What type of pantyhose is best on anime characters?

What type of pantyhose is best on anime characters?

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Full body.

nice and dark but a little see-through as well. second to last

Depends on the character and the context of the situation.

The darker the better.

Depends on the rest of their outfit and their design desu.

Christmas cake office workers would be ideal with anything from 5-7, but cute librarians/book ners would be better with a 4, and your average yamato nadeshiko is the only kinda that can pull off a full 10.

2/3 look like pure shit in general however. They miss the point of what makes pantyhose enticing by being far too revealing.

Top right or bottom right.

Center bottom is best, bottom row all acceptable.

A torn one.

Bottom row second to last on the right.

Anything but a fake ZR stockings, that shit was blasphemous.

Number 9

All of them.

All of them.

I prefer stockings but other than that I'd say the last 3 bottom row.

first one and last 3

this man gets it

literally any i dont care which



then man of taste
As a legfag I agree, everything are good with them


Whatever one Kurisu wears


Bottom, 2nd or 3rd from right.

Still wanna be able to see a little bit of the panties.


None of them

Oh god, I need to watch this.


knee socks> pantyhose



Any answer other than ALL OF THEM is invalid. Pantyhose, leggings, stockings, kneesocks, all of them are god's greatest gift to man and all must be deeply appreciated and worshiped.

These niggas here, these niggas here are my niggas.

Number 10

Weird how this was hivemind but no one gave a fuck about the none reaction image one.

On the bottom row the middle one and second to last are great. I prefer tigh-high stockings though. Mostly because she doesn't have to take them off during sex


A true brother.

Life is about naked knee socks.

Pantyhose are even a miracle of the universe in the real world. I can even jerk it to granny porn if pantyhoses are involved.

the comfiest

Is that tokyo ravens?

>falling for the nylon jew


Thread should have ended here.


all hail Touka

Best girl.

Thank you for giving me an excuse to post some pantyhose.


The last three in that image.


You are a man of good quality

I dont know dude the elastic gets worn out on thigh highs so after a while it doesnt make sense to wear them anymore. Dont get me wrong though I am a fan of thigh highs too


Looks like scales.

Depends on the character

I think I'll have to jerk off to Kurisu now. Her naughty legs are too much.


Tell me Cred Forums what is it about a woman's legs that makes them so appealing?

>no thighband


So bottom middle


I wish I could stick my finger in her butt...



I want to rub my dick against her shorts.

Sweet fucking lord these kind of threads always make me wanna jack off with the fury of a thousand flaming raging lions.

Literally ruins the appeal of both kneesocks and pantyhose

You might not last very long before you spurt all over her tight shorts.


its a cursed attraction to have during cold winter, constantly surrounded by what you cant have

you wanna jo with with me on skype or something. no gay stuff just jo

Top right/bottom left but without panties


I like mine half way off.


Blacked all the way

Good indication of child bearing abilities.


My brother of african ancestry

Wearing panties with pantyhose should be a criminal act

I will cut you.

The best feeling is seeing her panties underneath the pantyhose, the most appealing thing about a woman is the imagination that comes from being teased and not seeing. If her vajayjay is in full view, then she may as well not wear anything.



>no white ones

I would fuck a nun.

Here you are.

>already pulled down halfway
You don't understand.

White is only good on brown goddesses' skin. The contrast is the beauty.

I dont have any examples, but im sure a kind user will share.

Is this more to your tastes?


What Mango is this?

Came for the skeleton MC, stayed for the thighs

Fishnets > *


Are we still posting Kurisu?



Yes. Keep going user.


Can we all agree that bare leg/short socks girls are the enemy?



bottom centre

I like both but pantyhose are on a whole other level.



I like fairy socks, but otherwise, I agree.

Bottom right


maximum contrast

Why does Kurisu dress so lewdly? Does she want a hard dicking?


All of the above.

She may very well want such a thing.

Depends, are you Okabe?


Sweet lord baby jesus christ almight I think my dick is having a seizure.

A pantyhose thread? Allow me to contribute to you fine men of culture.




