space and time to talk about it.

You speak common sense but sadly the newfags wont listen.

Isn't that proof that no one gives a shit about the manga then? The thread takes between 1-2 hours at the faster times (currently at 2.5 hours) before it falls off the board which is plenty of time for someone else to see and bump it.

How did you add smiles to your filename?

>Korean comics are Cred Forums: always have been, always will be
Some no name gook like you and gook shit will never ever have any place on Cred Forums

>This is why we want to be free from anime faggots. They think only their waifu garbage matters
Who do you think is going to populate the manga board? It would be manga people from Cred Forums.
People who shitposted about Naruto ending and pairings. People who shitposted about Bleach ending and pairings. People who shitpost about Magi pairings. People from all the WSJ threads and generals. JoJo, MonMusu, and SnK are all manga originals and would almost definitely migrate to the new manga board. These groups of people would be literally 99% of the board.

You're going to be as outnumbered on the manga board as the 3x3 and pre-2000 anime people are on Cred Forums right now.

How often do you intend to reply to yourself?


>quoting himself
Fuck off. You had more than 10 threads with everyone saying we DON'T want that shit here. Just because something was allowed at some point it doesn't mean it will be allowed forever.

>scanlators want to translate series' that they like


Whatever. It's more content.

>Cred Forums anime & manga
>Korean comics are Cred Forums: always have been, always will be
What? gook are fucking retard

Thats such a normie thing to say
Good manga deserves a place here too, not just popular manga. How can they become popular here if they are given a chance?
Boards too fast. Maybe a second manga board wouldn't be so bad. I mean, it deserves it more than shit like /qst/ or /vr/

Like Hiro, I disregard every proxypoll.

Plenty of people give a shit about manga on Cred Forums. But not as many that give a shit about anime on Cred Forums.

Go spend some time on some slower boards and see the type on threads they have. A manga board would produce something similar, and that's not a bad thing.

>OP using proxies to reply to a troll poll
I guess that settles it. All of the OP polls were rigged and are invalid and you should read the threads instead. It's only fair if OP went to extremes to make them.

If no one gives a shit what's the harm in test board?
Half the time it's nobody cares and the other half some user is claiming it would kill Cred Forums.

>Maybe a second manga board wouldn't be so bad
>How can they become popular here


>obnoxiously vocal minority tries to hijack shitposting thread in hopes of making it look like Cred Forums needs to be split again

Oh boy.

No, it wouldn't. It won't encourage any more interest at all. Manga is already at a fucking peak interest here. Most people here who aren't dumb newfags are purists are into BOTH mediums. You aren't going to suddenly increase the interest in things by fucking splitting another board into two. You are only just going to decrease the overall quality of the threads in every way. There is more to this than your shitty interest you ignorant fuck. We have always been anime and manga since the very beginning. Anime and manga are the exact same industry. Holy shit there is so many reasons for why a split is stupid without going into actual Cred Forums posting.

A split won't suddenly make your favourite obs cur manga popular, but it will destroy the threads for small and unpopular series that I like. People who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it.

Also saying "Good manga" is pretty subjective. Still shows no one gives a shit about it even if it may be good.

Because why split up Cred Forums by removing manga which is usually pretty integral with manga. Going to have people shitting up threads with people arguing over taking any manga comparisons and other fringe content to the new board. It is better if it stays here.


What in the fuck? We are still doing these stupid threads.

At this point it's a general for autists arguing over autistic shit, without finding a resolution.

>Manga is already at a fucking peak interest here.

>pretty integral with manga
Meant integral with anime.

>A split won't suddenly make your favourite obs cur manga popular, but it will destroy the threads for small and unpopular series that I like.
How the fuck would a split destroy the threads for the small unpopular series you like?

It's some autist that wants to force his rules so he keeps making threads while ignoring everything posted in them. Report and ignore.

Try to imagine a manga board.

>berserk general
>monmosu general
>one page thread general
>bnha general, whatever edition
>snk general
>scanlation general
>gookshit general
>non-translated manga general
>hey guys what manga is this?
>that obscure manga with a dead general
>WSJ multiple generals
>more generals until page 10
>all the threads move slow as fuck
It's like you guys want a shitty board for something you enjoy. Why would you do that.

>proxy-voting the confirmation poll
Nobody can be this retarded, right? Oh wait OP is a giant newfag

At least it proves his ''polls results'' are useless and nothing written in the OP is true.

>shilling your poll on /qa/ then blaming OP
Maybe it's you who should klll themselves.

3. Ban problematic posts that contain words like nigger, faggot, pussy etc.


Sounds good to me.
>non-translated manga general

Shit, I want that now.

Nice try, OP. I was looking at the poll and it started being proxied before it was posted in /qa/. Try again.

