ITT: Shows that only you remember

ITT: Shows that only you remember.

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what a weird name for a show


I think she's saying that she remembers Rescue Wings. Please be more mindful of shy girls. They have trouble speaking up as it is. They'll turn completely quiet if you mock what little they do say.

Now give her a headpat and tell her everything will be daijobu.

I remember ep 3 being great. Though I don't think you're supposed to pick up someone who was crushed under rubble without immobilizing their spine first.

What did Koichi Ohata mean by this ending?

All I remember was the blonde gets abused a lot.

The protagonist was pretty mad at first as well.



Every thread.

The manga was very popular in France.

it was fun

I remember. Was a great watch


Last Guardian the anime.

Also Erin is top tier waifu.


Soul Hunter.


I never get this. Why they tried to make those two lesbians? Miuyki was in love with Ken and even Natsumi had crush.


Two of them crying in the end.


Source fast, please.

Google is no good, really. Tell me what is the name of anime. Is it another one Simoun?

Ghost in the Shell, movie next year I think, know also most remember probably but epic, epic show. Cowboy Bebop, S-cry-ed, Parasyte, etc also.

>That shower scene

Stratos 4?

You done goofed.

Yes, I see. Is it a decent show?

Fuck if I know. Just noticed the filename.

Watch this instead. Its really good if not a bit slow in the beginning.



One would think that this anime would be more discussed here, seeing how much Cred Forums loves little girls doing sports.

Looked like fujoshit and had Samflam tier budget, but it's actually one of the better psychological animu around.


Been meaning to watch this, thanks for reminding me.


muh dick

Looks interesting. I'll give it a shot.

better than Lain

Koume! It's ten of clock! Wake up!

This show made me join the emergency services.

How'd that turn out for you?

Quite well, I enjoyed saving animals from trees, and people who fell off cliffs.