Mah nigga


>Liking dark nigger legs
Just fuck a chimp and cut out the middle man.



A good women has strong legs

i.e Chun Li


That is some nice looking legs.

The pain would be worth it

For Kurisu








bottom row, last three

Completely opaque leggings are fine, too, see Yui Hirasawa, Homura Akemi (post-henshin), and Ayano Sugiura.

I bet you do.

Either extremes is great.
Anything in-between is slut-tier.

I want a clock to tie me to a chair and sit on my face while nudging me with her stocking clad feet

That's it for delicious legs in sultry dark nylons, at least for now. Carry on, men of culture.

If I were shirou, i would have gladly given my life to whatever she wanted on the condition that I get one night to do whatever I want with her, aka wear her thighs as earmuffs for hours.






Second last makes my dick diamond.


Why do girls wear panty hose exactly if not wanting to be semen demons?

A-are they comfy?


im not a girl can someone tell me what pantyhose is actually used for?


>want to masturbate with the fury of a thousand suns
>can't because on the job and outdoors with no safe area to retreat to


Also what do you call the longer glove thing that usually pairs with panty hose?


Sexy, comfy, classy rather than slutty

I love this.



Source please for all that is holy.

Hurry up and save it and search for the other image on Danbooru before I delete it.

I see this thread is for men of true taste. Shame I can't find what I actually wanted to post.

This, but my preference is for lighter coloured ones that you can easily see the legs through.

Woukong is my boi

>file no longer exists

I didnt get to.


I failed you. I went to take a piss the thread didnt update on time

I got you gelb com / index.php?page=post&s=list&md5=639d52a336a5f243cefe513abfc722c0

>no one wrote ZR+spats

>tfw I can still access the file

I was about to post the danbooru but you got.

There's no point unless it's dark.


You will get into heaven. You have my blessings.


Any chance you have the sauce of this?

No. Sorry user, I saved it as a reaction image.

the finnish kind

Remember the days you can post lewds with spoilers with out worrying of getting b&? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

What is this

this thread is erotic

it's art, you wouldn't understand.................


>no couture tights
Shit chart.

She really needs to be more careful when eating ice cream.

You guys know you can have exactly the same threads on /e/ right?

Prepare to be sad if you make it to Refrain

I dunno what it is about the last 3 but I definetly like those the best
The rest are good too though

this tbqh

That's my waifu btw

More. Just not the ones were she's drawn too healthy.

What a cute boy.

If this is a boy then I don't want to be straight. But how can a boy be this cute and have no penis?

That's everyone's way of saying hi to you from those threads. Don't take it personally.

>if none, click skip

It still failed me.

Bottom row or bust, particularly the 3 to the right.

I know that fellow Gurashi-fag. What is your favourite Gurashi?

Sorry but boys wear them best


What the hell.

Why cant I save this gif?

The lewd one and Shovel.

pretty good tho

I'm sorry about your loss. Kurumi was a good girl aswell.

Facesitting while stroking your cock with her foot

What is the source for this?

Yeah. I figured not to get attached to a girl in a zombie horror series.

Too bad I've developed an unhealthy obsession with Miki after years of making fun of waifufags.


That's how it starts. You think you're better than that and look down on others for having waifus or favorite girls until you find the one.

But why did it have to be a girl from a relatively unknown manga with less than 10 good pictures of her?

Using pantyhose in schools is ridiculous: in full classrooms you like nylon with sweat smell?

>in full classrooms you like nylon with sweat smell?

How is this even a question user?

I know what you mean. Mine's from a card game that got a fun adaptation. The game got discontinued do to a server bug and went down in popularity, so S2 never.
>post two delicious middle school girls
This fag.

What makes pantyhose so damn good?


The sweet, sweaty smell that nylons give is a big part of their appeal.

The Cute Girls wearing them




>more hotaru


Hard petting with Tokitsukaze!


Those are some long legs. Is this woman 2 meters tall?


Teenage girls tend to have longer legs than adults.

the last one, anything else is degenerate

This, 40 deniers or less isn't /fa/.

