Left or Right

Right > Left




Yukino > Rin > Mika > Yui

shit taste detected

Acquire Yukino. Ignore everyone else.

Switch Rin and Mika around and you got it.

>Ignore Yukino. Acquire everyone else.

Right is more interesting and is worth being emotionally invested in.

Obviously right.

Pure maidens > rotten whores

Left side pleases old men for money.

Can I just go for Yukino?

Yukino a shit.

Rin best girl.

Shit taste.

>shit taste
>when other girl literally has shit in her name

I don't see how that changes you having shit taste. Also stop bumping the thread faggot.

Right side is more genuine.

I have no idea who these characters are, so I'm going to have to go with left.

I don't know anything about idols but Rin turns me on.

Mika >>>> Yui, Yuckyno, Rin

Only acceptable answers.