Sakuga Thread / 作画を語るスレ

Delivery is today.

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Made a new pastebin, this time is more simple than before. Feel free to give feedback

Stop adding pastebins to threads.
People should learn things by lurking, not by reading manuals.

Kids these days don't know where to start. But I'll consider your suggestion. I won't posted it in every thread, besides this one is simpler than before.

Though I think it's important to list the database site, because it will be pain in the ass if anyone asked for credit every time.

also, if anyone know any text board website like 2ch or old Cred Forums, I would to know.
Maybe we could move there instead.

Animation discussions don't happen much and/or cover in-depth stuff often on Cred Forums so I'd say it's okay.

Why do you think it's going to be special ? And how do you know before it's aired ?
Last time you did a pre-game thread it effectively delivered ep 8.

Kameda said he was supervising episode 8 last time

Anyone know who is AD today? A few cool things may happen today if its kameda again.

Stop doing this and misleading people. Mob Psycho doesn't have good animation at all. It's fucking choppy because of the 5 FPS drawings. It's also not a action packed show. It's a slice of life for fucks sake.

>copy pasta from last thread
Ignore this guy he also thinks TTGL has shitty animation too.

> I don't even watch that TTFL or whatever the fuck. I'm only stating facts because I read the manga.

That is some nonsensical green, dont reply in this thread anymore.

Kanada was a mistake


nice waki.....ehm, transformation I mean.

Fujisawa on mob 11 ? or it is Natsume ?

Fujisawa already did key animation last week.


But he and Norio aren't working on Naruto obviously, where else they will go ? :^)

>implying they aren't
Fujisawa did key animation for the latest Naruto OP, and I'll eat a hat if Norio doesn't show up on the incoming episodes.

Nice, I like it.

>any text board website like old Cred Forums

He probably meant back when Cred Forums had text boards.

>It loops

Looks good but i dont think it will be able to keep up that level of animation for more than 3 episodes. It will have a few standout scenes per episode and will look otheriwse really generic. After watching the clips it seems more like a slice of life, semi-romance story.

>It doesnt.

four episodes already finished, and they even going to show them (all first 4 episodes) next Thursday. I take it as they are confident enough to keep the healthy production going.

Who said its action packed, people are saying it has sakuga, be it mundane things or action, it doesnt matter. You seem like an idiot either way but i felt like i had to correct that foolish statement.

>and will look otheriwse really generic.
The show should have good visuals as well so that can help carry the show when there isn't much good animation to go around.

So any cut that isn't uploaded here isn't well animated?

maybe you can move over to leddit if twitter isn't enough circlejerking for you

The site is a good collection of many notable scenes, but it certainly does not cover many older anime. Still, for most popular and/or relatively recent shows, the booru should have most if not all noteworthy scenes there.

磯光雄 田辺修 橋本晋治 松本憲生 中村豊 大平晋也 うつのみや理

沖浦啓之 井上俊之 西尾鉄也 安藤雅司 田中敦子 仲澤崇仁 二木真希子* 本田雄 吉成鋼 吉成曜 
田中達之 近藤勝也  湯浅政明 渡部圭祐  金田伊功  吉田健一

黄瀬和哉 青山浩行 木上益治 安藤真裕 庵野秀明 石浜真史 板津匡覧 井上鋭  田高行 岸田隆宏 濱洲英喜 中澤一登 
小西賢一* 佐藤雅弘 重田敦司  鈴木典光 久保田誓 伊藤嘉之 馬越嘉彦 梅津泰臣 林祐己 小池健 
外丸達也 橋本敬史 宮沢康紀 大塚正実 向田隆 松田宗一郎 横堀久雄 秦綾子  山下明彦 伊東伸高 森久司  山下高明 西田達三 

北田勝彦 金世俊 浅野直之 鹿間貴裕 今村亮* 今石洋之 大久保宏 亀田祥倫 田中宏紀

大西亮 小田剛生 柿田英樹 倉島亜由美** 栗田新一* 小松勇輝 竹内哲也 雨宮哲 館直樹 近藤高光 
寺田嘉一郎 中田栄治 平松禎史 藤沢研一 山下清悟 山下宏幸 滝口禎一* 押山清高  富岡隆司
沓名健一 細田直人 松尾祐輔 藤井慎吾 村木靖 米林宏昌 和田高明 大張正己 大塚健 Bahi JD 末冨慎治** すしお*  松竹徳幸

堀口悠紀子 阿部厳一郎 荒木涼 黒柳賢治** 下司祐也 柴田勝紀 杉江敏治 北川隆之 三輪和宏 佐藤利幸 
澤田英彦 霜山朋久** 中井準 光田史亮 小島崇史 吉原達也 野中正幸 竹中真吾* 石立太一 丹内司 千葉崇洋* 
千葉道徳 りょーちも 江畑諒真*  山口晋 藤森雅也 江原康之 古屋勝悟 夏目真悟 

石上ひろ美** 石田慶一* 吉田亘良 今井有文** 井関修一 甲斐泰之 菊田幸一 齊田博之 佐古宗一郎 佐々木啓悟 
式地幸喜 濱口明 三木達也 芳垣祐介 沼田誠也 滝山真哲 冨岡寛 鳥居貴史** 河野恵美

So looped lip movements = Sakuga

>old and busted hacks like Yutaka Nakamura and Utsunomiya in S Tier instead of based Inoue and Okiura

Shit list, would not bother to read the rest

>this list again.
>Bahi JD is C-ranked

He is still around D-ranked.