Mother of god

Japanese girls tend to have short legs regardless.
Also that's lewd underwear.

Also someone tell me what's the point of those bands on thighs. To prevent ripping?

>Japanese girls tend to have short legs regardless
I'd post a pic to disprove you, but I don't want to get v&.


Pantyhose and tights fucking suck, nerds.

Why would you get v& for a picture of legs? Hm?

The last two are best.

I bet her feet smell bad.

Nothing at all, Mr. FBI.

White > everything else

What kind of pictures containing Japanese girl legs do you have

>that hair cut

>fap section
You're welcome.

What do you mean?

My save image as thing wouldnt work. I tried it out and it was gone for other websites too.

It fixed itself, somehow.

I blame the NSA.

but user, im not american.

>implying they don't spy on you too

I just want to sniff a girls crotch when she's wearing tights. To feel the soft fabric against your face then take a deep sniff and take in the musty smell of their sweaty tights and pantsu, heaven. Developing a smell fetish was the greatest thing ever.

Hey NSA I just like stockings and pantyhose and all that good stuff no hard feelings right?

Please, we cool right?

muh dick when this thread

Fishnet or regular?

Das it mane

I would love to be in the NSA and sit around and shit post all day. FBI apparently do that or stalk love interests.

Regular, fishnets might as well be drawn on the skin for all the good they do


>skindentation still on her thigh


Is there anything sexier?


I would gladly put my penis in all of those thigh gaps

Depends on their skin tone and leg shape. It could even be brightly colored or patterned tights depending on what you want to be emphasized.

Literally this.


Get the fuck out.


Alert alert, something to be mad about. Cred Forums triggered, repeat Cred Forums is triggered! Comfy thread over????

I hope those are attached to a middle schooler.

>you will never steal a girls tights after she's worn them put them on yourself and masturbate while wearing them

Thank god for clover, I'm not sure what I'd do if he didn't exist.

If it makes you feel better, it's not even a girl.

That doesn't make me feel better user

I did that once as a kid minus the masturbating part. It felt nice.

Bottom right is the only right choice.



Top left or ZR every fucking time.
Pantyhose are fragile so only the girl can take them off when getting undressed, they get sweaty after a 10-hour work day but the worst part is how pantyhose feel to the touch. I'd rather caress sandpaper than nylon pantyhose.

Is that the sort of stuff they say over there?

It really should tho. Are you feeling well?

the absolute madman


Which one is better?

or This?

Dude what?

>join NSA
>get assigned to watching Cred Forums

I honestly want to know what they have to gain from spying on us. I mean doesn't everyone love middle schoolers?

Yuko is simply the best

This thread is diamonds



Thighband pantyhose or bust.

I'd fuck the religion out of that nun and make the chuuni watch.


Are their tits that big in the anime?

Nah. They're like 10 and 11 if I remember right.
The best~


I don't mind a little grab on loli chests, early blooming is a strong sign of fertility after all, but I do believe I preferred them flat. At least on the chest, I still want the butts to be nice and round; tight, perky, spankable. That's the good stuff.

Thinking about their itty bitty tats bouncing makes me want to commit a crime.

Yuusha ga Shinda!

Isn't ripping them part of their charm?

These are the only good in this thread.

Me too user, me too.
Of course the crime itself can be strictly statutory if they were the initiators, and you know they totally would be.


Only the butt and crotch area, the rest needs to be left intact so there's still some thigh high coverage on her silky legs while she's getting pounded good and hard.

I bet the lil nun would be the one to be the first to do something. Christian girls are sluts.


Second row is good

my nigga

Jesus Christ that looks painful.

Why is she angry?



Nobody remembers Perrine.

If we are going to be fucking serious here for a sec it entirely comes down to what kind of vibe the character has and the rest of their color scheme. Younger lighthearted bubbly characters who wear a lot of navy blue or pink would probably gravitate towards the lighter shades, while older more serious characters probably end up on the opposite end.

No, fuck you. You are not going to ruin this for me.

Perrine is old and busted.

Any of the last 4 desu

BS. She's the most fuckable Frenchmen.

