Rules, Regulations and Moderation of Cred Forums

Official New Rules (See ):
1. Cred Forums won't split into Cred Forums and /ma/ nor will it merge with any other board.
2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.

Went through the poll again and here's what's new:
5. Bring back visible Sage.
6. Move /kancolle/ to /jp/.
7. Keep the captcha system as it is.
8. Ban People asking for Source right away.

Also after seeing the problem in the last threads, here's another poll to decide on the second rule once again. Whatever the conclusion is at the end of the thread counts, so please take a look.

Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.
Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one ongoing thread up about this.

Other urls found in this thread:!01jMxbeXFY/type/op/


Fuck off.

>Official New Rules
Is there some new definition for "official" that I don't know about?


You do not represent Cred Forums you goddamn /qa/fag.

3. Problematic words like 'pussy' 'nigger' or 'faggot' Will result in a ban.

5. Linking sites like gelbooru or sadpanda are also ban-worthy, this is a blue board

6. Posting smug anime reactions without any substance to the thread will result in a warning, three warnings will result in a 3 days ban.

>LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums.

Fuck this shit board that can't even live up to its own name

>tfw we're gonna get a manga board

Don't forget to report and ignore. If you're a retard who can't do either at least sage.

Stop shitting this board with even more generals, faggots like OP should be banned.

>Neo Cred Forums doesnt exist
>the tumblrinas dont lurk Cred Forums

There is only one website that unironically uses that word but reading these new rules threads I can't see on how many layers of irony are you on.



Neo-Cred Forums (praise be to the vermin that came up with such an original term) only exists because of the retards that don't know what satire is.


1. Ban LNfags who use the "just read the LN" meme to justify a shitty adaptation
2. Delete generals. There's simply no need for them.

Stop giving OP the attention he wants.


>3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.

I don't use them but isn't this a bit extreme? I know we've been plagued by cuck shit but bans for saying lol? I've never noticed it even being a problem.

I'm really tired of seeing these threads. It's not like they're going to do anything. Keep it on /qa/.

1. Ban attention whoring tripfags

That site also revolves around making an identity for yourself so other people can recognize you and give you a confidence boost you are sorely lacking.

But you know, cherry-picking.

You know your tiny polls don't represent shit, right?

3. Ban tripfags. There's simply no need for them.

>5. Bring back visible downvotes
Fuck off reddit

>8. Ban People asking for Source right away.
This will never stop until you also do something about people spoonfeeding and posting doujin pages and cropped porn in the first place.

Fuck off.

Hiro is ignoring polls anyway, it doesn't matter.

Put your SAGE on, anons

>posting doujin pages and cropped porn is bad
Just install exsauce or something

Hiro is asking us right now what what want


nice agenda you got there

Don't tell me that, tell that the sauce-fags.

Are you ban evading again?

I always wait on my bans. If you're talking about the janitor that blocked me yesterday, that was only a 15 min block. It was pretty funny.

>that was only a 15 min block


Exsauce never works

>tfw i have no problem spoonfeeding my fellow Cred Forumsnons to help them find their manga

what if people actually named their images, how crazy would that be


This is where I draw the line

Kill yourself, faggot.

Then nobody would need to ask them and they wouldn't get all those delicious (You)s.

Give me 10 reasons why the words LOL and LMAO is ban worthy.
That's literally the most stupidest way to get banned/ to ban someone tbqh.

If you want to write like underage faggot go to reddit, facebook or twitter.

It's the easiest way to get rid of underage crossboarding scum such as yourself.

"LOL" and "LMAO" are old internet slang. People who use them are in their 20s and 30s. Kids these days say "haha" instead.

Is this what they call crossboarder?

Everyone on Cred Forums is a crossboarder.

Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to make a new thread? In typical Cred Forums fashion, nothing is being resolved.

Speak for yourself.

Everyone on Cred Forums is a redditor.

You're retarded.

This is true too.

A crossboarder who wants to nuke Cred Forums. Report and ignore.

Requires login:

Requires no login:


What part of hiro will not look at polls did you not understand?

>clicking a link to the botnet

Fuck off, start reporting these threads.

Why MODS aren't deleting this garbage thread.


Stop making these shitty fucking threads.

>those +30 votes in gook
Thanks for confirming at least 30 votes in this poll are from the same person.

Just realised that one thread won't be enough seeing how LNs, Mahwa and Manhua had almost 200 people supporting it, so whatever gets 200 people supporting it in this new poll wins, I guess.

Why are you still making these stupid fucking threads. Most don't want the change.

Not sure if you're retarded, if you're the OP or if you missed the memo that OP was proxying the fuck out of those polls. There is literally only one person who wants gook shit.

Man how long as sage been invisible for? I worry about how many people here actually don't even know it exists.

hasn't it been like 3 years now

No LN threads should definently NOT be allowed here, only ones with an anime/manga but other than that please fuck off.

How can you call it an anime/manga board when you can discuss an entire different medium on here too?

I laugh at every person who makes this argument as you can rub the source in someones face and they still won't find it.

All LNs and VNs should be allowed on Cred Forums. They're all the same culture.

>Cred Forums retard
Color me surprised.

>culture basically means if you force it enough for years on this board it becomes widely accepted

No fuck off, especially VN's you have an entire general on /vg/

>Ban people asking for source.

For what reason?

>ban people asking for source right away

I don't see the reason to ban anyone who asks for source if google search doesn't work or OP didn't provide a title.

>3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.

Get a load of this cuck.

That would mean videogames in general with anime artstyle would be tolerable.

No it wouldn't. VN's aren't video games.

VNs are videogames.

Do you get banned for giving out source?

I like triggering anons and will be displeased with this change

>Hiro has asked us
Wait where is moot?
Also finally visible sage again, thank god.

I don't understand why LN could not be in Cred Forums.

Most of anime currently existing is adapted from a LN, the same as manga. Though I agree VN's should not be in Cred Forums unless they got an anime adaptation.

It's the same culture, duh

VNs belong to Cred Forums tho

if source hasn't been posted (or only posted in other threads), i think that asking for source is ok, if it has been posted, then sourcefags should be ignored, not banned

And VN's are not anime or manga, you ain't helping yourself here buddy

That would be great too. JRPGs basically have the same appeal as anime, so we should get them all in the same place. We need to evolve Cred Forums into "Japanese 2D" for discussion of anime, manga, LNs, and Japanese games/VNs.

We had fucking 15 threads

it's time for this shit to stop

Because it's not an anime/manga/LN board.


Why would anyone ban the DJT thread. It has longer been here since most summerfags

>5. Bring back visible Sage.

literally all this is good for is encouraging shitposting

So where should we discuss LNs? Without LNs, most of the popular anime right now wouldn't exist. They're part of the anime culture.


/jp/ is for LN and VN.

The consensus is that everyone who wants to ban generals like the DJT aren't from Cred Forums and don't know what the threads are about. They might as well not be from Cred Forums either because they know nothing about the boards they want to move them into.

>why should we ban something that's irrelevant to anime/manga and has been getting a free pass all these years for NO reason

Jheeze i wonder

Then we should discuss anime and manga in /jp/ then since they're both part of Otaku Culture anyway.

Then remove it entirely or reverse it so people have to put something to bump a thread. Why leave it half baked if it was never used as intended and most people using the site have forgotten about it. It may have done little before, but it really does nothing now.

Are you retarded by any chance?


No, are you retarded? Why would LNs not be allowed in Cred Forums when they're the same culture with manga and anime?

Not on Cred Forums.

You seem to not understand we talk anime or manga here, if the source of an anime is a LN you can talk about in the anime threads but no one wants to see LN threads by themselves here.

Stop trying to shove this culture shit as an excuse to allow whatever you want.

ban anyone who asks for KOREAN/CHINESE RAWS for JAPANESE manga

move Buyfag Thread to /jp/

ban those who BEGS/BITCHES for lack of translation of their favorite SHIT manga series.

ban anyone who suggests separate anime and manga board

MERGE FUCKING /jp/ AND Cred Forums you fucking homosexuals

Maybe read fucking rules before posting on Cred Forums.

>3. Problematic words like 'pussy' 'nigger' or 'faggot' Will result in a ban.

I know you're just shitposting but you're still a nigger faggot.

ドキュン 藁
Well, banning Naruto wouldn't hurt anyone right?
But yeah changing so much shit would have a huge impact on the community and the boardculture. Why does moot2 want to change anything here anyway

>we shouldn't talk about anime and manga on an anime and manga board

Are LNfags this retarded?


