Subaru and Emilia make no sense

Remember the end of the thirteenth episode of Re:Zero where Subaru drops all of his spaghetti and Emilia leaves him?

Despite what the show claims, there's really no evolution from that Subaru to the Subaru at the end of the show.

He's still overly attached to Emilia, he still does everything in his power to protect her, he still goes against her commands for her sake, he's still corny as fuck, he's still completely unable to explain to her why he seems to be able to predict the future and why he loves Emilia so much despite the fact that from her perspective, they haven't really talked that much. He didn't even really apologize for basically saying that Emilia would be dead if it wasn't for him.

Emilia said she didn't want any kind of special treatment when Subaru showed obsession towards her. But now she likes that kind of special treatment and is happy for it? The fuck changed?

Shouldn't Emilia be even more confused at this point? Shouldn't she be worried about him getting injured for her like it happened every single other time? The happy ending feels completely unearned.

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I'm a dirty secondary so I might be wrong, but the ending felt very much like the classic "We ain't adapting more, let's give it a quick half-assed conclusion and move on". I doubt that conversation between them is in the original work.

From Emilia's perspective it makes no sense. How for Subaru, he's lived through multiple lives and spent multiple weeks to months being around Emilia and endured multiple life-threatening and killing events them.

He's simply looking for simple comfort, with Rem gone, Emilia is the only other anchor in this world.

People hyped this up as a deconstruction of Isekai but aside from a few shitty fourth wall lines from the MC, it was just incredibly standard Isekai bullshit and it didn't feel different at all.

He did apologize though. And he's still in love, that hasn't changed (and I don't see why it should). The thing is he wouldn't act the way he did in Episodes 12-13 again if he could redo it.

It's no a deconstruction of isekai, it's a deconstruction of isekai MCs.

Shit writing.

Again, though: What changed? Basically everything Emilia said back then still applies.

And I say, again: we don't know what Subaru would have done in Episodes 12 and 13 now, which is when he fucked up.

What was he supposed to do in this situation? He saved Emilia and everyone in the mansion and the village. Then he got his much deserved lap pillow, apologized to Emilia and confessed to her. What else was he supposed to do? All of that fits with the "new Subaru" and the idea of "hero" Rem has of him.

>Betelgeuse is overly devoted to a witch that doesn't reciprocate the love
>Subaru is overly devoted to a witch-looking girl that doesn't reciprocate the love

Can I have Subaru and Betelgeuse talking about AINI while drinking a couple old beers in some rusty old bar?

I don't think you understand. It doesn't matter what he would have done in Episodes 12 and 13. He did the same thing throughout the entire fucking show, including the last episode. He's still doing the things that were bothering Emilia but now she's not bothered anymore because ???

>ima halfu elfu
>nobudy liks me bu hu
>subari liks me wuiii

What are those things? He's always had problems that only showed in some moments and later became blatantly obvious when the Royal selection. He then went completely insane with everything that was happening until Rem made him see the light in Episode 18. After that, he's been much more mature and confident and things have turned out alright for him. Again, what are those things that he's still doing?

How about you read the OP?

The only reason Emilia was bothered by Subaru's behavior is because she couldn't understand the why. She stopped giving a fuck when said why was having a guy in love with her, because being a carbon of copy of Satella meant she thought that someone actualy loving her would be impossible.

Alright, Cred Forums, rate on the cringe-o-meter, from 0 to 10

>End of episode 13
>End of episode 18
>End of episode 25

Because whoever wrote this shit is retarded

I already did which is why I'm asking the questions.

>He's still overly attached to Emilia
He's in love. I don't see anyone complaining when Rem shows her love for Subaru
>he still does everything in his power to protect her
How is that a bad thing? Even if he wasn't in love with her, it'd still be the right thing to save her. And you're forgetting that he's also saving everyone else in the mansion and in the village.
>he still goes against her commands for her sake
Nothing he can do there as his savepoint moved. He cannot stay in Crusch's mansion to get healing from Ferris anymore because they all got involved in the battle against the White Whale. Would you really think Subaru should forget about everyone (again, it's not just Emilia, it's also their friends: Ram, Beatrice, Petra....) and go do his own thing? And oh, did you forget that if he does nothing and Emilia dies, Puck will destroy the world?
>he's still corny as fuck
That's just your opinion. Many people though he looked cool. Still, how is that a problem? That's just the way he is. At least this time his actions are backing up his words.
>he's still completely unable to explain to her why he seems to be able to predict the future and why he loves Emilia so much despite the fact that from her perspective, they haven't really talked that much
Emilia didn't ask. Why would he suddenly bring up something that might trigger Satella?
>He didn't even really apologize for basically saying that Emilia would be dead if it wasn't for him.
He did.

The ending was Evangelion-tier

Not him but you're completely misunderstanding his point.
We obviously have a justification for everything he did. Emilia does not. She should be confused.

Kill yourself.

>look at me over analyzing a chinese cartoon
I don't have a life and here I am telling you to get one, faggot.

>End of episode 13

>End of episode 18

>End of episode 25

>not being able to discuss something you like

And that is why you have no life along with everything that makes one user, kys at this point because you have nothing to live for. At least the guy tries at something.

I just deleted everything I was about to write because I realized that the answer is LOVE.

She is pretty confused but in the end her being happy over someone not treating her like shit trumps that. It was the entire point of the scene.

Look at it from Emilia's perspective, not ours. Go check the ending of episode 13 and you will see that 90% of Emilia's concerns with Subaru still apply by the end of the show.

Lead by example, sport.


You first

Its there. He's riding high on thinking he won, he saved the girl, he was able to express his feeling in a far less creepy way. Things are looking pretty good for Toyota.

He is BTFO basically 2 seconds after that scene ends

Emilia said she can't know what Subaru is thinking if he does not say it. Subaru confessed and says what on his mind. Emilia finally understood him. What is the problem here?

