Danganronpa 3


Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.


I love boats

Hajime and Sonia


I love Juzo


Y-You too..

I didn't like you that much anyway.. Sport brown supportive fuckdoll is better for procreation too


Just face the reality, Souda.

Who'd she get the purple eyes from?

I swear on my mum , I'll find you and I'll punch you.

Genetic is a funny thing, sometime it skips a generation only to show up on the next. Probably from Sonia's side of the family. The only thing Kaede inherited from Hajime is his ahoge.

How do you like your Kaede ?

How many episodes are left?

Red + blue? Not how eyes work at all but anime logic and shit



I'll give a pass on red for Izuru/Awakened Hajime but Sonia has greenish eyes, not blue.

Already a thread up hombre

I'm definitely a sailboat kind of guy. my favorite is probably the schooner. ketches are great, too, it's just not the same configuration appeal.


>Try to force myself to like Hiyoko and play her FTE's in island mode
>So far she's generally just awful

It was kinda cute in the real game, but this is just too much.

next episode when? animecalendar is fucked up

Post more hajimemes

Five minutes

What are your hopes for the episode?

Plot twist, mind blow, mind fuck, mitarai NG, DR2 Cast, togami and hagakure and a huge cliffhanger






Soon you will be back my love.