That's fucking why


If you go that far then all VNs should be allowed as well. It is the "same culture", right?
Just have it so any LN or VN with an anime/upcoming anime is allowed. Is the better compromise.

Aside from the "this is not an LN board" argument, there's the issue of people possibly drowning out anime/manga threads by sheer number. Remember that there are potentially more LN series than manga series. LNs are also more accessible than manga for translations because of their text-based nature.

I understand why people don't want LNs on Cred Forums, but clinging to the fact this Cred Forums is an anime/manga board is just stubborn.

Hiro can just suddenly add LNs on Cred Forums and nobody can do anything about it.

>this autistic faggot is going to ruin Cred Forums with his self-righteous posting because it's the one point in his life he thinks he can make a change

>MERGE FUCKING /jp/ AND Cred Forums you fucking homosexuals

Fuck no, they've been separate for too long. Merging would make both worse.

Literally nobody talks about LNs in /jp/. Do you know why? Yes, you fucking retard, because everyone who cares about LNs is browsing Cred Forums.

No, you are retarded. We should encourage more discussions by allowing LNs instead of threads about wanting to fuck an anime character and how a certain character smells like.


sage does nothing.


Until this is said by a mod or An Hiro himself, it's not official, dumbass.

>There are people who are taking this seriously when /qa/ is basically a containment board.


Kill yourself you worthless subhuman.

>LNs winning
Wew lad

>tfw we get a manga board and the only people shitting it up will be shitposters shitposting meta shit about how shit the board is

trips confirms

>Just have it so any LN or VN with an anime/upcoming anime is allowed

Exactly. This was the point I was trying to make. I don't care about VNs and LNs that are literal whos. As long as they have an anime or an upcoming one, then they should be allowed in Cred Forums.

Why do people give the OP so many (You)s every single time, when it never matters in the least?

I will always spoonfeed people the source for porn.


Everyone deserves a good fap.

then report

Manga board would essentially become /vg/ for manga.


kys pls
niggers who cannot google does not deserve to use their penis

One look at Cred Forums's catalogue will tell you that we don't need these rules. Just about everything is on-topic so it's already fine.

If you don't like /kancolle/ then just filter the threads?

I don't think it would as long as it was moderated properl... oh.

Report does nothing.

Do you think /ma/ is okay or should it be /mang/ or something?

This, I don't get the reason why people don't answer for source.

I understand if the source was already given and someone is still asking like a retard but if not, then it should be fine. People are saying
>Oh noez but saucefags causes threads to derail
No. If one of you just answered then it would be done in one post instead of several faggots replying to him and saying fuck off.

Back to youtube comments.

>Remember that there are potentially more LN series than manga series.
Not translated ones and never will be since nobody gives a fuck about them and you know this.
>LNs are also more accessible than manga for translations because of their text-based nature

But LN translators are huge pussies who will abandon anything because muhh DMCA and also literally most of them take years to translate volumes, people like JS06 are rare as shit.

So yeah enjoy abandoned projects.

People who read VN's also are more easy to find her too but that doesn't change the fact that both you and them should fuck off from here. Once people start officially knowing /jp/ is the board maybe you'll get more fans.

Also you are in fucking denial if you think most LN readers here actually read LN's that aren't adapted.

>You don't like having cancer? Just ignore it!


>announcing reports



>wew lad

You cant even use your brain and google it for yourself?

I don't give a fuck about LNs and VNs that aren't adapted.

Make Lelouch a mod.

I'm serious.

sage is mostly pointless now with catalog existing, all threads are practically on front page

Just shift + click or don't look at it. This sounds like a case of STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE.

/ma/ is fine.

Ignoring the problem has never solved it. Where does it stop if generals are left to go unchecked? One day the board will literally just become generals as the majority of content.

>So yeah enjoy abandoned projects.
Both manga and LNs suffer from that, to the point that Manga Dump Storytime threads are a thing.
>But LN translators are huge pussies who will abandon anything because muhh DMCA and also literally most of them take years to translate volumes, people like JS06 are rare as shit.
Still fucking mad about that. Every time.

/jp/ here
just chillax, dudebros

/ma/ is fucking stupid

But why do you like what I don't like in the first place on my board?

Well then, I'll give an example.

Now what?

What's wrong with generals? Is there an issue with people discussing a specific anime?

No, that would be having shit taste

Can you just fuck off?

Apparently a random poll on some thread nobody voted on will decide the rules?

Less rules are generally better.

I guess everyone can make their own rules put it on some random post and it's now written in stone.

How about these?

1. Op is a faggot
2. Op should killhimself
3. Anything anime related in the slightest is allowed on the board.
4. Explicitly illegal material where the host of the server exist has to be banned to protect the site.


If only that's what's happening in generals.

1. Wordfilters make any board into a joke board. m00t kept them off Cred Forums, bless his memory.
2. banning "meme of the week" only serves to make it permanent, see ƒam, ţbh.
3. If it triggers you, Deal With It or go back to your "safe space".
4. Newfag rulesfags are the cancer killing Cred Forums and the reason we get the same dozen or so rote, predictable threads over and over and over again, because everything else gets deleted by one of the swarm of thin-skinned faggot moderators / janitors.

use other tools?

Stop being a faggot user. It is the case of keeping quality up instead of not liking the thread topic.

>discussing a specific anime
That is the problem. For the longer term generals they aren't, they are discussing shit outside of that or posting the same images, same arguments, same memes/daily doses.

Counterpoint: no it isn't.

>Ban People asking for Source right away.


I don't mind as much since /wsr/ exists but you underage faggots sure prove your age.


We don't need generals user. It's just a circlejerk. Even if there's nothing to be discussed, generals will continue to exist. Just look at the Katawa Shoujo general in /vg/.


Tripfag circle-jerking and a kind on "in" culture that makes it harder for someone new to series to discuss it.

Stop with this shit already OP, there's nothing more than shitposts in these threads.
Why do you think /wsr/ and /r/ exist you nigger.
Retards actually replying instead of telling OP to fuck off.
And you can put your trip on again Lelouch.

counter point:

manga and anime are inseperatable because they fucking became the same industry. They are different industrys within the same industry. YOU CAN NOT have one with the other. THIS IS A FACT. AN ACTUAL FUCKING FACT. If one is brought up, the other will ALWAYS AT SOME POINT come into play. They are integral to each other.

Anyone who tries to argue against this shit is slightly showing how they have no knowledge of the fucking medium they apparently enjoy.

>Anything anime related in the slightest is allowed on the board
>In the slightest
Even videogames?
By the way, looking at the /qa/ thread this general won't die unless one rearded rule gets acknowledged and that's the creation of a /manga/ board.

>I don't mind but I do mind you underage faggots

>braindead faggot

Ok, now what?

Oops. If this was a thread discussing this particular manga, then you just derailed the thread, If you just answered, it could have ended in one post.

Yes, manga board please.

So many comfy threads have been destroyed because of anime adaptations.

Nice joke.


i'm with you, i have no problem giving sauce, i just think ppl could name their files appropriately

The problem isn't that they are discussing anime manga, the problem stems from being up all the time. This causes them to not discuss the anime/manga.

>Bring back visible Sage.
Took me years to realize it was gone, happened to switch to firefox the day it was disabled.

old question, what about touhou (manga)?


>why do you think /wsr/ and /r/ exist you nigger

Yeah, because I'd rather wait for 10 hours or sometimes forever just to get a source of a manga than asking for it then getting the answer within mere seconds. Nobody lurks in /wsr/ and /r/.

>Both manga and LNs suffer from that, to the point that Manga Dump Storytime threads are a thing

But there are thousands of completed manga and you an i both know they are more popular and accessible to fans and thus a lot of them do get finished.

It's only those proper unknown manga with slow updates that get left behind.

People would honestly rather translate a manga than something hardly anyone would read like LN's since most always do it for retarded popularity or whatever.

Allow LNs, ban korean shit, ban spoonfeeding, djt and kankolle to /jp/ and more active mods.

>Hey man I just watched the latest episode of Seven Deadly sins. Why did they change the colorstyle of X? It's different in the manga.
>Fuck off to /ma/ you piece of shit

The thing you should do is go to /r/ and ask, not here. Only faggots dont know the source will derail the thread. If people like you dont ask for source then the thread wont be derailed


Well, that's for sure doesn't feel fair.

>all that caps lock
>getting THIS defensive so early

WEW, look out lads, we have a live one.

Yes, but the thing is, not in the way you think. Manga is WAY more popular than anime. always has been. Always will be. The fact that you are lording anime over manga is fucking hilarious given that you are such an """""expert""""" on the matter.

