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Are you enjoying the fall so far?

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That's what Linkin Park fans call autumn, isn't it?

Snail is sex


Look at this edgy motherfucker.....he's waaaaay too cool for us guys

The whole wikia is full of Linkin Park fans?

And the wiki that split off from it, too.

Who taught these two to be so slutty?

Poor Kaga-san

What a sexy slug.





It still feels like summer here. Maybe it'll start cooling down in a few weeks.

I'm in love with Fubuki.

Tanaka please.

This Tanaka person must have some pretty good taste.

What non-H doujins have you enjoyed recently?



I need more Ritou. There's not enough Ritou.

I really love those submarines.



Glorious. I hope she get seasonal art at some point, I want to see her in something other than goth-loli every now and then.

Vampire for Halloween.

maybe oktoberfest? i want to see loli babas get drunk.

Someone tell this naughty dog to stay off the furniture

Oh yes please, that sounds amazing.

Don't bully the chuuni.


That wouldn't really be different from her normal clothing though, she'll still be wearing all black and frilly.
>Drunk Loli BBAs
I want to see that, just gather the Kamikaze-class, Ritou and Ancient DD Hime in one place.

I fucking love mo admiral.

What is she drawing?

Admiral fucking Ooyodo's mouth.

Is there any shipgirl that Mo Admiral wouldn't even bother to troll?

Who cares I will rape her.

Nagato pls

I want a hard petting session with Tokitsukaze!

Someone get the granny her meds.

I-19? More like Slut-19 amirite?

Houshou? I don't think he ever intentionally troll Houshou.

Which one

The one that looks like she's gonna commit a sex crime.

I want to be the victim of Warspite's sex crime

These fucking DDs.

I want to do SM play with the lady.

This is hot.

>fucking DDs
With pleasure.

These threads will be merged with /jp/'s thread if you don't do something about it.

Abusing the DD's must be a battleship thing. Nagato does it, at least one DD is terrified of Iowa, and I'm pretty sure Hotel and Sushi both fantasize about it.

I need proof of each ship's proclivities.

Are you interested in Akizuki?

Blame Ushio's body for attracting Iowa.


I suddenly like Iowa.


I am interested in bedding her.

I want to make little ducklings with her and her sisters.

I want to save Z3 from tentacles.


I'd do so many lewd things to Max.


Then its best to save Max from the tentacle monsters hunting her. She'll see you as a hero and be forever grateful to you and you can do anything you want with her.

I want to enjoy a hot day with Takao.


Even hand holding?

I want a hard FUCKING session with Tokitsukaze!


Yes, even cuddling if you're into that.

I want to enjoy Takao in a hot day


An ass to blot out the sun.

Murasame's anchor flail > potato's

What do we do about this slut?

Take her virginity.

Impregnate her.

You're kidding, right?


which kancolle is the sluttiest?
I only fap to sluts

your waifu

None of them are sluts.



>which kancolle
Fuck off.

Suzuya, I heard

My wife is not naughty.

Except in bed.

inazuma get

I love Ooi


why tho?

I could get behind this





The not so lesbian Ooi from the game is very loving and caring Also KTM 3P Is a think she wouldn't mind


Don't peek up my wife's skirt. She looks uncomfortable with you doing that.








Also I remember that one yandere doujin of her from the panda
I was diamonds

You would not happening to be referring to the one where she throttles the admiral into a coma, would you?

I want to cum inside mutsu whilst she ara ara's at me and asks me to take responsibilty.


also is there any not so extreme comfy doujins?

Looks like someone found a store that stocks ostrich eggs.


I want to cum inside Mutsu's butt.

So what do you guys think the chances are of these threads getting removed from Cred Forums to /jp/ given how strongly some anons in those meta-threads for new rules discussions for mods are who want it gone?

mutsu best girl

No chance. Nothing will change.

Do you think this stuff here:

With image dumping helps though? Because if there was manga or LN discussion I'd understand but lately there's been precious little of that.

I love Inazuma so fucking much.
So fucking much.
And all of the Akatsuki class as well!

Because it's a weekly series? Doujin stuffs are translated and typesetted once in awhile and if you noticed, most of the English sadpanda stuffs comes from here.