Yes, but you're forgetting Episode 17. Emilia was upset at the end of 13, but she's also a very good and naïve person. I doubt she stayed mad at him after a few days had gone by. She was just disappointed in him, but she still cared about him. As she says in Episode 17, she got really worried when he came back with all those wounds, and she was willing to listen to his explanations.

This time, she meets a Subaru that actually comes with some of Crusch's men. She obviously doesn't know what happened during that time that they were separated, but she chose to focus on the fact that he was safe, that he was behaving in a much more mature way, and that he apologized. They probably should have had a talk in which Subaru explains everything to her after that, but then THAT THING that White Fox skipped happened.

Fucking love man. Probably one of the biggest difference between now and back then is that Subaru confessed his love for Emilia. Sure Emilia may still be confused but the power of love trumps any emotions. This is especially true for Emilia who had always been treated like shit and is as dense as a typical harem MC.

Concerns that were only valid because he gave no reason for his actions. Emilia couldn't understand why Subaru would go so far for her and he himself wouldn't give a reason, so she sought to sever all ties with him despite the fact she didn't want to and it made her feel like shit. Then he fucking confessed his feelings for her after bringing an entire army to cull the With Cult, and once again saving her (and the kids) from death by explosion. Fuck user, this should have been some obvious shit.

>He is BTFO basically 2 seconds after that scene ends

What happens?

>Acting logical



Actual spoilers

The whale was being controlled by the Archbishop of Gluttony, who was acting as support. He investigates its death after Crusch and Rem leave. His authority is similar to the Whales's power and he eats a large number of people, including Rem, which puts them in a coma and causes everyone to forget about them. Crusch has her memories eaten, but is still fine. Subaru finds out when he brings up Rem after that scene and his checkpoint is set to after that happens, giving him no way to save Rem of Crusch.

Love...what mysterious emotion.

Subaru had already admitted his love for her in the bed scene. She got pissed off and said she thought Subaru would be the one to look at her like anyone else.

Did he commit suicide to check and see where his last checkpoint will be?

No. He never confessed until this episode. The most he did was hint at it by saying he couldn't look at her like he did everyone else.

Before the witch cult arc he wanted to be emilias protector and be someone who was the most important to her. Her was more obsessed with this idea of being someone of worth than he was with what was best for emilia.

At the end here, he wants whats best for emilia and considers his own rewards secondary.

Yes, in many cases these motivations would result in the same actions. But not always, and certainly the later motivation wouldn't result in the royal selection grandstanding he did


boring (You)

>that actually comes with some of Crusch's men.

This is important, because even Emilia can figure out that something must have changed in Subaru for the better after he shows up with Julius. She even comments on it.

He didn't actually say it. He waffled around the issue, and tried to make her feel indebted to him, but never got around to telling her he loved her. Obviously he's been fairly open about it before, but she's incredibly naive and mostly just assumed he was weird and joking, and that he couldn't seriously care for her.

No, (you)'re the boring one. Put some effort in it.

fuck me cunt i just finished episode 13 he just fucking had a waterfall of spaghetti fall out

Subaru is such a Gary Stu. I don't buy how everyone basically loves him even with the time travelling powers.

I really don't see the issue of leaving on a happy ending regardless of knowing of the horror that has yet to come. I hated they did shit with Panty and Stocking and season 2 will never see the light of day leaving a bad taste. Once season 2 is announced they can just start where they left off.

Hasn't it been hinted that Satella is slightly exacerbating Subaru's love for Emilia because she is the vessel?

No because if they do that "rem scene" in S2
Everybody wouldn't give a fuck and just move on with another anime

Literally nobody loves the show for Subaru. We love it because it's
>trapped in a video game with Groundhog Day
the anime.

this show missed it's chance at being this generations evangellion by pulling the happy end

I'm not even meming, I'm being 100% serious. White Fox fucked up.

Nah, the episode would probably be a huge rollercoaster, it would make a pretty good first episode for a S2. If you started with showing Crusch and Rem heading back to the capital you can get a brief moment of
>Oh look, there's Rem!
>Wow she's pretty bad ass
>Wait no

And then continue with the rest of the reveal from Subaru's end, ending on his suicide and realization he's too late to do anything to save them.

So the threads will be actually enjoyable with less shitposting ? Yeah I am okay with this if edgy faggots can't wait for season 2 then good riddance since it would be the best good way to start it.

Yeah, but unfortunately Subaru is the main character and we're forced to see him. His switches from hero to complete NEET back again to beloved hero are so odd and off-putting

Of course there's an evolution. That moment when he lost it, you can see from his expression that he understands himself how abusive his attitude is. He can't stop himself from trying to imprison her with his words and he hates it. But then what he did was also relieving a big part of the stress that had accumulated from all the horrors he had endured, and it was all he needed to start his process of introspection. Him apologizing to Julius is one of the results. And when they are reunited at the end, Emilia understands that this time he was protecting her from a distance without trying to keep her captive at his side like he was doing before, following her everywhere, keeping her in his back so that no one could reach her, and speaking at her place like in that scene in front of the council of Elders.
I think this was a great way to make both of them evolve in the story. Loving someone doesn't make him/her your possession you have to keep jealously at your side.

There will be even more shitposting from EMTards
>HURR DURR see my Waifu finally gets development

This is a five star post, my man. Still, Subaru seems like such an inconsistent character. One minute he's this unabashedly confident guy, others he's a pathetic neet.

Except that apart from the 'reset' part, nothing reminds us of a game. It could be another fantasy anime like Lodoss Wars, except that the hero comes from another dimension.

The main difference is in his perception of himself, and the difference for Emilia is the type of special treatment.

You have to remember that for us it is common to infer "special" in a positive way, but it can also just mean different. She didn't want to receive special treatment because she was a candidate or silver haired half-elf and Subaru made it clear that it wasn't for those reasons that he couldn't help but give her special treatment.

How does Subaru commit suicide?

What a bitch Subaru is though.
Have Rem do all your shitty work, and then throw her aside.