Also, not all manga have an anime adaptation, friend.

literally retarded

>caps lock
>a picture of someone flipping the birds

I bet you get really mad when mom makes you do your homework.

Do tell me, how will a single post asking for source derail a thread? If the source has already been posted and some retard still asks for it, then just ignore or report it.

A manga board would move a lot of generals from Cred Forums to that board instead and anime onlyfags won't have to worry about being spoiled.

Killing two birds with one stone.

Now fuck off.

>blatant samefagging


But i will come in to Cred Forums and then spoil

this board is shit and doesn't deserve moderation whatsoever hopefully rulefags will turn this board into a plastic bottle with sand in it and throw it into the sea

>anime onlyfags won't have to worry about being spoiled.

fuck off to your safe space anime-fag

Can you fuck off please?

>I want it now
Stop being a baby and learn patience. Go do something else while you wait.

I'm getting the feeling that hiro is just rusing us. Nothing will change at all.

Because it has long since left the realms of being useful and is just another cancerous shithole. Make a text board, dump it there.

I agree. We should have an anime board, manga board, LN board, and a VN board.

If people provided sauce in the file name then neither the thread would be derailed in any means nor anyone would complain for sauce.
But the thing is that some people are just trying to be assholes. That will never change so I don't think there is a point in arguing.

Try Yandex or go to /r/ or /wsr/. Should be one of the first you use if google fails.

Yeah, I'll just wait for ten hours just to find out the manga they were discussing was actually shit.

Nah he will do ultimate ruse, make /ma/.

It wont, but that matters not as there will not be spoonfeeding

>None of that trash! winning

OP you're not only one who can use proxy.

This. People are trying to protect that my secret club vibe in Cred Forums. Accept it, this isn't 2006 anymore.

Why do you feel entitled to receive a source? If you can't google deal with it and move on.

Threads don't have topics.

If you are in something like the OPT then the answer 90% of the time is that it is shit. Whole point of the thread is to trick people in to reading shit by posting an interesting page. Just stop being a baby about it.

1- ppl who ask for sauce when its in filename should be ignored not banned, they will find it and keep quiet about it

2- search engines don't work for manga the same as it does for real people, you know it

no other valid points besides 5, will still post sauce when i know it

How can people read LN's?

You wait 1 fucking year for a volume to come out and then you have to wait several months for the fucker to even translate it.

Fuck that shit

Shut up tripfag trash, you have no opinion here. Cred Forums is a place to discuss anime/manga. If people don't know about it, then how will people discuss about it? Try to use your brain a little instead of writing your shitty name in the name box.

Index novels comes out every few months and is fully translated a week after it goes on sale in Japan.

>2 hours up
>70 total votes

You know iqdb isn't the only place to search images right? Also try to search the entire image the next time. Now like said sorry if you don't find the source, but /r/ exists and you should ask there (and while you're at it read the global rules too).

>71 votes
>thinking anyone used proxys
Wow, just wow.

You forget that they read like young adult fiction written by a retard with a complex.

you hope that Js06 picks it up then you don't have to worry about the wait so much.

Jojo generals are basically part of board culture at this point. The rest can be purged for all I care.

>implying they didn't.

>arguing about LNs and Manhwa as if they were an actual problem

Is noone considering /ag/? All the generals contained in a single board an relieving Cred Forums of circlejerkin...

How am I supposed to search the entire image if OP only provided that picture?


Well if people dont know about something then you are not entitled to know it at first place

Jojo general is the first general that should be purged.

Reminder that if mahwa and manhua are allowed then chinese and korean cartoons will be, too

>basically part of board culture at this point
No, they are their own separate culture contained inside a thread. Nearly everyone outside of them sees them as cancer.

>If people don't know about it, then how will people discuss about it?
You only ask for souce on unrelated pics or cropped panels not for a thread about a certain anime/manga because these ussually have the name of what they are talking about on the op.

Fuck off Jojofag, you're one of the cancer here.

Yeah, /vg/ really fixed Cred Forums :)

I'm not naming all my fucking files in a specific autistic way I don't like organizing. The tripnigger is right, why do you feel entitled to have people provide the source for you? You are an adult, the basic rule of Cred Forums there is be capable of helping yourself, like an adult.

I just showed how legitimate are these polls.

You talk about it as if it's some sort of active pursuit. People can just read LNs as a passing interest and talk about it when the topic crops up.


>29 against 25 votes
>t-they are using proxys!!
Just stop

No you fucking idiot, not all threads about manga doesn't have the title on the OP. How long have you been browsing Cred Forums? One week?

Then your power is lacking


So you're in favour of letting them out of their containment thread? Enjoy the Narancia fags then

I am not entitled to receive sauce. If, however, I post something without giving sauce, I don't think complaining afterwards because of people asking for sauce is very logical. The hole point of online forums is to discuss about things. Wouldn't it be better if there were more people to discuss with?

And lets be honest. I've seen a lot of people not posting the complete image of a manga page like they are trying to hide the sauce.

Here's a tip: 13 kB.

Well, that's js06. He's a machine of a translator.

They will shitpost for a week and then leave to tumblr.

>that one faggot who seriously believes that we deliberately change filenames and crop pictures only because we don't want others to find out the source

It didn't fix Cred Forums because 99% of the current Cred Forumsirgins have never known a decent Cred Forums.

I'd like to think that Cred Forums has a chance


Whats so bad about a /ma/ board?
There are several manga threads I can recall that was pretty good until a shitty anime of it aired and it turned the threads into complete cancer breeding grounds.
Some who comes to mind are:

Akame ga Kill threads, before the anime they were pretty chill, people talking about waifu russian rulette and having their christmas ruined. Shitposting was fairly minimal and it produced OC.

Berserk. Now yes, they were fucked before the CGI shitfest aired but that was primarilyby one ultra-autistic tripfag cunt who shall not be named and two other culprints. Looking at the threads now, its just posting of the fucking rabbit, nothing of value in those threads anymore.

Monster Musume.
Now hold on before you start screaming. I know they turned to shit when they became fanfic general and were quarantined to /jp/, now they are back and are just as bad as ever. I blame the anime.

Point is, the manga threads before the anime airs are usually good. What if we could keep them like that on a manga only board where the contents of the anime will not be mentioned?

Oh my god there's still this shit thread.

Why hasn't this faggot been banned yet? Why is he allowed to keep starting these threads? Hiro didn't ask for fucking feedback. Mods should ban him already.

Everything is fine with Cred Forums
Delete Cred Forums though

You can't compare js06 to any other translator. He's basically a machine on-top of providing good translating. Honestly, it'll be a shame when we lose him.

>What if we could keep them like that on a manga only board where the contents of the anime will not be mentioned?
Except the animeonlyfags will still be in the thread.

>i could solve the problem i'm complaining about, but i want everyone to solve it for me

you are such an adult user, wow

I discuss manga perfectly fine on Cred Forums all the time. We don't need a slow as shit manga board.

Not when theres a thread on Cred Forums about the anime.

I agree it's impossible to discuss the manga if it has an airing anime. Anime brings out the casuals, the underage and the newfags.


Generals need to go once they reach Jojo or Madoka levels of retarded. It's important to moderate them but making it some sort of holy crusade will just lead to people who talk about "monthly generals" or "short lived generals"

Because fuck you, that's why. You aren't required to give you the source and you aren't entitled to it. Grow the fuck up. If people don't want to give it, too bad, you lose, simple as that. If you want an actual hugbox about this issue go to reddit or mal. Fuck, if no one wants to give you the source, you could shitpost there and you'll get a 100 spoonfeeding you it.

This. Cred Forums doesn't get cross boarders the way Cred Forums and Cred Forums get from /r9k/ and Cred Forums. Those boards are all unsalvageable. Cred Forums is tumblr shit so that crap needs purged.

>I know they turned to shit
They have always been shit

>online forum
We don't want people like you
>I've seen a lot of people not posting the complete image of a manga page like they are trying to hide the sauce.
Are you autistic?
>let's ban everyone not giving source in the file name
Holy fuck, did you just mean that?

But I used proxy.

>i could solve a problem by spending tons of hours renaming thousands of files to appease some stupid cunt

the problem would be fixed with no generals. This shitty idea imported from who knows what shitty board needs to go away.

No generals means a slower board, more original threads including non-mainstream manga in here, while keeping or community united as it has always been. We don't need to part ways because most animefags are also secondary mangafags and vice-versa. Anime and manga are too entrailed together.

tl;dr: consider /ag/, not /ma/

Wow, I almost cut myself with that edge.

some people can find the sauce on their own
some cant.
A natural filter for plebs, perfect

Doesn't feel like you made any difference

Just ban women from Cred Forums.