Drought seasons happen once in awhile and if this place move, then the translator and typesetters will disappear, leaving nothing translated/typesetted. This issue have be expressed by almost all of them.

I love fucking Inazuma so much.
So much fucking.
And all of the Akatsuki class as well!

What about non or h doujin discussions? Or typsetting of fanworks like the Hisahiko Haruna Weather comic? I'm honestly just worried with how bad these threads have gotten with image-spamming that mods really will remove them from Cred Forums for off topic or video game content.

As a translator, I don't mind moving to /vg/, but I do mind moving to /jp/. I don't speak for the other translators/typesetters though.

Maybe make a poll or something?

I doubt the thread will move.

The problem is, this isn't the gaming thread. Manga and doujin stuffs doesn't go to /vg/ so it's really stupid if we did move there.

>I want to cum inside mutsu whilst she ara ara's at me and asks me to take responsibilty.
>I want to cum inside Mutsu's butt.

Oh my oh my!

I don't mind moving to /jp/, but everything I do is doujin-related, which is questionably Cred Forums. In contrast, the 4koma is unquestionably Cred Forums, as an official publication. Once the 4koma translator posts a translation and the typesetter typesets it, people will just do the exact same thing they're doing here.

As long as the 4koma continues to be translated and typeset, there will be at least two of these threads on Cred Forums every week, and people complaining about generals won't be able to change that so long as the translation/typeset dump is in the thread OP.


I really don't have your confidence. Yes I'd rather end up seeing these threads on /vg/ then merged with the /jp/ ones but I have a feeling things might honestly change for the worse.
/jp/ really doesn't care about the 4koma, LNs, manga, or lore stuff though.

The chance of this thread going to /vg/ is very, very low. They will kick us back because there's no game talk here and this thread can't mix with /jp/'s anyway because of the reasons you stated.

Simple. Move the thread on /jp/ to /vg/ then move this thread to /jp/. Done.

>/jp/ really doesn't care about the 4koma, LNs, manga, or lore stuff though.
Because it can be posted on Cred Forums. Translations and typesetting for doujins used to be done through /jp/, not Cred Forums, at least circa 2014 when I was starting out.

Mods don't allow any discussion of it on /jp/.

These threads aren't going anywhere, specially with the movie and second season around the corner. I wish mods would do something about the blatant shitposting and image spamming, though.



Someone made a post asking why and what the differences are for the KanColle threads here on Cred Forums, vs there on /jp/ and why neither are on /vg/. Every single post was deleted within 5 minutes of posting them.

There aren't any board specific mods so this term makes no sense.

Because it's unimportant. Thank the mod for correcting the record.

Meido refers to Janitors, which are board specific

I've seen them use it to refer to all members of the moderation staff though.


Is there something more wonderful than a straight Ooi?

I just want to paizuri here.



Fuck you

It worked for /@/ for a few years until contributors bailed out as well as losing steam in manga.

It's the opposite for me, I mind moving to /vg/ a lot and would likely straight up stop but I don't mind /jp/. I refuse to go back to /vg/ after what happened in /@/.

So how about that poll?

I'll just proxy spam it.

I'm going to use google docs, not proxypoll.

It's not going to matter anyways since nothing is going to happen.

Might as well try.


What else to do other than to wait for the sanma mini-event and shitpost on Cred Forums or /jp/?

Besides, meta discussion is at its peak right now after what Hiro said, so why not.

Because meta discussion is not KanColle. If you're that bored then go learn how to typeset and get working on all that anthology backlog.

I want Hibiki to spit in my mouth.


That's also my fetish.

Just ask Stalker for that.
Nah, I don't like most of them.

Besides, a poll doesn't take that long to make. But you're right that it doesn't belong here. I'll wait for that thread on /qa/.

The best~

Vg moves too fast. A general I go to there has a lot of bump posting

This thread can easily reach 500/day, it'll be fine.


Best german

Whoa, that's a hot anime girl.

If she puts her saliva in my coffee, she can be best anything.


Would Inazuma let me cum inside?

My cumslut Inazuma is so cute.

I wouldn't give her a choice.

Asashimo knows not to trust Nagato.

Does Akebono love the admiral the most or does Kasumin?


I want to sink my hands into her thighs.