My fucking nigga

My man, I'm just trying to prevent further damage.
That thing is no girl.


best legwear


I would destroy her orifices.

>Full body.
Why not Hatsuzuki?

I love this.

>Hatsuzuki no Yoru ni Kokoro Tokashite

Good thread brothers.

Holy fuck. Thank you user. It's time to make my bleed again once more.

>The author is a furryshitter.
Why is it that every time I find something that may be good it leads to a disappointment?

I want to see a girl wear them while in a one piece swim suite.



I fucking love these bunny costumes.



surely there must be some out there who actually where it all the time

I knew a girl in HS that wore a full body one to school. I got her to strip down to show it off once.

How to spot a pleb. ZR have gap like crack, indicate brokenness. Pantyhose whole package of oneness, like universe. Pantyhose full like her womb once I rip a hole in them.


lucky you, find me one in the 20s

whoops wrong post

story time!

if only

>senior year
>teacher assistant in biology
>teacher said some freshmen needed a tutor
>picked up a gram of weed right before meeting her after school, wrapped in three ziplocks bags and tuppoware
>at the library with just the lawyer clubfags on the opposite end
>about 5 min after meeting her she points out the smell
>"i didn't know you were a bad boy" or some shit like that
>"well, you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover" or some cheesy line
>we go off in between the shelves and make out for ten min
>she strips down to her one piece thing
>full fishnet with lace panties, no bra because flat
>69 for 20 min
>didn't let me j-jam it in
The law kids gave us funny looks. The librarians were no where to be found, mainly because the law kids were notorious of being smelly. I think she was Brazilian or something. She looked like a slightly tanned Taihou. She had a bf at the time, too.

i only knew someone in hs who constantly had clear pantyhose on but then she started wearing pants
she didnt stop wearing the pantyhose
i still want to rip my dick off

That was back when most people weren't dumb enough to browse Cred Forums at work, and the few who did were mocked by everyone.


dun die


is golden time the name of the show?

No, it's TADA BANRI.


the show is terrible but i watched it for HER


The perfection of the female shape while hiding any skin blemishes.
Pantyhose literally transform any girl into a doll.
I don't know why women don't wear skirts and pantyhose all the time.

Old hags need dark hose because of their cellulite and diamond-cutter knees. School girls shouldn't wear any because it gets in the way of skin and overall ruins the view.

Kneesocks are fine.




they all good except the last one



Pantyhose with open crotch





This. All hail utaha senpai.


They're all good, man.

Thread needs more Yumeko.

Post homus

>best legwear
>worst girl
How did they do it?



Bottom middle.


clear or black?

2nd or 3rd from last, I guess


Kimi no iru Machi, chapter 181.
The manga's crap, so you can just skip to that chapter for Mina in that outfit.

Bottom left and top right are top tier.

This link just 404s on me, what do?


Not just sexy, it can be cute too!

Keeps you warm if you have to wear skirts or dresses in cold months (like office ladies, uniforms, special events)

absolutely excellent taste

>blogpost shit

how has this not been posted?

or this


i only like pantyhose because i can't stop imagining how they would smell like after a hard day's work

max comfy

>comfy and erotic at the same time
Is there anything pantyhose can't do?

exist within my personal life

Contrast to skin color and them being very revealing while still counting as "technically clothed".

Save Edwards' mom.

>hosed soles






>no pantyhose
For what purpose?

look closer son


Oh shit I missed it.

poor form, train your eyes to never miss it


Pantyhose make the softest girls

How would that even work

Pantyhose + slippers = godtier

Did you like it Cred Forums?



superior taste here


Isn't that the chick supposed to be paralyzed?

Damn fucking right

Utaha is dangerous

What does that sfx say? Looks like it is from Prison school, but can't be arsed to find the page.

I want to fuck an elin.






we're all beta autists that will never reproduce

It is indeed from Prison School but I don't remember the precise chapter.


nakajima ryou

also if you have fair hair you probably don't have to worry about keeping up with shaving your legs

Saucerino plz

best thread on a in a long time.

A cat is fine too.

Way more than I thought I would