There are so many loose end that should be tied up. Fuck, why the fuck do studios adapt an ongoing series again? This shit always happens. Now I'm gonna have to go read the fucking novel or webcomic or whatever.

He doesn't deserve her, idc he can have his Half-Devil.
I'd choose Rem over Emilia anyday.

He's unpredictable, yes. In a lot of cases, you can deduce what kind of characterization a character will receive and how it will be treated only by its looks. This show was very refreshing because Subaru was surprisingly human.

I feel like he's too inconsistent to be believably human. Actually, I think that kind of applies to the whole story. It feels like the writer wakes up one day and writes the most amount of suffering possible and then the next decides to write the most hopeful Shonen story he can.

I think some of it is the removal of a lot of day-to-day scenes. You are really only getting a highlights reel with the anime so he goes from major ups to major downs with not a lot of inbetween. Since they also aren't doing monologues or extra descriptions you don't get his insights on situations either.

Who? Subaru did all of it himself.

Fair enough. Adapting a novel is hard. I can definitely notice the lack of details sometimes myself. For example, magic is used all the time but explanations are just kind of brushed off within ten seconds. I imagine the novel goes into autistic detail on how that all works.

Rem did so much. While Emilia was afk for half the series, Rem did so much.
God she suffered so much. And in the end she doesn't get rewarded at all.

I'm not mad at the fact that she was my favorite character and didn't get with Subaru. I'm mad that she was literally forgotten as soon as Emilia was relevant again. They literally shipped her away with a pile of half dead old men.

At the end of the series, she wasn't even shown. At all, not even mentioned. For fucks sake FUCK this show.

Oh you poor soul. Its so, so much worse than you know.

Considering Subaru is a creepy piece of shit, Rem had the good end of the deal. She'll get over him soon enough and marry a man that isn't a weird beta orbiter that also happens to have some witch bullshit surrounding him.

Remember: As long as nothing else gets adapted, it's canon that Rem continues living normally.
You do not want the rest of the series to be adapted if you like Rem. Trust me.

I think getting put on a bus is worse. Her last wish ends up being validated, and she goes down like a boss.

I swear to fucking god if she dies later on the LN and Subaru doesn't do shit after all the crap she put up with and did for him just to save Emilia, I won't be able to take it.

I wouldn't call that a 'hopeful' story. I feel like we were left on a cliffhanger, as from now it is Emilia who is going to change, now that she can imagine someone would love her for who she is.
And I feel the author only tried to adapt that 'if only we could reset our lives like in video games' wish some have and applied it. Only, very realistically.

>shit thread because OP had to write his shitty opinion

Where's the re:zero general???

Good news! She's not technically dead.

Kill yourself

I don't know what happens later in the LN (no spoilers please), but shipping her off in a cart like luggage and being forgotten for the finale of the series evem though she carried Subaru for more than half the series is pretty fucking bad.

Like, at least give her some closure Jesus.

You kill yourself, retard. Nobody cares about your shitty opinion. Start a decent thread next time and post your shit in it instead of turning the entire thread's focus on your shitty opinion. Fuck you.

>Like, at least give her some closure Jesus.
As he said, you probably really don't want to know. Pray they adapt some of the happy SoL interludes like the Mayo one or their winter thing.

If you are kidding this mad over a thread about an anime thread on the internet, your mommy and daddy should probably revoke your internet privileges.

What the fuck are you even saying

So you think a shitposting general is better than actual discussion? Welcome to neo-Cred Forums everyone.

Christ, you're retarded.

So can Ley eat his own name? That'd be a neat trick to hide from people, although I guess the one person he's drawn aggro from isn't affected.

Evangelion's ending was a class all its own.
The only anime to get even remotely close to it was KareKano.

>'if only we could reset our lives like in video games'
Interesting point. The hero being a Neet might be a nice waking up call for some people.

Don't bother, people are just butthurt that the Rem scene didn't happen because they expected le ebin shitstorm.

>What happens?

this happens

No, she was fucking bothered by it because he had no explanation for his attachment to her. He was getting himself hurt just to protect her and Emilia (she is kinda very dense) doesn't understand why. With the way everyone has treated her, the though that Subaru did it bacuase of love never crossed her mind. But in this last episode he clearly told her "I love you".
And that was enough for her, there was no way Emilia could interpret that as a lie.

Asking from there, Why do you love me?

There was no way anyone could interpret Subaru's cofession as a lie, you don't need a lie detector for that. This is going to sound very corny, but asking why he loves her is just pointless because sometimes it just happens like that.

And yes as corny as this will sound: at the last episode he gave her a reason, a very simple reason.

Because the OP autistic cunt who didn't actually pay attention to Emilia's problem and just speedwatched the episode. You damn nearly contriation who keeps asking the same they actually had awnser if they weren't spreging out,

Well said.

Bullshit. Subaru is the ONLY reason I love Re:Zero.

In Rom-jii's bar?

>>Subaru is overly devoted to a witch-looking girl that doesn't reciprocate the love
but she does..
after several death loops and mental break down.

He never confessed, and if you actually paid attention Emilia is a girl with a huge inferiority complex for being an outcast half elf.
She never would have thought anyone would just show up and actually love her on first sight.

I went to check and you're right, he didn't say it, I guess he just implied it strongly but not strongly enough.

Remember when Emilia was taking care of him as her own baby while Rem was trying to kill him with a fucking iron ball?

Well, fuck.
Now I want more.
We're never getting more animu, right?

Not until LN get to where the WN is. Anime/LN is around the 3rd arc, WN is ob the 6th

Hell no

You're the only one who will be shitposting. And no one will pay any attention to you.

It makes sense when you realize satella is implating fake love into subaru for emilia. When subaru gets rid of the witch's influence in the au, he loses all interest in emilia and runs off with rem to open a mayonnaise store.

Its possible, but it will be a year or two at least. The LN needs to get more volumes under its belt. If they were fast they could start preproduction with maybe 6-7 more volumes out and continue releasing them as the anime airs, similar to what they did this time around.