Warspite isnt abusing them. The Akatsukis are imagining her abusing them out of misunderstandings of her name and class.

Only if she is a package deal with Teru and Hatsu. Ducks should not be separated.

Kusobo is just a bitch, Kasumin loves her admiral a lot.

What if I don't care for one of them? Do I get none?

Kancolle has an anime and manga so it's allowed on Cred Forums you retards.

"I love admiral" shirts are cute.

>Do I get none

Exactly, on account of your shit taste.

Only the patricans get the ducks.

But there's only one of them I don't care for. Can't I at least get just one?

There is no saving her. She is the designated Tentacle Grape victim of this series now.

C91 when

>Max tentacle rape doujins
>Warspite vanilla doujins
>Akizuki/Teruzuki/Hatsuzuki yukata doujins

C91 cant come soon enough

Same time every year.

I'm just excited for the next Houshou anal doujin.

Akebono is the cutest!

>vanilla doujins

Tee hee

It was rhetorical.

Someone give me something to typeset.

Graf stop ruining good coffee.

I think that they are nearly guranteed.

Germans havnt got a clue about good coffee anyways.

This artist also did doujins for Takao/Atago, Myoukou, and Murakami, but they never got scanned




Nagato loves _____.


That's a shame. I'm still most interested in their Houshou ones, but I'd like to give those a read/use.

The ring I gave her.

>Warspite vanilla doujins
>Warspite NTRed Kongou

Ooi is a good lesbian wife to her fellow lover

Who's the best german?




Oliver Kahn

Bismarck of course.





>small c


They are both silly but adorable.

Acceptable answers
Go away

Hey prussian pig-dog

I want to commit a crime with this Nagato.

When a BB makes the best DD.

BBs looking like DDs are always really cute


Why is Nagato so ticklish?

What about a DD that resembles a BB but smaller?

Why is Nagato so ticklish?


I want to fuck Nagato in her full size.

Sup long hoppou.

Are you sure user?

Me too.


I wanna see her dressed like a succubus, maybe BB Hime as Morrigan and Ritou as Lilith, or maybe something that shows more skin.

Aye, would be nice.


>[Inbanuma Naval District]
Panel 1
>TTK(?): Today we're going to be doing fleet exercises! All kinds of Fleet Exercsies!
>TTK(?): From day to night, exercise until you puke!
Panel 2
>TTK(?): Today's lunch is curry and rice!
>TTK(?): whether you choose to eat the Large, Special or Huge portions, please make sure to eat it all!
Panel 3:
>TTK(?): Today, I want to
>TTK(?): XXX with everyone Maya: Today
>Maya: is really annoying, so let's just rest--
>Michishio: The Admiral's being led by the nose by the secretary ship.
>Goya: Dechi.
>Fubuki: Are you guys serious?!

>Ooyodo: Admiral~
>Ooyodo: Admiral?
>Ooyodo: Admiral?!
>Ooyodo: That's odd, where did he run off to?
>Fubuki: what are you looking for?
>Fubuki: Eh? Ah, isn't the secretary ship for today Akashi-san? I saw them together just now....
>Ooyodo: With Akashi?
>Ooyodo: Akashi! Pardon
>Akashi: Hm--?
>Akashi: Ooyodo!! Ehh--what is it?
>Ooyodo: Admiral?!

>Ikazuchi: Uwahh--
>Inazuma: So cute
>Bep: She's eating | she's eating--
>Inazuma: Isuzu-chan's grown really big!
>Nagato: It's almost time to eat.
>Nagato: Throw and whole thing on the grill and it'll be a real feast.
>Nagato: Ah | sorry
>[Nagato; Please don't cry]
>Nagato: I was joking | just~a joke~ | Don't you guys love pork chops?!

>Maruyu: Kiso-san, why does it rain?
>Kiso: Rain, huh....I wonder.
>Kiso: Rain, looking at it
>Kiso: Isn't it something like crying?
>Whether you're unhappy, happy, hurting, or having fun, don't tears flow?
>Kiso: Perhaps it's something like that?
>Maruyu: Although I don't really get it, that was so cool that i'm shaking...
I don't know this exact proverb but i'm pretty sure it indicates that she's wet.