>hotlinking a different post's image
Lurk more

It's like a clip show of single animated cuts that don't fit in with the show (e.g. the obligatory paint animation every episode is dumb as hell). Everything else in the show is mediocre, but autists love clip shows since they can point and scream the name of an animator and feel all smart about it.

Well, it almost looks like it does.

I can't read Chinese.

Only recent shows of the last few years and popular old ones. But it is the best english speaking collection of cuts on the net. Do japanese acutally use this site too? I know that Kameda is checking the sakuga blog from time to time.

If he's good enough for a Kamiyama movie, he certainly deserves to be ranked higher.

They use it. I remember Kai Ikarashi is correcting the tag on kiznaiver. Or did he mention it on twitter ?

>Do japanese acutally use this site too?
I think kVin said something about a few animators registering and tagging themselves in their cuts.

Yes, various Japanese animators are aware of the booru and supposedly it gets a good amount of traffic from Japan.

It will be spectacular to look at from to start to finish i am sure of that. But a user before advertised it as Mob killer and i dont think anything this year will come close to it. Flipflappers could if it completely suprises me and goes against my rather pessimistic expectations.

What are you talking about, who mentioned looped lips. Why should looped lips be sakuga?

>Bahi is 2 rank higher than Kouno

Is this Suetomi ???

Sakuga thread is behind the animators who are good at mechanical things.

Stop posting

You already killed twitter for sakuga discussion, can you just stop now?
What did this board do to deserve this cancer?

No idea, but it looks good. You should upload that to the booru.

You can't win against autistic NEETs dedicated to be the biggest parasites that have ever existed.

not contributing to the discussion, not posting sakuga meme, not giving good argument, not one of us, reported.

Who gives a shit about twitter?

Is he right?

He's a contrarian faggot.

What discussion? There have been no Sakuga threads on /a.

Seriously just stop posting and fucking lurk more.

ymkcha already said this one is Suetomi (I can't doubt his sense):

But somehow I still think that cut also did by Suetomi...hell, if it's not him, then that means the one who draw is pretty good too.

Thanks for the opinion tho.

People calling it the best animated Gundam are stupid, but it's not like it's fucking ugly.

It would be nice to see Inoue give his opinions on more recent anime with notable animation and animation trends of the 2000s. I wonder if he has ever said anything about the web-gen movement.

Dude seems like the ultimate neckbeard, who is this and why are you taking him seriously.

I doubt they even following the current anime tho.

There is nothing on /a about sakuga. Sorry your little board is infested by best waifu threads.

Understandable. The japs can't make good websites for shit.

It's busterbeam or diebuster.
He made some of earliest sakuga thread on Cred Forums.

You'd think animators would be aware of the up-and-coming names and contemporary animation styles though.

Yea he seems like a total nostaglia faggot, obviously thunderbolt is one of the best looking gundam prodcutions ever, Is it the best? Dont think so, still nice to look at. Anyone saying otherwise can suck it.

Then why are you here? Go back to Twitter or IRC to circlejerk with your fuckbuddies. No one wants a general with retards like you copy-pasting the same shit over and over.

youngster tend to pay attention to their pals' works and keep their relationship in works close, I think. Even though I doubt they know the old ones from 70s/80s.

this one too

maybe the only good part I could remember from the episode.

Anyone else feel a bunch of previous big names are totally washed out? I mean, what was up with Utsunomiya on Terraformars. And Kou Yoshinari is a fucking meme.

fucked up a bit when cutting tho, sorry.

Kou working with Bahi, of course he's going to be a new meme.

But no, Kou is still pretty sharp.

Yeah, Utsunomiya has been past his prime for a while now. Kou Yoshinari is still good though.

I am on the sakuga thread, whats your point? I only visit certain threads on here. Majority of /a seems to be underaged creeps talking about their favourite waifus, not my thing, but hey if you like it. Have fun at it.

You sound like a complete douchebag. You don't get to go make a thread on a site, talk shit about it, fail to follow rules and standards, try to make a shitty general and act like you own the place. Just fuck off, go make your threads on Reddit or something, I'm sure they'll be very happy.

I think you confuse me with OP, cause am not. But i will do whatever i want as long i dont violate the rules of this board. So please kindly fuck off, you pathetic waifu wanker.

Is Onsen-kun alright?


Uncredited even.

yeah, I wonder why.
Kaneko Yuuto was there too.


>5 ADs


NC Yuta

What the fuck is this? You are literally just hotlinking and posting pictures straight from Twitter. Why do you need to do this here? No one even cares, judging from the IP count. Just 2 people samefagging all day.

then at least join the conversation, many thing you can talk right now.

Mob just airing, and Yuta was not credited even though he was there.
And Daichi was owned so hard on twitter.

Those are credits of the just-aired Mob Psycho episode. I don't see the issue with posting them here, it's much easier to get screencaps from elsewhere.

Good for you if you don't care, but some people missed the stream and want to check the episode credits now.

That's why it's actually rather difficult to have a meaningful discussion about animation about the so-called sakuga itself.

They rather happen as a byproduct of post-cool-webm-threads.

It's rare, but I've seen good animation discourse happen on Cred Forums before.

>And Daichi was owned so hard on twitter
What happened?

>Yuta was not credited even though he was there.
Is that actually confirmed?

There's a scene that really looks like his work, but there's no official confirmation. Nakamura's animation is rather obvious though, so it's safe to presume he worked on the latest episode.

>there's no official confirmation
Thank you for answering my question.