The threads get bad because the thing gets popular, that's it. It doesn't matter if it gets popular with animefags or mangafags. If its popular, its threads will turn to shit. Deal with it.

Lns were winning.

>posting images without sauce in filename now gets newfucks mad

>making it some sort of holy crusade will just lead to people who talk about "monthly generals" or "short lived generals"
That sounds pretty good actually.

>8. Ban People asking for Source right away.
Ban people for spoonfeeding if the source can be found from the archive, Google, Yandex, Tineye, WAIT, iqdb, Saucenao or webm metadata.

ag would literally kill a you fucking retard. People will just flock to where they can actually discuss and find info on a show while Cred Forums would be left with studio war and stalker threads.

>let's ban everyone not giving source in the file name

what the fuck are you on about? i'm saying that if you named your files people wouldn't ask for source as much

>"monthly generals" or "short lived generals"
The fuck are these. What an oximoron.

True, but no manga turns popular on Cred Forums without an anime or it being on of the big 3.
Atleast not so popular that it turns to complete dogshit overnight like so many of the other manga threads were with shitty anime versions.
Fuck me, even SnK threads werent so bad until the anime aired, then it just became underaged general.

This, fair play if the image is next to unsauceable but spoonfeeding just encourages more recs

The same autist believes that a monthly symphogear thread is a "general" and will be banned. I'm not making this up.

>tl;dr: consider /ag/
Fuck off

This is literally incorrect. Most people looking for sauce apparently don't know how to read filenames either.

Stuff people seriously mentioned on these threads before because for some people generals are literally the devil and everywhere.

>but no manga turns popular on Cred Forums without an anime
Yea, no.

Gookshit is losing, it's in your hands now. LNs or nothing?


So you agree that generals are the root of the problem and suggest something even worse. How about you go check Cred Forums and /vg/ and see how they turned out.

>official rules
>Fairy Tail image

I'd rather have LNs allowed, we discuss them anyway.

He also thinks Tokyo Ghoul is a general and admitted to be a samefagging underage.

>This is literally incorrect. Most people looking for sauce apparently don't know how to read filenames either.
Which probably means they're mobileposters, because the mobile CSS hides the filename

Some dude wanted to ban dungeon meshi, Yuki Yuna, symphogear and others just because they had a thread once a month.

The reason was the whole "the board needs to be united" and everything is a circlejerk madness.

>most people

people who ask for source when source was already given should be ignored, not banned, since they will probably find the source anyway

You seem to be confusing an occassional dedicated original thread of a series with institutionalized and recurrent generals, where the OP post is always the same except the picture, and they continually link to the previous thread so people can follow what drama happened with their favorite tripfag who pwned a newfag like if it was a shity telenovela.

ive been saying just permaban OP and the biggest problem will be gone

Name one manga only that turned big on Cred Forums in the recent years.
You cant say Goblin slayer or shit like that because its literally stays relevant for 1-2 months and are then forgotten.

Shit look at Magi or Fairy Tail, those manga are popular yet the threads are completely free of shitposting.

>So you agree that generals are the root of the problem and suggest something even worse. How about you go check Cred Forums and /vg/ and see how they turned out.

So Cred Forums is not an imageboard? Because I thought an imageboard was a forum.
Also changing the topic is a valid way to make your point.

Anyways, I will try using better words to fit in.

You're a cross boarder so you're opinion is invalid by default.

boku girl

Boku no Hero Academia. It become dogshit horrible long before the anime and was popular.

>"the board needs to be united"

Does this mean Cred Forums is meant to be a community that doesn't segregate itself into separate threads? Because that is right but I don't see what that has to do with making normal threads every now and then.

Please stop making these threads.


In Cred Forums if you make a thread about say, harvest moon, chances are you will be outright deleted or told to go to vg.

/ag/ would have threads for most popular series and people would just go there or be forced to go there.

Holy shit, stop posting and lurk for 2 years please.

That one has died out, just like Goblin Slayer.

I'll give you that one.
I fear it struggles because WSJ shounen syndrome.

Not an argument.

I use old computer with ancient reactionpics, sorry m8

Goblin Slayer is shit though and Boku Girl ended, so the comparison isn't fair.


Please kill yourself

I don't need to provide an argument to someone reeks of newfag in every way.

>people who ask for source when source was already given should be ignored, not banned,
That just means they post without either 1. reading the very thread they're in and 2. lurking at all. They're impulsive, illiterate, uninformed shitposters who shouldn't be posting and a ban or warning and post deletion is the best way to communicate that to those blockheads.

I accept your concession.

>only one guy wants Mahwa alone

you COULD just rename when you post, but i guess complaining without doing anything suits you best


It became obvious when the same shitter tried to delete symphogear, monster girls and others from last year's yearly montage saying "wah, these threads are generals, these shows are irrelevant outside of their circlejerk"

It's some odd idea involving all fanbases being a problem or something.

well, it's as easy as making a well written rule to avoiid that.

>If thread original (let's say, new material to discuss), keep on Cred Forums
>institutionalized, /ag/

>>I'll give you that one.
I'll even one up myself for this. They made itself 10x worse when the anime was announced with fear posting about how the the threads will get even worse with the anime.

>8. Ban People asking for Source right away.
This one is the single stupidest thing ever.

OK, I can understand if there are people lazy enough to not even google stuff (or not even reading a filename), but then there are people that are really bad at looking for things people post.

Anons react differently on the whole source question, but there are those who'll say the name of the source.

Banning people for asking questions about a source (especially if said people cannot find the source) is worse that Soviet Russia who are worse than Nazi Germany.

>You COULD do this autistic shit just to please retards or just not do it

That would never work and you know that.

>hating russia and germany
Back to tumblr

That is fucking annoying. I'm not doing that NOR SHOULD I have to do that. I'm not following such a autistic, restrictive posting habit for no reason to appease stupid cunts.

Don't give me some sort of
>in a perfect world
kind of crap either. There is nothing you can say to actually defend why I should have to do that on a chan.

>muh arbitrary rules, Cred Forums should be like the subreddits I'm the admin of

"kys" will be b&, enjoy it while lasts

Ok senpai-tachi.

Perfect argument. We are already not talking about the original topic. So he already did what he wanted.

Holy shit, just FUCK OFF already.
Hiro allowing meta posting was a mistake.

>le reddit boogeyman

If arbitrary rules make Cred Forums better, then so be it

"kys" is not kill yourself, retard
kill yourself
Fucking retard.

That's fucking retarded, wouldn't work and more importantly, /ag/ won't work. You know why? Because a general is global. You have it on one board and it exists on every board. It's culture and everything follows. The easiest example I can think of recently is granblue. I play the stupid thing and have the unfortunate luck to have to use its cancer general. It's everything follows into ALL granblue threads on Cred Forums and Cred Forums. A /ag/ will be no different, just the same as it applies to current generals or even attempts to discuss their topics. Generals are anything but containment and containment board is the worst way to do with it.

It spills everywhere, not contain it.

>db is not database
this is how retarded you sound

doo doo head

Can we auto ban linking to reddit and ban the "." OP posts? Also the what did X mean by this threads and this is your X tonight threads.

Can we ban anyone who refers to moot in any way?

Can you kindly kill yourself and take your shitty thread with you. "Official New Rules" from a fucking strawpoll that only retards that still read your shitty generals have even seen. Mods please ban this autistic child already.

i think the feeling of stupidity they get is already punishment enough imo

>just not do it

i said "complaining without doing anything suits you best"

get mad if you want, but see, if source is not given, people will ask for it, banning these guys is just dumb

>x happens/what do?
>x a cute! A CUTE!
>You will never Y the X.
>What did X mean by this?

e-celeb shit is already banned

>user posts obscure crop
>Google doesnt work (as usual)
>Iqdb doesn't return anything
>Head to archive and image has either never been posted or no one has given the image a title or responded with source
>This is ban worthy


>, if source is not given, people will ask for it
Maybe they should learn to use the tools available to them that are consider the basics of an internet user and LEARN HOW TO USE THE BOARDS ADDED SO THEY DONT SHIT THINGS UP.

Indiscriminate banning for source request is retarded, as long as there's smug assholes who revel in posting obscure or cropped shit and know that image search will turn up jack and shit. Then they hide behind a "lelnospoonfeeding" argument to stir up shit. Unless you want to ban those faggots too? No? Thought you don't.

Fucking /h/ of all places even has it in their basic rules to give the fucking source, when available, yet no one seems to remember it's there and then the poster acts indignant when called out.