Not him, but because it would be on a slow dead board. Less people will visit it so less people will be picking it up. On Cred Forums at least if someone sees the thread they may be interested and join the thread and have a glance though it causing them to pick it up which increases the total of people following it keeping the threads active rather than some thread where someone posts an image once a day to show it is alive.



>proxy voting your own poll to pretend that the first one was rigged
Kill yourself

Because it will change the overall atmosphere. It won't be Cred Forums, it won't be what I come here for. I don't need a 200 post thread and frankly, anyone who thinks their thread needs 100 posts is a fucking idiot and has zero understanding or knowledge of Cred Forums.


dubs speak the truth

OP is lying to hiro in the /qa/ thread, make your voices be heard

>I didn't ask to get feedback
>If there is consensus to change something
Since the latter isn't ever happening and hiro doesn't really care about the ideas in these threads can we stop with these threads now?

Fuck off.


Sup tumblnigger

yep, sounds good to me


This really
fuck off somewhere else and never come back

ban dubshit posts like this

Yeah, no, fuck off.

It's for /r9k/ and not Cred Forums you double nigga.

add this one to the list OP!

Why dont you test split your balls

I would also ban all links to sadpanda and similar, this is a blue board dang it.


That's for /r9k/, you fags already have 3MB.

fuck off

gooks and japs are all the same user

fuck off

>hurr what is satire

I don't know

But its not, this board has been shit since forever, I think it really needs some changes to make it better.

The difference is Jap stuff is allowed on Cred Forums while gook and chink isn't allowed on Cred Forums

Of course.

>everything I don't like is satire
damn, Cred Forums...

Who the fuck care? gook shit is still not allow on Cred Forums

You're right, I don't like niggers and faggots.

>I dont have an argument so I post ebin smug anime faces
OP should add that shit too.

Notto dissu shitto again


Everyone go here

Since OP suggested we need to improve the board and which i also think it needs improvement right now, why dont we permaban OP and make the board better

It was 4MB few years ago
Now I can't repost many pics

woah rude, this is why this place needs a really in depth clean up. I can't even say I like this place to my friends without then thinking I'm some kind of freak.

fuck off shitposter.


Still waiting for LNfags to be purged from the earth.

>waaaah I'm so mad I can't make an argument so I just post animu faces waaaah
Fucking grow up kiddo

If you have 4MB images you have a problem unless they are some super high res shit. Use png crush if they are png and are bloated or convert them to a webm if they are a large gif (even better, remake from source).

Why the fuck is this faggot not banned yet? Stop pretending you're some kind of an authority and fuck off. You are also lying, Hiro never said "ongoing", he said ONE.


>2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums.


new thread

>being this mad
I'm laughing out load right now!! Jajaja fucking loser!


Are you okay?

>page 2

maybe i'm reading this wrong then

>193 votes
>strawpoll with fake proxy
>Cred Forums
Are you braindead?

Gooks and Chinks are here to stay

Just wait for this to lunch

People shit on your gook trash in every fucking fake poll thread you gooks keep spamming today. fuck off gook

I don't really care, gook thread is good shitposting place because mods never banned anyone shitposting in them

All this says to me is that "general" threads are the plague on this website and need to be destroyed

Why are LNs in the same category as Manhwa/Manhua?

i asked myself the same thing, i think they are just bundling stuff that isn't manga or anime together because Cred Forums is the closest and making a separate board for these things is just plain retarded since they hardly ever come up

Can we just go back to [a/?

>Needing a new board to talk about and discover manga
Just find manga on your own time and, if it's decently unknown and you want to talk about it, story time it to get people reading. It's not difficult.

I thought the reason why manhwa and LNs were bundled together is because the guy knows LNs are popular and if he attached manhwa to LNs in the poll, the majority would vote to allow it and he'd be able to use that poll to show how people actually like manhwa.
But the problem with that theory is that manhwa is already allowed, mods themselves have stated it. So if he wanted manhwa to stay on Cred Forums, all he needed to do was not mention it at all in the poll?

Maybe it's the other way around? The poll was made by a guy who hates both LNs and manhwa, and who hoped that if he bundled them together, most would vote against it, so he'd get both of them banned?

You can't fucking story time any more because of the faggot captcha. It takes a huge investment of time to dump some chapters for a thread, just to maybe have a discussion if it gets seen on the front page

This is the problems that mangafags face, everything is against manga discussion here. I just want to talk about manga with people that aren't utter faggots. And those people only visit Cred Forums

i think you are giving these people too much credit user

I still story time even with the captcha as shitty as it is. Story time threads are still some of the best threads here.

Dear mods, please permaban rangeban OP

And we get one once in a blue moon because it's so tedious to do one and half the time you could get zero replies with the anime shit pushing your thread out the way

Face it, story time would be amazing on a slower board

why dont you just go to slower sites like reddit?

we was here boys