>TTK(?): I've fallen in love with dismantlement
>TTK(?): Work is good
>TTK(?): How about it, Ooyodo-kun, want to take a bath together?
>Ooyodo: This is sexual harrassment.
>[Ooyodo: to mix him up with work gloves...]
>Ooyodo: Akashi, you'd better make sure the Admiral's all clean!
>[Akashi: Eh, this isn't bad either.]
>Ooyodo: Ad-
>Ooyodo: ADMIRAL?!

Eh, wait. A nonco doujinshi is actually getting translated? Eh?

>[rub rub rub]
>Mutsu: Ara ara.
>Mutsu: Ara ara! Nagato's actuallying sunscreen!
>[A little happy]
>Mutsu: WHat, so she can be a girl after all!
>Nagato: Ah, Mutsu, you caught me in an embarassing moment.
>Mutsu: No no!
>Mutsu: That's nonsense: for a girl this should be something natural! Please go on, go on!
>Nagato: Apparently, this helps protect against UV rays, so it's some kind of protective equipment for urban warfare.
>Nagato: Ahaha, it doesn't seem like it could stop shells, but we'll find out in a bit. Mutsu, do you want some too?
>Mutsu: Mm...

>Eugen: [Gulp]
>[watery sounds]
>Nagato: Ahhh--...
>Eugen: Noooooooooooo
>Nagato: What is it?
>Eugen: Ehh?

I've had two around for a while, but one is difficult to translate and the scan quality for this one is really low so it was really low-priority.


>Akagi: Reppuu are just too hard to make.
>[munch munch]
>Kaga: Even if it's just a Shiden Kai II, you're going to get scolded if you keep eating them like that.
>Akagi: Even though we give it 4 tries daily...could it be that it can't be made?
>Laga: We're not trying enough, that's why.
>Kaga: But you really will be scolded if you're making them to eat.
>AKagi: Ah, it's out! It's another Shiden Kai II!
>Kaga: I told you, if you keep eating them you'er going to be scolded!
>Kaga: Also, fairy-san is Kai Shiden!
>[Kai: It's bad news][for the sleeves.]
>Kaga: The UC version!
>Akagi: Its morale seems to be high as well.

I want to be cleaned by Akashi.

>Yukikaze: Yamashiro-san, this is for you!
>Yukikaze: I hope it brings you good luck!
>Yamashiro: Even though Yukikaze managed to find it...
>Yamashiro: If this kind of thing could bring good fortune, then my life wouldn't be this miserable.
>Yamashiro: Well, what is fortune? | Don't I already have onee-sama? >
Yamashiro: That's enough fortune for me...
>Yamashiro: Onee-sama...
>Yamashiro: Onee-sama, Yamashiro has always pined for onee-sama.
>Yamashiro: DOes Onee-sama feel the same about me?
>Yamashiro: Does Onee-sama love me? | or hate?
>Yamashiro: Love?
>Yamashiro: Or Ha...
>Yamashiro: Ha....ha...
>Remaining CLover Leaf: Hate
>[Yamashiro: Yukikaze...Yukikaze, you've set me up!]

>Suzuya: It doesn't really suit me, does it.
>Kumano: It's a little too brazen.
>Suzuya: Ah, Nagato-san, rather than waste it, do you want this?
>Nagato: Can I?
>Suzuya/Kumano: Nagato-san's pretty mature-looking, so it suits her way better--
>[Mutsu: Ara!]
>Mutsu: Ara ara ara!
>Mutsu: Nagato's interested in lipstick! [she is a girl after all!]
>[Mutsu: Ara ara!]
>Nagato: Suzuya...
>Nagato: I can't blame her, she's not familiar with battleship main gun calibers. | but I will accept this.
>Nagato: This dye shell.
>Mutsu: Nagato, I will teach you how to use that lipstick.

>kcyuri is a chink site
Even more reason to hate it.

>Ooyodo: Amidral--?
>Ooyodo: where did she run off to again?
>[Akagi: food....]
>Houshou: Everyone, food is ready!
>Ooyodo: ADMIRAL!!
>TTK(?): It burns.
>Ooyodo: Please don't use the admiral to hold onto the hotpot!
>Houshou: Oops
>Maya: Just put it down here.
>Maya: Oh man, it looks really good.
>TTK(?): It burns.
>Ooyodo: ADMIRAL?!
>Maya: Sorry, I mixed it up with the coaster/pot mat.
>Ooyodo: Are you guys insane?!
>Maya: Ahh--Yukikaze spilled her soup.
>Yukikaze: Ah | Uwaaaaahhhh
>Houshou: Are you okay, Yukikaze-san? Are you burnt? We can clean it up right away.
>Ooyodo: ADMIRAL!!
>TTK(?): It really burns.