>When subaru gets rid of the witch's influence in the au, he loses all interest in emilia and runs off with rem to open a mayonnaise store.
Not exactly how that works. Plus he works as some kind of laborer.

What do you mean? In the au, he gets rid of the witches influence, and him and rem open a mayonnaise store, and are currently on their second oni halfu child

He doesn't get rid of the witch's influence, Rem just agrees to his proposal from episode 18 and off they go. The AU is very light on the actual circumstances behind their arrival and there's no indication that he doesn't still have RbD or anything like that, he's just not in a place to die easily and leads a more or less peaceful life.

My question is is Subaru so fucking dense that he thinks Emilia will be the only one who will give him sexy time when Rem was literally throwing herself at him? Emilia was gone the entire second half of the show and she still single handedly won.

are you into shinjiX asuka EoE??

He's into silver hair, I guess. I don't fucking know.

Shinji x Asuka EoE has way more chemistry than Emilia x Subaru.

Ferri made a mistake.

im gonna help you

The ending made no sense. Did Subaru have powers before ep 25? I don't recall any. Firestones? WTF?? How the hell did he come to these conclusions? Seems the anime skipped over some important points to wrap it up.

So did subaru fuck the little mercanary car girl and now he and his son are visting felix in the hospital?

Look at her face, she knows how bad she fucked up


Put some effort into it you fuck

Because Asuka was the only person that was willing to talk to him and actually felt the pain he was going through. Rei meanwhile was doing God knows what. Not to mention Shinji and Rei had barely anything going for them at this point.

Also don't act like Subaru wouldn't jack off to a comatose Emilia.

He is very aware Rem will fuck him if he asked, he's not doing it because of his complicated feelings regarding Emilia and Rem.

What's the likelihood of Emilia becoming/merging with Satella by the end of this series?

He had Shamac. The thing he shot at Betel was Julius' spirit that he had on him.

>Did Subaru have powers before ep 25? I don't recall any.
He had that shadow power that was weak as shit. The fire power he used was given to him by Julius.

>Firestones? WTF?? How the hell did he come to these conclusions?
They're like bombs or something. They said the were missing and he was reminded he saw them explode in the other timeline with one of the fingers.

>asking why he loves her is just pointless because sometimes it just happens like that.
Or he has to because of magic.

holy fuck the 2nd half of this show was terrible

toyota is a blatant self-insert by LNfag. the entire cast is dedicated to helping him forgive himself for being a shut-in-do-nothing-NEET as he chases after the pretty half-elf girl in a fantasy world.

when will the shitty LN anime meme end?

The bottle is filled with mayo

Emilia's over the top response to Toyota was the worst part considering how little she was actually on screen and part of the timeline. The heroine is the weakest character. What else is new?

the firestones are like timed explosives, and the longer you leave them alone the bigger the explosion. this is why the explosion in 25 was way bigger than the one in 23. that's what the author said on twitter anyway

He is being forced to love her with magic by satella.

>le it was a deconstruction!
It was shit, in trying to be different from what its deconstructing it ended up doing the same ol things as always, except the protag got a healthy dose of suffering at the cost of us watching him sperg out for 3 episodes too long for one storyline.

I'm sorry you're a massive sperg and basic human admiration and sympathy makes you REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Reminder to not take Emiliafags seriously. They're EOP who read SPfag posts and wiki spoilers. They know nothing about arc 4+.
Don't read their walls of text

It doesn't feel like a deconstruction at all. Subaru is beloved by pretty much everyone and has a maid girl devoted to him.

Go back to redit if you want to pretend to be a retard.
>Emilia said she didn't want any kind of special treatment when Subaru showed obsession towards her. But now she likes that kind of special treatment and is happy for it? The fuck changed?
Obviously the type of special treatment she was talking about was the negative kind due to her being a half elf retard

Dude I didn't realize how good mayo was.

I know how I am going to kill myself now. I'm going to eat nothing but mayo and whole milk until something breaks.

>Emilia, didn’t even crack the top 3!
Real main charactrer.

He literally told her he'll make her fall in love with him. They're still on a rough patch.

I ain't reading all that shit, nigga. Emilia hasn't won; the light/web novel is still going. It's an adaptation so of course the anime isn't going to be perfect.

>Subaru getting any votes
I don't understand

>Rem has 50%+ of the vote.
Not particularly surprising

>Emilia beaten by her cat
Also not surprising

>Those 2 guys that voted Ricardo


I don't get how this is a happy ending? Doesn't the witch win in this ending also? Pete said the witch wanted to use Emilia's body as a vessel to come back to the world. It's pretty heavily implied that Subaru is the Archbishop of Pride and it's clear the witch operates in Subaru to some degree. Plus the witch's cult is all based around love for the witch and Subaru's only other love contender has been taken out. For all I know the Witch is making Subaru have unusual "love" for Emilia simply so the witch can get close to her.

>support into the half-demon maid of Roswaal's mansion
Really Crunchyroll?

What did he mean by this?

It was sold as a deconstruction, they didn't follow through. I find it funny that even in the "deconstructions" of the genre it still ends up horrifically unsatisfying, just like all the rest.

Rem orgasms over mayo.

Turns out that Emilia. like Rem, is nothing but an empty shell of a character made to appeal to the waifu fantasies of people self-inserting as the MC, in other words a waifubait character. Who would have thought, OP. Surely the show didn't gave it away in Ep1.

What the fuck do you want out of a deconstruction?

I know crunchyroll payers are plebs, but i feel like even they would know what sn oni is.

No she doesn't. She's actually got a minor trauma involving it. They make Ram make all the mayo in the mansion even though Rem is better at it.

>Subaru got #2
I told you ReZero was self insert. No one could possibly like Subaru as a character.

Yes she does. When she first eats it. Then she accidently a subaru and now she is traumatized.

Its not even a matter of using demon instead of oni, she's not 'half' anything.