Telling people to go suck an exhaust pipe shouldn't be banned, typing like a 12 year old in Youtube comments should.

Stop making these thread or I will set off another bomb in NYC. My last one didn't kill anyone but I will make sure this one does.


Is this saucefag samefagging the same person doing the /ma/ shit?

>>Fucking /h/ of all places even has it in their basic rules to give the fucking source,
>Information pertaining to the artist, character's name, originating manga/doujin, etc. is highly valued. Please provide this information if it is available to you.
>highly valued
No you nigger, there is no rule for saucing.

Reminder to please remove the weekend waifu and husbando drawthread, especially when the weekend is already over.

Those KISAMA threads as well.

Clearly you are mad because you've been called a redditor. Protip: guess why.

You know that if you "ban" these we will just make new phrases up, right?

Ok, point taken, nobody supported my shitty Idea of an /ag/. I thinks it's still better than /ma/ but since that isn't going to either happen it's okay.

Why nobody is supporting banning generals anyway. If generals are the cancer, lets get rid of it. I'm tired of Cred Forums being the Groundhog day board with always the same cookie cutter threads. This is kind of new. Maybe ban the /jap/ and /buyfag/ generals at least.

your post was lireally just "kill yourself". If that isn't posting like a retarded edgelord in the youtube comment section I don't know what it is.

It's the first goddamn rule.

see You should be allowed to ask and give the sauce if and only if it can't be found elsewhere.

Sure as hell doesn't derail threads on /jp/

But again /jp/ isn't full of underage faggots protecting MUH SEEKRIT CLUB

>Official list of approved Cred Forums threads.
>Please forward to all moderators and janitors.
>Yours truly, hir0.

You could have stopped this, Cred Forums.

And yes, that's what saucing means.

>posting obscure or cropped shit
Who cares? Can't you just look at it there and move on? Can you not be all gimme gimme mine mine?

Ban monster girl, DJT and 3x3 threads they are pure cancer

well that's the fucking problem isn't it?

Hiro already said in /qa/ today that he didn't want feedback. So all this was all a farce from his not clearly communicating.
He said he only was looking for strong consensus for change, which these threads are anything but. Hail-mary efforts by a screaming loud minority for board splits etc are not a strong consensus at all. No one was fucking talking about for example making a manga board or whether or not we want korean shit here before this flood of meta posting; it's all so fucking forced by people treating hiro as a santa claus they can trick into fulfilling their personal wishlists/visions for the board with.

There is only one thing there clearly is a large chunk of people here agree is a problem and that's stagnant generals. Even then I don't know if that's a majority or not, and if it is, I don't know if people could agree on how to actually define and implement changes to fix generals (just deleting them all is a stupid idea).

Most threads in Cred Forums are not generals, do you know even what one is?

>your post was lireally just "kill yourself"
First of all, learn how to differentiate between anons. We don't want retarded abbreviations of words, but telling retards to fuck off should never be against the rules.

You retard.

I just quoted it cunt. You see that "highly valued" part there? It isn't a rule, its a suggestion. Rules are also guidelines, but if you want to play the rule game.

I can't even remember if this was the right way to do that. So
>All request threads for adult content belong on /r/, and all request threads for work-safe content belong on /wsr/, unless otherwise noted.
Suck a dick, the rules outright say all source requests belong on /r/ and /wsr/. This means YOU CAN NOT ask for the sauce EVER except on those boards. Eat a fucking dick you ruleshit.

Holy shit, I know this is bait but I can't resist replying.

I'd rather not go through all of threads with 80% shitposting in them. Can someone get me up to speed?

>Let's delete all the threads on Cred Forums
Fuck off

>Why nobody is supporting banning generals anyway.
Besides the /ma/ autist, these threads have literally just been people arguing about generals and basically all meta discussion on Cred Forums is about generals. Cred Forums is the most anti-general board on the site and will at every chance get shit on and try to get rid of them.

>your post was lireally just "kill yourself". If that isn't posting like a retarded edgelord in the youtube comment section I don't know what it is.
Are you new or something? Stop posting and lurk moar. If you are new, you have no right to meta discussion.

We all know that monster girls threads are circlejerks of pure cancer, they even post fanfics.

so how many generals are acceptable? as long as they are 49% or less aka a minority they're okay?

Everyone wants to change different things about the board. There's also a retard who wants to ban generals even tough he doesn't know what a general is, wants to make a manga board and wants chinese and korean trash allowed here as well.

>calling someone a cuck will result in a ban because underage, k? lol

Are you afraid of words, or just a massive fucking faggot? And if you are afraid of ideas and think they should be banned, then on what grounds do you attempt to justify not writing a "loli ban" into your Rules post? Realistically speaking, the free speech argument is the only thing keeping loli art legal anywhere in the world, so you should either back it 100% or condemn it 100% instead of writing the rules impartially. And let's not be dishonest with ourselves here, you fucking pedophiles-- the loli problem on Cred Forums is a much bigger one than people calling each other cucks or telling people to kill themselves. In fact, we've been doing that as a website for over 10 years now, so can you please go the fuck back to le Reddit or stop acting like a twat and making arbitrary rules for people? Thanks.

>>request threads
Does one post asking for the sauce turn the whole thread into a request thread?

There will never be a consensus on anything because there will always be that one autist who samefags for 10000 posts just so he can dictate the way the site does. Hiro is a fucking idiot.

Fucking this. Why mods don't delete this cancerous thread?

Literally fucking nothing.
It's just going in circles.

Hell, there's the user that wants to ban generals and yet they might as well be posting in one.


Because it implies posts as well. Of course, to know this you have to actually fucking use Cred Forums and know the culture here.

The retarded mod made the threads.

Just like Overlord

it doesn't, user just wants his secret club

>I'm going to make these threads until you "want" a manga board

90% of the threads have been basically the same as every other meta discussion. Fuck generals and then a few people trying to say why they stay.

There is people samefagging for stupid shit like splitting the board.

You're being obtuse. The wording means, give the source if asked and don't be a dick about it. Also, this whole thread is about enforcing ruleshit, agitated nigglet. Personally, I think it doesn't need to be regulated. If someone wants to ask, let them. The thread in question will do its thing like it always did. Making it a rule will just devolve into assholes baiting others for bans as a new game. And fuck you, if you endorse that.


>le freespeech Cred Forumstard

it's just to reduce low quality posts

>Also, this whole thread is about enforcing ruleshit,
No, it's about what changes the boards want, not enforcing rules. If anything people need to stop rulefagging so much since its only a new thing. The thread is actually mostly about fuck generals like most meta discussion.

Remove turkroaches and kebab
stop, retard

>LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums.
But we have /jp/ for that.
>Keep the captcha system as it is.
If you don't, accelspammer is going to return.
>Ban People asking for Source right away.
You should've done this a long time ago.
>Linking sites like gelbooru or sadpanda are also ban-worthy, this is a blue board
You only get to see a sadpanda if you haven't fixed this, so where's the problem?


Why is gook shit allowed here?

where would you have it allowed?

It's not


>>Keep the captcha system as it is.
>If you don't, accelspammer is going to return.
The alternative is a kana captcha, not removing it.

>Making it a rule will just devolve into assholes baiting others for bans

Because gook shit is not allowed here

Cred Forums, that's what the board is for.

We already made a poll about that and people wanted the captcha to stay the same or introduce a anime characters captcha instead, though I don't think the later is even possible.

Making people learn how to find what they want is fine. I try to exhaust my options every time I see something interesting I want to know more about.

>Inb4 the people asking for immediate ban asking for source are the same people posting crops that specifically cannot be sourced

see? these are retarded ideas, that's why it should be allowed here

>why is furryshit not allowed here?
>why do you tell me to go to /trash/, see this is why we should allow it!

>these are retarded ideas,
No its not. Cred Forums is the bloody random board. It is meant to be the board that holds everything. If a board doesn't hold something, it goes there. Cred Forums wouldn't be so horrible if every person asking for some autistic board went there and made a thread. It's shit because you aren't on it right now making your thread and getting people to post in it.

This is better

The thing about source is this. I can (personally) tolerate it when it's asked for nicely. I won't necessarily spoonfeed, but there's 0.01% higher chance I would if you ask for it nicely, instead of just lazily posting "sauce?".

""""""""Official""""""""" rules
Nice try fag

This should be added as well to underage bait

Are you from Europe?
>If yes.
Then you must remember what they did to those countries that they conquered. Especially the Russians.
>If no.
Fuck you historical philistine.