Panel 1
>Ooyodo: Admiral, please get a little angry sometimes.
>TTK(?): Ahahaha | this is just getting close to them, just a little skinship!
Panel 2
>TTK(?): Plus, Ooyodo-kun,
>TTK(?): Compared to me, it's because of your work that everything runs so smoothly!
Panel 3
>TTK(?): Just a word of thanks isn't enough, I'm thinking of taking you as my wife!
>Ooyodo: Hold on
>Ooyodo: What are you saying--
Panel 4
>Ooyodo: Please don't do this.
>Ooyodo: You're going to make people think you're serious.
>Ooyodo: Isn't that right?
>Ooyodo: FUbuki-san?

[Ooyodo-san's day]
>Ooyodo: Admiral, are you there?
>Ooyodo: I'm coming in.

>Akashi: You'er finally here. | I am the Admiral's temporary replacement, Akashi.
>Akashi: Pleased to meet you.
>Akashi: Ah, wait
>Akashi: Hold on~!!

>Ooyodo: Then...
>Ooyodo: Where is the admiral, and what part of it was your doing, AKashi?
>Akashi: Admiral, I've made some tea for you.
>TTK: How thoughtful of you, AKashi, thank you.
>[Akashi: Uwahh, did he notice?]
>TTK: Hm?
>TTK: It's good, did you change the tea leaves?
>Akashi: This time I added some specailly made
>Akashi: Rainbow spotted mushrooms.
>Akashi: Well since the admiral is currently incapable of leaving the bathroom, I figured I'd play Admiral for a bit ;)
>Ooyodo: Akashi, you're really scary.

>[Ooyodo: Kyuubi? Incubator?]
>Akashi: You guys
>Akashi: Make a contract with me to go to Orel.
>Goya: Akashi-san, what are you talking about dechi?
>Iku: We're sick of Orel--!
>Imuya: Where's the Admiral?
>Akashi: For some reason, I have some dismantlement tools in my hand.
>[Reign of Terror]
>[Subs: \\We're setting off!//]

>Akashi: Musashi-san!
>Akashi: Nagato-san!
>Akashi: And Akagi-san!
>Akashi: This is a request from your one-day temporary admiral, me! Please gloriously assault the new waters!
>Nagato: Just leave it to us!
>Nagato: It's been forever since we've sortied, it's time to show off!
>[Akashi: Thanks~[Ooyodo: Ahhhhhh~ The supplies and fuel, how should I arrange this?!]

Being Nonco is suffering.

>Ooyodo: AKashi....
>Ooyodo: Why are you doing this while the Admiral is gone?!
>Ooyodo: are you trying to make trouble for me, the secretary ship?
>Akashi: Ooyodo....
>Akashi: Do it again! | The glasses push!
>Ooyodo: Eh.... L-like this...?
>Akashi: Just like that! You really look like a glasses character!
>Ooyodo: Th....thanks...?

>Ooyodo: No...at this rate I'll just be another player in Akashi's orchestra.
>[Ooyodo: sigh...]
>Akashi: Sorry, Ooyodo.
>Akashi: Since Secretary ship work seemed really hurried these days | I was wondering what i Could do to help.
>[Akashi: So I tried doing the Admiral's job.]
>Akashi: Plus | As long as Ooyodo is by my side, I'm happy. It's just that....
>Ooyodo: AKashi...

>Akashi: I kind of also want to see the kind of Ooyodo that breaks rules with the Admiral...stuff like that...
>[Ooyodo: Admiral?]
>[Ooyodo: What are these clothes about?]
>Ooyodo: I don't do that kidn of thing?!
>Meanwhile, the forgotten Admiral
>Is still stuck in the bathroom.
>[TTK: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh~ Akashi, that fucker!!]

Also I translated this only about a week ago, so I'm not going to redump the typeset version.