>You don't like something I like, you're a poopyhead

Fucking kill yourself

You would be wrong.

CR translations are kinda shit lately. They even called Patrasche male in EP25. I go back and look later and they never fix any of their errors.

I like him personally, and i definitely cant self insert as him.

An actual deconstruction instead of the same ol shlock we get 99% of the time? I dunno user, WHY WOULD I WANT IT TO BE DIFFERENT IF ITS A DECONSTRUCTION!?

Off topic, but does anybody else think that after episode 18 the show got drastically worse? It seemed like a generic action/person in another world show after that

Dumb speedwatcher

If people self-insert it means that they like him.

She can use her demon mode. So you can call her half-demon

I think that's a relatively common opinion.

This is shit tier logic

But she's an oni all the time. Her horn just awakens fighting instincts ad absorbs mana. Her kids are half-oni.


why did I even take you seriously

I thought the anime should have ended on 18. It had all the makings of a great ending, not whatever this shit was.

Even the Emiliafags get thrown a bone.

It's not a deconstruction of anything : stop using TVTropes as a replacement for a dictionary.

The Wilhelm thing was completely generic. Superior characters were left out to fill a bunch of episodes with forgettable 1-shot trope characters and even a backstory for one of them. For me it was all downhill from the candidates gathering together about halfway through.

I haven't noticed, my bad. I had problems finishing the series after ep 18, was thinking maybe others had the same problem

This is not math. You can still call her half-deamon or even cuck


I do. He's looks like a fun guy to be around

Why would math be involved? Her parents are full blooded Oni, she's a full blooded Oni. Ram not having a horn doesn't magically make her a human, she's also still a full blooded Oni. Neither of them are half anything.

Subaru isn't a teenage though

How old is he supposed to be? He looked 17.

That's all I can say

And OP's post isn't even accurate so all is well

>Gary sue
>time travel is based around him fucking up and finally doing everything thing perfectly
>still fucks up some then
Don't hate the character just because you can't seem to grasp the concept

Go back to MAL forums thx.

OVA announcement at any moment...

My folder is ready

Any moment...

dumb frogposter

I don't know why you guys hated this ending so much. It leaves the option for a second season still with the swift kick in the nuts of an opening episode or through previews showing Rem's status, or it can just end here for the anime portion. I personally like the ending of him in bliss when in reality it's all not right, makes going back into reading it enjoyable to pick up where they left off. If you've actually read the source and know what's happening, I don't see how it could bother you so much.
Personally I just think you guys like to bitch, and this is coming from someone who likes Rem.

Man, you're a fucking idiot.

dumb frogposter

The idea of EX novel adaptation makes my folder scream, because it knows it's about to get filled :3

This animu would've been better if it followed Al instead.

I feel the same way, it ended perfectly fine
>Personally I just think you guys like to bitch
This isnt unwarranted though, I'd like to think that the bitching was due to that one image that was circulated in these threads measuring the bunker reaction of the noteworthy episodes with 25 having the hugest reaction

>25 episodes of being Priscilla's stool with a few sperg out moments involving twin oni maids and Satella
Al seems cool, but I'm not sure following him would be good, unless it was his backstory. Priscilla has luck hacks on par with Nagito so she just sends him to do stuff and he just does it without asking why because it just werks.

He looks like a bat there

I'm about the same, although I will have a slightly worse opinion of it if they don't do a S2, since it means they literally put best girl on a bus and never so much as mentioned her for 5 episodes for no apparent reason.

Even if they ended it on a good note, it obviously still feels unfinished when you look at the all the plot points that were introduced and are obviously left hanging.


So basically anime's over, s2 never, go read the LN. Did I get that right?

That's what they want you to think so that you buy the LN's like a good goy.

If it sells well, there will be a second season. That is, of course, still years away even in the best case scenario.

>story is about MC and Main Girl
>side girl shows up, gets developed and then cast aside
>MC is willing to move mountains for the sake of Main Girl
>people still get mad when this happens

The [novel] series has more than 2 million copies in print!! The novel's 9th volume is out on September 23, and the 10th volume is out on October 25. A shocking and tumultuous two-month sequential release! The TV anime's sequel is here."

>The TV anime's sequel is here.


Deconstruction was the despair arc post 18 was pure iyashikei instead of the reconstruction that the WN/LN is. They don't touch the actual finale of the arc where he finally grows up.

Anti-Remfags BTFO again.
I love how you fags try your best to piss off Remfags to get a few wry laughs but you get BTFO every fucking time.

user, Rem is gone.

I wish our country had posters and billboards about seasonal anime of quesntionable quality.

It's like this:
You went to MCs craving for a regular burger, but they gave you one with cheese. You told them that you just want a regular, but they said the cheese was on the house so you decided to take their offer. After you went home and munch on your burger, you noticed something is different. Something is missing. They didn't put mayo.

>Main girl gets far less development than a handful of side characters
>Main girl gets far less screentime and is the least affected by alternate timelines
>People will still defend her being the obvious love interest

Honda is a faggot though, It was just a bad series overall from about the halfway point. The shoehorned absolute love interest at the end was just the turd cherry on top of he turd pie.


This doesn't mean she can't be popular
Seeing her popular makes me happy

Rem WILL be back.

Nagatsuki-san is going to pull a GoT. He's going to stop writing and fully commit himself to finishing the story first through anime. After that, he will write the final books with a slightly changed scenario based on feedback from the TV series. There will be a Rem ending.

Rem's popularity will bring her back. Nagatsuki-san can't refuse.

You clearly failed to pay attention. Their fight in ep 13 hurt her as much as it hurt him. A reconciliation and a confession rolled into one is a pretty big deal, especially for someone with a huge persecution complex.

They said no.


She disappeared for practically all of the remaining 12 episodes. Why should anyone care?

You are absolutely right, OP. Subaru and Emilia do not belong together. Emilia-tan and I are the only ones who deserve each other.