I don't want to use two board to discuss one thing.

Sure, it's the sensible thing to do. Though I think it's also not worth to ban someone, if he's interested enough to ask about a pic's origin and doesn't derail the thread. You can shitpost the requester if it's easily found with image search or if source was already posted, but should also help out of it's not. Sensible behavior goes both ways. If anything, I'd like to see the angree chimpanzees get banned who fly off the rail when a source request occurs. If source was given, the thread usually continues with its topic, whereas whenever someone wants to play private boardpolice, the thread usually gets derailed for the next 50+ posts with this shitty argument.

eh, fair enough

They should keep them on /jp/. We don't want otaku culture on our Japanese comics and cartoons board.

From the New World and Hyouka are adaptions from real novels, we don't see threads about literature here either. Or Pachinko threads on shows based on Pachinko. Just throw them out to /jp/ where they belong.

>We don't want otaku culture on our Japanese comics and cartoons board.
Speak for yourself, I wish /jp/ could be put back into Cred Forums.

Tone policing is for redditors

Mods what the fuck are you doing, just ban OP and delete these threads already.


Using the word "redditor" is for "redditors".

>only redditors are allowed to call out retards who behave like redditors

I hope this is the last meta thread. Shit's getting ridiculous

Only they would know after all.

Sure, but that goes for board discussion in general. Both sides not acting like stoned troglodytes will usually result in decent threads.

Some fucktards are trying to take over, vote for LNs.

They ban recommendation threads, and asking for source is just as bothersome.

You see, the problem with you redditors is that you're not self aware of the retarded posts you write here

>gets called out
>no you
How fitting

And the majority people will do the exact same. Don't be a fag and people generally won't be in kind. You still shouldn't expect people to feed you, but act like a rational adult and not a bloody child and people will treat you like an adult. The biggest problem with spoonfeeding is that basically everyone who asks for source is some stupid mouth breather and as a result it derails the thread because they piss everyone off.

Can postng that green frog shit be ban able here? A few days ago there was a thread that had it and it was left alone by the mods.

>Honestly, it'll be a shame when we lose him.
He's been here for years. I'm kind of astounded he's still here tbqh.

Actually someone else replied to you, but now I realize you're just baiting, so here's your last (you) as a reward for getting two of us. We'll be around to actually discuss how to fix Cred Forums.

Are these new 'rules' actually official or is this faggot just asspulling.

It was probably a general then. Most likely JoJo. Jannies are forbidden from touching generals.

>I was only pretending
How very fitting

>if he's interested enough to ask about a pic's origin
Most sauce requests I see are for porn shit so that's not really an interest to be respected.

It's just the poll he made it and voted for it himself

>kana captcha
This doesn't belong on Cred Forums - anime & manga, this is for weeaboos and /jp/. Stop bringing you culture into my Japanese comics and cartoons you weeaboos.

It always makes me laugh when people spoonfeed saucefags and don't even get a thanks. The least they can do is post something in return.

Curiosity isn't inherently a bad thing but most saucefags have a certain air of entitlement about them. Kowtowing to their demands tends to give them the illusion of self-importance as well as breeding a cancerous "me too" attitude where other people begin to think they are owed the source of every little thing. And when they AREN'T give what they want, they throw a tantrum and complain about elitism and "sekrit klub" nonsense without understanding the idea that they aren't owed a fucking thing. Just look at this threads; there's that one faggot in every thread who thinks that people deliberately change filenames and crop pictures because they don't want newfags to find the source. That sort of behavior is nothing more than self-important arrogance and acquiescing to it just breeds further entitlement, leading to further undesirable behaviors.

People need to understand that they should adapt to Cred Forums, not the other way around.

>but should also help out of it's not.
Nah. There is no "should". I don't owe you anything. I COULD help out, but not "should". This is the sort of entitlement I'm speaking of.

>Jannies are forbidden from touching generals.
Is this true?

Nice proxypoll, gookspammer.
An hour ago, gook shit had literally 0 votes. Gook shit will never be allowed on the Japanese board. Look at the main page of Cred Forums. Look at the rules of Cred Forums. Look at board title.


Don't worry it will soon reach first place.

LNs are winning though.

Frogs will get removed if you report them.

Combining them is just as retarded as combining /k/ and Cred Forums. Yes I know that American comics and cartoons likes their guns, but it's better keeping them in different boards.

It's a bother for us who are interested in Japanese comics and cartoons to be bothered with all the culture and language and history things that haven't got anything to do with our interests. It's much better to keep them separate. Weeaboos should go to /jp/ and stay /jp/.

What the fuck is this cancer

From their own volition, they can only delete the OP pic and the replies. They cannot delete the thread because generaltards are wild animals who will make 10 threads about how their safe space was deleted. Only mods can del them.

you are retarded

Only if DJT got moved to /jp/ where it belongs.

Can someone give a good reason why putting /jp/ and Cred Forums back together is a good thing?

It's not, but it seems there are a few retards from other boards here who "want to fuck with the weebs"

To purge the normalfags.

My idea was just "japanese written media" to catch vns, lns, novels, games, manga, and DJT, but put them separately from anime and not catch japanese live action

It would be like Onizuka tearing down the wall.

You can't really separate anime and manga/LN.

Someone is actually using a proxy to vote for Manhua, so neither gookshit nor LNs. OP if you aren't a fag, ignore Manhua.

Except that nobody wants to see the creatures on the other side.

>Nah. There is no "should". I don't owe you anything. I COULD help out, but not "should". This is the sort of entitlement I'm speaking of.

Don't get hung up on the wording. No one wants to command you to do anything. Replace it with "It would be cool if you'd help out", if that caresses your figurative balls more nicely.

This. And it's not like the majority of the the anons like them, either - do you see them yelling each time someone posts one of those?

Similar is the situation over at Cred Forums, but replace the goddamn frog with pictures of anime (or with anime girls). People that post them are called "dumb animeposters" for no good reason, even if their post makes sense.

To make Cred Forums less friendly to outsiders, and raise the posting quality somewhat.

Maybe Cred Forums actually wants Manhua?

You're not wrong. Cred Forums would just become a containment board for people migrating from reddit and MAL. Actual Cred Forums user threads about anime would get posted on the "japanese written media" board under the guise of "wouldn't it be cool if Kabaneri got a visual novel adaptation? :)))"

>implying the other options haven't been proxyspammed already

>People that post them are called "dumb animeposters" for no good reason, even if their post makes sense.
Yes, by retards from Cred Forums and the normaltrash boards. Cred Forums is a prefect example of a board that is flooded by them

I'm not that guy, and I'm in no way representative of Cred Forums, but I don't mind the weekly manhwa threads. Having those daily, on the other hand, would get a bit rough.

There was no one in the last 20 threads that even mentioned it, so no.

Seeing how they didn't grow continously like Manhou, no.

>Combining them is just as retarded as combining /k/ and Cred Forums
You are only saying that because you weren't here before /jp/. The board was fine and removing /jp/ removed fun and a fuck ton of culture from the board. For what? So dumbasses like the /ma/ tard can talk about their incredibly niche topics? A change that never fucking occurred. A change that dumbass is ranting about but was already tried. /jp/ should of been made as a anime/random but without pulling anything from Cred Forums.

I also don't care if you don't want to interact with certain people. The beautity of chans is you don't get that choice. You are forced together, to mingle and you don't know until you voice an opinion. That very notion of mixing people together made this place so fucking great. The segregation and containment killed Cred Forums. Don't pull that Cred Forums argument on me either, it's missing the point.

Official nothing, we're getting rid of the cancerous threads that have nothing to do with discussing anime or manga. Drawthreads asking what girls smell like, who would you fuck etc, have nothing to do with anime or manga. You dudes seriously asking for a separate manga board.. this is it. This is the manga board. It's just so shitty that every time you want to talk about manga it gets taken over by a bunch of weebs who only want to talk about who has the biggest boobs or shipping.

>"gook shit is allowed"
Sure it is. That's why every thread about it gets deleted, right?

Vote for LNs, the Bot is leading.

It's not bot, it's me.

Keep Cred Forums Gay

>Don't get hung up on the wording.
Except, the wording is incredibly important. The words you choice are always important, they display a lot about you. Escecpially in an environment like Cred Forums. The only thing we can go off of is what you say. When you say "should" instead of "could", you are displaying something completely different. You mean something different. You are implying you are entitled to it and nothing else. The wording is fucking important.

You are entitled to fucking nothing but to suck my dick. People don't have to give you shit, they do it to be nice and to spread things they like. Just the other day I spoonfeed someone I would probably normally tell to fuck off because they were chill about it and because I love Satoshi Mizukami works.