Are her cheeks squishy?

I want to poke DD Nagato's cheeks with my dick.

That would be a crime.

Kumaa. Nice to meet you, kuma.

Kuma is for lewding!

Highschool Takao a cute

Regular Takao a cute too

Sex with Kuma

I want to wife her.

We've went over this. The only acceptable way to fap to Kuma is under your covers with your eyes closed.

I want to put her buns in the oven

I'd have no issues committing a crime with DD Nagato.


I prefer the physically fit and sexy takao.

What if I just sexually FUCK her instead of masturbating?

Big snail butt

but she's not real

I think you'll have a hard time explaining it when someone walks in on it.

how come she isn't popular this season when her new sprite is sexy as fuck

Yuubari butt

I prefer my Takao meaty as fuck

Oh look, more sufferers of anorexia nervosa-by-proxy.

My favourite ship and butt!

That's fine. Nagato will be having a hard time too.

You retards that don't realize there is a nice middle ground never cease to make me laugh.

Holy shit, Kashima is cute as fuck.

I do. It's the retards calling her fat that don't.

I didn't expect to be jerking off to her as much as I have been.

I think the takao from arpeggio is much better.

>its finally acceptable to lewd Kuma

Glorious times we live in

Because she is.

What would a beaver blowjob be like?

She likes wood, so she'd probably bite it off.

strange, i find kashima cute and sexy but i don't feel arouse.

Kashima is ridiculously sweet.



>Iku doesn't know what it is


Can I get a (Yuu)?


Maybe she only acts like a slut.


Sup long hoppou for ants.

i want many kashimas

Both Takaos are great but the KC one is way better.

This is false.

I want to make little Kashimas with Kashima.

You mean utterly correct.

Hi, I'm pleb.

I want to fuck Bucky.


No I don't. KC Takao is vastly inferior to ARP Takao. I bet you don't even read the manga.

I want kasumi to grow up into kashima


Please do not soil Kasumin by mentioning that piece of shit bitch Kashitma.



She'd just give them the look that tells them they saw nothing.

You, on the other hand, are likely going to be giving someone a pass each weekend.


I fapped to Kasumin last night.

I also fapped to Kasumin last night. I might fap to her again tonight.

What does she mean by this?

She wants a wedding ring.


She has no ass

She wants her hand to be held.

She witnessed you doing it with your waifu and wants to give it a try.

I also enjoy that doujin.

She wants to evolve to her D form.

I just fapped to Kasumin right now.


Which shipgirl has been fapped to the most?

Oh no, the queen has gotten stuck!


Why do you keep making these shitty posts on both boards?

I've fapped to Houshou the most.

Kongou the fap bait

Strong candidate here

Was thinking of this one.


Mis-remembered that she caught TTK fucking Kaga and Akagi instead of just asking about special practice.

Fapping to Kongou just seems wrong.

Yeah, she's not as hot as Atago or Iowa.

You posted her. I want to do deplorable things with Shimakaze~

Kongou is more attractive than Iowa.

Not really, she asks for it.

Her VA makes me randy.

But armpits.


You see Harunafags fapping to their waifu no problem, don't see how fapping to Kongou is any different.

As expected of the VA that has voiced the most sluts in recent history.

Well thats not really difficult. Iowa's design is a fucking mess.

That Kongou lactation vanilla doujin was pretty great

Whatever you say Novembershitter.

Boy has she ever.


You wanna fight, kid?

Which one?

I want Karen to beat me up.

I want to bully Karen.


I disagree.

I don't really care for Iowa. She doesn't do anything for me either way. I've fapped to Kongou a decent amount though.

Some people think that anyone who dislikes Iowa's design must be advocating for November's rendition.

Thats because you have bad taste.

I dont know why my fellow americans get so triggered when people say she looks like shit.

Don't post that trash here.

Glad this shit will never be in this game.

If you don't want people to think that then don't post it you shitter.

are kancolle actually in danger of being banned from Cred Forums because of that rules and regulations thread?

Someone's touchy.

Why would some retarded threads spammed by the IRC cunts have any bearing on anything, cunt?

Because we recognize a freedom-hater when we see one.

you sound like a frogposter

What about Victory Belles?