S2 of Jard-kun when?

I love Rem but it needed to happen here and not S2, it concludes Subaru character going from shit to war hero and it isn't the premise of arc 4 but goes untouched until arc 6. Otherwise everyone will complain it brought up a plot twist but did nothing with it and Subaru just picks up a harem of witches instead.

If they wanted conclude the anime on a high note then it should happen in an ova like the seven deadly sins fixed it's S1 ending.

It's pretty simple.
Emilia started seeing Subaru as an alpha male when he leaded an army to kill the white whale and the witch's cult and when Subaru had a big social circle due to his sucess. She also loved Subaru when she realized that Subaru was the one who saved the villages.
Se saw Subaru as an beta orbiter too attached to her, but now she see Subaru as an alpha male who love her.

Is this your first long-running series? The side characters will always have their "development" frontloaded so the readers get attached to them for their respective arcs. Main characters' development will happen slowly throughout the entire series.

>>plebbit's redpill is that way, faggot>>>

I don't know if I could think of anything now that Re:Zero is over.

Anyone who does not have the attention span of a goldfish understands the point of the arc. See the early thread replies. Seasonal shitposters and crossboarders only in it for the epic memes and shitstorms need not apply.

>Zero news on S2
>Long running series

As far as anyone knows, the show is done. If that's the case and 25 episodes is all they had to work with, it was a terrible adaptation when side characters get more development than main characters and main characters spend a handful of episodes being virtually unwatchable.

Until it's confirmed to be a long-running series, this was just a shit adaptation to sell more shit LN's.

It's not an arc if the anime is done, faggot. It was just a ploy to sell more LN's.

>Huge heavy trenchcoat
>Leather gloves
How do these people live

>Until it's confirmed to be a long-running series
>what is the WN

>adapted the source almost perfectly given the allotted time
>shit adaptation
You got BTFO by your ignorance and your newfag status got exposed. It's better to walk away in shame than dig yourself deeper.

>It's not an arc
It's time to stop posting, brother.

I'll give you one chance to take that back, kid. I wouldn't have to wear shorts if it wasn't around 100 F when I record.

She gives me the horn if you know what I'm saying user!

You forgot
>Main Girl suddenly gets developed to oblivion in the final arcs
It's like this is your first LN adaptation animu.

When will the LN anime meme end?

Just watched the episode. How did that wagon not catch on fire when blobegeuse was attacking?

Plot armor isn't flammable.

How did that wagon survive any of that shit? They off-roaded that thing for miles, threw it off a cliff, through a river. Shit was built Ford tough.

Not to mention the guy breaks down trees without even slowing down, and then somehow dies to a piece of wood.

i honestly dislike Emilia not because of her character or anything, but because of fucking Subaru's obsession with her

>Build an actual relationship with Rem
>we as spectators SEE more of Emilia than Subaru ever fucking did

Well, he can't break down trees with his face, but yes, his hands should've absolutely wrecked that wagon.

So Subaru still loved Emilia when married to Rem then?

And what will happen when the fake love disappears?


OP is just baiting for discussion or is literally retarded.

No, Rem becomes his #1 and he thinks only of her really. They're very lovey-dovey. He knocked up Rem before they were even settled in and they consider Rigel the proof of their fiery indiscretions of youth.

If there is some sort of force compulsing him after Emilia it isn't covered in the AU at all, either because its not there at all or because the author didn't want to tip his hand in a side-story. Its already based on a non-cannon character response because we see in the show Rem's reasoning for rejecting the proposal.

Precisely when the meme meme ends.

What meme?

Subaru's checkpoint doesn't seem to have any clear trigger. It just happens to be at whatever is most convenient for the author. This is my biggest gripe with this series. If you can forgive or forget how lazy of a plot mechanic that is it makes sense this show is praised asa 9-10/10

But then again this is anime and most anime is shit. So when there's something good it's treated as great.

Fuck him.
>Rem's popularity will bring her back. Nagatsuki-san can't refuse.
Fuck it, I'd prefer this shit to be disappear.

Satella is the one moving the checkpoints.

Its set wherever Satella wants it to be set. The trigger is that he still has time to fix whatever is going to wreck Emilia. Yes, its essentially at author's convenience but we don't know that much about Satella to say she's being arbitrary with it.

Because every series is ongoing and usually takes a decade or more to be done.

This wouldn't be a problem if we actually got decent writers to write anime originals.

Fuck off cancerous newfags with your cancerous 3DPD youtubers.

Anime originals are massive gambles. Your standard 1-cour series costs around a million to make. It's safer to treat a 1-cour series like a million dollar ad campaign for a manga or LN/WN

3DPD attentionwhores and the faggots that watch them are the worst cancer.

>Mayo chapter
>Rem creates mayonnaise per Subaru's instructions
>it was partly meant to raise her self-esteem
>fails so spectacularly Rem develops a trauma to said mayonnaise
Oh well, at least it would make people finally realize why Subaru can't have Emilia as his main love interest after the blasphemy she pulls.


Subaru is a grown man.

So you think it would be better if it had some set day intervals or something? How does that matter?

Satella does the checkpoints to ensure Emi's survival. Its a perfectly reasonable explanation and plot point wise because how else would you adapt the mechanics of save points?

Yes, and the root of his obsession is irrational in the first place because she simply helped him once. He barely knows her. Any actions taken towards him could be replicated in Rem too, but to an even more extreme.


Rem died for him too.

I'm not even trying to be a Rem fag or anything, but the writing here was really terrible. They did nothing to establish a relationship between these people. Not only that, but doesn't current Emilia only know Subaru for around 2 weeks?

This entire thing just feels like somebody made a really shitty version of Steins;Gate but added in more gore to get all the normalfags interested.

B-but it was self aware at some point!

The theory is that he's attracted to her because the witch wants him to be attracted to her because she's the vessel

Emilia helped Subaru WITHOUT any reason except the fact that she's a good person. She then tried to act like a snob about it so Subaru wouldn't feel indepted. She also helps the little girl, all of this despite the fact that her insignia was stolen. And when Subaru was a constant suspect Emilia believed in Subaru.

