ITT: Mistakes the artist made

ITT: Mistakes the artist made


Why? Because she┬┤s too perfect?

Eyebrows and shoulder straps.

Murata redesigns characters between chapters.

Or maybe, like many mangaka, he just draws the character from memory/feeling rather than from "design". Having set-in-stone character designs are exclusively an animation thing.

He probably just forgot, and didn't bother checking closely when he drew her later.
Who cars anyway, the specifics of her outfit are not relevant to anything and the shape of her eyebrows are not exactly her distinctive features here.

>Or maybe, like many mangaka, he just draws the character from memory/feeling rather than from "design"

No, we actually know he redesigns characters often, especially in his webcomic. See: Boros.


One Piece has had so many little ones even Oda jokes about it in fan mail sections. It's in part simply because of the scale and sheer amount of characters combined with a weekly schedule.

Garp for example has had errors with his eye scar numerous times despite relatively few appearances and it was brought up in fan mail that was answered.

Manga cartoonish teeth translated into 3d looks so bad.

She don't has abs in a redesign...goddamn it, Murata.

Yes, he actually utilized his shit tons of characters so mistakes here and there were still reasonable.

Unlike certain trash mangaka.

Don't fool yourself. Oda suffers from the same bullshit every other long running mangaka does. On top of it all he has a disgusting habit of rehashing arcs. It is an insult to the intelligence of the reader to do that. Only the most brain dead retard, or a child will readily accept such shoddy workmanship.


His body makes sense, but she doesn't.
Her torso is clipped half way into his, Her tail doesn't wrap around form properly and clips into his body, and the tail is inconsistent in width.

This nigga serious?
Doesn't even know how to measure and thinks he can point out mistakes

you are fuckin wrong faggot.

thanks now he's gonna redraw the

No one forces him to include so many characters if he can't handle them.
Stop trying to cover his ass. Most mangaka make errors.

No, it is two right hands.

he probably already did for the volume releases, considering there were many more mistakes done with that design

The one on his head is his left the one on his arm is his right. Is this bait?


Do you not get the point of the illustration? His left thumb is supposed to be on his forehead

good times

or he could be making a 4 symbol and be tucking his thumb into his palm

Firstly, the length of the top finger is too long with respect to the rest to be a pinkie. Secondly, it would be pretty obvious if he were actually tucking it in, because your thumb actually has a certain degree of thickness.

This whole filler arc is a mistake.

>two right hands
he is the man in the mirror

gyro butt hat

This was fixed wasn't it?

The last 10 chapters of Nisekoi add up into one of the single worst reading experiences in the history of manga. Mistake after mistake, after horrific mistake.


ITT: autism

I love posting that image because idiots don't understand it and get mad.

Butthurt Boringdera is still butthurt.

Nice detail but I don't see the inconsistent width of the tail.
Crab does have issues with scale though.

That's what happens when you release a color version of a comic not drawn with the intention to be in color.

But man, it's an asshat. Everything else is shaded and inked with the exception of Gyro's goggles.

Araki does that unshaded, thick-lined unfinished look sometimes with objects in the foreground. Not that he's successful at using that effect every time, but it's just a way to convey areas in a panel. It was never meant to be colored and shaded. Color JoJo was a mistake.

Colorizing manga panels drawn for black and white unequivocally end up looking like shit. That Dragon Ball color manga is a perfect example.

of course senpai. One of peoples biggest gripe was that the road is to big but i always thought it made sense since it was leading to a shelter and 1 lane during a massive evacuation would have been stupid

The road was never the problem, Murata drew a "serious punch" when it wasn't supposed to be. It created several problems, since in the first version it's plain to see Saitama's punch was powerful, whereas in the second it's more believable the people in the shelter would think the Sea King just keeled over with a tap..