I've been in a coma, has a.f.k. released a new ep for zoku SZS?

I've been in a coma, has a.f.k. released a new ep for zoku SZS?

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I can't even remember the last anime a.f.k subbed.

They've gone afk

SZS is over user, go look online for it, it shouldn't be hard.
you've missed some good stuff out there and theres things that belong in your backlog provided you arn't just shitting about.

I think they are close to release

Give it a few more decades

We've already laughed, also Fujyoshi's VA is dead too.

Don't remind me there are more seasons of this. I'm not done fixing the subs for the first one.


Best Zoku opening.
Though the batshit insane Goku ones beat it.

Don't remind me, I'm still in denial.

SZS is one of the few anime Cred Forums consistently doesn't hate (note: choice of words).

If anything, what we disagree over is which opening song is better.

And, it's Bure, you tremendous fucking faggots.

There's not a lot to hate it for. Best anime Shaft has ever done.

>And, it's Bure

No it's Ringo Mogire Beam, you cock guzzling whore.

I think people who won't like it will drop it before they even finish the first episode, and so they don't have enough ammo to start shitposting.

Also it's clearly Rumba you worthless bottom feeder.

Ringo > Bure > Rumba

It's not even close

Shit I forgot to laugh

I prefer the feel of Bure but Rumba has more punch to it.
Ringo is fun but the op is nothing special alas.
Fuck i love szs. Don't forget to laugh guys.

Remember that day when we had all 3 OPs playing at the same time? I wish someone had made a proper mix and uploaded it somewhere

Matoi a shit, Kiri a best.

Except that's not true at all. Kiri is far too boring to even be top-tier.


Mi negro

Kafuka is best girl

Because every girl is best girl

Kafuka a creepy and pure evil

Either of the two books he did after SZS any good?

Kumeta has done plenty after SZS, what are you talking about?

How about them EDs?
Zetsubou Restaurant > Zessei Bijin > Marionette

Zetsubou Restaurant is utterly fantastic but I'd probably put Marionette higher than Zessei Bijin because it never failed to put a smile on my face.