Rem killed Subaru several times and only reached the level of trust and loyalty after Subaru saved her.

It isn't irrational. It might be cheesy and a cliche, but it definitely is not irrational.

No it isn't. A large majority of them have character growth arcs if they start out as shitty people. The main character of Majin Tensei is a much better example of Subaru.

>Is a shit eating adult who dies alone in 30's
>Decides not to waste his life again
>Trains his ass off from the time he is a baby
>Gains an abundance of confidence
>Constantly gets his world view shattered and has to cope with the fact he is not god, albeit he is very skilled considering he trained from babyhood
>Even gets into huge fights with his surrogate dad because his "misbehavior" and demeanor after large events happen.

It's interesting, the character grows, and the character has legitimate motivations. Sure, it has self fulfilling waifu shit, but so does fucking Re:Zero, so there is nothing about this that makes it special besides blood and gore. It's like how people latched onto Akame ga Kill, when it had a terrible story, just because it was edgy.

And people actually called that shit episode where him and Rem stood around talking "god" episode. Makes no fucking sense. Rem is a fucking retard too. Entire anime is full of idiots minus a few knights and mid evil Sanger Zonvolt.

please elaborate

Emilia got pissed off with his clingy bullshit back then, but couldn't really be angry with him now since he ended up saving her neck and those of the villagers.

>Character lows in a story are now considered a deconstruction

Do you retards not know a single thing about story telling?

I would say "we'll see," but we wont, because we got nothing like that in the episodes we've seen and now it's done.

Being helped by a stranger and then obsessing over them, especially considering the future events that transpired is entirely irrational.

>It might be cheesy and cliche

The entire reason things are cheesy and cliche is because they are not rooted in reality, and irrational. In the same way love at first sight is irrational his feelings for Emillia are. They have no real relationship whatsoever. There was no growth between them. He spent the entire anime with Rem for fucks sake, and her entire reason for liking him is stupid too.


It's really bad writing. This entire anime is an example of shitty tired anime tier writing that is extremely dry and not worth watching. I don't know why I sat through it.



Majin Tensei the game?

Playing SMT, Freudian slip. Mushoku Tensei.


>Almost kills Subaru with Mayo because she takes his joke seriously
Its great. King's Game is also pretty funny with all the Betty and Subaru abuse.

>Grown man

Whoa dude you really showed them.

Your post is so many levels of dumb.

The idea of love at first sight is not irrational and if you apply it to regular human beings with obsessive crushes it is common. If you wany to go beyond shit like that with biology it also makes sense for a man to fall for a girl in the hopes of reproduction.

But disregarding this level of autism, Subaru did not fall in love at first sight. He at first thought of abandoning Emilia and abusing the save point for his own benefit but then coudln't do it after remembering the day he spent with Emilia.

Subaru and Emi had plenty of interactions in mansion arc. Go back to watching it or read the manga.

Subaru hardly even had growth with Rem on the third arc even when Emilia was gone (and this obviously happened for Subaru's development). Most of the "growth" was just Rem being loyal and it wasn't until ep 18 that they actually fucking talked to one another and Subaru being the selfish twat finally understood Rem.

Just stop please. If you hate it drop it, if you want to criticsize it have some legit complaints.

>Whoa dude
>umaru gif

Just so you know, even the clown dick got shipped away before you knew it.
And the Bowel Hunter.
Clown dick was my favourite and I miss him.

Why do people like Rem so much? She is a boring 2-dimensional Mary Sue character without any flaws whose only distinguishing trait is being cute even when she kills. The only one worse than her is Emilia and the rest are at least somewhat entertaining. Oh, and don't even mention her "suffering" which doesn't make any sense and was just pulled straight from the ass. The lamest drama ever.

She likes him because so few people like her.

Because loyalty and ep 18. What do you expect from lonely neets.

Felt is the ONLY likable woman in this series.

Pls. Crusch > Felt.


Because how the hell would Satella look into the future/subaru's potential fuckarounds to determine when to set them. The anime itself does a poor job explaining things. Even WN plebs tend to fabricate some theories how things work and half of them are fanfiction tier at most.

>I'm mad that she was literally forgotten as soon as Emilia was relevant again.

There's a reason for that user.

I like her because i like girls with horns, blue hair, white hair, or bangs in the character design. You shouldn't let people having different tastes than you bug you so much, it doesn't change the fact that that's what they like.

That's not Asui

Why does she need to look on to the future?

She sets a save point when things look safe. She does this based on Emilia moving to a new location or when something shit happens and Subaru makes progress. Think of Satella as the video game player and making save scum checkpoints as she plays.

Making the save point in intervals would be worse. For example if she did every 5 days or whatever and it happened to be that a tragedy occurs on the first day after the last save she is fucked. Like an auto save fucking you at a boss fight when you're unprepared.

They didn't commit to it in the anime.

Damn. I remember her name starting with an A. Was just using her as an example since i had a photo of her saved.

You're just blind, delusional, or mad your precious Rem didn't win. And yes, Emilia had more screentime with Subaru than Rem. Work on your attention span.

She's a "half oni" due to the fact that Rem and Ram were twins. They shared the horns at birth and were half oni from their start. It doesn't matter about demon form, and her kids would be 1/4 oni

Cry me a river Remfags

That's not how it works

Rudi becomes less of a perv, learns a lot from books and actually puts effort into his old hobbies like doll making, but he quickly stops training because he thinks he can't become the best.

You can call it bad writing but Subaru did develop and change
>looks down on Felt for stealing to defending her scummy way of life because she has no other options
>he accepts others racist world views even if they're morally wrong
>stops acting like an entitled baby for pity and attention
>accepts the fact he was using Rem
>stops letting his emotions get the better of him
>learns how to use leverage correctly, instead of begging or making a loss
>stops begging for affirmation of self worth from others to work in improving himself

Did you notice how the voice for Emilia and Satella are the same?