Dont fucking give credibility to the proxy poll
i know what you are doing

Holy shit this post is awful. Really shouldn't post at 2am.

Alright, the thread is over anyway, so LNs won. If the next thread has gookshit in the OP or Manhua, you know that OP is a mod chilling gookshit.

I just wanted destroy this polls credibility, because whoever was voting for LNs was proxying.

Whoever was voting for gookshit, you mean.

I don't think so. LN and Manhua didn't grow the same way. Manhou was continously after X time passed. LN had a few votes her and there and there was no pattern.

Fuck off, no weekly or monthly, you fucking gooks will just keep spamming it. Cockroach

Oh wait, chinkshit is actually leading. Hillarious.

LNs are basically allowed anyway, so I voted for that

Ln suddenly went up when "None of that trash" was winning.

You could try to give a little leeway though or administer the benefit of the doubt. We're not writing essays here. It's a board where posts usually vanish after half a day, so going full offense mode over something that could be just a bit of colloquialism, or plain second language problems, reflects poorly on you as well, especially if you continuously proceed to request for people to suck on your appendages.

Define "suddenly". It took an assload of time for it to go and there were several votes here and there. I'm pretty sure only the Manhuafag who admitted it itt was using a proxy.

Technically speaking, it is allowed. That is to say, the manga type format is allowed. It's been allowed for a long time. There is no real problem with discussion of it as long as people aren't being idiots about it. The problem here and the deletion of those threads is caused by it, is webtoons. Dumb gookniggers want to talk about webtoons and brought down everything else with it to the point when you say manhwa people go "webtoon".

Webtoons =! manhwa. I'm not even sure how people even manged to make that mistake. I've never had any problems talking about the The Witch Hunter, no one cares. The Gamer or ToG? Fuck off with that shit.

Manhwa means comic and describes both normal korean comics and webtoons, newfag.

Source: I'm a gook

Gookshit reads left to right. Fuck off with that crap to Cred Forums.

Gook and chink are the parasites of anime & manga. All they can do is ripoff manga and call it their own.

Yea well, fuck you. Webtoons aren't manhwa, its a webtoon. Gooks can fuck off.

Webtoons literally are Manhwa as well. There's no split, foreigner.

> We're not writing essays here
Shut the fuck up. That isn't the point you little fucking shit. Do you lack the ability to think and understand the place you are posting on? There is no connection to yourself, an identity, there is nothing. Everything about you is what you post. You are the words you type, pick, decide, structure and post. There is no "this isn't a essay". What you type into this shitty box is your very personality and unless otherwise noted, is literal. When you say should, you mean fucking should, not could. If you can't understand why people would take a problem with the words you choose, don't post here. If you don't understand the difference between should and could, don't fucking post here. This is a English image board, if you don't have at least basic understanding of the language, don't fucking post here. There are image boards in most other languages.

This isn't something people actually discuss regularly and yet its incredibly important and something most people pick up subconsciously. Your choice between could and should is damn well important and I'm going to rip your arse hole to shreds for picking should instead of could. You aren't entitled to shit, so go suck my fucking dick.

Does Hiro even know how to get to Cred Forums?

Are you saying that Tomo-chan is not a manga because it's a webtoon? Should we ban the daily Tomo threads?

The country of origin matters.

>Everything about you is what you post.

Well, try picturing what you come across as atm. A good night to you.

So it's ok to differentiate between manhwa and webtoons, but not between manga and webtoons?

>japanese webtoon
Perfectly fine, this is a Japanese orentiated website.
>gook or ching
No. Manga format is allowed because it shares similarities and as such people who read manga will probably dabble in it. It's allowed to prevent rulefagging and being overly restrictive as such preventing discussion that otherwise could be fun. Its allowed, not consume the board.

I'm not the guy. Just ban everything that's not from Japan.


Not that guy, but fucking seriously? "atm"? This guy is absolutely fucking correct, and you just proved him right.

I was thinking you had made a freudian slip as I was watching you two argue, but it isn't. You sincerely think "should" instead of "could".

>Well, think for a second about how you're looking to me, atm

And this lazily-written "atm" just fucking pushed me over the wall. What are you fucking thinking, god?

Kill yourself

An Australian who doesn't like to tolerate dumb morons who don't even know the different between their, there and they're and tries to justify their inaccurate usage?

There is no way someone who knows the English language could make the mistake, multiple times, between could and should. Especially when its related to the act of giving something. The differences between the two are fucking massive you have to either not know the language or be fucking mentally retarded.

Stop trying to defend yourself and just admit you're a fucking idiot. Saying people "should" spoonfeed anons if going to get people ripping you an arsehole everytime. Say could or similar words will generally create a civil conversation because you are asking people to be polite and request if they could give it to you.

Webcomic, webmanga =/= gook shit webtoon

You should be more clear and concise if you don't want others to take raise their eyebrows at your wording. Saying one thing then backpedaling and claiming you meant something else doesn't help your argument. Regardless of the intent, your original wording conveyed a much different message. There is a fundamental difference between "should" and "it would be cool if you help out".

Honestly, you didn't really convince anyone of anything. It's just another tired form of the same old wah spoonfeed me argument that's been repeated ad nauseam in every single one of these cancerous threads.

>mods are allowed to avatarfag

Light novels do not belong here. This isn't /ln/, this is Cred Forums.

Users aren't allowed to avatar for certain reasons. Mods don't fall under those reasons.

Post limit already thank god. Hey OP I hope you're having fun with this trainwreck of a thread. Please kill yourself.

Nothing say newfag more than being a self-entitled faggot
You are only what you type and nothing more

>manga does not belong here either

There is no reason why mods should be allowed to avatarfag.

New Thread / Gookshit lost

The reasons, if any, aren't stated under the rules.

Besides, little things like these are what made today's mods this self-conceited and thinking that they are above everything else.

Manga has an Cred Forums in it. That's more anime than light novels.

No, stop this shit.

Live action stuff shouldn't either by that logic, but >>>Cred Forumsrules/4
All it would take is a simple clarification/reword of the rules to know for sure if it is really allowed or not. Then we can be over this crappy argument.

Cred Forums - Anime & Manga
Not Cred Forums - Anime, Manga & LNs

Says the tripfag who made all these quality threads?!01jMxbeXFY/type/op/

So does r/a/nobe.

>Cred Forums - Anime & Manga

So let's say Hiro, for whatever reason, changes the name of this board to include LNs. Will you accept them, then?

Not one of those threads is non-Cred Forums related. Try harder.

Those little things were generally apart of why people loved some of the mods. Including the mods fucking with us. The cunts the mods are today is mostly due to, sadly, moot faggotry, moot faggotry and sadly again, moot faggotry. Besides the fact we are a horrible bunch to deal with, most of the problems related to the mods is due to moot.

Jesus christ

This is Kino mod by the way. He also posted images of himself on Cred Forums once during new years, but it appears those posts were deleted from the archive.

The tripfag who's supposed to be permabanned from Cred Forums because he lost a bet with one punch Daiz.

Its a tradition at this point. And we need to keep our traditions because that's what separates us from becoming into something as shit as Cred Forums.

>Can we have an Azumanga thread for my birthday tomorrow?
Yea, shut the fuck up you dumb cunt.

>Azumanga is non-Cred Forums
Whatever you say bro.

I hate Cred Forumsermin as much as the next guy, but if I check Cred Forums in NEET catalog, I don't see 30 generals there like here.


>5. Move /kancolle/ to /jp/
No, fuck off. KanColle threads on Cred Forums are for discussion of the 4komas, manga, LNs, and anime as well as the upcoming movie and the next anime season. The /jp/ KanColle threads are explicitly for the game.

You don't check often enough because Cred Forums has constant off-topic shit.

>THICC threads
>Fetish threads
>Meta shit 99% of the time

>blogging is Cred Forums
Drink bleach, faggot.

A chunk of that is thinly veiled /soc/ shit.

I am not talking about off-topic shit. I am talking about generals.
You can be off-topic without a circlejerk of the same people every single day treating a thread like a chatroom about whatever pops up in their minds.

That OP is outright obviously trying to do more talk about Asumanga. If it was a small post in a thread, its not too big of a deal. That isn't a small post, you were very obviously fishing for something else and were using Azu as a veil. We aren't fucking stupid, baiting a thread into a certain direction from the op alone is some of oldest shit around here.

>You should be more clear and concise

I should have been, I wasn't. Shit happens. I stand by what I wrote after another try, that when it comes to saucefagging, being more civil on both sides would be the cool thing to do. Take that how you will.