>I dont know why my fellow americans get so triggered when people say she looks like shit.
You can blame Novembershitters for that.

You sound like a foolz memester.

And use capital letters you illiterate fuck.

I bet she likes anal.

The outfit was a bit unimaginative since it was lifted straight from old pinup art, but that's whatever. There's worse things to take inspiration from than the winner's art.

Isn't Alabama the only American battleship they have so far?

Fuck off.

But Iowa isn't in Victory Belles yet-and hopefully she never will be.

>all the american ships are going to be big breasted bimbos
Oh I hate this.

Bet its going to be shit.

>Isn't Alabama the only American battleship they have so far?
They have a bunch but Mississippi is my favorite.

The retarded eyes are the bit which I cant stant. She would have been so much better without them

It won't even come out. It's vaporware like most Kickstarter shit.

That outfit looks terribly impractical for combat.

They had to give her something to distinguish her from the other big boobed blondes.

But then she'd be even more plain.

Well she is called Big E. Also the fact that she will be a bimbo despite contributing to the destruction of the Japanese fleet just makes it funny.

im not a foolz memester whatever that is??

im also more literatte then you retarded Cred Forums poster
just because you use capital letters doesnt mean anything

Blame Japan for that. Every foreigner is blonde and big breasted save for a few.
I don't care for VB but I give them props for being a little more aware of cultures and being somewhat original. You don't get that in KanColle but Japan don't care.

You must really hate anime, then.

Oh look our resident time traveler.



>Fat squared turrets
Jesus Christ, this artist is so shit at rigging.

They are both rather attractive to be honest


>im also more literatte then you

KanColle's rigging isn't exactly streamlined either. Just sayin'.

It is now. Every artist now puts a lot of effort into the detail in guns to match the item image or improve on it.

To be fair almost every rigging in KanColle and it's ripoff looks kinda retarded, it's just that some of them are beyond retarded.

Musashi looks so fucking bad.

Musashi's design is a mess.

Most of the rigging in that kickstarter game look terrible.

I wish she was better. Dark skin and glasses are totally my thing.

I have no problem with dark skin white hair, but Musashi looks like a bunch of fetishes thrown into a blender. Its pretty jarring.

The bandages are a bit much, but I like her design otherwise.

I hope you weren't trying to actually say the rigging is right in that shit art.
Mississippi, and most USN BBs for that matter, have a more kite or hexagon like shape, and are very flat.

Her hair is utterly retarded. Easily the worst hair of the cast.

If she cut off her twintails and hair flick things I think she's be perfectly fine.

can we talk about the game here or is just fap dump?

You're supposed to talk about your favourite ship's armpits.

Yes but /jp/ is better for that.

/jp/ is where game discussion goes.

The ears work on Hatsuzuki, I think they can stay. But the twintails have got to go.

What does this face convey?

I think it's just fine, and suits her personality. She's like the Grace Jones of the IJN.

>The ears work on Hatsuzuki
I don't really think they work on Hatsu either, although that might just be because they're also with her headband.



It's not bad, just a bit overdone. Everyone else except Kongo and one or two have pretty simple hairstyles.

It looks awful, makes her look retarded instead of tough.

harumaki-san manga

Kongou has the prettiest hair.

I love bullying Kongou too.

Yeah but hairy armpits for Karishima



Hairy armpits are gross and not my fetish, therefore every girl has delicious smooth armpits.

>therefore every girl has delicious smooth armpits
At least until the French show up

Why is Fusou love?

She's ok I guess.


If you want to support your lewd ship artist monthly and get PSDs.

Fusou is gorgeous. One of the more beautiful BBs for sure.

why does long black hair + well endowed look so well together


My face is the perfect place for that ass

My tongue is more perfect for her butthole.

>that pissed off look


here is what you do with these glove-memes

Black hair, red eyes and tits are a great combination.


She and her sister persevere, even in the face of great hardship. I want to make them the most respected ships in my fleet, then spy on them as they celebrate with yuri love.


I'd bully that gap for hours on end~

Well then she'll just have to find other ways to get her admiral's attention.

Needs more smug.

all very sexyly designed,but all are way too white

all with yogurt skin


It sure does

She won't be allowed to take off that full body piece for a week because that's how long we're going to stay in bed.



Where da navelfags at?