I'm not an Emiliafag, but the amount of people not paying attention to the show is off-putting. I'm a Cruschfag, but let's analyze Subaru and Emilia's relationship.

First off this whole love at first sight makes no sense bullshit. How many times have you waifufags said a girl is best simply from her design and first appearance in an episode? How many times have you faggots said "You don't choose your waifu, your waifu chooses you. You just know it when it happens." The same would apply here, if it was even love at sight in the first place. IT ISN'T. Subaru does not go love at first sight.

Subaru arrives in the new world. He is confused but tries to make sense of the world as a fantasy video game. He expects the cliche of meeting the heroine princess, and Felt appears first. Felt fucking abandons him to the thugs in the alleyway.

Emilia appears next. She helps Subaru. She heals Subaru. This is the awaited, expected heroine that Subaru was waiting for. This is the heroine Subaru wants to work for and win her love when it comes to JRPG cliches. But even now Subaru isn't in love with her.

This is because Emilia seemingly acts like a cunt at first. She tells Subaru to get lost, that she only helped him for information. Subaru realizes after talking with Puck that Emilia was purposefully acting like a bitch so Subaru wouldn't need to feel indebted. He is charmed by this act of goodness, and decides to help her.

They spend a whole day looking for Felt. A whole day. If you've had any basic human interaction, you can make friends in one whole day. They go through a lot of process of dicking around, helping a little girl, discussing Subaru's helplessness. They've bonded in the 6-8 hours they've spent.

Subaru dies. Subaru finds out about the save point. His first thought is "I'm going to abuse this shit and become rich." He isn't even thinking of Emilia or trying to save her. He's being a selfish prick.

Average show in a pile of shit, that's why it looks like a golden nugget.

He then sees a couple with their kid, and this reminds him of the point where he and Emilia did the same. They walked together as a couple. Subaru realizes there's no way he can abandon Emilia after the girl selflessly helped him. He even realizes that he was hampering Emilia the entire time. Even when Emilia lost the important insignia, she stuck around with Subaru solely because she was a good person. She helped the little girl because she was a good person. Subaru is again, charmed by this. Still not love.

Subaru meets Emilia finally again at the loot house. They have a battle for their lives against Elsa. Apparently it went over an hour or so because it was sunset when they started fighting, nighttime when they finished. Either way they work together, another circumstance of bonding together. Subaru ends the night by asking Emilia for her name and finally gets it. He previously pondered why Emilia said it was Satella when it was basically the same thing as calling her a nigger. He realizes Emilia doesn't think highly of her herself, and the whole sympathy + damsel in distress flags trigger for him. Still no love here by the way.

Subaru and Emilia are now at the mansion. They go through constant interactions here and I'm not sure why people forget it. They fuck around with Puck in the morning, they have dinner together, they do radio calisthenics or whatever it's called, Emilia encourages Subaru when he begins working in the mansion. Then comes the final night under a full moon. Subaru gives his cheesy “The moon is beautiful tonight” (A way to say “I love you” in Japanese) and Emilia responds with an even cheesier “Because it's so hard to reach.” This is the part where Subaru blushes like a huge faggot. This is the part where he asks Emilia on a date. This is the part where Subaru falls in love with Emilia.

Everything makes sense here. There was plenty of development. There was plenty of character interaction. It wasn't just love at first sight. It might be cheesy, it might be cliché, but it makes sense. Emilia represents the heroine Subaru wants to save with his ego, she helped him selflessly, she's beautiful, she's mysterious. And these are more reasons for love than most of you waifufags have for your waifu.

>Emilia becomes a demon witch and kills thousands of people just to magically force one brain dead retard to love her
That's actually pretty pathetic. Not even Toyota himself gives a shit about her when her magic isn't being used on him.

>And these are more reasons for love than most of you waifufags have for your waifu.
Stop projecting faggot.

Then you tell me how it works

Strange, cutting it into multiple posts seems to suppress my "tldr" reflex.

It's easy to forget all of these things on first watch, especially when she then disappears for a long time.

He's right, you know.

The fuck are you talking about? That's not even remotely what happens.

I still can't believe people took the ending of P&S so seriouly. It just was obviously a self-aware Gainax Ending.

Come to think of it I've only seen three shows from Gainax, and all of them were better if you didn't watch the last 2-3 min.

Nice blog, user. Liked and subscribed.

I fell in love with Felt at first sight. Toyota had plenty of time to fall in love but he and Emilia were pretty weak characters for me so it's a wash. It's unfortunate some of the most interesting characters were put on the backburner in favor of over the top self-loathing and muh distinguished knight's love story and revenge trope.

I love my waifu because she's cute and cool, I can respect not only her ideals, but how she lives up to them, and she has a personality that is endearing and comforting. Also, I just love her.

So a few questions that spoilerfags haven't addressed yet:

Does the suicide to bring back Rem undo any important events, like Betel's death or the confession?

Do they manage to reattach Crushe's arm or is she permanently crippled?

How does the clown react to Subaru giving away mining rights for his land?

Felix reattaches her arm

>boku no hero
Literally Re.ddit:0/10 the animation

In Subaru's defense, I think it's a little weird he hasn't cracked more.

He's died so many times now, that's something most people only get one traumatic experience of.

He'd turned Emilia into some object of worship because, why else would he have thrown his life away time and time again for the bitch?

As for why Emilia puts up with it, she loves and desperately needs Subaru too. She's an isolated half-elfu who engenders hate by default from everyone around her. Why wouldn't she fall for the first knight in shining armor who treats her with anything beyond grudging tolerance?

you guys ever think that maybe his attraction to Emilia is plot/Satella related

The last few days of Re:zero were wild.

>Shitposters didn't get their awaited scene to shitpost
>Attention whore tripfag gets banned
>Committee basically says "you want S2? Buy the LNs fuck you"