This is pretty nice. Not the attention whoring part, the part with the mod just interacting with people. It'd be nice if the mods did that more and acted like they were apart of the community again instead of some iron fisted gods.

More like they were loved because they actually did their jobs properly (including interacting with the community), so people let those little things slide. If today's mods avatarfagged people will most likely call them out for it.

>king of manlets

>KanColle threads on Cred Forums are for discussion of the 4komas, manga, LNs, and anime as well as the upcoming movie and the next anime season.
Don't you fucking lie.

>>king of manlets
That would be 6'2''. He's way deep in manlet territory.

Your definition of a general seems to be pretty clear-cut on "people make threads about things I don't like". I have a feeling you want JoJo threads, GuP aka /ak/ threads, One Piece threads, and so on to also be gone.

Nah, fuck that.

>same people treating it like a chatroom
They don't though. At least not always but then again you should think about worst shit like the trapfags who spam their threads for the purpose of ERPing. I don't see the problem.

I'm not.

Then move the /jp/ thread to /vg/ before moving the thread on Cred Forums to /jp/.

>anime/manga/LN discussions

>I'm not.
user, every time I have entered those cancerous generals, they talk only about the game. Again, don't you fucking lie to me.


When did the height standards raise again, /fit/?

Reading comprehension, fag.

No anime/manga/ln discussion occurs on Cred Forums. Collkan should fuck off along with everything else to /vg/.

user, I'm looking at the current thread right now and I just see people typsetting comics, talking about the upcoming movie, the official 4koma works and other manga from Kadokawa's publications, and the LN stuff.

You don't know what that word even means.

Let's see the thread which is up right now - . Tell me the number of posts which are specifically about the things you mentioned.

>I'm retarded

Tell me where there's discussion of the game in that thread so far.

You lie as much as everyone that defends their circlejerking general. Congratulations, and thank god for archives.

I didn't say to move the Cred Forums thread to /vg/. I said to move it to /jp/.

>can't give a rebuttal
>tries to poison the well
>current thread doesn't show any game discussion at all
>moves the goal posts
You need to neck yourself.
/jp/ KanColle threads are only for video game discussions. And guess what, they don't belong on /vg/ either. Looks like you cornered yourself there into a wall.

I did not mention the game. I asked you to tell me how many posts are actual discussion instead of random chatting.

One thread out of the rest doesn't suddenly change what the thread is for. It's not for Cred Forums content, its just a different haven. Stop pretending its something its not. Even when I've went in there and pointed it out, WHEN YOU ARE TALKING ONLY ABOUT THE GAME, you tards say the exact same thing as you are right now.

You are just another general cancer that thinks you belong, when you don't. Don't try pretending you are something you are not. If you actually seriously think its Cred Forums shit, you are probably lying to yourself.

>/jp/ KanColle threads are only for video game discussions. And guess what, they don't belong on /vg/ either.
Wow, how can you be this wrong.

Forget other people's posts, you can't even read your own posts either.

Who are you quoting? Also you're absolutely retarded. Look at the post timers.

Define random chatting, you continually goal post moving faggot.
Go look at the /jp/ thread for it you retard.

Yes, and it doesn't belong there. It belongs on /vg/.

>p/ KanColle threads are only for video game discussions. And guess what, they don't belong on /vg/ either
What. That doesn't even make any fucking sense. The thing is barely a game, but its a fucking game. It belongs on /vg/, just like granblue and f/go do.

Where is the game discussion?

Nice (You).

Forget it, he's just shitposting at this point.

Thanks for signaling off you're just a shitposter from a general.

>Define random chatting, you continually goal post moving faggot.
I asked you in the first fucking reply. Tell me how many posts talk about the anime or manga. You are not able to do that, because the number is fucking low.
Let's see the first few posts. Please, analyze them for me.

>Where is the game discussion?
I'm not going through the archive to cite shit for a fucking shitty cancer general like the time the catalog was shittied up because some shitty American character was released in the game.

>Who are you quoting?
Dank memepost.

It makes complete sense.

>from a general
Nope, but try harder.

I ask you for evidence of off-topic discussions from the start, you faggot.

>a vidya general doesn't belong on /vg/

>I can't prove my claim but here's my substanceless argument anyway

I don't think linking this thread to the general will change their style of posting, but good luck.

>It makes complete sense.
>a video game
>people talking about a video game
>doesnt belong on the board for talking about video game
>on top of the thread being a general and it being a board for generals
No, it really doesn't. Holy shit are kc tards some of the most delusional generalfags I have ever seen and this is disgusting. It is in no way Cred Forums content.

Even if you are a shitposter, the sad fact is in my experience the people in the general are the same as you.

But this is your meta-general.

You need to kill yourself.

>Dank memepost.

Both are Cred Forumsermin.

>Light novels
>4koma and other official manga
>Official anime
>typsetting comics and fanworks

You are sub-human.

>I ask you for evidence of off-topic discussions from the start, you faggot.
I provided it. Please, show me how many posts specifically discuss the anime or the manga in the screenshot I'd posted.

>repeat for 400 posts
Yes user, that is very light novels and manga. Your shitty thread is no different to the monster girl one. Stop living in delusion, your general can fuck off.

I asked for evidence of video game discussion, you provided none of it. That's what I asked from the start, do you know what moving the goal posts actually means? Or what a strawman is? Because you are doing those things textbook to the t.

Also, yes, that respective content DOES belong on /vg/ as it can go on both boards. Guess what? You aren't talking about that shit here and you belong on /vg/.

You seem to be confused, friend. In no post have I talked about video games. You said the threads are for anime and manga discussion. I am asking where can I find this discussion.

I'll be waiting for the new IPs, although I still doubt they would care about you linking them to this.


/vg/ does not do any of that and has nothing to do with KanColle. The mods already went over this years ago, get your head out of your ass its not changing.

>I asked for evidence of video game discussion, you provided none of it
No, instead he provided evidence you aren't even talking about the thing you claiming you are.

You seem to be retarded or incapable of reading comprehension completely. I asked for proof of video game discussion and off-topic, you provided none of it.


The mods also said the thread is for Cred Forums related content only. I see none of that and regularly see game shit show up on the catalog.

I'm not saying move it to /vg/. I am saying to purge you motherfuckers. I play the game, but it has no place on this board. Fuck off.

I see Cred Forums related content all the time. I see JoJo threads with edition slapped on the OP threads all the time, same with other threads like Bleach and One Piece ones. Sounds like your just cherrypicking to me.

>It has no place on this board.
It has several manga, it has several LNs, it has an anime, it has a sequel season to said anime, it has an upcoming movie, and it has an ongoing official 4koma/manga.

It has plenty of position Cred Forums as board relevant. Cry more. I tell people who discuss the game to fuck off to /jp/ as well.

Those in /jp/ should fuck off to /vg/.

>Sounds like your just cherrypicking to me
Oh no, all generals can fuck off. Your one is just at the top of the list due to how fucking pathetic you are and how desperate you are to lie to yourself to try and defend why it should be here.

> I tell people who discuss the game to fuck off to /jp/ as well.
They should be going to /vg/, not /jp/ to talk about a game. Doesn't matter what a mod said, going to /jp/ is retarded.

>I asked for proof of video game discussion and off-topic
The proof of off-topic is here OP - talking about fall sprites in the game
1st reply - off-topic
2nd reply - not anime or manga discussion
3rd reply - anti-generalfag
4th reply - reply to the off-topic post; also posts like a plebbitor
5th reply - reply to the off-topic post; mentions the wiki for the game
6th reply - not anime or manga discussion
7th reply - not anime or manga discussion

I entertained you. It's your turn. Please, do put some effort into showing me the anime and manga posts.

No, the mods already stated game threads for KanColle only go explicitly to /jp/.

See above, retard.

>Autism the post
Nice to know I can disregard anything you say now.

Fuck off, mod.

>Nice to know I can disregard anything you say now.
I actually had my hopes up. I was so looking forward to the anime and manga posts. I am sad.

Holy shit, this fucking reply.

I also love how calling everything autism is generalfags go to. The irony in it is insane.

Also, that mod is fucking retarded and makes no sense. I bet he didn't do it willingly and was caused by some giant ball of autism and drama, probably fueled by you retards. It makes no sense why all the other mobage crap goes on /vg/, but yours doesn't.


Because it isn't one :^)

Your post would have made more sense if you'd said Touken Ranbu though.

>mobage game
Nice to know you are totally so fucking retarded you can't even bother to at least research something you hate.