Does she squeak during sex?

I don't I could tolerate it.


Tell me more about this ship.

She likes to have her cervix bruised.




check out my sons i made with prinz

>when someone posts your favorite pic
good job bro

I would like to be inside Bismarck.

I guess I won't talk to you or your wife's sons ever again.

>not rommel


What happens to ships who show signs of turning?


Where are her turrets?

Mercy kill.

Emergency rectal injections of admiral semen, the only known cure to Abyssization.

Which ships would I catch down at the local pub?

>Not Bismarck.

Thats her rigging, it's hidden when not in use obviously.



I want to get shit faced with Ashigara too.

Hit her head with a hammer until she stops bitching.

What does Haruna's face convey?

You're not the only one for sure.

She might be a bit spooky but she's really cute when she's not angry.

I normally don't like big breasts but they look nice here.

I love a lewd Prinz.

But I want to be inside her more.



me too
like the male fish from the deep oceanic waters species,who literaly "enters" the female's body and becomes a part of it

If I can get away with this, I'd do this to teenage girls in real life.

Max's swim suit really did become popular, even other ship girls are using her swim suit.

I want to marry that abyssal


well i just saw Pola on a male public rest room

Takao please lovingly sit on my face!

She's very cute.


So then where's your ringed Bismarck?

Pleased to see all the admiration for best MEAT boat in this thread. Well done by all participants!

Oh, won't someone please help this mentally deficient child?

Very stylish fashion sense.

I haven't been able to get my Bismarck yet.

>Your dear kanmusu will never say you "happy birthday" and offers you his body as gift.

why live

She's just so erokawaii. You can't deny the eroticism but she's so cute you don't want to fap.





Well best of luck to you in getting your Bismarck then. In the meantime i shall enjoy my Bismarck's company.


But I fap to her pretty often.



I read most of her doujins but I just can't seem to do it.

Sorry, actually I'm a cat drinking a Jose Cuervo.

Come play with me, Commander!

What game are we going to play?

I'll take her home


agreed, i think she is a pure girl that was unfortunately misunderstood and made her ero by many artist


That's boring. We should play something else.

>pure girl that was unfortunately misunderstood
You get it.


Kashima is a good girl, not for lewds



Drunk Kirishima would be fun to see.

I want to go out with her on a night of drinking and see where it leads.


It's time to sleep without Kaga.


You'll take responsibility right?

Play a game of sex.

Pure and a good girl definitely, but no less hot than they think she is. Cute as hell, but also entirely too fappable to resist.

By killing her and chopping up the body to dispose of it? Of course!

Sure, but I can't get her pregnant anyway.

That sounds more like the game I'd want to play with Asashio.


You can't.

Why not?

She's too young.

It's fine. I'll make her into an adult.

Being Haguro is suffering.

>not 155

Give your Bismarck more love mate.

I know I need to craft more Maruyus to max my pudding's luck. ;_;

Why is pudding's luck so insane.

She grew up with her Kai 2, she's ready.

But she's almost 80 years old.

She should let me take As
higara home instead.

I am going to impregnate that Prinz and make more babies with her!

U  M
M  U

Kuma's butthole.

I am going to leave Kasumi here and you better not touch her or anything.

Or else.

Too late. Kasumin is mine!

This post is bearly acceptable.

Kinda hard when she wants to kick me for having lewd thoughts about her.

Other FBBs need leveling first, i'll get her to 155 sooner or later, but i need a balanced fleet first.

Okay, that's it.

I am going to summon an army of Akebonos for kidnapping Kasumi. Good luck lewding these Akebonos!

back to /vg/ fags

Jokes on you. Bonobono is also mine!


Just spam 5-4, FBBs are the easiest class to level. I prioritised levelling my Prinz to 155 first and I have most FBBs to 99 already.

>back to
We were never there to begin with.

Thank god I still have Michishio. Your tsundere collection will never be complete!

I am going to have XXX with both Kasumin and Bono!

Bono's a bitch.

That's fine. I've already got the two I want!

You're quite the masochist, I believe you can have my Michishio as well.

its a miracle that the thread has barely had spam of the kaga fags

I want to fuck Kasumi as she screams and kicks, begging for me to stop.

That's fine too. I'll take her if no one else will!